Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties June 6- 10:


Heather A. McMasters to Nancy L. Parker, 3799, Ayrshire Drive, $140,000

U.S. Bank N.A. trustee to Mark Kellerman, 4015 Nottingham Ave., $116,550

Pops Renovations LLC to Ryan Corcoran, 3947 Brandomyne Ave., $156,500

Charles Matthew Farrell and Ashley Lynn Farrell to Gary L. Cox II and Lindsy N. Cox, 4303 Timberbrook Drive, $249,900

Sharon M. Pease to Michael Niles and Amy Niles, 2828 Hamman Drive, $165,000

Wade V. Schisler to William J. Wallace, 3908 Burkey Road, $128,500

Joseph D. and Andrea C. Perry to Jared R. Lemaster, 141 S. Roanoke Ave., $117,000

Lakshmi Investments LLC to Blaze Properties Austintown LLC, 76 Drive, $500,000


Sherman Duncan and Brenda Duncan to Harry Pittman Jr. and Erin Pittman, 11860 Columbiana Canfield Road, $247,000

Simone Froelich to Louis A. Irizarry and Chloe C. Zidian Irizarry, Longview Circle, $78,500


Paul M. Nemeth to Kelcey Gaudet and Dylan J. Gaudet, 15475 Leffingwell Road, $260,000


Homes Roberts Properties LLC to Ann Wells, 102 Carter Circle 2, $78,000

Tania Romero to Neathie M. Patel and Archana M. Patel, 931 Pearson Circle Unit 3, $100,000

William Karelin Jr. to Georgina Merino, Leighton Ave. Lot 30 & 31, $69,600

David H. Bulkley to David A. Rossi and Debra D. Rossi, 98 Red Grouse Court, $408,800

Dean Beaumier to K&J Glaros LLC, 90 Washington Blvd., $274,000

Brad L. Pugh to Jordan L. O’Brien, 4005 Sylvia Lane, $71,000

154 Boardman-Canfield Holdings LLC to SCF RC Funding IV LLC, 154 Boardman-Canfield Road, $410,000

Chelsea R. Johnson to Stephen and Kelly House, 5621 Gilbert Drive, $170,000

Apex Investment Properties LLC to Victoria John, 37 Maple Ave., $97,000

Janice L. Brak to Tanisha Marie Pagan and Jose Luis Pagan III, 227 Shields Road, $144,000

Mark Kellerman to Amy L. Clark, 6952 Glendale Ave., $157,000

Covington Property Group LLC to VT Larney LTD, 7185 Locust Lane, $345,000

Imperium Real Estate LLC to Investmint Properties LLC, 46 Gertrude Ave., $220,000

Rodney J. and Lisa S. Foley to Kenn A. and Leah E. Lapushan, 57 Red Grouse Court, $384,000

Peter Latessa to Ryan K. Wilkerson and Melanie L. Wilkerson, 5329 Linger Place, $167,236

7224 Development Co. Inc. to Brick Print LLC, 7310 Market St., $1,550,000

Michael L. Nihcolson to Camille E. Broll, 5263 South Ave., $28,000

Richard J. Scali and Kathryn J. Scali to Emily S. Bush, 6923 Mill Creek Blvd., $159,900

Doreen L. Burin to John Ruble Jr., 764 Havenwood Drive, $285,000

Alaynie Wiery to Evan Co. LLC, 7386 Southern Blvd., $110,000

Kenneth T. Gura et al. to Robin L. Yeager, 7356 Eisenhower Drive #3, $84,000

Christopher J. Gause to Jessica Michelle Gause, 830 Southwestern Run, Unit 84, $165,000


Melissa A. Wolfe to Jennifer A. Rhodes, 315 Crimson Circle, $182,500

Lambonche Housing Inc. to Zulma Torres, 499 Tenney Ave., $29,000


Sarah L. Easton and Steven R. Easton to Xiongwen Ye and Jaiying Shao, 61 Montgomery Drive, $326,000

Byron Pappas and Nancy Pappas to Cody J. Lapushan and Kristine F. Lapushan, 113 Lake Wobegon Drive, $397,000

Carol Ruth Payne to Ashley Janca, 369 Fairview Ave., $213,000

Delores V. Williams and Amos Williams to Nicholas M. Peterson Sr. et al., 360 Montridge Drive, $327,500

DAB Property Group LTD to Michael A. Powers and Angela K. Powers, 315 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $235,000

Estate of William H. Hayden to Eva Popovec, 10 Stratford Green, Unit 1, $117,500

Raymond T. Kabalan to Joan C. Kovacich, 180 Lake Pointe Circle, $260,000

Canfield Township

Carrocce Farms LLC to Kristie L. Day and Timothy M. Day, Lots 1& 2 W. Western Reserve Road, $99,800

Katrina N. Dague and Rachelle L. Dague to Michael Frank and Emily Frank, 4033 Pleasant Valley Lane, $230,000

Kristie L. Rogers to Joshua J. Wolk and Melinda Sobolosky, 3876 Indian Run Drive, Unit 1, $232,000

Claire I. Majernik to David B. Crawford and Laura E. Crawford, 3945 McCarty Drive, $200,000

Andrew Lessard and Linda Lessard to Kristie L. Rogers, 5260 Revere Run, $725,000

Stephen E. Platz trustee to Jane E. Midgely trustee, 5245 Messerly Road, $370,000


TFACE Properties LLC to Major Equity Investments LLC, 6633 McCartney Road, $450,000


Michael P. McPhee to Andrew J. Rothermel and Eva M. Rothermel, 12444 Leffingwell Road, $75,000


APL Properties LLC to Kevin A. McKee and Debra Thomas-McKee, 430 Back Bay Drive, $452,000


Richard L. Heydle and Cynthia A. Heydle to Christopher A. Shell, 112 Crumlin Ave., $77,500

Edward Frame to Christopher I. Benitez, 149 Davis St., $55,000

Richard Dyer and Grace Dalessandro to Marty J. Mazella, 540 Powers Ave., $50,000


Martha F. Votaw to Dennis and Amber Muntean, 8616 W. South Range Road, $240,000


Ronald T. Wine and Dorothy J. Wine to Gregory W. Clark, 2155 Hubbard Thomas Road, $249,000

James A. Chaney and Ronald L. Chaney to Providence Investment Properties LLC, 736 School St., $47,000


Luxury Hotel Inc to Cardinal Realty LLC, 4100 Belmont Ave., $365,000

Equigrowth Properties LLLP to Tracy Duffey, 391 Goldie Road, $190,777


John Edward Vasilchek to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 8 E. Walnut St., $82,500


Stacey Semaan to Charles Repomoto III, 415 Illinois Ave., $118,000

John E. Haring to Zachary J. Champa, 913 Ohio Ave., $117,000

Laurie Burgess to Dawn M. Howell, 440 Nebraska Ave., $178,000


Teresa D. Boyd to Keon Goings, 1130 S. Mahoning Ave., $50,000


Michael Joseph Hill to James Kempisty and Debra Kempisty, 541 Spring St., $107,000

Jerome Rudzik to Rondalyn A. Hamerik, 155 Smithfield St., $22,000

Mary E. Bloomberg and David M. Lind to Lauren A. Vukovich, 208 Como St., $126,400

Michelle L. DiLullo to Georgianna L. Moeller, 481 11th St., $125,000

William S. Packo and Marcia J. Packo to Henry E. Parisi and Barbara Parisi, 212 Creed St., $145,000


AMHC Northern Ohio LLC to HH Brentwood Manor LLC, 4044 Brentwood Manor, Deforest Road, $3,175,000

Mathew Glidewell and Bethany Glidewell to Sarah Gruber and Mark Miller, 3760 Niles Carver Road, $245,000

William T. Toth and Jacqueline S. Toth to Arianna Toth, 2286 Bellwood Ave., $72,000


Kevin J. Reed to The Robert Graves Revocable Trust, 163 Wesley Ave, $60,000

Dorian Cerneka and Julie Cerneka to Earline Belcher-Owens, 1307 Detroit Ave., $101,000

Richard E. Stanovcak to Laqwonda Mitchell, 4408 Rush Blvd., $119,900

Robert J. Evans to Elijah Blackburn, 918 E. Florida Ave., $45,000

Robert L. Pratt Jr. to John Michale Toombs and Shelly A. Toombs, 280-282 Fairgreen Ave., $200,111

Phyllis L. Popovich to Nancy J. Hanna, 2705 Christine Lane, $68,030

Steven Woodbury and Tameka Shamar Woodbury to Krista N. Milford and Daniel P. Milford, 2206 Michael Drive, $245,000

Michael Allen to Martha M. Suazo, 366 E. Lucius Ave., $38,000

Dale Zegarelli to Monica Esenwein, 4015 Rush Blvd., $117,500

En-Vision Home Solutions LLC to First Avery Group LLC, 108 Milton Ave., $41,664

Barbara J. Zautner and Brenda Mercado to Brittany A. Bankston-Williams, 742 Birch Hill Drive, $83,500

Marik Rogenski and Mark Rogenski to Tyrone Curry Jr., 3221 Jean St., $110,000

David T. DiBernardi and Wendy A. DiBernardi to Bay Street Homes LLC, 501 Mona Lane, $90,000

William S. Dean III to Nikki Szabo and Ernest Szabo, 2730 Julian St., $55,000

James Cantelupe to Jeffrey Allen Dunn and Belinda America Dunn, 4322 Rush Blvd., $102,500

James Ahmed to Wayne Stanford, 96 Elliot Lane, $30,000

Tracey E. Glover to Takron Holdings LLC, 707 Cambridge Ave., $38,000

Lydia Guerriere and Dawn Guerriere to David Allen Reese, 75 Rutledge Drive, $46,000

Cada Management LLC to Alice Nagy and Betty Ann Nagy, 3636 Risher Ave., $85,000

Robert J. George to Bay Street Homes LLC, 1799 Eden Lane, $106,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties May 23-27:


Michael Bilicki to Andrea J. Gonzales and Scott M. Tkach, 6911 Winterpark Ave., $258,000

Jeffrey S. Macpherson to Michael A. Martini, 266 South Raccoon Road, $174,850

Donna J. Fercana to Ashley Michelle Green, 3452 Sandalwood Court, $169,900

Pearl Kennedy Tablack to Cindy Leigh Wick, 35 S. Anderson Ave., $32,000

Robert L. Morgan by Terri L Book POA to Jordan Brown, 1792 Laurie Drive, $165,000

Anna M. Dolansky to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, 2333 Oak Trace St., $110,836

Thomas S. Carnes to Hugo R. Mendez Jr. and Brittany R. Mendez, 5609 Madrid Drive, $170,000

Paul A. Eippert and Catherine E. Eippert to Amanda Grace Basile and John N. Mela, 116 Ohltown Road, $43,000

Jennifer Herman to Charles and Denetra Butler, 2034 Penny Lane, $215,000

Edmond E. Damico to Joseph Rusu and Susan A. Rusu, 3789-3791 Huntmere Drive, $70,000

Dorothy J. Yarosz to Stephen Buzzelli and Lisa Jordan, 1460 E. Ohltown Girard Road, $80,000


Konstadino S. Chirgoff to Ava Clara DiRienzo, 601 Western Reserve Road E, Unit 101, $225,000

Elizabeth Kunder and Paul Kunder to Brian Dawson, 717 E. Calla Road, $145,650

William A. Bieber, trustee to Cathy Bieber Parrott, 9325 New Buffalo Road, $121,000

Alfred A. Davison to Dorothy L. Clark and Debra E. Lesho, 1014 Lincoln Road, $198,050


Cherrill Sablak et al. to Michale Shiminsky and Heather Watson, 13883 Berlin Station Road, $290,000


Rhino Holdings Boardman LLC to NS Retail Holdings LLC, 317 Boardman Poland Road, $2,891,731

Delores Milstead to Gregory Port and Christy Port, 132 Prestwick Drive, $190,000

Miranda Sabo to Marisa Volpini, 437 Jaronte Drive, $165,600

Leah Alexis Ladd and Jeremy Michael Ladd to Kelly R. Anderson, 911 Moyer Ave., $161,000

Scott Charles Froelich to Tristan J. Kendall, 136 Island Drive, $248,000

James Nalspa to Thorn Tree Holdings LLC, 6980-6984 Southern Blvd., $85,000

Diane K. Beighley to Owen Beighley, 7348 Westview Drive, $80,000

Robert James Ragan and Samantha Ragan to Ronald P. Canacci, 900 Pearson Circle Unit 1, $70,000

Joseph Vernon MacBenn to Elayne K. Jones, 46 Leighton Ave., $92,000

Robert E. McCreary and Gayle A. McCreary to Kellie N. Dunham, 63 Shadyside Drive, $130,000

Andrea Serich to Stacy A. Lane and Sarah M. Lane, 1745 Basil Ave., $158,000

Ronald T. Cabuno to Laura G. Kostyo, 3917 S. Schenley Ave., $166,578

Larry J. Brager and Patrice Brager to Musawar Jamil, 5907 Parkland Ave., $155,000

Kenneth P. and Holiday S. Frost to Clear Path Holdings LLC, 7375 Eisenhower Drive, $83,700

Bristol Park Land Development LLC to Durkin Homes LLC, Bristol Park Estates Lot #1, $38,000

Alexander S. Vargo to Connor Dennis Brady and Katin Marie Angelo, 4026 Shelbourne Drive, $148,500

Estate of Dominic Sandine to Christina M. Barone, 4470 Little Johns Place, $205,100

Calistran Jesudasan and Gowry Jesudasan, 919 Cook Ave., $205,000

Jonathan L. Pogact to Nicole Lorraine La Magna and Brett Matthew Petherbridge, 128 Ridgewood Drive, $160,000

Anthony Marinelli to HDN Dynasty LLC, 25 Overhill Road, $50,000

Laura C. Moss and Christopher A. Moss to Nicholas and Mary Schemetti, 76 Romaine Ave., $118,000

Debra S. Mayo, trustee to Andrew J. Moody and Kimberly Dunham, 941 Augusta Drive, $475,000

James A. Lisner and Jill A. Lisner to Gianna G. Cherry and Noah F. Arness, 5037 Sheridan Road, $145,000

Strichek Development LTD to Daryl Claypool and Kelly Claypool, 369 E. Midlothian Blvd., $245,000

Sherry A. Demar and Cheryl Pollak and Cole Pollak, 826 Larkridge Ave., $25,000

Conscious3 Investments LLC dba Luna Capital LLC to Paul and Patricia Gottschall Living Trust, 1365 Meadowood Circle, $599,444


Kevin Baty and Beth Howe and Danny Howe, 526 Coitsville Road, $155,750

Norene Frank to Jodi M. Rimby and Darrell G. Rimby, 3263 McCartney Road, $70,000

Michael Fasline to Sylvia Pantelis and Nick Pantelis, 33 Creed Circle, $149,900

PCJ Real Estate LLC to Jose Placeres Pinero, 462 Penhale Ave., $84,000


Investmint Properties LLC to JOAK Realty LLC, 40 E. Main St., $173,000

Deana Tremayne to the Judith A. Handel Revocable Trust, 40 Barnstone Lane, $379,000

Stephen A. Soyka and Cheryl L. Soyka to Nicholas A. Muscari and Catherine M. Muscari, 350 Shadyside Drive, $396,000

John M. and Susan C. Pezzana to Adam and Andrea Hoffman, 301 Timber Run Drive, $575,000

Canfield Township

Jeff T. Valley, trustee to Jesse F. Hodge III, 6461 St. Andrews Drive, Unit 4, $174,900

Shirley A. Sandstrom and Francis Lee Sandstrom, trustees to Faisal S. Bajwa and Catherine Bajwa, 8133 Youngstown Salem Road, $185,000

Shirley A. Sandstrom and Francis Lee Sandstrom, trustees to Faisal S. Bajwa and Catherine Bajwa, Youngstown Salem Road, $115,000

Eugene J. Ohl to IGP Peninsula Properties LLC, 6407 S. Raccoon Road, $215,000

Stefano Cocca and Theresa Cocca to Paul A. Rich and Apurva Padubidri, 6869 Langston Run, $1,210,000

U.S. Bank N.A. successor trustee to Howard E. Perlmuter Family Trust, 1625 Gully Top Lane, $570,000

Anthony S. Kopatich Irrevocable Trust No. 1 to Tracy Symons, 8059 Camden Way, $543,000

Benjamin J. Bertok and Sally L. Bertok to James V. Queen, 7332 Kempton Court, $802,000

Eugene A. McClafferty and Pamela M. McClafferty to Matthew A. Kuhns and Alexis C. Kuhns, 4435 St. Angela Place, $394,000

Craig Beach

Robert C. Bates to Edward J. Berry, 17710 Jersey St., $53,000


John Durkin et al. to William L. Edwards and Kathryn L. Edwards, 147 Village Court, $221,900

Heather L. Patton to Ann L. Fitzsimons, 119 Village Court, $199,900


NBRT Properties LLC to Samantha R. Maloy, 351 Ohio Ave., $95,000

Lindsay Lambert to Chris Montagna and Sarah M. Albert, 146 Townsend Ave., $130,000

Anthony M. Ross to David B. Mackey and Melanie L. Mackie, 849 Dravis Ave., $110,000


Joseph and Christine Kerpsack to Epoc Properties LLC, Western Reserve Road, $88,000

Vera Sobotka to Susan and Richard Gregory, 14724 Country Club Lane, $178,200


Jill M. Hosick to Roseann Sereday, 7768 Arthur St., $30,000

Terry L. Salem to Jill Suzanne Mortaro and Jack Richard Mortaro, Highland Drive, $81,000

U.S. Bank Trust National Association to J2J Properties LLC, 29 Rebecca Ave., $73,954

Michelle Willingham to Carlos Nieves and Justine Nieves, Washington Ave., $80,000

Carolyn Muscarella to Christopher L. Forkey and Cathina M. Forkey, 7489 John White Road, $150,000

Gene A. Tincher to Cameron G. Nemcik and Laura A. Nemcik, 645 Saul Drive, $85,280


George Zink and Jacqueline S. Zink to Mark A. Silkwood and Frederice W. Ingle Jr., 2197 & 2203 S. Salem Warren Road, $50,000

Todd B. Carpenter to Kimberly R. Blevins and Andrew D. Cook 12932 Silica Road, $154,900


US Bank National Trust Association to Muhammad Faizan, Liberty Boulevard, $245,000

Brenda C. Lee to Chlis L. Dean, 3011 Biscayne Ave., $113,000

Edmund M. McElroy Sr. to Equity Trust Company Custodian, 3219 Cardinal Drive, $60,000

Brian Williams to Peter J. Makis, Churchill Road, $235,000

Charles M. Seidler to Kinsey Lynne DiPietro, 1999 Tibbetts Wick Road, $131,000

Brenda Archer to Ashley Meade, 221 Mansell Drive, $100,000

Yazen Amad Esmail to Ryan A. Chapman and Brianna M. Mitchell, 2515 Cardinal Drive, $154,300

William P. Hartwig to Dorothy Rucker, 13 Walker Circle, $265,000


Clarence A. Jackson and Amber M. Jackson to Arena Kittle and Marli Oze Nonaka, 742 Oregon Ave., $175,000

Cathleen A. Corman and Laureen M. McClain to Steven C. Olsen and Gretchen Olsen, 236 Grant Ave., $106,900


Master Realty LLC to Erick Waller, NE River Run, $358,000

Jack L. Vining to Lara Guest, 551 First St., $125,000

Reid C. Canady to Michael Ceravolo and Jill A. Ceravolo, 17617 Mahoning Ave., $450,000

New Middletown

Timothy A. Johnston Jr. to Rodney A. Bosher and Ashley N. Bosher, 116 Maplewood Drive, $186,850


Judith A. Walp to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 7827 Indian Trail, $158,100

Mark Kellerman to James Kenneth Pluchinsky and Sierra Nicole Pluchinsky, 48 Centennial Drive, $242,500

Michael D. Wheatley and Sheryl L. Wheatley to Jason M. Wheatley and Jessica L. Wheatley, 8589 Raintree Run, $287,000


James M. White and Inis M. White to Amy Monk and Heather Ulrich, 355 N. 13th St., $40,000


Julie A. Rockwell to Gary Bagley II and Bailey N. Bagley, 13793 Main St., $90,000


Russell E. Ohlin and Joyce E. Ohlin to Joshua M. Charleton and Amanda J. Charleton, Lot 3 E. Calla Road, $22,500


Mary V. McCabe to Stacey Thompson, 240 Elm Court, $35,000

Rentas Inc. to Carissa Avery and Josh Avery, 259 Poland Ave., $40,000

Edward Mastroberardino to Angeline Marie Mastroberardino, 460 W. Harvey St., $66,000

Kaitlyn Kupferer to Brandon M. Nurkiewicz, 26 Katherine St., $100,000

Warren William Wolff Jr. to Ashley M. Trolio, 718 Fifth St., $83,000

Tosha L. Zinn to David A. Blommer, 34 Grandview Ave., $129,900

Estate of Jacob David Reed to Stacy L. Baker, 442 Poland Ave., $78,600


Scott Burrows and Christina A. Burrows to Andrew A. Byler and Elizabeth Byler, 3444 Niles Carver Road, $291,000

PNC National Bank Association to Daniel M. Cunningham and Karen L. Cunningham, 0 Bianco Ave., $60,375


San Francisco Group LLC to Monica Allphin, 632 Samuel Ave., $29,500

Galenda Gordon to Sury B. Cuevas, 2249 Clark Ave., $44,000

Barbara Peeples to Juanita E. Gordon and E. Lorraine Gordon, 791 Liberty Road, $72,000

Dorothy A. Dawson to William Swiger Jr., 1657 Weston Ave., $99,000

The Estate of Debra S. Aciemo to John Morgan and Kaitlin Morgan, 3147 Oran Drive, $130,000

Jack Bodi to Yousef Ilayan, 840 E. Florida Ave., $49,500

Ruth J. Malley to John S. Markota, 3024 Shirley Road, $25,300

Alyscam LLC to Daisy Nunez, 556 Moherman Ave., $104,000

Janessa Saunders to Michael Bocchine and Michela Bocchine, 3130 Dearborn Ave., $25,000

Linda S. Londo and Janice L. Derbes to Gator 1 Investments LLC, 2147 Coleman Drive, $85,900

Michael J. Ragan to Samuel A. Durig, 1712 Manhattan Ave., $45,000

Christian J. Rivera and Liztaina Rivera to Royal Star Capital Holdings Corp., 107 W. Florida Ave., $61,500

Common Wealth Inc. to Kenneth Lammar Simpson Sr. and Anjelique L. Simpson, 542 Lexington Ave., $39,313

James N. DeNunzio and Amy B. DeNunzio to Thomas Pugh, 2236 Oran Drive, $128,500

Estate of James E. Harvey Jr. to Katlynn Minerd and Debbie Vitko Minerd, 515 Parkcliff Ave., $42,500

Marlene DiRocco to AJB Management LLC, 2431 Bears Den Road, $78,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning and Trumbull counties May 16-20:


Nicholas Cocca to Richard Knopf et al. 3812-3814 Elmwood Ave., $139,000

Scott D. Gagne and JoMarie A. Gagne to Joshua Paul Hamilton, 108 Howard St., $127,500

Edward J. Baron to George M. Jadue, 220 Parkgate Ave., $32,500

Donald Ellashek to Brian Grace, 462 Westgate Blvd., $200,000

Donald V. Lazzara to Deborah A. Kotte, trustee, 4550 Aspen Drive, $168,000

Michael John Raffa and Kristen Lynn Sharkey Raffa to Martin Sharisky, 3955 Cannon Road, $103,000

EAS Management of the Valley LLC to Adam F. Rogers and Stephanie M. McElrath, 920 Collins Ave., $171,500

Jason E. Stetson and Stefanie E. Stetson to MacKenzie L. McCarthy and Jarrod M. McCarthy, 2360 Oak Trace Drive, $170,000

Carol L. Simpson to Richard A. Seidita, 48 N. Navarre Ave., $85,000


David W. Cramer and Julie A. Cramer to Kim M. Lopresta, 9278 Woodworth Road, Unit #702, $215,000

Teresa Masters to Dan Nichols, 695 E. Western Reserve Road #2401, $155,000

Debra J. Meehan, administrator to M. Walker Investments LLC, 11244 Woodworth Road, $50,000

Lee R. Hively Jr. and Diana L. Hively to Raebeca Stien and Alen Paul Silverrstieen, 9175 Detwiler Road, $777,000


Kenneth L. Wright to Louis A. Irizarry and Chloe C. Zidian-Irizarry, 1999 Walker Mill Road, $120,000

Nicholas R. Palazzo to Anita Carano, 193A Matthews Road, $165,000

Ronald D. Kephart and Laura Kephart to Michael A. Rohall and Angella Latone, 7622 Huntington Drive, $265,000

Geraldine W. Cook and John T. Cook to Yolanda M. Smith and Clifton Smith Jr., 388 Cranberry Run Drive, $319,900

Myron Wem et al. to John T. Cook and Geraldine W. Cook, 428 Ewing Drive, $170,000

James R. Maizel et al. to Douglas P. Gaier and Donna M. Gaier, 1355 Fox Run Drive, Apartment A, $133,500

David B. Deems to Brian Jones and Ashlee Beaumier, 910 Edenridge Drive, $232,500

Chao Guang Pang to Yao Lin, 7382 Salinas Trail, $49,800

Carnell Williams to Joseph R. Larkins II and Mary Elizabeth Larkins, 4054 Stratford Lane, $175,000

The John Isaila Jr. Family Trust No. One to Lesley A. Perez, 1866 Woodlawn Ave., $120,000

Brian J. Beck to Jessica Rae Mudger, 309 Afton Ave., $115,000

Northeastern Engineering and Contracting LLC to Mahoning Valley Contractors LLC, 7210 Amherst Ave., $40,000

Lisa L. McKinnon to Erin R. Hallas, 212 Wolcott Drive, $190,000

LT Developments LLC to Linda Sue Polder, 7421 Sierra Madre Trail, $77,000

Thomas D. Nardella to 2639 LLC, 7386 Eisenhower Drive #4, $70,000

Munawar H. Chaudhry to Kendall Johnson Jr., 7560 Buchanan Drive, $245,000

Canfield Township

DiCioccio Constuction LTD to Joseph M. Paris and Jennifer J. Paris, 4570 Bella Jean, $100,000

Craig Beach

William Sahli by PSO to Theresa Starner and David Starner, 2069 Craig Drive, $65,100


Tod Kruest to EnandI LLC, 4167 Oak St., $80,100


Master Plan Builders Inc. to Daniel B. Torrence and Gayle A. Torrence, 235 Bristol Lane, $394,000

James R. Dillon Revocable Trust to Rosemarie J. Eckman, 238 Village Court, $189,000


Larkin Street Homes LLC to Charles E. Jones and Nikoy Joplin, 120 Morris Ave., $137,263

Theresa M. Norton to Bailey B. Miller and Brian M. Miller, 440 Illinois Ave., $88,000

Edward J. Green to George V. Rohland and Theresa A. Rohland, 911 N. Ward Ave., $63,261


Ashley M. Emerson to James E. Thomas and Amy M. Thomas, 8185 W. Western Reserve Road, $251,000

Thomas W. Fidoe to Gregory T. Fidoe, 9426 Columbiana Canfield Road, $58,150


Adam C. Ling and Jacquelyn M. Cummings to Kawaljit Goraya, 546 Gladys St., $165,000

Kathryn A. Burke to Sharon L. Odell, 28 Henry St., $43,000

Samantha Dudley to Michalia Dudley, 3674 Woodbine Ave., $98,000

John D. Masters to Steven J. Pompili, 1064 Saul Drive, $150,000

Roemer Industries Inc. to Roemer Realty LLC, 1555 Hubbard Sharon Road, $1,640,000


Paul Dentscheff to Zachary Meade and Trista Meade, 556 Murray Hill Drive, $150,000

ALZ Development LLC to Axiom Advertising Inc., 1282 Trumbull Ave., $440,000

Tri-State Measurement Inc. to Peter R. Christie, 1688 Shannon Road, $170,000

Labros Hatzilabrou and Georgia Mina Hatzilabrou to Ann T. Winter and Christopher R. Winter, 2003 Powder Mill Run, $285,000

Jerry Fader to VT Larney LTD, 4759 Logan Arms Drive, $125,000

Kareem Holloway and Wayne Holloway to Shirlene L. Hill, 111 Squires Court, $205,400


Brian Slider to Kevin D. Doan, Lot 590 Sylvandale Drive, $350,000

David A. Burtscher and Kathleen A. Burtscher to Matthew P. Smith and Melissa K. Smith, 133 Forest Ave., $535,000

Woodland Management LTD to Terry L. Carpenter and Klayleene Carpenter, N. Pricetown Road, $29,900

Toma Leveto and Mamie R. Leveto to Erick Waller and Katie M. Waller, NE River Run, $180,000


Jocelyn C. Penney to Richard L. Gray and Autumn Andel, 2380 Bel Aire Lane, $138,000

Randall J. Wolfe Jr. to Barbara J. Wolfe, 8182 Bendemeer Drive, $155,000

Greenheart Companies LLC to Eloise J. Chuck, 2485 Briarwood Court, $410,006

Estate of Ronald M. Macella to John Vasilchek, 6936 E. Wood St., $220,000

Anna D. Jannetti to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 2407 Clyde St., $75,000

Debra Ann Mettee, executor to Anthony O. Furano and Tina M. Furano, 707 Clingan Road, Unit 58, $270,000

Rosemarie Yanno to Christopher L. Perkins and Cintia S. Perkins, 2220 Stewart Road, $415,000

Perry Joseph Booth to Cortny Booth, 2424 Hamilton Ave., $150,000

John Ian Hritz and Dylan Zachary Hritz to M Walker Investments LLC, 8499 Morningstar Drive. $153,500


Betty Jane Carano Trust to Katharine Kerrigan, 49/51 Harvey St., $75,000

Patrick Minno and Amanda J. Minno to Kotayo Home LTD, 455 Spring St., $42,000

Hannah Hacker and Jonathan Hacker to Robert Joseph Brownlie Jr. and Brianne Brownlie, 630 Como Ave., $85,000

Krista M. Graham to Ryan Polito and Hannah Evans, 560 W. Wilson St., $145,000

Jerry T. Walsh to Melissa Holmes, 550 W. Omar St., $120,000

Daniel E. Socie Jr. to Daniel Socie Sr., 618 Creed St., $99,000

Bigley Real Estate Investments LLC to Olmi Properties Inc., 228 E. Wilson St., $75,000

Bigley Real Estate Investments LLC to Peak Dry Ice Blasting LLC, 282 Elm St., $75,000


Frances M. May to Cody J. Allen, 3012 E. Garfield Road, $122,500


Lonzo Stanley Jr. and Flo E. Stanley to Mark Williams and Darla Williams, 393 Garland Drive, $77,000

James A. Lamb and Sue A. Lamb to Marguerite Nolen and Mary Ann Montgomery, Main Street, $110,000

Stephen P. Buzzelli to Danielle E. Hoffman, 2184 Glenwood Ave., $69,000


Dynamic Rental Properties LLC to Synergy in Motion Inc., 1707 Ohio Ave., $60,000

Phyllis Santangelo to Michael Angelos LLC, 3625 Loveland Road, $75,600

Jurban Urban Renewal Corporation to Andrea D. Clark, 3734 Choice Court, $48,000

Jurban Urban Renewal Corporation to Emmanuel Febres, 3770 Choice Court, $57,395

Joseph Marzullo Jr. and Linda Marzullo to Eldon J. Martin and Roberta K. Martin, 1614 Medford Ave., $61,500

Jurban Urban Renewal Corporation to Michale Flores Maldonado and Ada N. Calderon, 3750 Choice Court, $50,000

Robert M. Sponsler to Francis M. Curd II and Francis M. Curd, 655 Carlotta Drive, $200,000

Robert M. Sponsler to Francis M. Curd II and Francis M. Curd, 652 Carlotta Drive, $200,000

Racick Realty LLC to William Tarr, 35 S. Brockway Ave., $34,500

Sheila E. Hernandez to Monica Allphin, 573 E. Philadelphia, $34,000

Mary C. Parker and Annette M. Smith to Lauren Virginia Smith, 494 Glacierview Drive, $116,000

Kendall Tremaine Banks, trustee to American Dreams LLC, 101 N. Meridian Road, $60,000

Loretta Neill to Wendy Perez LLC, 4144 Euclid Blvd., $85,000

Matthew J. Polak and Karen L. Polak to Marion Michael Meetze and Nancy J. Meetze, 3149 Kingston Lane, $150,000

Edward H. Brandt Jr. to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, 3518 Dover Road, $42,500

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Next Level Residential LLC, 3518 Dover Road, $45,500

Loretta K. Pugh, trustee to Jose A. Soto, 2683 S. Schenley Ave., $140,000

Heartland Property Group LLC to CJ and CJ Holdings, 1500 Hillsdale Ave., $75,000

Kristine M. Murphy to Jonathan Michael Hacker and Hanna Hacker, 2045 Medford Ave., $89,100

Brian Pasquale to Laura Damko, 515 N. Brockway Ave., $56,170


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