Rescue Mission offers Bible study

YOUNGSTOWN — The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley has started a new ministry with a weekly Bible study on the Book of Revelations.

The program kicked off this summer and has attracted many people each week. The program is offered at 6 p.m. for a 45 minutes each Wednesday.

John Muckridge, president and CEO of the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley, said the purpose of the Bible study is to offer those of the Mahoning Valley a place to study the Word of God.

Dee Deem of Struthers said she decided to attend because she wanted to be part of the in-depth study of Revelations since it one book from the Bible she has not studied as much as others.

“I have always wanted to study the book of Revelations verse by verse. This program provided me with the perfect opportunity. I enjoy John’s presentation of this, which helps bring clarity to what we read. He really explains and relays what is being said well,” she said.

Zonda Haase of New Middletown said Revelations always “scared her,” but it doesn’t anymore.

“It is a promising truth that God is definitely in control. I do not know what I want to get out of this except that heaven is going to be an unbelievable place,” Haase said.

Cheri Brown of McDonald said Muckridge is making it is easier for the group to understand Revelations.

“We read something and then he helps explain it,” she said.

“When I saw this program I thought it was a chance of a lifetime especially the book of Revelations which is a harder book that many people steer away from,” Mary Metzka of Poland said.

She said notes and a PowerPoint presentation help explain what is being read.

Muckridge said when someone goes through any book of the Bible verse by verse and takes a different section each week over the course of time, the Holy Spirit begins to teach what the intent of the book is.

“What we see today is verses in the Bible are often used out of context. Expository teaching requires us and changes us to focus on the text so we better understand the context. That is one benefit of going verse by verse,” he said.

Muckridge said he was taught this way and people appreciate learning that same way.

He said Revelation is a book about God’s work of judgment and redemption through Christ, which will lead to the renewal of all things.

Cecilia Lange of Campbell said she was a volunteer at the mission over the summer.

“I did the Bible in a year online and was interested in reading more,” Lange said.


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