Dog found shot in head on North Side

YOUNGSTOWN — A dog that had been shot in the head and was severely underfed is now in the care of the Mahoning County Dog Pound after being found by a man in his shed.

A pound employee was contacted by Youngstown police just after 2 p.m. Saturday about the dog found sheltered in a shed on Burlington Avenue on the North Side. The employee went to pick up the dog — not knowing what he was about to find.

He met an emaciated dog that weighed 35 pounds, had a bullet wound on the side of his head and was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

The employee took the dog to MedVet Mahoning Valley Urgent Care in Girard, where he was put on IV fluids and treated for infection, as the bullet wound was several days old. The staff at MedVet named the dog Bandit.

Youngstown police are still looking for the person who abused and shot Bandit.

“He is currently fighting for his life,” the pound said on social media. If anyone knows who Bandit belonged to, they are asked to call 330-740-2205 or email ssabol@mahoningcountyoh.gov.

Additional posts by the nonprofit group Friends of Fido, which gives a voice for thousands of dogs a year at the Mahoning County Dog Pound and Adoption Center, as well as posts by a dog pound volunteer, indicate the bullet appears to have gone through soft tissue on the back of Bandit’s head and out the side of his neck. There appears to be some peripheral nerve swelling, and he is very weak.

The pound employee was able to take Bandit back to the pound around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. He tested positive for lyme disease and has bullet fragments in his head that will need to be removed in the future.

Bandit’s hospital bill from the first night was more than $1,100. Friends of Fido on its Facebook page is asking for donations to help pay for his ongoing care.

The dog went back to MedVet on Sunday morning for more IV fluids. At that time, he could not stand or walk. Throughout the day, the staff monitored him and was able to feed Bandit. By Sunday night, he could walk some on his own.

As of Monday morning, Bandit was steadily improving, but was weak and dizzy due to nerve swelling that is affecting his sight, according to an updated post. He is walking on his own and continues to eat.



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