Parents arrested for incidents involving their son

YOUNGSTOWN — A mother and father were arrested in a 5:55 p.m. incident Monday on East Federal Street at South Avenue downtown in which the woman is accused of nearly injuring an ambulance worker while driving a car with her 13-month-old child as passenger.

Police were called to South Avenue and Commerce Street for a man slumped over the wheel of a vehicle. Police found the man unconscious at the wheel of a Honda Civic. Ambulance personnel were there also and administered the opiate reversal drug Naloxone.

Witnesses told police they had followed the vehicle for several minutes, and he had committed several traffic violations.

He had a 13-month-old child in the car that bystanders removed from the vehicle and were feeding a bottle nearby when police arrived.

Eventually, the man, Richard J. Marshall, 37, of East Indianola Avenue, regained consciousness and said he did not “take anything” and did not know what happened. Officers discovered Marshall had a warrant. He refused further medical attention.

Officers received a phone number from Marshall for the child’s mother, Amber M.Johnson, 36, of Highland Avenue SW in Warren, who officers contacted to get the child. She arrived about the time a tow truck was coming to remove the Civic. But Johnson did not seem fit to care for the child and as possibly under the influence of something, police said.

Officers contacted Children Services to come get the child, but Johnson became irate. While officers were talking amongst themselves, bystanders alerted them that Johnson was now carrying the baby toward her car.

Officers followed her, and she said she was having a panic attack and got into the car. Officers called an ambulance to return to the scene, and officers placed stop sticks behind the vehicle in case she tried to leave.

Ambulance workers spoke to the woman, but she refused to talk and started to back up the car out of a parking lot with the child inside, almost hitting an ambulance worker. The car touched the stop sticks but did not deflate the tire, police said.

She sped out of the parking lot and onto Commerce Street, but she stopped at Commerce and Watt streets. She complied with officers and got out of the car. She and Marshall were taken Mahoning County jail, Marshall on a warrant and several possible charges. Johnson was arrested on several possible charges.

The boy was taken to the Youngstown Police Department to await personnel from Child Protective Services to take custody of him.

No charges for Marshall or Johnson are yet shown on the Youngstown Municipal Court website.


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