Why a trained Realtor is an invaluable asset

There are so many benefits to using a real estate professional to guide you through your real estate dealings.

Buying and selling a home can be some of the biggest transactions in your life and going about it alone can be extremely stressful and very problematic. Finding the “right” professional to walk you through the entire process from start to sold is your best bet. But we’re not just talking about any real estate professional — you will find the most value working with a Realtor.

So what is a Realtor and why is this individual different from just any real estate professional? According to the Ohio Realtors, “A Realtor is a member of local, state and national professional rade associations and, as such, has access to a vast array of educational programs, research and resources. By being a member, a Realtor subscribes to a strict code of ethics, and pledges to provide fair treatment for all parties involved, protect the right of individuals to own property and keep abreast of changes in real estate practice through continuing education and interaction with other professionals.”

Not everyone that sells real estate or has a real estate license holds the Realtor title. A Realtor is held to a higher standard, therefore providing you with the utmost professionalism there is in the industry.

Let’s talk about the value of working with a Realtor. A Realtors can assist you in buying and selling your home. They possess the tools, resources and expertise to provide you with a home equity evaluation by comparing your property to others in the market and determining the right price for your home.

They have the negotiation skillset to represent you the entire way through the transaction. Realtors can effectively advertise and market your home to other Realtors and the public through various real estate websites and platforms, including the Multiple Listing Service to which they belong. They can also provide you with many financial resources to help determine your purchasing power through pre-approval. Realtors are also continuously learning and perfecting their skillset as they are required to take various continuing education courses to keep their license active.

And if that doesn’t fully convince you, here is why these professionals are notably valued beyond their basic everyday real estate duties. Our local Realtors are some of the most passionate, driven and charitable professionals in the valley. Not only do these professionals take part in various fundraising opportunities through our local association, the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors, but many take it upon themselves to give their time, dedication and monetary gifts to several charitable organizations in our community.

Through various fundraising activities in 2022, YCAR was able to generously raise and donate over $18,000 to Heart Reach Neighborhood Ministries, the past president’s chosen charity of the year. In 2023, YCAR members and affiliates will dedicate their efforts to raising awareness and funds for Veteran’s Haven, another amazing organization whose mission is to support homeless veterans in our community in their efforts to achieve greater self-sufficiency, including the ability to secure and maintain permanent housing. Look for more information on the many ways you can get involved in our fundraising efforts, including taking part in the annual YCAR Golf Outing this July.

I am extremely proud of being a Realtor and working alongside some of the best in the industry. In addition to that, I am honored and humbled to be representing YCAR as the 2023 president.

The next time you need to buy and / or sell a home, contact a Realtor to guide you through this ever-so-important transaction(s). You will see first-hand why a Realtor can be a valuable asset to you.

Stevens is the 2023 president of the Youngstown-Columbiana Association of Realtors.


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