Property transfers in Mahoning Valley

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and parts of Trumbull County May 15-19:


Diana L. Powell and Sue Ann Lees to 3LP Properties LLC, 3449 Briarwood Lane, $100,000

Robert Barko Jr. to Nathan Holley, 4625 Crabwood Drive, $178,000

Deborah L. Dewees to Larry Mark Iaguilli, 94 Benton St., $115,000

Dave Clark to Raymond Ortiz and Ana Suarez, 2450 Redgate Lane, $160,000

The Leskovec Irrevocable Trust to David D. Holmes and Brandee K. Kehres, 4271 Patricia Ave., $169,000

Tina M. Pezzenti et al. to George Samonas, 5737 Tulane Ave., $85,000

WES3HIO LLC to GCB Ventures II LLC, 2536 Amberly Drive, $68,000

Heritage Ohio LLC to Store Master Funding XV LLC, 5793 and 5797 Mahoning Ave., $1,632,047

Michael J. Mousie to Kelley Johnstone, 276 N. Roanoke Ave., $94,000

Lynn A. Roman to Meghan Beelen, 4215 Carlisle Ave., $85,000

Italiano Capital LLC to Rahul Sethi, 8170 St. Rosario Place, $188,000

Donald F. Johnson and Christopher C. Johnson to J.R. Latrone Enterprises Inc., $340,000


Alice Marie Solaya and Steve Solaya to James T. Manning and Rebecca S. Manning, 13884 Jane St., $230,000

Christine Garasic Wateska trustee to Mistee Budrovic and Stephen N. Budrovic, $300,000

Michael Mercure to Louis D. Chabue and Melody L. Chabue, 13918 Beaver Springfield Road, $425,000


James S. Horvath to Thomas Radabaugh,

4521 Devonshire Drive, Apt. 3, $71,800

Matthew Bueno to Samantha J. Jeffers,

1052 Laverne Drive, $170,000

Kenneth Mains et al. to Peggy A. Hassay,

1871 Oles Ave., $92,434

Linda Pondillo to Wendy Perez LLC, 864 Pearson Circle, Unit 4, $80,000

Alyscam LLC to Andrew Detchon, 16 Bob White Court, $204,900

Lisa Blanchard to Home Sweet LLC, 159 Erskine Ave., $78,500

Ben Weng to Ryan Bost and Julianne Bost,

59 Woodview Ave., $182,000

Kenneth A. Cherol and Margret Cherol to ATC Sequoia LLC, 5917 Southern Blvd., $188,000

Heritage Ohio LLC to Store Master Funding XV LLC, 8356 and 8560 Market St., $2,057,369

WES4HIO LLC to Jillian Lee Bartman,

4656 New England Blvd., $100,000

Anthony V. DeNiro and Jennifer L. DeNiro to Diana Howley, 1707 Daffodil Trail, $500,000

Harvey O. Studer and Kelly C. Studer to Brandon Baulo and Adele Wright, 7851 Huntington Circle, $312,000

Wendy Perez LLC to Julie E. Gary, 7439 Oregon Trail, $100,000


Luis Montes to Justin Chalk, 481 Penhale Ave., $44,000


One Canfield LLC to IGP Peninsula Properties LLC,

8 N. Broad St., $425,000

Heritage Ohio LLC to Store Master Funding XV LLC,

65 N. Broad St., $1,355,094

Canfield Township

Jennifer L. Dietz and Gary L. Kitts to Anthony J. Gotti and Aimee Gotti, 6060 S. Raccoon Road, $270,000

Craig Beach

K2 Management LLC to Michael V. Murdocco and Maria Murdocco, 17564 Normandy Road,


Cheryle J. Bartolo to Michael J. Peluso and Stephanie L. Peluso, 7885 Southbrooke Trail, $425,000

Terry E. Hardway and Kathern L. Hardway to Robert H. Schnellbach Jr. and Cynthia M. Schnellbach,

17373 Lakewood Ave., $93,000


Wayne L. Evans to Thomas E. Mohn Sr., 217 Kline St., $75,000


Charles W. Briceland Jr. and Judith E. Briceland to Donald Duda and Anna Duda,

10941 Western Reserve Road,


Stephen Robinson to Karl Weaver and Jalene Weaver, 1555 W. Garfield Road, $188,800


William A. Arnett and Sandra L. Arnett to Douglas Angeletti and Shannon Angeletti, 3521 Creed Ave., $279,000

Brian V. Kettler to Jeffrey Grant Shipley and Zoila Mariana, 622 Jones St., $135,000

Kristy R. Abersold to Joseph A. Perry and Alexandria A. Perry, 28 Spring St., $107,000

Homes By DJ LLC to Lynn Marie Dula, 719 Moore St., $155,000


IE Home Improvement Inc to Marvin E. Martin,

4616 Middle Road, $75,000

Nevada Algo Trading LLC to Mary L. Welsh,

1650 Rockwood Drive, $149,000


Heritage Ohio LLC to Store Master Funding XV LLC, 244 McGill St., $613,254


Benjamin Hartman to Robert Lutsky, 333 Hayes Ave., $140,000


Michael J. Papa and Holly J. Papa to Linda M. Yourst, 5645 Clingan Road 9D, $280,500

Tamara R. Benzo and Donald J. Garrett to Robert T. Chance and Doreen F. Chance, 2926 Howell Drive, $32,500

Heritage Ohio LLC to Store Master Funding SV LLC, 270 N. Main St. and 52 Botsford St., $959,446

Michael R. Sopko to Gerald M. Velasquez and Jeffrey Purser, 7356 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 5, $80,000


Midwest Manufactured Homes LLC to Mod West Homes LLC, 13748 Brace Ave., $91,960


Richard P. McPherson and Della McPherson to Daniel A. Richey and Kristi Richey, Hofmeister Road, $35,000

The Grantz Family Properties LLC to Dieter Home Construction Inc., 5934 Skye Drive,



Linda Marie Willis to Patricia Hian, 549 Creed St., $40,000


Regina M. Biddlestone and Brian D. Biddlestone to Kenneth E. Venzke and Lori Russell Jones,

2294 Crestmont Drive, $409,000


Roberta Eastman, trustee to Jose Arnaldo Aponte and Zayda Marie Colon Hernandez, 61 E. Florida Ave., $50,000

Christopher L. Eicher and Bethany A. Eicher to Michael Strohmeyer, 922 Wabash Ave., $21,000

Justin L. Davis to Caliber Home Loans Inc.,

205 Lowell Ave., $43,000

Julia A. Grande to Nicholas Andrew Wolski,

3808 S. Schenley Ave., $115,000

Youngstown Jubilee Homes V to H&C Rental Properties LLC, 326 Clyde St., $33,000

Youngstown Choice Homes IV to H&C Rental Properties LLC, 1358 Atkinson Ave., $21,500

Darin S. Klaesges to Gerard A. Newton and Georgia A. Newton, 1660 Volney Road, $80,000

Estate of John E. Kennedy to Charles Joseph Fike and Alicia M. Anderson, 2253 Oran Drive, $140,000

Matthew D. Owens to Sharon Golden,

2143 Gregory Ave., $135,000

Lydia Pettway and John Lee Pettway to Ron Christopher Curry and Stephanie Nicole Curry,

2939 Edgar Ave., $27,000

Raymond C. Canton successor trustee to Kendall L. Smith, 162 S. Glenellen Ave.,


Royal Star Capital Holdings Corporation

to Jordan Tyler Miranda, 107 W. Florida Ave., $76,000

Property Consumers LLC to Rosemarie McFarland, 164 Manchester Ave., $85,000

Rajiv Sharma and Mridula Sharma to Justin Chalk, 346 Euclid Ave., $34,500

Wesley Berrong and Brittany Berrong to Sean D. Turner and Tess Orozco, 1876 Goleta Ave.,


John M. Bosela to Curtis Harris and Cynthia Harris, 850 E. Boston Ave., $61,900

MSP Propeties of Ohio LP to FJP Bears Den LLC, 1001 Bears Den Road, $1,501,152


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