Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Dec. 6-10:


Christian T. Snyder II and Brittany M. Snyder to Corey R. McElroy, 5331 Baker St., $123,000

D’Amico Family Realty LLC to Jackie Johnson Jr., 248-250 Carnegie Ave., $109,900

Daniel A. Gurlea to Forty Two Home LLC, 3337 42nd St., $186,900

Harry L. O’Connell and Georgia L. O’Connell to AMA Ohio Home LLC,2922 Bainbridge St., $60,000

John D. Evans and Donald R. Evans to Alysia D. May, 164 Parkgate, $98,000

JSM Property Management LLC to Jessica R. Spencer, 59 Kenmar Court, $75,000

Kevin D. Brown to Anthony J. DelSignore and Laura E. DelSignore, 6578 S. Timberidge Drive, $182,000

Mark Kellerman to Summer M. Hill, 1707 Laurie Drive, $154,900

Michelle P. Napolitano to James A. Brutz and Rita Evans, 6253 Kirk Road, $243,000

Noreen L. Burke, trustee to Robert E. Magley, 5112 Winthrop Drive, $122,500

Paul Slosser to Jessica Bainhart, 293 N. Beverly Ave., $96,000

Paul Slosser to Phillip J. Krauss, 24 S. Edgehill Ave., $103,000

The Estate of Leslie J. Larue to Tyler Killa, 91 Kleber Ave., $113,000

William J. Emler et al. to Christian Robledo and Bethany Robledo, 4918 E. Radio Road, $210,000

Robert L. Carney and Adrianne N. Warren, 233 N. Beverly Ave., $40,000

Marilyn Marinelli to Aaron and Dominique Stoeber, 3638 Lyhaven, $75,000

The Estate of Diana Lynn Stupka to Nicholous Chapman and Amber McMillan, 3872 Huntmere Ave., $90,000

Seth Steiner to Jenna E. Matheny and Tyler A. Cvetkovich, 1883 Lancaster Drive, $88,500

Josephine Sagebeer to Julia Arnold, 4710 Norquest Blvd., $80,000


11018 Sharrott Road LTD to Daniel Richard Skrobut II, Lot 3 Sageberry Drive, $40,000

Donald Kramer and Kathy Kramer to Gary York, 179 Kreps Road, $42,500

James and Theresa L. Hauser, co-trustees to Anthony W. and Nicole Clark, 9412 Detwiler Road, $328,250

Mala Properties LTD to John E. Gorsky and Patricia A. Gorsky, Lot 5 Pine Lake Cove, $50,000


Andrew R. Wade and Megan E. Wade to David H. Bulkley Jr., 7563 Red Fox Court, $310,000

Chelsea Romine to Stephen Joseph Pollak Jr., 3932 Loma Vista, $148,000

Dean M. Wilson and Mary A. Wilson to Cory Gonci and Cheyenne Goss, 466 Gardenwood Drive, $197,000

Edna C. Chahine to Michael Eaton and Jenna Delisio, 8085 Deerpathe Drive, $187,500

Michael Paul Ballas to PNC Bank N.A., 4422 Hopkins Road, $50,000

Monica R. Hoskins to Jeffrey H. Mauldin and Donna M. Mauldin, 651 Cathy Ann Drive, $249,900

Rose A. Knight to Thomas Zorzi, 7374 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 6, $93,000

William D. Fahringer to Kathleen M. Kennedy, 5200 West Blvd. 103, $80,000

Melissa H. Bevilacqua to Genaro and Miriam Rocha, 224 Meadowbrook Ave., $100,000

Mindy Loveland and James Loveland to Gabrielle Loveland and Brandon Loveland, 1910 Wendy Lane, $117,000

Ramona R. Adkins to Vincenzo L. DelSignore, 5440 Kennedy Road, $130,000

Eric K. Fitch and Mary Jo Fitch to Hiyam Ali, 152 Harrow Lane, $85,000

Avone Developers LLC to Megan E. Aron and Pierce J. Aron, 1318 Walker Mill Road, $297,000

Simmerbreeze LTD to Michael Golden, 37433 Ranier Trail, $160,000

Glenn T. Patton and Katarina Patton to Richard E. Knouff and Katarina Knouff, 440 Ewing Road, $169,900

Gerlad R. Quaranta to Max Aven Mabazza et al., 4803 Southern Blvd., $110,000

Robert J. Spin and Judith A. Spin to Daniel Wilson Goff, 5541 Mill Creek Blvd., $219,900

Patricia F. Heilman, trustee to Samuel D. Fero, 8073 Aquadale Drive, $147,000

Daniel A. Dalley and Linda D. Dalley to Huan Tran and Nuguyet T. Nguyen, 248-250 Meadowbrook, $140,000


Jerry Colbert and Rick Mistovich to Michael J. Cutrone, 138 16th St., $22,500

Michael A. and Mary Louise Jackson to BND OH Investments Inc., 217 Hamrock Drive, $34,000


Fusheng Sun and Fengyu Qi to Jose Augustin Velazquez and Liliana Velazquez, 138 Willow Bend Drive, $311,000

Amos and Delores Williams to AMA Ohio Home LLC, 72 Willow Way, $277,500

Canfield Township

Barbara F. Hegedusto to TSK Realty LTD, 5192 S. Canfield Niles Road, $225,000

Robert and Deborah Flanigan to Scott and Carrie Berry, 3925 Montereale Drive, $636,666

Ann Marie Testa to Richard Meyers and Tina R. Conti-Meyers, 4796 Messerly Road, $251,000


Vernon L. Brown to James McGinnis and Barbara McGinnis, 4580 Cooper Road, $335,000


Jeffrey L. Hall and Lisa Hall to Karen S. Lamm, 269 N. Bayshore Drive, $152,800


Jeffrey M. Terrace and Kieu Linh Young to Gregory J. Butch and Andrea Boyle, 1130 Woodlawn, $143,000

James R. Stacchiotti to Gary Wildner and Claire Wildner, 839 Lincoln, $130,000

Frederic Mindreau and Nadia Mindreau to Andrea D. Harper, 501 St. Clair, $140,920

15th Man LLC to Judith Longo Rentals LLC, 314 Ohio, $38,000

Frank J. Piganelli and Rebecca Piganelli to James Robert Stacchiotti and Cecila Rose Stacchiotti, 948 Ward, $170,000

Madelyn L. Annarella and Philip A. Annarella to William R. Griffiths, 658 E. Kline, $121,000


Lorena M. Wallace to Timothy W. Wilson and Lori A. Wilson, 13535 state Route 534, $91,300


Shelia Shambach-Heineman to High Performance Realty Inc., 14078 Beaver Creek Road, $160,000


John Theil Jr. and Ruth Ann Theil to Tyler Duez and Emily Duez, 405 Viola, $230,000

Christine E. Powell to Michael A. Burton and Jennifer Burton, 124 Princeton, $145,000

Frederick A. McBride and Christine M. McBride to Jessica Brest and Michael Morse Jr., 5860 Mount Everett, $300,000

Diane J. Kyle to Courtney K. Klein, 210 Fifth, $95,000

Angela L. Frazzini to Shane Andrew Huffman and Samantha Leigh Tunstall, 545 Rebecca, $135,000

Gary R. Younkins and Janine M. Younkins to Kelly N. Younkins and Joel Younkins, 1932 Brookfield, $135,000

James W. Zoky and Rita D. Zoky to Sarah L. Cross, 922 Saul, $137,000


James P. Leichliter and Thomas J. Leichliter to James M. Hionas and Marilyn Ramirez Guzman, 2141 N. Lipkey Road, $335,000


Justin R. Garofali and Leah M. Conaway to Karen A. Vaughn, 4793 Vienna, $149,000

Marie Williams and Diane A. Schwartz to Daniel R. Wray and Mandolin Wray, 448 Montrose, $125,000

Louis Gentile Jr. and Jonelle R. Gentile to Ziba C. Watson and Christina L. Watson, 3031 Youngstown Hubbard, $165,000


Lisa Strange to Golden Rule Homes LLC, 426 Garfield, $60,000


The Huntington National Bank to Treadstone Properties LLC, 18008 Oak Ave., $64,900

New Middletown

Bonnie Ann Okular to Matthew B. Flinspach, 10178 Struthers Road, $185,000

Frank Centofanti and Heather Centofanti to Kathleen Grantonic, 11089 Main St., $252,000


Michael and Michelle Bastys to Lewis Britt Greene and Judith M. Greene, 7784 Lee Run Road, $190,000

Anna M. Trefethern to William Mueller and Faith L. Dunkel-Mueller, 614 N. Main St., $180,000

Fred H. Smith and Jerri L. Smith to Keith William Richards, 2272 Lyon Blvd., $155,000

Ethan McDanel to Justin LaClair, 6386 Duncan Drive, $179,500

Amy Wittman et al. to Eunyoung Park and Kyochin Sin, 232 Edna St., $225,000

Wellman’s Building Maintenance LLC to Adam Kopacz and Mandi Kopacz, 122 E. McKinley Way, $157,500


MaryEllen Nimon and Edward Nimon to Richard B. Cassell, 432 S. 14th St., $50,000


Hannah Barton to Sebstian Pavel, 18334 Courtney Road, $27,000


Patricia Gibson to Paula J. Risner and Dwayne D. Risner, 14863 Beard Road, $31,280

The Grantz Family Properties LLC to Dieter Home Construction Inc., 5367 Skye Drive, $22,000

Donald P. and Deanna L. Jozwiak to Shawn W. Carter and Stephanie A. Minamyer, 14362 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $189,500


Beverly A. Chearno to A&M Properties Group LLC, 231 Wilson St., $50,000

Brenea Shevetz and Richard Shevetz to Ronald E. Hale, 439 10th St., $93,000

Cheryl L. Roddy and Randall C. Osiniak, trustees to Andrea M. Osiniak, 218 Renee Drive, $90,000

John S. Markota and Beam and B Management Co. Inc. to MLJ Group LLC, 41b 45 Park Ave., $50,000

Joshua Dunham and Jason Dunham to Brittany E. Valiquette and Samuel J. Valiquette, 427 W. Harvey St., $104,000.

Maroni LLC to Nancy L. Schepka, 94 Helena Drive, $77,500

Semgen Holdings LLC to Malone Property Management, 32 E. Faith St., $53,000

TLC Eagle Group LLC to Kotayo Home Limited, 39 Center St., $36,500

Nicholas Ciarniello to Sandra F. Multari, 414 Maplewood Ave., $112,000

Leslie E. Carson to Deutsche Bank National Trust Compamy, trustee, 570 Idora Lane, $58,221


Cheryl L. White to Anthony C. Daniels, West Liberty, $147,000

Jonah Walp and Amy Walp to Thomas A. Kawecki, 2725 W. Liberty, $124,900

Micah Kaufman to Benitta Farley and Reann Myers, 131 Bechtel, $35,000


Ali Omran to Kyle J. Patterson and Roy Oliver Jr., 4407 Sheridan Road, $140,000

Damon Petrich to Saini Holdings LLC, 101-103 E. Judson, $35,250

Phillip Dragovich to Sean W. Brich Sr., 1544 Thalia Ave., $88,000

Prime Property Management LLC to LRM Property Investments LLC, 1043 Marble St., $239,000

Walter H. Hurdley and Barbara Hurdley to Dinez D. Baker, 918 E. Indianola Ave., $50,000

West End Real Estate Management to India De Aisha Townsend, 41 S. Garland Ave., $34,800

Robert M. Poghen, trustee to Richard R. and Anastasia Palowitz, 2241 Michael Drive, $100,000

Christopher Drury and Janet Drury to MLJ Group LLC, 2434 Wilcox St., $25,000

Jamie L. Tucker to Wael Ilayan, 3541 Desoto Ave., $60,100

Rosanne Reames et al. to Jerome Rudzik, 530 Catalina Ave., $45,000

Terri L. Liller to Lakeview Loan Servicing, 2433 Gladwae Drive, $80,001

Leonard E. Mayo et al. to Jamale Scott, 2520 Elm St., $30,000

Daniel E. Balog Jr. to Alexander J. Lazorchak Jr., 2124 Connecticut Ave., $38,000

4118 Sheridan Road LLC to Johnna T. Smith, 2642 S. Schenley Ave., $70,000

Michael S. Dorbish and Pauline A. Dorbish to Jeffrey Arnaut, 866 Upton Road, $144,176

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Nov. 29-Dec. 3:


Robert E. Magley to Jamie L. Tucker, 50 Atlanta Ave., $125,000

Eric R. Bilas to Janet L. Henn and Pete C. Kramer, 4803 Darbyshire Court, $221,500

Nathan Perry and Brooke Perry to Stephanie Franco, 1520 Yolanda Drive, $110,000

The Champlin Family Living Trust to Richard C. Gillespie and Laraine O. Gillespie, 5220 Nashua Drive, $220,000

Nancy Martin, trustee, to Samuel L. Costello, 5102 Winthrop Drive, $111,000

Edward L. Goldner to David C. Childers, 2525 Amberly St., $90,000

Frank F. Cline III and Stephanie N. Cline to Jennifer A. Brown, 1785 Innwood Drive, $145,000

Jasen Michael Pekalla to Eric Price, 1721 Lancaster Drive, $140,000

Corey J. Patrick to Cinnamon Franklin, 2446 Amberly Drive, $115,500

Renee A. Vannatta to Madyson D. Hanshaw, 4930 Kirk Road, $135,000

Robert L. Lane to Pamela M. Gorvet and Anthony J. Gorvet, 152 Dehoff Drive, $130,000

Michael P. Walsh et al. to Armadillo Development LLC, 3936 Brandomyne Ave., $90,000

Iadranca C. Vlaidi to Maria Flores, 3502 Rebecca Drive, $215,000

Tricia Colclough to Wade Davis and Elizabeth Lanee Rouse Davis, 3856 Dunbar St., $135,000

Mark R. Garland Jr. to Lori L. Garland, 5990 Webb Road, $45,000

KF Lakeview LLC to Charles Edward Johnson and Julia Ann Johnson, 288 Dehoff Drive, $156,000

Rocky Pitoscia to Dalton Moore and Shannon Morrow, 3020 Hamman Drive, $189,900

Matthew V. Novicky and Sheila A. Novicky to Ronnie M. Silverman, 1076 Yolanda Drive, $175,000


Kelly R. Wetzler to Sherri A. Platt, 11668 South Ave., $139,900


Elizabeth Wilczenski-Slepsky and Daniel Slepsky to Nicholas Arroyo and Dana Arroyo, 417 Jaronte Drive, $188,000

Kado Lane Company LLC to Brad A. Druschel and Ruth E. Druschel, 7110 Vineland Place, $96,500

Alan E. Rodges to Lisa A. Palmer, 345 Ewing Road, $140,000

Brianna Figley to Cameron C. Tareshawty, 50 Sugar Cane Drive, $206,000

Jennifer M. Latell to Ashley Nicole Benson, 729 Orlo Lane, $130,000

Kathy A. Syphard to Nicholas D’Alesio and Suzanne D’Alesio, 763 Oakridge Drive, $192,000

James R. Johnstone and Sarah K. Johnstone to Brian Huddleston, 45 Erskine Ave., $93,000

Kevin Velasquez et al. to Lisa Nicole Addison, 134 Maple Drive, $105,000

Kristopher L. Slater and Nadia N. Slater to Alan Rodges and Madison Elizabeth Olesh, 6638 Appleridge Drive, $225,000

Richard D. Cribley to Jenna R. Lantz, 3944 S. Schenley Ave., $156,000

Tania Metcalf, trustee, to Anthony M. Schiraldi and Kelcie L. Schiraldi, 2840 W. Pine Lake Road, $363,500

Marsha J. Mitchell to Frederick L. Weaver and Connie N. Weaver, 24 Lake Shore Drive, $152,000

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB1 to Ralph McMahan and Marlene McMahan, 7373 Oregon Trail, $41,800

Evangeline McDorman to Investment Sky 5071 Holding Company LLC, 838 Stuart Ave., $138,000

Greg L. Kemp to Christina Snell, 206 Wildwood Drive, $161,000

Alicia Leone to Ivan Erik Godoy and Claudia Ladeia Sepulveda, 1310 Fox Run Drive, $125,100

Christine D. Begalla and Anthony Horvath to Jacob Yoder, 65 Wildwood Drive, $123,500

Armadillo Development LLC to Maria Kane, 8041 Aquadale Drive, $230,000

ALCA LLC to Miller III LLC, 5025 Forest Park Place, $225,000

James E. Neidhardt and Joanne M. Neidhardt to Ciprian Mihai Rotar and Delia V. Pandea, 953 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 3, $95,000

Kenneth J. Garling to Christy Warren, 1764 Lynn Mar Ave., $125,000

Mark D. Vinion and Katherine N. Vinion to Charles Geiss, 4013 Bob-o-Link Drive, $148,000

Donald E. Dixon Jr. to Robert P. Lancey and Robin L. Lancey, 6735 Lockwood Blvd., $163,000

Mary Ellen Garrett to Susan Ellen Broussard, 7440 Oregon Trail, $75,000


Curtis N. Massey and Tracy L. Massey to Mia Brown, 631 Coitsville Road, $124,000

Joseph G. Pavlansky to NV Holdings LLC, 337 Porter Ave., $78,000

Frank R. Scott Jr. et al. to Maria Pagan, 827 Tenney Ave., $136,000

Charles Dubos and Jeanette Dubos to Chantelle T. Solomon, 800 Tenney Ave., $75,000

Cyril Svagerko and Sara Svagerko to Susan A. Walker, 286 Park Drive, $136,500


James W. Watkins Jr. and Catherine M. Watkins to James E. Monroe and Kristine R. Monroe, 141 High St., $289,900

Patricia S. Sabo and James L. Sabo, trustees, to Nicholas A. Gallo, 101 High St., $230,000

Edward and Alma Burns to Julie Swauger, 20 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $205,000

Mark E. Constantini to Tory Lindley and Beth Lindley, 228 Colonial Drive, $404,000

Stoy and Tina Holland to Vincenzo J. Caggiano and Megan M. Caggiano, 49 Morningview Circle, $271,000

Aaron J. Hayes and Olivia Hayes to Leandro Lulz Tofani and Tatiane A. Tofani, 10 Canterbury Court, $391,000

Dale Unketer to James A. Fox Jr. and Jennifer K. Fox, 160 Glenview, $138,000

Robert L. Marlowe Jr. and Susan R. Marlowe to Hyungmin Kim and Mijung Choi, 181 Sawmill Run Drive, $279,000

Dan Emery to Jay E. Zerbs and Sara Zerbs, 45 Topaz Circle, $375,000

Canfield Township

Skymount Solutions LLC to Lisette M. Roman and Johanna Taveras, 6166 Catawba Drive, $394,500

James Terry and Jacqueline Terry to Jennifer Sterling and Brian G. Sterling, 6186 Southern Hills Court, $400,000

James E. Cain and Mary V. Cain to David P. Mann II and Mary V. Mann, 7771 Crory Road, $130,000

Rachel Jackson to Gregory Jackston, 4255 S. Canfield Niles Road, $130,000

REM Realty LLC to SPH Realty Group LLC, 5731 Shields Road, $589,000


Frances M. Fabry to Chase Dolan and Kelly Bindas, Cooper Road, $60,000

Richard T. Janci and Sharon A. Janci to Jerry Tuscano and Toni Tuscano, 315 Bedford Road, $170,000

Craig Beach

Julian Longo to Brittani J. Procick et al., 1671 Woodland Ave., $117,000

Carl H. Kandel to Robert H. Schnellbach III, 1972 Hercules Drive, $27,000


Ruth Ann Blevins and Richard Blevins to Brian Blevins, 8661 Knauf Road, $115,000


Susan E. Graft to James T. Hartford and Diane L. Hartford, 209 Bristol Lane, $335,000


Amanda Lee Beuter to AMDG Kinsmen LLC, 27 Smithsonian, $37,400

Kim Anderson to Tyler Hensleigh, 318 Jewell North, $150,000


Gary Lynn Hirst and Maime L. Hirst to Andrew J. Button, 13789 Smith Goshen Road, $150,000

Wayne M. Reese and Victoria Salvino Reese to Jeremy M. Chacon and Rachael A. Chacon, 10415 Stratton Road, $181,500


Mark P. Wilson and Georgia S. Wilson to Warbucks Lane Holding LLC, 12300 Youngstown Salem Road, $365,000


Heather Randall to Alden O. Campbell Jr., 148 Drummond, $106,500

Robert P. and Edna M. Bresnahan to Danile Bancroft and Alyssa Osborne, 118 Scott, $134,000

Lauren M. Alger and James P. Alger to Jourdain Thompson and Ann Marie Thompson, 6137 Washington, $162,000

Keri M. Durina to April K. Guy, 824 Woodland, $139,000

John P. Kempe and Susan L. Kempe to Brittany H. Price, 35 Christian, $59,000

Ryan Hallapy to Linda W. Bernard, 66 Timber Circle Drive, $205,000

Edward J. Fromm to Susan Czyzycki, 51 Timber Circle Drive, $205,000

George R. Oros Jr. to Gettysburg Investments LLC, 6099 Evans, $50,000

Emily L. Granger to Lane A. Bowman and Cierra M. Coontz, 765 Dresden, $156,000


M. Jean White and Mark White to Daniel Huzyak, 3976 Rosemont Road, $415,000


John M. Gronvall to Jacqueline Scott, 3502 Sommerset Unit B, $100,000

Jack G. Lunn and Ladonna J. Lunn to Blue Horse Services Inc, 2962 Roosevelt, $66,800

4333 Belmont LLC to 2639 LLC, 4333 Belmont, $645,000

Scott J. Katz and Susan A. Katz to Joel Harriman, 5460 Lakeview, $125,000


Amazing Grace Land Lion LLC to Sukwinder Singh, Mahoning Avenue, $36,750

New Middletown

CT Calla LLC to Laura O’Malley and James Metzinger, 4991 E. Calla Road, $115,000

Robert Paul Archibald and Amanda M. Wills to Nicholas J. Lombardo and Lisa M. Lombardo, 118 Circleview Court, $201,000


Vincenzo J. Caggiano and Megan Caggiano to Molly A. Martino, 114 Massachusetts Ave., $131,250

Ronda Netto and John Netto to Jason Lee Pettit, 3128 Denver Drive, $240,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Terry L. Kratzer and Cheryl J. Kratzer, 3671 St. James Way, $671,700


Billie Jean Beadnell-Sox, executor to James Beadnell, 726 N. 18th St., $133,280


Judith A. Jenkins to Jeanine Fardette, 451 Eighth St., $83,000

Darren Socie to Patricia Toto, 263 Poland Ave., $25,000

Nevada Algo Trading LLC to Zamora Garcia Maricela, 47 Morrison St., $55,000

Michael J. Yanek and Diane M. Yanek to John Netto and Ronda Netto, 127 Smithfield St., $125,000

Mattye M. Marker to BBA Property Restoration LLC, 18 Creed St., $60,000

Kathleen Costello to Ryan Lee, 467 Elm St., $70,000


Oneta Urbacon to Bridget Nance, 1904 Cloverbrook, $168,000

Joe Coch Construction Inc to Ryan Ifft and Megan Michelle Ifft, 2238 Crestmont, $290,993

Abel Garcia and Alexandria Garcia to Jeremy E. Minor, 1683 Warner Court, $159,900


Deborah A. Woodruff and Craig A. Woodruff to Magdalena A. Mainor, 217 S. Portland Ave., $46,000

Cindy M. Hunt to Jose Martin Pacheco, 340 Marmion Ave., $36,000

Janice F. Collinsworth to Justin R. Hunt and Amanda Rae Hunt, 427 W. Heights Ave., $68,500

Seth E. Drummond to William P. Levonyak, 1680 Meadowbrook Ave., $46,500

Robert Jarrell to Brady J. Johnson, 1829 Overlook Ave., $175,000

Frank A. Lordi to Tyree Becker and Sky Bianca Bultron, 2969 Eldora Drive, $148,000

Russell F. Sansosti and Amanda L. Sansosti to James W. Fields and Paula Fields, 1533 Wakefield Ave., $115,000

Kyle A. Schneider to Brian Beck, 4108 Rush Blvd., $85,000

Brittany Hoffman to Amanda M. Welker, 231 Wychwood Lane, $91,500

Eleanore Rogenski to Jason Carlo, 1641 Brownlee Ave., $72,011

Jose Alcides Cruz and Maria Del Pilar Cruz to Quintanilla Campose Jose Rene and Ana Aracely Cruz, 814 Compton Lane, $20,760

Frederick L. Weaver and Connie N. Weaver to Sukhmanpreet K. Riar, 3017 Louise Rita Court, $175,000

Bio Design Development LLC to MDC Coastal 20 LLC, 3377 Mahoning Ave., $3,312,260

Darlene K. Zebosky to Lawrence S. Boan and Janice M. Boan, 2226 Thurber Lane, $35,000

Rachel A. Hernan to Alexis M. Eckman, 2475 Rosewae Drive, $135,500

Suncara Housing LLC to Bryant Nounkwa Tomdio, 2519 Ohio Ave., $85,000

Barbara Squibbs and Kortney Squibbs to Roland R. Rexford, 2316 Connecticut Ave., $65,000

Eros 74 Investment LLC to Ohio Star LLC, 562 St. Louis Ave., $56,000

Mary Ann Coates and Tyler J. Terlecky to Richard Janci, 3218 Susan Circle, $127,500

George Cepin to Sandra Armes, 3369 Quentin Drive, $72,000

Darlene Mauzy to Stacey L. Hollis, 3442 Cascade Drive, $89,900

Caley A. McCloud to Robin J. Vickers, 2989 Eldora Drive, $159,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and nearby Trumbull County communities Nov. 22-24:


Edward Kershaw to Brittany J. Bowers, 263 N. Roanoke Ave., $77,000

Juan and Heather Diaz del Campo to Matthew and Virginia Komara, 274 Wilcox Road, $190,285

Alexander M. Sepesy to Craig S. and Barbara Campbell, 3859 Artmar Drive, $168,000

Anne L. Bramlett to Jennifer and Mark Rauschenberg, 4405 Woodridge Drive, $150,000

Cynthia Packo et al. to Mark Kellerman, 49 Patterson Court, $70,000

Joseph M. Saadey and Joan Marie Sabatine, trustees to RAA Ventures LLC, 4494 Mahoning Ave., $205,000

Joseph LoCicero and Madonna LoCicero to Kathleen L. Mahon, 5104 Raspberry Lane, $87,660

Pete C. Kramer to Dennis Spencer Jr., 3851 Huntmere Ave., $99,900

Brandon Gasper Courtney Spears, 1258 Woodhurst Drive, $96,900

Justin Salata to See R Properties LLC, 120 Idlewood Road, $68,000

Desarae Makis to Josh Cayson, 110 Covington Cove, $339,900

Joseph F. Masson and Connie A. Masson to Jennifer Zelinsky and Alexxus Zelinsky, 3767 Edinburgh Drive, $159,000


Mavie Family LLC to Michael L. Carlozzi, 695 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit #1102, $130,000


Georga J. and Josephine Spahich to Alex J. and Amanda L. Butchko, 5995 Bedell Road, $312,950


Brownsville Enterprises LLC to Boardman Flex LLC, 6951, 6961, 6971, 6981 Southern Blvd., $4,000,000

Edward Untch Jr. and Kimberly A. Untch to Elaine M. Kish, 178 Rockdale Ave., $25,000

Limosa LLC to Joseph Fulton and Sucharita Fulton, 28 Terrace Drive, $94,900

Bonita D. Dycman to John V. McCarthy and Janet L. McCarthy, 3314 Straley Lane, $95,200

Cheryl L. Waite to David John Cahill and Lisa Jenkins Cahill, 1300 Aspen Lane, $563,000

Robert Romero and Fiol D. Velez Romero to Devin Smith, 77 Melrose Ave., $100,000

D.M. Bieber Development LTD to Jennifer Elaine Tallman, 1630 W. Western Reserve Road, $150,000

Charles G. Geiss to Nichole M. Mellott, 7046 Southern Blvd., $120,510

Ineeqa Munawar to Rachelle Firman, 208 Charles Ave., $95,000

Cynthia M. Soller to Joseph William Carucci and Christine Carucci, 204 Griswold Drive, $320,000

Charlotte A. Richards to Adam Flowers and Michille Pinti, 129 South Shore Drive, $255,000

Marian Yazbek and Amelia Yazbek to Dong Hyun Kim and Min-Ae Song, 4112 Hudson Drive, $198,000

Andrew R. Zembower et al. to John A. Ams, 69 Woodview Ave., $140,900

Phyllis A. Frew to AlysCam LLC, 371 Melrose Ave., $44,100

Michael D. Piesto and Diane C. Piesto to Ming Wen Wu and Dan Want, 7539 Red Fox Court, $280,000

317 Boardman-Poland Road LLC to Rhino Holdings Boardman LLC, 317 Boardman-Poland Road, $2,000,000

HMB Properties LLC to Cody T. Blangero, 7483 Oregon Trail, $55,000

Arlene R. Tolson to Kimberly L. Lucarell, 252 Indianola Road, $71,000

Robert Henry Kepp Jr. and JoAnn Kepp to KWA 2019 LLC, 371 Erskine Ave., $39,200

Rosalie A. Buday, trustee to Cynthia J. Frye, 7931 Sigle Lane, $180,000

Angelo D. Babbaro to Farooq Qadir, 80 Mary Ann Lane, $175,000

Ray M. Burt Sr. to Bessie Miller, 233 Melrose Ave., $50,000

Karen Sargent to Cherri Huang, 3972-3974 Schenley Ave., $150,000


David M. Sigler and Tamara Sigler to Ryan J. Melewski and Christina O. Melewski, 251 Kings Lane, $530,000

Terrance L. Schade and Terrill A. Schade to Gina M. Cackovic et al., 136 Jade Circle, $353,000

Paul R. Antal and Christina L. Antal to Katrina R. Cayson, 208 High St., $129,000

James L. Sabo Trust to Michael D. Messuri, 121 E. Main St., $100,000

Canfield Township

Sharon Ann Hrina to Susan E. Harrison, 4465 Clearview Drive, $265,000

The Neff Land Co. to Christopher Beeman Enterprises II LLC, Palmyra Road, $390,000

Betty A. Garono to Marian Yazbek and Amelia Yazbek, 3900 Mercedes Place #8, $275,000

Loraine Roncone to Dennis Carlile and Anna Carlile, 3811 Tyler Drive, $369,900

Lawrence R. Saykes and Maureen G. Saykes to Loraine Roncone, 425 Timberland Trail, $287,500

Nick Mozea to David J. Rudd and Lisa J. Rudd, 3761 Indian Run Drive, $76,500

Chandler W. Berliner, trustee to Kenneth Clegg, 8300 Gibson Road, $90,590


Margie A. Butzer to Charles Williams and LaVonne Williams, 14555 W. Pine Lake Road, $160,000

Jeffrey Callahan et al. to Brian Callahan, 12820 W. South Range Road, $77,500


Marion Muder to Daniel K. Miller, 7455 John White Road, $142,000

Gregory Tarr to Dana L. Takash, Water, $125,000

John Polochak Jr. and Karen A. Polochak to Raymond D. Cordova and Lynn A. Cordova, 349 Caroline, $89,900

Vincent M. Ingles to Kimberly Ann Hoppe Merlo, 1642 Cullinan, $50,000


Bruner Land Company Inc. to Charles J. Gore and Teresa A. Lazarto, Gladstone Road, $36,900


Brandon Kachurchak and Kaitlyn Katchurchak to Lorraine L. Flohr, 901 Royal Arms, $203,000

Vikki Shontz and Michal Goterba to Vikki Shontz, 519 Santa Monica, $29,800

Steven W. Woodfint and Sandra E. Woodfint to Kyle Hofius and Zachary Smith, 3101 Logan Way, $280,000

Bruce H. Luntz to Craig Ruggles and Laura Ruggles, 5775 Sampson, $200,000

Brian C. Colburn to Eric White and Desirae White, 117 Mill Run, $113,000

Marianne T. Cicoretti and Donna Bodzak to Lawanda Maddox and Jonathan Rodgers, 4970 Sampson, $164,900

Charles William Denison III to A&K Investment Group LLC, Belmont, $35,000

Lorraine M. Palm to Wayne E. Mackey and Amber Mackey, 5825 Sampson, $224,000


KT Estates LLC to Derick Anderson and Jeanette L. McDowell, 83 W. Wood St., $89,900


Beverly A. Toth to Mathew J. Foit, 322 Pennsylvania, $82,500

New Middletown

Francesco Centofanti and Heather R. Centofanti to DJ Properties LLC, 10949 Main St., $125,000


Alen Paul Silverrstieen and Raebeca P. Stien to Vincent P. Antonucci and Krista G. Antonucci, 3973 Via Siena, $510,000

David K. Zedaker and Christina Rose Zedaker to Justin Sargent, 8827 Woodland Drive, $180,000

The Aniela Pociask Revocable Trust to John B. McLendon and Jacqueline McLendon, 8210 Cliffview Drive, $260,000

Michael L. Black to John P. Millerleile Sr., 3135 Heatherbrae Drive, $210,000

Robert E. Hunt and Jennifer S. Hunt, trustees to Jonathan Christopher Drokin and Sarah Jean Drokin, 72 Poland Manor, $550,000

The Karen L. Minehart Irrevocable Trust to Jeffrey A. Braun Jr., 2543 Spitler Road, $199,900


Richard B. Cassell to Robert Lynn Helmich and Rachal Dawn Helmick, 175 W. Virginia Ave., $132,000

Reinsel Family Holdings LLC to Rebekah L. Matthews, 555 W. W. Maryland Ave., $109,000


Arthur A. Ford and Kimberly A. Ford to Red Feather Acres LLC, 21620 Courtney Road, $1,330,000


Taam Properties LLC to Anita Sainato, 9822 Struthers Road, $300,000

Terry L. Vantassel and Donna J. Vantassel to Alex J. Wharry, 11055 Springfield Road, $135,000

James R. Oldland to David J. LaFever and Erin L. LaFever, 2520 E. South Range Road, $290,000


Brady S. Kilmer to Joshua Coldwell and Jacqueline Bogatek, 112 Hamilton Blvd., $130,000

Giovenco 61 Realty LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 446 10th St., $38,000

Funtilis Property Group LLC to Francis Carter and Jon Burnside, 446 10th St., $69,900

Susan M. Latarski and Cynthia D. Mostoller to Lessie V. Ward and Tyrone Brown, 805 Poland Ave., $110,000


James E. Morrone and Kristine R. Morrone to Jonathan Edward Fauvie, 1063 Reservoir Run Court, $324,900

BLP of Niles LLC to BLP of Niles LLC, 511 Cassano, $50,000


Janice Record to Whisper Reef LLC, 2646 Roy St., $21,000

Jaylin Marquis Woods to Juana Rodriguez, 605 W. Warren Ave., $24,000

Niki D’Atri Holdings of Ohio II LLC to AEG Development Corp., 1315 Albert St., $145,000

Dontrail R. Burkes to Phyllis A. Porter and Daniel J. Porter, 70 Osborne Ave., $73,000

Brian C. Necastro to NV Holdings LLC, 1654 Everett Ave., $60,000

Hesker Investment and Trading Inc. to Gilberto Avilles Suarez, 3516 De Sota Ave., $27,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Immarc Inc. and McKinley Star Investment Inc., 114 Halleck Ave., $55,000

SB Motors LLC to Semgen Holdings LLC, 863 E. Florida Ave., $45,700

David R. Signor and Amanda M. Signor to Cody Alexander Signor and Natlie Signor, 215 Hollywood Ave., $55,000

Jean M. Dascenzo to Jeffrey G. and Wendy Thomas, 1434 Brantford Blvd., $140,000

Donald J. Russell to Ricardo Carradero, 1571 Brownlee Ave., $75,000

Carl J. Bertovich III and Carl J. Bertovich Jr., 545 Mona Lane, $83,900

Willie C. Provitt and Geraldine M. Provitt to Bernard Melsinger, 2136 Ives St., $23,000

KKJ Holdings Co. LLC to Elaina Roberts, 1665 Weston Ave., $25,000

Andrew J. Jarosz to Carolyn Anne Fankhauser, 1973 Meadowbrook Ave., $60,000

Canus Investments Group LLC to Saini Holdings LLC, Lots 36699, 36700, 36701, 36125, $26,000

Samuel J. Wolford to 231 Potomac BFR LLC, 231 Potomac Ave., $47,999

Randy Dyer and Brenda Dyer to Raymond J. Michaels, 369 Gypsy Lane, $90,000


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