Man charged with biting off woman’s ear

YOUNGSTOWN — Sammy F. Anderson, 26, of New Road in Austintown, was arraigned Tuesday in Youngstown Municipal Court on felonious assault and misdemeanor domestic violence after police say he assaulted a woman Sunday and bit off part of her ear.

When police arrived at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for a 1:26 a.m. call, they found the victim, 30, also of New Road in Austintown, on a hospital bed at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital with severe injuries, blood on the sheets and part of her ear gone.

The woman said she had previously lived with Anderson. On Sunday night, he jumped into her vehicle at Pasadena and South avenues and pushed her out and onto the ground, police were told. Anderson then slammed her head into the ground, kicked her and bit off part of her ear.

Unknown passersby saw the attack and pulled Anderson off of the woman, she said. Her sister drove her to the hospital. Officers arrested Anderson when he showed up at the hospital, according to the police report.

Anderson’s right eye was nearly swollen shut, apparently from the incident with the woman, and an officer spoke with him as Anderson waited for treatment, police said.

As they talked, Anderson mentioned that he was “overburdened by too much knowledge.” He also said one time in prison, he began to levitate while he was walking. He believed this made him Godly and “above men,” the police report stated.

He then “spontaneously stated, ‘I think I bit my girl’s ear off.” But he could not recount any more of the incident and got angry when officers or hospital staff asked him about the incident.

After receiving treatment, he was taken to the Mahoning County jail. Magistrate Meghan Brundege set bail at $25,000.


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