On the record – Campbell

WHAT: City council meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Timothy O’Bryan, Joseph Mazzocca, Steven Cappitte and Mayor Bryan Tedesco

ABSENT: George Levendis


• Approved a payment of $1,662.83 to fire Chief Stephan Dubic and $2,883.07 to fireman David Harris for reimbursement for physical examinations and tests in order to meet the requirements by Ohio Police and Fire Pension and per Ohio Revised Code for a full-time firefighter;

• Approved a payment of $1,914 to Modern Office for chairs for the police department;

• Approved a payment of $3,000 to Plan Source for the annual ACA compliance from December 2021 to November 2022;

• Approved a payment of $1,269.96 to Warren Fire Equipment for SBCA flow tests, electronic battery board replacements and electronics repair for the fire department;

• Approved a moral obligation of $1,650 to Steel Valley Contractors for the emergency demolition of 61 Morley St. after the structure was destroyed by a fire;

• Approved payment of $1,500 to Fire Safety Services, Inc. of Huntsville, for an intake valve for the fire department.

• Lily Nickel

On the record – Campbell


WHAT: City Council meeting Dec. 1

PRESENT: George Levendis, Timothy O’Bryan, Steve Cappitte, Joseph Mazzocca and Mayor Bryan Tedesco

ABSENT: Robert Stanko


• Passed as an emergency the first-quarter budget appropriations;

• Agreed to pay $14,447.26 to Software Solutions for the annual software support contract starting Jan. 1 and running through Dec. 31, 2022;

• Agreed to pay $1,105 to Tele-Solutions for a phone in the holding cell at the Campbell Police Department;

• Discussed having the Mahoning County Land Bank demolish hundreds of vacant homes in the city using funds from the Ohio Department of Development with a local match from the county commissioners. They said in the first ward, there are rows of buildings that were not on the list submitted to the land bank because there was one person living in a row of five homes in an effort to keep the row from being demolished. Levendis said, “We have the chance to get this done with hundreds of millions of dollars and we cannot drop the ball. If there is a row of six and they are unsalvageable, I want them gone. It is better to see green grass than what is there now”;

• Agreed to pay $11,000 to the state auditor’s office for consulting services;

• Authorized Tedesco to submit an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission state capital improvement project for the 2022 street resurfacing program: Freedom Avenue from Keystone Street to Courtland Avenue; Monette Street from Buell to Woodland avenues; 13th Street from Eizabeth Lane to Coitsville Road; Neoka Drive from Blossom Avenue to Coitsville Road; Edward Lane from Neoka Drive and Creed Circle to Sycamore Drive; and Walker Drive from state Route 616 to the eastern city limits;

• Appointed Dina Hamilton as clerk of council effective Dec. 1 through Nov. 30, 2023;

• Appointed Nikitas Tsikouris as finance director effective Dec. 1 through Nov. 30, 2023;

• Appointed Mazzocca as council president pro-tem through Nov. 30, 2023; and

• Appointed Keith Brown as sergeant at arms through Nov. 30, 2023.


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