Mahoning County property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Nov. 15-18:


Nolan Snyder to Robert Douglas, 3953 Nottingham Ave., $178,000

Stephen P. Ray and Glenn W. Ray to Cynthia L. Barnes, 125 Fitch Blvd., Unit 214, $190,000

Saini Holdings LLC to Anthony Bell, 235 N. Raccoon Road, $35,000

Patricia Mariani to John Dobrilovic and Christine Dobrilovic, 434 S. Edgehill Ave. et al., $100,000

James I. and Barbara M. Piersante to James and Amy Cuhran, 5396 Viola Ave., $179,000

David G. Slick and Sandra J. Slick to Cash Out Properties LLC, 3906 Mahoning Ave., $50,000

Cash Out Properties LLC to John Dobrilovic and Christine Dobrilovic, 3906 Mahoning Ave., $74,000

Linda Kolasky et al. to Gary Grope and Colleen Grope, 2998 Whispering Pines Drive, $295,000

William E. Klase to Gator 1 Investments LLC, 178 S. Edgehill Ave., $52,000

Michael Demetra and Dorothy Demetra to Mark H. Nelson and Vicki L. Nelson, 4753 New Road, $170,000

Christine Marie Connolly and Michael F. Connolly to Anthony M. Gentsy, 4125 New Road, Unit 10C, $85,000

Evelyn Kohowski to Alex and Sarah Mickler, 266 Athens Drive, $180,000


The Corwin Lee Tracy Jr. and Michelle M. Tracy Revocable Trust to Nancy Yuhasz, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 201, $275,000

Sandra Elser Ciminero and Neil Ciminero to Terry Kenney and Tammy Jo Kenney, W. Middletown Road, $55,000

Angel Lots LLC to Greenheart Companies LLC, 1917 Mallard Landing, $50,000

Greenheart Companies LLC to Robin S. Ivany, 1917 Mallard Landing, $385,900


Thomas A. Patella and Dominic J. Patella, 1265 Valley View Drive, $110,000

Jean Phillips to Premier Real Estate Management, 4335 Hopkins Road, $41,100

Linda M. Korp to Adam Bloom and Nicole Bloom, 1961 Wingate Road, $89,905

Richard J. Lynx to Connor Foerster-Reynolds, 4222 Chester Drive, $140,000

Jack McDonald and Keith McDonald to Donovan R. Schmersal and Laurel E. Stone, 3039 Straley Lane, $142,500

Brian C. Rust and Megan R. Rust to William Barth and Nicole Habeger, 120 Terrace Drive, $116,000

Andrew J. Calcagni to Mona Elradaff and Karim Elraddaf, 829 Pearson Circle #3, $85,000

William R. Jordan et al. to An N. Nguyen, 7745 Silver Fox Drive, $255,000

Richard M. Brent to James Ciancone, 6085 Tam O-Shanter Drive, $165,000

Christopher Roman and Dennis E. Coley to 322 Shields Road, $38,000

Kelly Parker to Anthony Patella, 7021 Amherst Ave., $75,000

CFirst Properties LLC to Thomas J. Holler Sr., 51 Clifton Drive, $132,500

Zachary L. Nichols and Tammy M. Nichols to Brenden James Scanlon and Sarah A. Thompson, 1948 Martin St., $171,000

Jacaranda LLC to Nicole M. McDonaha, 60 Melrose Place, $100,000

Hamid Nawaz to Steven Kausits, 7515 Glenwood Ave., $75,000

Matthew D. Skillman to John P. Sullivan and Kimberly A. Sullivan, 7655 Spring Park Drive, $230,000

Scott A. Price to Sierra L. Welch, 1792 Lynn Mar Ave., $139,000

David A. Schialdone et al. to Victoria Ardell Davis and Johnathon Davis, 3412 Flora Lane, $123,000

Charles J. Lillo Jr. to Ralph Edward McMahan Jr., 105 Shields Road, $31,250

William and Linda Chismar to Megan and Brian Rust, 688 Angiline Drive, $200,000


Dina L. Hamilton to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 503 Sixth St., $48,000

Matthew S. Ferguson and Christina A. Ferguson to Cynthia D. Heckman, 387 Lourdes Lane, $91,000

Frank A. Sadosky Sr. and Michael Sadosky to Allan D. Noble Sr., 867 Struthers Coitsville Road, $24,200


Geraldine M. Kosar and Bernard J. Kosar Sr. to Jack Douglas Ulansky and Kathy Isabele Kidston, 69 Alabaster Ave., $455,000

Lynellen Mayhew to Mario D. Ferlaino and Heather D. Ferlaino, 150 Callahan Road, $255,000

Michael E. Murphy and Lori A. Murphy to Brian Wacht, 280 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $230,000

Dennis T. Mikkelsen to Edwin Centofanti, 227 Fairview Ave., $143,000



Carmine Delucia and Kimbelry Delucia, 6815 Langston Run, $608,500

Janice L. Stefko to Mark E. Constantini, 6627 Covington Cove, $1,250,000

Estate of Eric. T. Hoeck to Gerhard Epp and Katherine A. Epp, Gibson Road, $46,000

David Campolito et al. to David R. Heck and Cynthia D. Heck, 4850 Leffingwell Road, $255,000


Glen F. Gottardt, trustee to Ronald L. Niemiec and Susan E. Niemiec, 11370 Raccoon Ridge, $48,000

Robert M. Ettinger and Susan A. Ettinger to Cheryl J. Foster, 8791 Huxley Road, $349,900


Jon and Deanna Dymond to Robert and Grace Bakondy, 376 Back Bay Drive, $290,000


David A. and Crystal C. Harrison to Joshua M. Abretski and Stacey M. Phelan, 14250 Duck Creek Road, $211,000

Justin L. Haueter and Milissa A. Haueter to Joshua C. Bricker and Niki M. Briker, 13234 Duck Creek Road, $347,000

Lawrence B. Brunk Jr., trustee to Bailey A. Campbell, 10058 Salem Warren Road, $133,400


Daniel K. Waterman to Bryan M. Gibbs and Ashley N. Gibbs, 3368 Gault Road, $240,000


James A. Milligan and Angela S. Milligan to Richard Leon Banning and Karen S. Banning, 1376 NE River Road, $1,266,000

Bruce Constantine and Nancy Constantine, trustees to Michael Zaleski and Sharon Zaleski, Lot 38 Lakeview St., $116,000

John J. Lerario to Jonathon R. Craig, 259 N. East River Road, $150,000


Ana Lisa Taylor to Juan Vazquez, 8311 Morningside Drive, $123,000

Ryan R. Patrick to Flipped LLC, 148 Rockdale Ave., $109,000

Theresa A. Schlegel to Melinda J. Caban Dejane and Gerald Dejane, 61 Alverne Drive, $169,900

Dibo Construction LLC to Michael L. Black, 6624 Ridgely Park $552,660


William L. Blair and Gayle E. Blair, trustees to Walter J. Lake, 115 E. Wisconsin Ave., $106,000


MEHG Management LLC to R&M Investment Inc., 18740 Alliance-Same Road, $150,000

Estate of Margaret I. Dean to Zachary A. Dean, 13750 Ellett Road, $94,050


John P. Sullivan and Kimberly A. Sullivan to Rebecca L. Hageman, 6125 Springridge Drive, $343,000

Brian Wall and Andrea Wall to MMST Properties LLC, 12450 Harmon Road, $190,100


Kelly Grant and Jeremy Grant to Shauna Lynn Horvath, 425 W. Wilson St., $37,500

Nancy O. Johngrass to Robert R. Wilt, 537 Sexton St., $103,000

Alice Wilson and Shirley Neapolitan to Kimberly Savich and Michael Savich, 68 Como St., $65,000


James G. Hutz and Janice R. Hutz to Bethany Properties LTD, 2415 Youngstown Hubbard Road, $220,000

Terrance P. Cahill and Joyce A. Cahill to Elmer Maynard Jr. and Lisa M. Maynard, 3501 Susan Circle, $69,000

Recyl Cashwell to MTGLQ Investors LP, 76 Whitman Lane, $28,000

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Vincent J. Riccardo, 3522 Dover Road, $75,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Ruben Falcon Vazquez, 2118 Glenwood Ave., $112,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Jancarlos Lebron, 3730 Choice Court, $47,000

Darlene Renshaw to George Caskey, 43 N. Glenellen Ave., $51,000

The Estate of Paul V. Brown to JBS Real Estate Investments LLC, 2211 Fifth Ave., $115,000

Common Wealth LLC to Shamunda R. Taylor, 616 Lexington Ave., $39,313

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Ashlie Givens, 3763 Choice Court, $48,000

Robert Eckenrode to Janis Jones, 1817 Eden Lane, $118,000

Mathew Sewell et al. to Frazier Land Co. LLC, $105,000

Lessie V. Ward to Freddie Denice Dawson, 958 Brentwood Ave., $60,000

Kristin M. Holcomb and Tina Banks to Jessica L. Valsi, 1823 Eden Lane, $116,000

Vukich Properties LLC to First York LLC, 1641 Stewart Ave., $32,500

Wesley B. Depoy to Michael P. Shives, 602 Winchester Ave., $64,900


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