City employee is placed on leave over missing money

YOUNGSTOWN — A longtime Youngstown finance department employee is on paid administrative leave because $5,632.50 in city money she was supposed to deposit in a bank is missing.

Annette Klimko, general accounting manager, has written a check for the missing amount of money and has undisclosed medical issues, said Kyle Miasek, the city’s finance director.

She has not been charged with any crime, he said.

Klimko, who started working for the city 30 years ago, has been “a stellar employee,” Miasek said. “She was not stealing from us. She is having medical issues.”

The police department’s internal affairs division is investigating the missing money, Miasek and city Law Director Jeff Limbian said.

“It’s a pending personnel matter, and the internal investigation is in the beginning stages,” Limbian said.

Klimko, who makes about $77,000 in annual salary, has been on paid administrative leave since Nov. 22, Miasek said.

On Oct. 28, Klimko was to deposit at a local bank $5,632.50 collected that day by the city for various bills and fees, Miasek said. On Nov. 1, the city finance department sought to verify the deposit was received, but the bank showed no deposit for that day, he said.

Klimko returned to work at the finance department on Nov. 3 and was asked about the deposit, saying she dropped off the money Oct. 29, Miasek said.

Miasek said he checked with an official with Huntington, the city’s bank, who got back to him on Nov. 7 saying the money wasn’t deposited. The bank also reviewed videotapes of cars at the bank the day Klimko said she deposited the money and didn’t find her vehicle, and on Nov. 11 checked behind its lock box and couldn’t find the money, Miasek said.

Miasek said Klimko couldn’t remember if she deposited the money or if it was at her home, Miasek said. Shortly after being told that the bank didn’t have it, Klimko wrote a personal check for the amount, he said.

Miasek said on Nov. 18 he met with Limbian, Mayor Jamael Tito Brown and police Chief Carl Davis, and it was decided to have the police department’s internal affairs division investigate.

Klimko was placed on paid administrative leave Nov. 22. Klimko’s uncashed check has been given to internal affairs, Miasek said.

Also, the city took away Klimko’s authority to handle its money on Nov. 7.

“Nothing else is missing,” Miasek said. “It’s just that particular day. It’s never been an issue before.”



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