3 kids, 6 dogs taken from home

AUSTINTOWN — Three children and six dogs were removed from a home on South Raccoon Road after police were called for a welfare check.

A woman Sunday at Target in Niles saw the family, including a 13-year-old boy, who she told police had bruises all over his body, which caused the department to investigate. According to a police report, the boy appeared to be malnourished, had bruises on his head and arms, and bruises and cuts on his legs.

The boy told police the bruises were from his dog, who attacks him when he throws temper tantrums, according to the report. When an officer asked if his parents help him when this happens, he replied “No, that is my punishment,” the report states. The woman at Target told police she overheard the mother telling the boy to say the bruises were from the dog, the report states.

While walking through the house where the teen lived with a 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl, police found urine and feces in every room, the report states. The report states police also found toys “drenched in urine”; a tent that one of the children regularly slept in; chains on a closet door; trash; and a door decorated with children’s stickers that led to a small, confined space in the basement.

The dogs, the report states, were “visibly malnourished, covered in urine, and so skinny you were able to observe their bones through their skin.”

Mahoning County Children Services was made aware of the children’s situation, and all three are now in the care of a relative. Charges are pending against the parents. No arrests have been made.


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