Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties Aug. 8-12:


Robert J. Lozier to Daniel R. Stahura, 1705 Westhampton Drive, $82,000

Kelly J. Phillips to Jacob A. Runion, 2321 Penny Lane, $166,000

Dawn M. Braund to Elizabeth A. Wisniewski and Thomas J. Wisniewski, 5788 Yorktown Lane, $165,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to James A. Streeky and Marcia A. Streeky, 6100 Herons Circle, $447,365

John Latone Jr. to Dylan J. Latone, 147 Idlewood Road, $90,000

Georgeann DiRando to Joyce Elaine Bissell and Isaiah Michael Reyes, 1398 Northfield Drive, $182,500

Thomas M. Crozier and Kimmie J. Crozier to Michelle Reilly, 234 Wilcox Road, $192,000

Jacob Morell to Darby Kolesar, 3440 Almerinca Drive, $215,000

Michael C. Milne and Jeffrey S. Milne to Kayla Doss, 189 Forest Hill Drive, $95,000

Shetland Rose Investments LLC to Taylor Crane, 84 Carnegie Ave., $108,500

Estate of Marisa Fife to Its Five Oclock Somewhere, 480 Nottingham Ave., $110,000

Estate of Richard C. Taafe to Stephanie Jones, 4242 Westmont Drive, $145,500

Johnathan and Tracy Morton to Kenneth D. Miller Sr. and Barbara L. Miller, 4279 Woodmere Drive, $124,000

Paul Antal and Christina Antal to Ann Pflug, 2345 Birch Trace Drive, $151,500

The Estate of Nancy Yancar to Brian T. Schubert and Alyssa Schubert, 3421 Johnson Farm Drive, $135,000


James F. English III and April M. English to Nicholas James Habuda and Kristen M. Habuda, 1280 Sharrott Run Place, $400,000

Mala Properties LTD to Robert H. and Nina J. Quaintance, Lot 22 Pine Lake Reserve, $70,000


Frank M. Miranda and Shirley Miranda to Clifford T. Scott Sr., 14784 Western Reserve Road, $195,000


Sean J. Germanowski and Valerie B. Germanowski to Kyle D. Johnson and Brianna T. Johnson, 675 Saddlebrook Drive, $400,000

Absaar Ahmad and Amber Chundrigar to William John Peters and Rachel Sue Peters, 449 Melbourne Ave., $245,000

Jenna R. Powell et al. to Mark Gallagher, 7380 Eisenhower Drive #3, $95,000

Eileen J. Esposito to Willie Thomas Oliver Jr., 237 Shields Road, $81,000

The Sateri Home Inc. and Savon Enterprises LLC to Shore Capital Real Estate Partners HoldCo LLC, 102 Boardman Canfield Road, $675,000

Roslyn Hixson to Sharon F. DeColibus, 8014 Spartan Drive, $283,500

Andrew L. D’Apolito to Paul J. Joseph, 5155 Tippecanoe Road, $225,610

Charles L. Gline and Patricia L. Gline to Kyle A. Feltham, 6493 West Blvd., $189,000

Kristina N. Pavlicko to Walter J. Wasilewski IV, 25 Buena Vista Ave., $171,000

Shaun T. Williams and Karen Vivo-Williams to Samuel Lemin and Amber Rae Lemin, 30 Cathy Way, $145,000

Andrew L. D’Apolito to Paul J. Joseph, 5155 Tippecanoe Road, $225,610

NPV Capital LLC to Bradford Francis, 4504 Southern Blvd., $244,800

NPV Capital LLC to Bradford Francis, 4508 Southern Blvd., $244,800

Kimberly D. Boyd to Tiffany D. Patterson, 4042 Cascade Drive, $74,000

Linda Daniels to Bonnie L. Gates, 5200 West Blvd., Unit 501, $94,000

Jerlar LLC to JB McClurg LLC, 225 McClurg Road, $625,000

Marcie Applegate and James Applegate to Lawrence Deckant and Linda M. Deckant, 5424 South Ave., $126,500

Michelle Brenneman and Paulette Callender to GCH Property Management LLC, 665 Afton Ave., $72,500

129 Prestwick LLC to Larry L. Kennedy and Susan D. Kennedy, 129 Prestwick Drive, $190,000

Miranda Humphreys to Haven J. Grover and Hannah L. Johnson, 204 Melrose Ave., $136,900


William P. Valentino and Sharon A. Valentino to Kevin C. Whitcavitch, 166 Cambet Drive, $168,250

Marina Tatarciuc to Paul Buzea, 95 Van Buren, $21,754

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee to Matthew Christopher Wolf, 99 Regent St., $55,125

Jennifer M. Kluchar and Matthew Kluchar to Seth Schendel, 64 Neff Drive, $190,000


V.T. Larney LTD to Antonio David Bonamase, 140 Talsman Drive #1, $305,000

Barbara Sterp to Jordan Family Irrevocable Trust, 41 Parkside Circle, Unit 4, $36,500

David C. Courtney and Michele E. Courtney to Charles D. Stephens and Holly L. Stephens, 141 Dartmouth Drive, $310,000

Brian A. Coulter and Hope Coulter to Evnagelos S. Zagorianos and Kimberly A. Zagorianos, 250 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $250,000

Donadee Property Group LLC to Noah Partners LLC, 6571 Fairground Blvd., $740,000

Cynthia Roussos to Darcy M. Drotleff aned Michael J. Drotleff, 30 Newton Square, Unit 4, $149,000

Rush Church Assembly of God to Early Bird Property Holdings LLC, 425 W. Main St., $400,000

Canfield Township

Brian K. Day and Allison L. Day to David Wendel Jr. and Ashley Wendel, 1640 Spike Court, $660,000

Ali Kooshkabadi and Maria Nicole Kooshkabadi to Lena Esmail, 7140 St. Ursula Drive, $550,00


Theresa L. Emerick to Tony J. Wilson, 285 S. Hubbard Road, $85,250

Craig Beach

Justin M. Oliver to Eric Sprys and Shelly Sprys, Lot 2151 Grandview Road, $175,000

AJCW Enterprises LLC to David Parry and Maureen Parry, 17972 Davis Road, $29,900


Debra D. Juillerat and Linda L. Nicholson to Kimberly A. Urick, 10512 Palmyra Road, $240,000

Matthew D. Baird to Don W. Zurcher and Susan Zurcher, 12041 N. Palmyra Road, $65,000


Karlie R. Bevan to Zachary J. Drenski and Hana Kim, 214 Morris Ave., $147,000

Stephen W. Miller to Shola Barlatt, 40 Abbey St., $45,000


James A. Senvisky to Joseph R. Cook and Mary Beth Cook, 12479 S. Salem Warren Road, $230,000


Leonard Humenik and Constance Humenik to Robert Ward Jr. and Samantha Ward, South Main Street, $180,000

Johnny R. Bratton to Michael W. Wylie and Gina Marie Wylie, 3715 Orchard Ave., $40,000

Walter J. Angelo and Karen L. Angelo to Pamela J. McCreary, 519 Grace Ave., $137,000

James Rutan and Debra Rutan to Sole Madjidov, 6557 Mount Everett Road, $85,000


Mahoning Valley Land Partners LLC to Jackson RR Park LLC, Lot 2 S. Bailey Road, $245,00


Jonas R. Hershberger and Betty Y. Hershberger to Martin E. Slaubaugh and Mary Ann Slaubaugh, 5151 Belmont Ave., $400,000

Jeremiah Pitoscia to Michael S. Winland, 4635 Middle Road, $150,000

Gerald R. Thomas Jr. and Lynne J. Walker to Brian L. Loychik, 1433 Marlane Drive, $174,000


Russell L. Weimer to James F. English, 11762 Scott St., $178,000


Laurel E. Jacobs to Matthew J. Milligan and Andrea G. Milligan, 3016 Heatherbrae Drive, $228,000

Stacie L. Hall to Douglas R. Hughes and Diana Hughes, 8750 Chersterton Drive, $245,000

Scott Mutschler and Elizabeth Mutschler to Eric Flaherty and Danielle Flaherty, 3050 Saginaw Drive, $291,000

Grace B. Richards to Andrew J. Soich and Lauren C. Soich, 6323 Tala Drive, $230,000

Todd Lu to Scott J. Mutschler and Elizabeth I. Mutschler, 3328 Olde Winter Trail, $365,000

John R. Haug and Alexandra A. Rokicki to Maureen Mosure Grider, 7531 Lee Run Road, $250,000

Andrew J. Soich and Lauren Soich to Amanda E. Chismar and Benjamin Chismar, 2868 Howell Drive, $188,000

Green Meadow Properties LLC to Daniel Al Rai, 62 North Main St., $90,000

Iolanda Rose Cocca Irrevocable Trust to Christopher Merrell and Kelly Merrell, 8459 Four Seasons Trail, $280,000

Christopher Merrell and Kelly Merrell to Christina DeCesare and Samuel DeCesare, 7377 Elmland Ave., $249,900

Christine M. McQuown to Jason Vincent McQuown, 2711 Bendemeer Court, $125,000


Estate of Julie L. Brown to Summy M. Bowers, 176 S. Johnson Road, $57,750

Larry Mikes and Cheri S. Mikes to Sunny M. Bowers, 206 E. Maryland Ave., $99,000


Kristine L. Phillips to Delphi Properties LTD, 22623 Alden Ave., $32,500


Heike S. Raynes to Andrew M. Mathews and Megan A. Mathews, 1040 E. Calla Road, $249,000


Aaron L. Quinn and Georgina A. Quinn to Kelli M. Smith, 88 Omar St., $60,000

Michael P. Kurjan to Sharon L. Kurjan to Allice Burrows, 196 Iroquois St., $145,000

David J. Zupko to Kotayo Home Limited, 109 Spring St., $37,600

Michael P. Kurjan et al. to Allice Burrows, 196 Iroquois St., $145,000

Heather Leanne Burns to Ellie M. Young, 408 Maplewood Ave., $97,000


Richard C. Whiteaker and Amanda D. Whiteaker to Destiny A. McMasters and Cody M. Bartholomew, 530 McDonald Ave., $120,000


Michael S. Matsy to Michael Angelos LLC, 2916 Roy St., $55,900

Audra Worley to Aureum Management Group LLC, 1666 Everett Ave., $42,000

Sylvia Clinkscale to Frazier Land Co. LLC, 3232 South Ave., $33,000

Sara Ohio Enterprises LLC to Ilayan Ilayan, 133 Inverness Ave., $60,100

Sara Ohio Enterprises LLC to Ashley E. Galindo, 2706 Burbank Ave., $57,000

Jeremy Hernan to Sandra Lee Freese, 2941 Vestal Road, $110,000

Denis M. Robinson II to Turla Hillard and James Engles, 2962 Noel Drive, $112,000

Donna Janoso to David Arocho, 443 N. Hazelwood Ave., $75,000

Brenda Cochran to Sety Troy Uveges and Michelle Denise Brittain, 3620 Dover Road, $112,000

Michael W. Sackela to Cherie Velasquez, 66 N. Brockway Ave., $101,000

Youngstown Choice Homes VI LP to Leslie Jennings, 2812 Benford Lane, $45,000

Heritage Home Management LLC to Joseph W. Allen Sr., 932 Ridge Ave., $40,000

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 29 N. Hazelwood Ave., $84,500

Kathy M. Brocker to Right Solution Investment LLC, 110/112 Woodbine Ave. W., $25,000

Lori E. Fulton to Maria Quintuna, 41 New York Ave., $28,000

Maria Farina, trustee to Ryan McGee, 139 S. Belle Vista, $22,800

West End Real Estate Management LLC to Amber Circle LLC, 325 Ferndal Ave., $32,000

Teju Tech LTD to Daniel Santiago Toledo, 2219 Cherry Hill Ave., $88,500

John Holland and Rene Holland to Victoria A. Beattie, 130-134 N. Richview Ave., $72,500

Arthur R. Ward Jr. to Cupcake’s Future LLC, 1724 Overland Ave., $67,168

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties Aug. 1-5:


Terry L. Beck to John D. Finch and Diane L. Finch, 5333 N. Beacon Drive, $315,000

Debra R. Fulton to Cameron Gumble and Rachel Gumble, 249 Rosemont Ave., $125,000

Gary L. Cox II and Lindsy N. Cox to Nga Thi Nguyen, 416 Southward Drive, $150,500

KF Lakeview LLC to Dino Digiacomo, 296 Dehoff Drive, $85,000

Michael R. Feltner to Tyler W. Hill, 174 Idlewood Road, $125,000

Natalie J. Winkle and John P. Winkle to Rebecca J. Clark, 260 Marcia Drive, $155,000

Stephen Malutic to Ed Anderson, 108 Bright Ave., $23,000

Canfield Properties LLC to Alexaner Park, 155-157 Westminster Ave., $122,000

Charles J. Wilkinson and Diana Wilkinson to Joseph A. Sandy and Pamela M. Sandy, 4602 Norquest Blvd., $275,000

Debra Oster to Chad M. Cramer, 121 Howard Ave., $83,000

Donald L. Hileman Jr. and Autumn Schultz-Hileman to Broderick Street Homes LLC, 2520 Vollmer Drive, $198,000

Marybrook Meadows Development Company LTD to Paul T. Trafficante Jr., 603 S. Racoon Road #21, $253,120

The Lisa Lee Kohler Family Trust No. One to Ohio Luxury Builders LLC, 4958 Mahoning Ave., $150,000

Daniella M. Dinsio Family Trust to Danielle R. Hartmann, 192 N. Main St., $109,900

Shannin D. Molody to Alex Sanders, 3925 Artmar Drive, $138,000

Anthony James Womer and Christine Womer to Ashley Peterson and Jordan Taylor Peterson, 1267 Cavalcade Drive, $160,000

Marcia A. Streeky and James A. Streeky to Christine L. Womer and Anthony Womer, 4167 Claridge Drive, $230,000


Garner Investment Holdings LLC to Mark Delawder and Morgan Darlene Franjko-Delawder, 800 Mahoning Columbiana County Line Road, $200,000

Betty J. Fassos to Susan L. Bole, 9278 Woodworth Road, Unit 401, $180,000


Robert T. Gaps to Madison Louise Perry, 5261 Pine Tree Lake, $118,000

John R. Mang and Jolene M. Mang to Thomas R. Zorzi and Jenna R. Powell, 7383 E. Huntington Drive, $295,000

Douglas B. Esenwein to Dean P. Monteleone and Tara M. Wert, 645 Angiline Drive, $235,000

Kelly L. Bindas to Casey Lynn Marr, 73 Jennette Drive, $205,000

Dolores A. Good to Marianne Rushen, 7454 E. Parkside Drive, $292,500

Joseph A. Sandy and Pamela M. Sandy to Donald J. Matyi and Delores Matyi, 6431 Meander Glen Drive, $284,055

Bob-o-Link Youngstown LLC to Baily M. Toot and Robert W. Toot, 4170 Bob-o-Link Drive, $230,000

Thaer Samad to Carl W. Huffman, 6757 Bristlewood Drive #2, $165,000

Ronald J. Smail Sr. to Italiano Holdings LLC dba Italiano Properties, 240 N. Cadillac Drive, $95,200

KSMAC Holdings LTD to Deep Freeze Acquisition LLC, 360 McClurg Road, $1,450,000

Diane Shryock to Lisa R. Edgell, 4024 Arden Blvd., $115,000

Nancy Zatchok and Jeffrey Zatchok to Kimberly Ianazone, 889 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit #4, $90,000

Martine Angelo Escobar to Venkata Shesha Vamsi Borra, 89 Heather Creek Run, $369,000

GCH Property Management LLC to Susan Diveley, 442 Garver Drive, $205,000

Cynthia Zajar, administrator to Italiano Holdings LLC, 6717 Lockwood Blvd., $95,000

Nicholas J. Habuda to Daniel J. Habuda, 387 Jaronte Drive, $165,000

C. Allen Covington III to Gordon Tracy, 41 Ferncliff Ave., $77,000

Brooke A. Saxon to Lydia M. Bushling, 85 Wilda Ave., $95,000

Sherman M. Clayton to Winner’s Circle Investments LLC, 65 Shields Road, $175,000

Winner’s Circle Investments LLC to Kodiak Properties LLC, 65 Shields Road, $299,900

Michele E. Huston to Beyarda De Pena, 4389 Devonshire Drive, Unit #15, $139,900

Country Auto Sales Inc. to Three C’s Inc., 6410 South Ave., $325,000

Elizabeth M. Yazbek to Thomas Joseph Bachelder and Christopher Ehren Bachelder, 8448 Crystal Drive, $280,000

Michael Muscarella to Joanna Catania-Thompson and Matthew A. Thompson, 6427 West Blvd., $165,000

Jane E. Midgley, trustee to Bobby Junior Myska and John Joseph Berkley, 5811 Rosewood Drive, $400,000

James Foster to Sasha Holdings LLC, 215 Melrose Ave., $71,200

Erik John Reed to Ma Salud Gray, 25 Charles Ave., $70,000

Rose Mary Anderson to Doreen A. Biddlestone, 810A Woodfield Court, $175,000

JRS224 LLC to Michele E. Huston, 931 Pearson Circle, Unit 4, $105,000


Stonebridge Land Corp. to Lawson Dripps III and Shelli Dripps, Lake Wobegon Drive, $80,000

Estate of Robert P. Strasser to Michael A. Hudock and Karin L. Hudock, 80-82 Winona Ave., $226,000

Audra Figueroa to Anthony P. Lunsford and Candace M. Lunsford, 291 Dartmouth Drive, $289,900

Michelle M. Householder to Sandra Marie Householder, 190 Hilltop Blvd., $71,391

Eve M. Christopher to William Abramski and Mary Beth Abramski, 127 Talsman Drive, Unit 2, $249,900

Paul and Susan Sracic to Eve M. Christopher, 147 Talsman Drive, Unit 1, $242,000


Stephen M. Maro and Marguerite Maro to Zain Fazal, 55 McCartney Road, $70,000

Michele and Steve Krispinsky to Ariel and Jonathan Kent, 487 Whipple Ave., $83,000

Stephen Malutic to Angel Irizarry, 122 Bright Ave., $28,000

Stephen Malutic to Gale Kountz, 575 Tenney Ave., $30,000

Raymond O. Morris et al. to Hanna C. Lassowsky Irrevocable Trust, 507 12th St., $50,000

Georgia Dee Barker trustee to Harriet DiRienzo and Alan B. DiRienzo, 465 Elizabeth Lane, $40,000

Steven Tera Investments LLC to Timothy Paul Hyman and Monica Gisell Morales, 505 Sixth St., $41,500



Andrea Welch and James Welch Jr. to Kimberly Porter, 4376 Mellinger Road, $341,000

Jeffrey Thacker and Mary Lou Thacker to Katherine N. Vinion and Mark Dylan Vinion, 4208 Pleasant Valley Lane, $345,000

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Miros Maszczak and Theresa Maszczak, Lot 1 Legacy Drive, $50,000

Kimberlee M. Royea to Martin Wolfe and Virginia Wolfe, 8672 Youngstown Salem Road, $268,000

Daniel J. Zarlenga Jr. and Britney Zarlenga to Joshua Creighton, 4282 Burgett Lane, $199,000

Theodore and Susan Miller to Alexandra and Constantin Ursache, 7015 S. Palmyra Road, $466,500

Naffah Investments LLC to John A. Moore III and Yvonne K. Moore, Lot 25 Macy Lane, $70,000

Donald A. D’Alesia to Bora Kim, 3806 McCarthy Drive, $214,000

Diane L. Chermely Tanner to Richard A. Rauschenberg and Mary Ann Rauschenberg, 6143 Chidester Drive, $224,000


Master Plan Builders Inc. to Margaret A. Brooke, 251 Bristol Lane, Unit C-37, $335,000


John R. Milligan to VT Larney LTD, 1132 Patricia Ave., $350,000


Walter G. Sinn Jr. and Carol J. Sinn to Zachary E. Baird, 8957 W. Western Reserve Road, $145,000

Greg Bowman and Ellen Bowman to Alexis N. Shelley and Brennan M. Farmer, 11881 Lisbon Road, $234,000


Rebecca L. Syersak to Keith J. Joseph and Shirley Joseph, 5949 Mount Everett Road, $280,000

Philomena L. Womer to Kory T. Hopkinson and Casey L. Manion, 3455 Maple Ridge Drive, 285,000

Renee M. Svoboda to Della F. Welsh and Amanda P. Richards, 407 Laurel St., $150,000

Michael McKinstry to Ronald W. Weinzierl and Candace L. Weinzierl, 3630 Bonair Drive, $70,000

Justin D. Stowers to Jacob S. Miller and Ciara L. Miller, 3272 Franklin St., $248,500


Bert Edwin Lison and Naomi Lois Liston to Steven L. Lemons, 8912 New Road, $235,001


Harry L. Johnson III and Jacquelyn M. Johnson to Jessie Glaser and Joelle Duncan, 633 Mansell Drive, $250,000

Kelly A. Hontula to Joseph Emilio Miconi and Felicia Nitzsky, 1669 Shannon Road, $171,000

Ercole Marziani to Meshack M. Kioko, 3027 Northgate Drive, $45,000


Sherry A. Lobinger to Christopher R. Halstead, 433 Garfield Ave., $85,000


Nathan A. Bacorn and Arley R. Bacorn to Katherine Rugg and Tyler Rugg, River Road SE, $45,000

New Middletown

Thomas M. Kliem to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 95 Stacy Drive, $125,000


Melissa Dicioccio and Michael Dicioccio to Medford Properties LC, 7263 N. Lima Road, $110,000

Joseph V. Accurso and Kelli Accurso to Sable A. Hawkins, 2307 Bel Aire Lane, $139,900

John P. Hvisdak and Lori Hvisdak to Alyscam LLC, 36 Fieldstone Drive, $205,000

Joseph A. Paris and Phyllis M. Paris to Thomas R. Kurz Jr. and Charity Ann Kurz, 7672 Cobblers Run, $400,000

Katherine L. Heineman to Colleen Marie McAntis, 206 Nesbitt St., $209,900

Alexis B. Drass and Tyler D. Drass to Everlast Realty Inc., 46 Edgewater Drive, $148,750

DJD & C Development Inc. to Robert Masi and Cadi Masi, 4417 Dobbins Road, $95,000

D.W. Walkama LLC to Jacek Modelski and Lisa Marie Modelski, Lot #2 Kennedy Road, $35,000

The Wayne Walkama Revocable Trust to Jacek Modelski and Lisa Marie Modelski, Lot #2 Kennedy Road, $35,000

Daniel L. Fusselman to John Prebonick, 2230 Bel Aire Lane, $108,500


William Parkison and Marlene Faye Parkison to Joel Troyer and Julia Troyer, 126 E. Michigan Ave., $110,000

Ryan Spurlock to Lee Dowdy and Amie Curtiss, 236 W. Pennsylvania Ave., $35,555


Ramoa L. Strait to Derek H. Swegheimer and Holly Swegheimer, 22705 Norman Ave., $38,000

HB1 Alternative Holdings LLC to Brianna McIlvain and Robert Scott McIlvain, 1326 S. Mahoning Ave., $35,000


Roy Kohler to Kerry A. Blakeman, 7.169 acres E. Calla Road, $220,000


The Estate of James S. Geidner to Emily Roth, 261 Sexton St., $65,000

Trevor Cardona to Aaron Crislip, 485 Fifth St., $79,000

Recherche Investments Three LLC to Joshua Lacitignola, 45 John St., $51,000

Pangea Property Management LLC to Djuan L. Waller Sr. and Micah Ballard, 483 Fourth St., $117,000

Douglas R. Hughes and Diana J. Hughes to Alex M. Rockenhauser, 406 Spring St., $130,000

Sue Ann Nagle to Bigley Real Estate Investments LLC, 103 Grimm Heights Ave., $85,000


Tamara A. Herbert to Richard T. Baker and Melissa I. Baker, 3510 Main St., $105,000

Patricia J. Gelsomino to Eric P. Gelsomino and Melissa J. Gelsomino, 3695 St. Marys Drive, $373,000

Matthew S. Palmer to Shani L. Ingram, 2289 Glenwood Ave., $48,700

LNS Investments LTD to Dr. Lawn Care LLC, Union Street, $42,000

Karen S. Shoemaker to Mineral Ridge Tire and Automotive LLC, Main Street, $280,000


Dennis E. Wiseman and Barbara E. Wiseman to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 60 S. Hartford Ave., $47,100

CITx LLC to Samuel Roosevelt Smith and Aaron Keith Wright, 850 E. Lucius Ave., $33,075

Rock It Properties I LLC to Dylan Keetle, 10 N. Evanston Ave., $330,000

David Pinciaro to Dob Wick Ave Properties, 850 Wick Ave., $60,000

Paul Mallin and Kimberly Mallin to Leah M. Bravo and Joshua Emmanuel Charles Thomason, 867 Lanterman Ave., $75,000

Peter Mihai an Ilona M. Campbell-Mihai to Christian Oritz, 2817 Julian St., $34,000

John W. Miller to Howard Hanna, 138 S. Osborn Ave.,


Gwendolyn Graves and Terrence Graves to Jonathan Lane Williams and Nicole Rene Pickens, 762 Park Ave., $99,500

John R. Gilbert Jr. et al. to Jamie Brock, 42 Elberen St., $31,300

Gary L. Riggins to Sajdah Muhammad, 913 Granite St., $21,000

Wendy Perez LLC to Frankie A. Rupert and Sylvia Rupert, 4144 Euclid Blvd., $175,000

George F. Chabrol to Family Lease LLC, 916 Sherwood Ave., $39,950

Estate of Walter W. Wolanin Sr. to Barlatt Enterprises LLC, 859 E. Avondale Ave., $40,000

Common Wealth Inc. to Melody J. Noel, 103 Park Ave., $65,000

Brian M. Fry to Kaitlyn M. Pasco, 135 Brookline Ave., $83,000

Catherine McCammon to Eugene F. Carney and Sarah J. Fiser, 603 N. Hazelwood Ave., $84,000

Michael Andrew Bartos to MSP Properties of Ohio LP, 100 Bears Den Road, $195,000

Michelle Komara to Sandra Balog, 520 N. Richview Ave., $85,000

Matthew Samu to Darryl C. Pippin, 568 Cambridge Ave., $32,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties July 25-29:


Jennifer Kurish and Scott Shreve to Bridget Bobby and James McCarthy, 4432 Barrington Drive, $180,000

Megan E. and Randy C. Blakeman to Jinshu Bai, 4866 Darbyshire Court, $245,000

Matthew A. Kuhns and Alexis Kuhns to Michelle Lanterman, 6551 S. Timberidge Drive, $263,500

Ronald E. Williams Jr. and Dina M. Williams to Zachary C. Miller and Kacie N. Tekach, 3370 Johnson Farm Drive, $235,000

John Prest and Charlotte Venorsky to Erica R. Franklin, 5194 Nashua Drive, $287,000

John D. Dankovich to Shawn Alan Redmond, 463 S. Edgehill Ave., $68,400

Solo Rental Properties LLC to DM & AR LLC, 228 S. Edgehill Ave., $55,100

ERZ Enterprises LLC to Permanent Solutions LLC, 6487 Mahoning Ave., $300,000

Joseph T. Guzzo and Iesha Guzzo to Ronald E. Williams Jr. and Dina M. Williams, 5236 S. Saratoga Ave., $400,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Tyler S. Medovich and Abbie L. Medovich, 6120 Herons Circle, $414,352

Joyce Fetherolf to Randy W. Coates and Heather J. Coates, 6550 New Road, $479,900

Michele DePaul and Eleanor DePaul to Angeline M. Theis and Joel J. Theis Jr., 6940 Slipperyrock Drive, $295,000

Isabel G. Pagan to Gregory T. Haren, 6769 Fox Hunt Court, $295,000

Donald F. Cwynar to Joyce Fetherolf, 10 Placid Blvd., $185,000

Norma Elias to Rene S. Holland and John E. Holland, 1795 Brockton Drive, $172,000

Bernadette Zets to William Spencer and Louise Spencer, 4703 Pinegrove Ave., $192,500

Estate of Patricia Daubenspeck to Johnathan C. Morton and Tracey E. Morton, 2453 Frostwood Drive, $191,000

Ashley L. Knipp to Nicholas A. Barbone, 670 Purdue Ave., $163,000

Thomas R. Bobby to George A. Finkley Jr., 108 Kleber Ave., $90,000

Linda K. Schuster to Mark Kellerman, 2086 Woodland Trace, $120,000

Bonnie J. Testa to Michele L. DePaul, 711 Carlin Drive, $190,000

Justin M. Ragazzine to Gary Newhard, 1673 Yolanda Drive, $143,000

Robert S. Fisher and Janet K. Fisher to David Clementi and Amy L. Clemeti, 3898 Bryant Drive, $175,000

Jacob Stewart and Lori Stewart to Jolene M. Mang and John R. Mang, 115 Covington Cove, $375,000

Janie L. Surman to Neo Group ! LLC, 4227 Woodmere Drive, $60,000

Michael A. Durda II and Merrissa Durda to JMI Homes 2 LLC, 4274 Burkey Road, $48,900

Travis F. Alexander to David A. Peattie and Rebecca L. Peattie, 5055 E. Viola Ave., $305,000

Judith McIntyre to Beachgirls LLC, 184 Carnegie Ave., $52,000


Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Sally A. Jones, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1202, $307,341

Estate of Geraldine A. Bertison to Vera M. Wilkins, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1603, $259,000

Raymond Kucalaba to Stephanie Childers, Detwiler Road, $109,079

Raymond Kucalaba to Jeffrey J. Armitage and Mary J. Armitage, Lynn Road, $177,841

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to William J. Miller and Valery Smith, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1202, $274,920

Herbert D. Fitzgerald Jr. and Lori A. Fitzgerald to Sarah Beth Smith, 3130 Cherry Creek Drive, $714,500

Bilas Properties to William DeLorenzo and Dawn R. DeLorenzo, 2921 W. Western Reserve Road, $35,000


Anthony J. Amatore and Traci M. Amatore to James Bounds, 5755 Lockwood Blvd., $365,000

Apex Investment Properties LLC to Sidney Taylor Aaron, 94 Shadyside Drive, $112,000

Alexander Scott Knepper and Ted Knepper to D’Apolito Lane Company LLC, 985 Afton Ave., $95,000

Amron Holding LLC to Ronald J. Snyder, 1153 Redtail Hawk Drive #2, $87,000

Bristol Park Land Development LLC to David A. Dastoli and Bridget Jean Dastoli, 108 Berklee Lane, $62,000

Sandra K. Garrett to Thomas Troll Jr., 8121 Hitchcock #9, $285,000

Douglas and Samantha Reed to Jeffrey Mister, 40 Forest-Garden Drive, $260,000

Catherine A. Coleangelo to Linda F. Wilson, 361 Meadowbrook Ave. #2, $90,000

David Sklenchar to Solo Rental Properties Llc, 1810 Halbert Drive, $45,000

Ross A. Lopez to Victor M. Roman Soto and Andrea N. Figueroa Sanchez, 52 Aylesboro Ave., $155,000

Nicholas G. Galipo to Hazel Martyn, 4006 Sylvia Lane, $108,500

Christian M. Acosta and Jennifer A. Acosta to Ashley F. Peffer, 29 Melbourne Ave., $149,000

Charles J. Oliver to Danta Delisio and Ashley Delisio, 5570 Lockwood Blvd., $182,500

Nancy M. Sargent to Stephen D. Signor and Christina S. Signor, 6663 Ron Park Place, $260,000

William D’Amico and Lynn D’Amico Dalton to Sandra K. Garrett, 8121 Hitchcock Road, Unit 5, $295,500

Sharry C. Himes and Lee T. Himes to Julia Arnold, 169 Centervale Ave., $64,000

Deborah E. Wilson to Christopher J. Kemper and Cassie E. Kemper, 74 Robin Hood Drive, $185,000

Clifford W. and Karen A. Caldwell to Theresa R. Walter-Deberry, 345 Indianola Road, $170,000

Caitlyn M. Ruggiero and Ray C. White to Anthony L. Ricci and Emily E. Ackerson, 8196 Glenwood Ave., $269,000

Estate of Lynda Wauschek to Christian M. Acosta, 158 Mayflower Drive, $230,000

Jonal Pierre and Angel Pierre to Sharon Valentino-Miller, 141 S. Cadillac Drive, $150,000

Shadetree Holdings LLC to Natal De La Torre, 6799 Tippecanoe Road, Unit 4, $189,000

Anita Carano to Maria A. Grappo, 331 Ewing Road, $177,900

David B. Bishop to Evon Ahsby and Lindsay Ashby, 33 Woodview Ave., $105,000

Joseph and Rose Nudo Irrevocable Trust to John F. Miller Jr. and Beth L. Miller, 38 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 1, $175,000


Brian D. Hill and Diane S. Hill to Ntare Serge Sandrali and Taylor Marie King, 114 Penhale Ave., $30,000

Ronald A. Fredericks to Ralph Rentas Jr., 650 Dumont Ave., $155,250


Richard M. Chambers to Devyn N. Schaper, 88 Indian Lake Blvd., $204,000

Michael N. Malone to Michael McHenry, 10 Stratford Green Drive #3, $155,000

Canfield Township

The Pritam Singh Brar Living Trust to Darren Loughran, 6515 St. Andrews Drive, Unit 2, $180,000

Ronald C. Bundy and Megan Bundy to Sierra N. Fox, 6804 Killdeer Drive, $573,500

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Anthony DeAngelo, 4650 Championship Court #22, $409,400

Craig Beach

Dallas Root to Edward L. Goldner Jr. and Miranda E.Humphreys, Warren Ave., $21,000


Donna J. Grove to Kevin Richard Steed, 10653 Berlin Station Road, $208,000


Roberta A. Gates Trust to Harry K. Potts and Margaret J. Potts, 305 Bayshore Drive, Bldg. 14 Unit 2, $212,000


Mary F. Fitzsimmons to Christopher Ellis Dirando, 565 Powers Ave., $123,000

Deborah Heavemer and Jeffrey Heslop to Digmer Castaner, 207 Illinois Ave., $78,000


Martin P. Ciminelli and Stacie Ciminelli to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, 10060 Salem Warren Road, $70,000

David and Julie Wack to Staci Wills, 13866 W. Middletown Road, $385,000


Marijo Shuntich, successor trustee to Anthony David Petrella, 7374 W. Middletown Road, $230,000

The Kovacich Revocable Living Trust to Joshua D. Vuletich, 6141 W. Calla Road, $315,000


Robert F. Cole and Connie J. Cole to Felicia M. Resatar, 525 Jackson St., $156,000

Renee M. James to Keith A. Walsh and Holly L. Walsh, 866 Jerry Drive, $240,000

James P. Hodge and Tiffani L. Hodge to Valeria Rodriguez and Manuel Camunez, 160 Hager St., $174,900

David Myers to Naida Rivera and Sixta Rivera Jr., 147 Hager St., $133,500


David F. Freeland Sr. and Kathleen M. Freeland to Debra Hallas, 3301 Rosemont Road, $310,000


Angeline Cercone to Jason W. Blenton, 234 Trumbull Ave., $134,000

Alec H. Bower to Daniel L. Wolf II, 869 Tibbetts Wick Road, $124,000

Larry F. Tooker to Joshua Lacitignola, 3027 Goleta Ave., $54,500

Ruth A. Mollica to John C. Curry, 3736 Sampson Road, $185,000

Naeem Shaheed to Miguel A. Harris, 214 Euclid Blvd., $180,000

S&J Hanna Properties LLC to April Noel Wold and Nathan B. Moffitt, 4060 East Lawn Ave., $135,000

J K Perry Properties LLC to Jared Fommer. 1660 Rockwood Drive, $144,000

Thomas L. Bratton to Ryan M. Martin, 412 Seacrest Lane, $163,500


Alyscam LLC to Angel Maldonado, 722 W. Wood St., $108,000


Donald Erickson and Valgene E. Erikson to C and J Real Estate and Construction Inc, 918 Illinois Ave., $140,100

Russell W. Wilrich Jr. and Phyllis E. Wilrich to Blaine M. Carter and Lisa R. Carter, 445 Utah St., $260,000

Timothy J. Hosa and Marie A. Hosa to Steven C. Olsen and Gretchen Olsen, 730 Ohio Ave., $110,000


Emery E. Cutting and Katharyn M. Cutting to Stephanie S. Neely and Christina M. Neely, Parcel #51 Newton Falls Road, $22,000

Daniel A. Dierkes and Judith M. Dierkes to Jill Ann Sweeting and Craig Sweeting, 15181 Mahoning Ave., $185,000

Michele H. Butler to Milissa Miller, 1005 N. Mahoning Portage County Line Road, $59,000

Douglas M. Hawkins to Paul Ruben and Maryann Ruben, 1500 Beachview Drive, $35,000

Frank R. Howley and Allyson R. Howley to Gatorland LLC, S. Duck Creek Road, $211,400


M. Walker Investments LLC to Troy Polis, 8499 Morningside Drive, $162,500

James L. Blomstrom and Dorothy K. Blomstrom to Ethan J. Werner, 13 Nesbitt St., $135,100

Mario P. Mendozzi to John R. Socha Jr. and Madeleine M. Socha, 2153 Shetland Lane, $130,000

Cristina M. Manos to Donna Sue Carney, 2236 Walker Mill Road, $182,500

The Bilkie Family Irrevocable Trust to Joseph A. Paris and Phyllis M. Paris, 7007 Clingan Road, Unit 54, $325,000

Josephine Thomas to Karen S. Landry, 6695 Clingan Road #15, $225,000

John F. Miller jr. and Beth L. Miller to Meghan K. Hunt and Jonathan Hunt, 7546 Clovermeade Ave., $227,500


John E. Emery and Kathryn J. Emery to Victor E. Villatoro Herrera, 575 W. Tennessee Ave., $174,500

IRA Services Trust Co. to Hazel M. Thomas, 335 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $42,000

Hazel M. Thomas to Thomas J. Avers, 335 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $88,350

Aaron T. Burd and Abby M. Burd to Joshua C. Moreland, 336 E. Wisconsin Ave., $179,900

Pamela J. MacDonald to Mary Ann Faehnle, 455 W. Oregon Ave., $110,500


Sherry A. Lippiatt to Daniel and Jill Baker, 11175 Smith Goshen Road, $206,000

Whaley Rental LTD to Don Brady Consulting Inc., 22745 Alliance-Sebring Road, $78,485


Stephen J. Lesicko Jr. to William P. Geisler III, 10981 Stateline Road, $158,000

Dale N. Finocchio and Tammy L. Finocchio to Cary Hull and Kathleen Hull, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 46, $310,000


Justin P. Bradley and Amy Bradley to Tyler Aaron Perry and Tyler Jea Perry, 317 Deer Creek Drive, $390,000

Kevin L. Myers and Stacey M. Myers to Allison M. Stoddard, 646 Elm St., $140,000

Farina Family Revocable Living Trust to YNG Properties LLC, 580 Youngstown Poland Road, $95,000


Teek Rentals LLC to Donald A. Learn Sr. and Georgianna A. Learn, 3681 Edwards St., $68,500


Mark E. Miller and Frances J. Miller to Mary Jo Howley and Douglas M. Howley Sr., 43 N. Richview Ave., $50,000

80-4-All Inc. to Barlatt Enterprises LLC, 2041 S. Heights Ave., $42,000

Carol N. Donnelly to Wilfredo Roca-Rodriguez and Noemi Febus Aviles, 2146 Bott St., $85,000

Estate of James E. Blevins to Erin Hungerman, 1235 Old Furnace Road, $177,000

Youngstown Choice Holes VI LP to Donald Bradley and Tonjia Corpening-Bradley, 2815 Benford Lane, $55,000

Henry Berglez to New Projects Investments 1988 LLC, 364 Broadview Ave., $27,000

Jon E. Parsons to Rita M. Brady, 1646 S. Heights Ave., $84,900

David E. McGouldrick Jr. to Segundo Morquecho Paida, 396 Argo St., $30,000

Cheryl L. Shavers to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 512 Clearmont Drive, $48,000

Keith Morgan to Johnathan A. Alverio Rodriguez, 451 Rhoda Ave., $88,500

Amanda J. Clark and Marella L. Renze, 31 Indiana Ave., $30,000

Conscious3 Investments LLC to Bautista Construction LLC, 2422-2426 Mahoning Ave., $100,000

John Zemko and Kelli Zemko to 9091 Properties LLC, 1523 Weston Ave., $51,000

Blackstar Stability Distressed Debt Fund LLC to Joseph M. Boyd, 113 Halls Heights Ave., $24,000

Robert Vitullo and Tamara Vitullo to Heritage Home Management LLC, 2260 Coral Sea Drive, $25,000

Kathleen M. Mahalko to Robert D. Rovnak, 3650 Beechwood Place, $29,000

Krista Ventresco to Shalena Thomas-Davis, 213 Bouquet Ave., $92,000

Blue Earth Homes LLC to Arthur V. Hills and Karen L. Wess Hills, 2114 Bellfield Ave., $35,000

Hla Than Wai to Ngamta Krachangsai, 543 E. Boston Ave. and 326 E. Auburndale Ave., $50,000

Samuel Wolford to Christian Ortiz, 199 W. Princeton Ave., $35,000

George William Briach and Rhonda Jean Briach toNyla S. Stokes, 557 Miller St., $51,500

David L. Vega Sr. to Gale P. Smart, 60 S. Bon Air Ave., $110,000

John M. Bosela and Linda Bosela to BND OH Investments Inc., 12 E. Lucius Ave., $31,500

John M. Bosela and Linda Bosela to BND OH Investments Inc., 8 and 10 E. Lucius Ave., $63,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties July 18-22:


Christian J. Kountz and Allison N. Kountz to Donald Derflinger and Brittany Derflinger, 178 S. Main St., $119,9000

Jamie L. Adams and Nicholas Eli Adams to Timothy Charles Stevens, 5623 Norquest Blvd. $135,000

Pamela J. Morgan et al. to John D. Navarro, 109 Hickory Lane, $163,000

Estate of Brent Lee Crawford to Melissa K. Mansfield, 5664 Baylor Ave., $168,000

Sherry L. Rutter to Nicholas Ifft, 3623 Maple Springs Drive, $220,000

39 South Main LLC to Billy Ray Dryden Jr., 39 S. Main St., $232,600

Estate of Jean M. Puhalla to Mariah B. Blake, 3877 Ayrshire Drive, $168,000

Elizabeth R. Phillips to Habibi Property Solutions LLC, 303 N. Edgehill Ave., $68,500

Bonnie L. Gates and Natalie L. Gates to Emily R. Matzie, 209 S. Main St., $122,500

Kevin Crissman to John A. Dobrilovic and Christine A. Dobrilovic, 183 Idaho Road, $85,000

Mary Ellen Wilcox to Ryan Moransky and Renee Moransky, 5280 Nashua Drive, $388,000

John Sicarello and Margaret Sicarello to David Richard White Jr., 1798 S. Meridian Road, $145,000

Mark Kellerman to Andrew Asher, 3757 Nottingham Ave., $192,000

Resident Capital LLC to Brett Spears, 285 N. Edgehill Ave., $105,000

Flipped LLC to Kyle R. Betts and Joellin E. Betts, 274 Carnegie Ave., $87,000

Barbara Ragusa to Vincent Paul DeFrank, 4583 Rita St., $175,000

Canfield Properties LLC to Luthar Properties LLC, 110 N. Beverly Ave., $115,000

Amber G. Dillard to Kristan Slater, 2100 Birch Trace, $250,210


Mill Stone Properties LLC to Heritage Cooperative LLC, 13856 Columbiana Canfield Road et al., $1,000,000

Sylvester and Vernal Development Company LLC to John DeCerbo, Eastgate Industrial Drive, $266,420

Shawn C. Pleska and Heather L. Pleska to Gregory L. Martin and Tami L. Martin, 195 E. South Range Road, $177,900

Rico J. Devincentis and Tiffany Greene to Theresa L. and Thomas J. Woolley, 9399 Detwiler Road, $120,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Nancy R. Harris, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1203, $334,364


Christina Figueroa to Tiffany Ann McClain, 5925 Bedell Road, $52,000


Joseph Louis Stana and Mary E. Stana to Jamie L. Myers, 4053 Risher Road, $83,000

Daniel Dailey and Linda Dailey to Case Belle House Management LLC, 4951 Southern Blvd., $70,000

Jacob A. Nord to Helene Mavar, 1123 Red Tail Hawk Court, Unit 2, $145,000

Janet Hawkins by Shaun E. Hawkins POA to Doris Merkle and Warren Merkle, 8080 Paulin Drive, $189,000

Richard J. Thomas to Thomas Daniel Banna, 160 Mill Creek Drive, $325,000

John O. Upthegrave and Luella R. Upthgrove, 7973 Lost Tree Drive, $282,500

Mary R. Dimitriou to William M. Lillie et al., 4294 Oak Knoll Drive, $205,000

Margaret M. Baringer et al. to Debra A. Sammarone, 7386 Eisenhower Drive #1, $90,000

Sharon Delfino-Sharkey and Karen Delfino to Suzanne Bodi, 45 Charles Ave., $75,000

Resident Capital LLC to Geoffrey Lamoni Sam and Hope Sam, 245 & 432 Mathews Road, $750,000

Glendale Properties LLC to James Marzo Jr. and Ashley Zembower, 1899 Oles Ave., $225,000

Michele C. Peruch to Kayla Doss, 778 Brookfield Ave., $105,000

Jeffrey W. Green et al. to Crefin LLC, 4181 Lockwood Blvd., $185,000

Patricia M. Jumenick and Lydia Traficant to Mala Properties LTD, Lot 2 W. Western Reserve Road, $50,000

Justin Michael Vonderau and Shawn Schobinger to Jamie M. Cretalla and Elise M. Cretella, 4110 Windsor Road, $231,500

Scott P. Sentner to Anil Suri and Andeep K. Singh, 7071 Glendale Ave., $225,000

Victory Christian Center to Believers Christian Fellowship, 8950 Hitchcock Road, $540,000

Kiran Khatiwada to Thuy Le, 5851 Cherrywood Drive, $415,000

Mohsin Jamil to Brian W. Felger Jr. and Davina Sedlacko, 755 Forestridge Drive, $239,000


Jason B. Soltar and Jennifer Marie Soles to John Waring, 611 Robinson Road, $147,000

Christ Minerd to William P. Valentino and Sharon A. Valentino, 488 Park Drive, $150,000

Deidre L. Watson and Derick Watson to Kenneth Gandy and Yolondra Gandy, 518 Sixth St., $40,000

Beverly Hernandez and Juan M. Hernandez to U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, 160 Woodland Ave., $46,667

JB Capital Properties LLC to Everlast Realty Inc., 565 12th St., $109,900

Estate of Thomas Krotky to Marco Govoni, 147 Gladstone St., $41,000

Angleica M. Miceli to Monica Tedesco and Bernadette Retenour, 671 Hyatt Ave., $27,500


Scott E. Solomon and Marianne Solomon to Matthew Kotuch and Jewel McGowan, 350 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $230,000

Joan Balas to Rocco Falletti, 91 Talsman Drive, $225,000

Christopher C. Wilson to Michael Kutsko and Jennifer Kutsko, 56 Court St., $140,000

Canfield Township

Donna Sue Carney to Francis S. Petretich, trustee, 4066 St. Andrews Court #5, $121,200

Francis S. Petretich trustee to Micheal P. Luchansky and Helen Ryan Emmet Luchansky, 6780 Leffingwell Road, $429,900

Christopher M. Carlisle and Lori A. Carlisle to Nicholas C. Boniface and Julianne M. Matthews, 8042 Camden Way, $737,000

The Celeste Teaberry Family Trust #1 to Jacquelyn Lencyk, 3691 Mercedes Place, $385,000

Jacquelyn Lencyk to Matey Family Trust, 4113 Timberland Trail, $353,000

Corey Lanterman and Michelle C. Lanterman to Vincent Shirey, 7509 S. Palmyra Road, $269,000

Thomas E. and Audrey G. Weidele to Kimberly Stenberg, 7543 Columbiana-Canfield Road, $215,000

Craig Beach

Stephen Robert Conley to Ralph T. Jacques and Anne M. Jacques, 17911 David Road, $145,000

Matthew V. Timms and Kimberly R. Timms to Bernie Ray Marker Jr. and Susan Marie Marker, $86,000

Sharon Ann Slider to Roderick G. Nurse and Tina M. Nurse, 1676 Warchester Ave., $152,000


COT Pizza RE LLC to Peak Properties LLC, 300 W. state Route 14, $1,849,790

Kaitlyn N. Pierce to Irene Evans, 154 Spinnaker Court #2, $153,000


Robert J. Julius and Angela J. Simpson to Hannah Rose, 922 Woodlawn Ave., $110,000

Gina Cannell to Excalibur Barber LLC, 12 State St., $64,400

Loboch LLC to Randi Schreckengost, 159 Smithsonian St., $68,750

Sim-Cox Property Management LLC to Lawrence Goist, 40 Kline St., $70,400


Witmer’s Feed Properties LLC to Heritage Cooperative Inc., 3770 Renkenberger Road, $100,000

Witmer’s Feed and Grain Inc. to Heritage Cooperative Inc., 15970 Front St., $7,000,000

FDT Properties LLC, Jeff Delp to William and Lori Shivers, 15337 Alliance Salem Road, $165,000


Ardeth Strabala to Christina Morris and Dutra Morris, 11053 Lisbon Road, $113,000

Eric & Nikita Mastrianno to Austin and Olivia Miller, 9105 Washingtonville Road, $120,000


John A. Wittenauer to Oltmann Properties LLC, Erie St., $32,500

Paul F. Chicone and Karen R. Chicone to James W. Bullock and Cynthia K. Bullock, 1190 Doris Drive, $70,000

Kimberly A. Depoy to Ryan A. Mosora, 345 Raymond Drive, $275,000

David G. Cheliras and Katherine M. Cheliras to Philip G. Bucher Jr. and Chloe A. Bucher, 144 Fifth Ave., $193,000


Brian E. Yerke and Linda Yerke to McGee Enterprises LLC, Lots 19 & 20 S. Warren Salem Road, $128,457

Ronald L. Yerke Family Trust to McGee Enterprises LLC, Logs 19 & 20 S. Warren Salem Road, $64,228

Roger D. Simpson II et al. to Joann M. Wilson and James L. Wilson, Lots 5 & 6 S. Lipkey Road, $101,050

Estate of Delores E. Williams to Kristina Aller and Athena Johnson, 3464 S. Bailey Road, $85,000

R. Gary Newhard to Michael Vincent Syroid, 9900 Kirk Road, $550,000


Franklin W. Muller to Jackie C. Dill, 18 Wildfern Drive, $307,300

James M. Rimer to M Walker Investments LLC, 1655 Keefer Road, $26,700

Dominic J. Bosi and Danielle R. Bosi to Mikenzie D. Ryan, 1660 Shannon Drive, $149,900

Douglas Bemiller and Nancy C. Serafino to Courtney Lynn Campbell, Hadley Ave., $105,413

Gina Marie Mordecki to Jeanette L. McIivain and Scott K. McIivain, Fifth Ave., $249,999

Robert W. Cregar to Renee Lydia Salata, 3585 Staunton Drive, $159,650

Lee Tseng and Wen Tseng to RAF Investments LTD, Belmont Avenue, $155,000


Paul M. Wolford to John J. Ruane and Kellie L. Ruane, 845 Connecticut Ave., $150,000


James J. Upperman and Kristi L. Upperman to Nikole Washburn and Travis Wise, Milton Ave., $31,000

New Middletown

David M. Fitch and Deana L. Fitch to Joel Ruder and Kathleen Elliott, 145 Mapleview Court, $207,000

Marty E. Kish to Robert Davis, 34 Circleview Drive, $190,000

Judith A. Leone to Kelsey Marie Larson and Gregory D. Larson, 217 Eastwood Drive, $172,500


Mark W. Wollet and Lindsay K. Wollet to Madison M. Mistovich, 6276 Pawnee Place, $214,900

Jason Lee Pettit to Jennifer Knight and Brian Knight, 3128 Denver Drive, $286,000

Vahn Group LLC to Alvin M. Troyer, Youngstown Lowellville Road, New Castle Road, $40,000

Karri L. Tufaro to Gladys Burgos and Jesus M. Burgos, 5202 Center Road, $110,000

Marleen Thompson and James Edward Thompson to Jamil A. Wikhian and Hamzeh K. Alfasatleh, 8350 Chesterton Drive, $300,000

Megan A. Shaw to Gregory Gillis and Rachel Gillis, 2599 Stoner Ave., $249,000

Spiros and Nicole Aravanitidis to Gage M. Donatelli and Haley Thomas, 20 Nesbitt St., $151,000

Daniel J. DiLoreto and Megan L. DiLoreto trustees to Alexis S. Hill and Jacob W. Naylor, 2395 Shepherds Ridge, $481,000

Suman K. Mishr to Sarac LTD dba Sarco Property Management Group, 233 W. McKinley Way, $300,000


Donald D. Crawford to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, 19240 W. Middletown Road, $85,000

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Collective Development Firm LLC, 19240 W. Middletown Road, $105,000

Mitchell A. Stull to Jasen A. Aberegg and Angela N. Aberegg, 13638 Morgan Ave., $170,000


The Jennie G. Thomas Trust to Ohio Sustainable Farm Development LLC, 5510 E. Calla Road, $800,000


Many Jane Jaros by guardian to Leona Haynes, 190 Creed St., $46,500

Gina M. Bradley to Zachary Austin Verdea, 218 Morrison St., $85,000

Edward R. Sutton to Colleen M. Casey, 58 Harvey St., $103,000

Glenda K. Shipley to Christian A. Williams, 110 Spring St., $115,000

Yo Po Realty LLC #1 to Red Apple Group LLC, 886 Youngstown Poland Road, $150,000

Anna Marie Hempstead to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 539 Fifth St., $53,000

Samuel DeCesare and Christina DeCesare to Lesley Anne Phillips and Thomas P. Hewitt, 751 Fifth St., $114,000

Eckbada LLC to Kenneth Russell, 44 Park Ave., $75,000

Kevin M. Ault to John D. Caudill and Mary L. Caudill, 509 Ninth St., $64,000


Denise Coquillette to Alison M. Turner, 2991 Anderson Morris Road, $230,000

Michael A. Scott to H. Gilson Blair, 1701 Stillwagon Road, $177,000

Betty L. Bailey to Eric Reynolds and Christina Webb, 1378 Deforest Ave., $102,000

Timothy Sears to Robert Bowman and Jamie Bowman, 2555 Poplar St., $95,000


Jasmina D. Nolan to Norman X. Greene, 221 Hollywood Ave., $70,000

Daniel Boseman and Samantha Boseman to Yvette D. Mendez, 55 S. Dunlap Ave., $56,135

Drop Top Properties LLC to Jeanette Hamming and Bella Cohen, 630 Willis Ave., $34,500

Munawar H. Chaudhry to James Dinh Jr. and Taylor Bernard, 120 Wychwood Lane, $103,000

Rachel Leigh Tharp to Ronald W. Borngesser, 2507 Mount Vernon Ave., $52,000

Cardinal Capital LLC to Jeremie J. Hughes and Beverly D. Hughes, 3515 Lasalle Ave., $64,900

OSB Management LLC to Lamiotissa Real Estate LLC, 2117 Elm St., $46,000

SSO Investors LLC to Lamiotissa Real Estate LLC, 2116 & 2111 Elm St., $92,000

Black House Enterprise LLC to ARNI RE Management, 437 Division St., $26,000

Adam Swiger to Hayley Willoughby, 25 Fairlawn Ave., $123,000

Michele Lynn DePaul to MLJ Group LLC, 359 Elberen St., $35,000

Angel Ortiz to Family Lease LLC, 531 Sherwood Ave., $55,000

The Korean Church of Greater Youngstown Area, United Methodist to JR Nutrition Services LLC, 1609 Fifth Ave., $100,000

Ryan R. Llewellyn Estate to Ma Salud Gray, 1172 Wilshire Drive, $60,000

Estate of William Wynne to Shannon Petrosky, 3337 Kingston Lane, $134,000

Maursadie McElroy to Vernon N. Spikes, 126 N. Hartford Ave., $64,000

OHC Holding Company Inc. to MAD Ohio LLC, Steel St. et al., $53,000

Richard A. Tibolla to Tyler Yasher, 3157 Susan Circle, $120,000

Angel M. Maldonado to Barlatt Enterprises LLC, 43 E. Auburndale Ave., $43,500

Rinay Chand to Red Fly Properties LLC, 54 S. Hazelwood Ave., $85,000

Michael S. Matasy to Michaelangelos LLC, 2920 Roy St., $56,000

Michael S. Matasy to Bagheri Enterprises LLC, 129 S. Dunlap Ave., $65,000

Miller Real Estate II LTD to Kristen M. Eisenhauer, 2846 Rexford Road, $127,500

Gloria Murphy to Fortune USA LLC, 223 S. Portland Ave., $50,000


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