Fight at Cortland rink preceded city shooting

YOUNGSTOWN — A sister of the woman shot at a home in the 200 block of Benita Avenue at 5:43 a.m. Saturday said the shooting may have stemmed from a fight at a Cortland Roller Rink.

The victim’s sister told police that “all parties” to the incident were at the Cortland Roller Rink at 120 S. High St. in Cortland, and were involved in a big fight. The woman said she does not believe she and her sister caused the fight, but they were “caught up in the crowd.”

The sister said that she and the victim, 23, arrived back in Youngstown and saw a car in their North Side driveway. They thought it belonged to a cousin and pulled in.

But a woman with curly hair yelled from the car as they pulled in. Then they saw two men near the car and house, one of them in a crouched position and appearing to be pulling a gun from his pants.

As the women fled from their car, the man started firing the gun and immediately struck the victim, according to a Youngstown police report. Another woman arrived and took the victim to the hospital. She was in stable condition later.

Liberty police apprehended two men they said they observed fleeing from the area of the gunfire. One of them was Quin’daz V. Stubbs, 26, of Hamilton Street SW in Warren, who was later taken to the Mahoning County jail. He was arraigned on felonious assault Monday in Youngstown Municipal Court. A preliminary hearing is set for 9:15 a.m. April 3.

The other man was released but could be charged later, police noted.

Cortland police Detective John Weston said Cortland police are investigating a large disturbance that occurred early Saturday at the Cortland Roller Rink. Multiple officers from several agencies assisted Cortland officers to quell the disturbance, he said.

Cortland police were contacted by investigators from the Youngstown Police Department “who were looking into a connection between the disturbance in Cortland and a serious crime that occurred in their jurisdiction in Youngstown,” Weston said.

A Saturday Youngstown Police Department news release stated that Liberty police began receiving calls about 5:30 a.m. Saturday regarding a shooting on Youngstown’s North Side.

Liberty police relayed the information to Youngstown police dispatch while Liberty officers went to Gypsy Lane on the Youngstown-Liberty border to see if anyone was fleeing into Liberty Township.

Youngstown police were dispatched to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for a gunshot victim. Youngstown officers spoke to the victim and determined the shooting took place in the 200 block of Benita Avenue.

The Liberty officers, meanwhile, saw two men emerge from the area of Lane Manor Apartments, 465 Gypsy Lane, in Youngstown. The men ran across the street to the former Northside Hospital. The men fled on foot, and the Liberty officers apprehended them.

Liberty police notified Youngstown police about the arrest and possible connection to the shooting, and Youngstown crime-scene investigators collected evidence.

After numerous interviews and after viewing surveillance video, it was determined Liberty police did apprehend a suspect in the shooting, the Youngstown news release states.


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