Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Sept. 13-17:


Devon Hoffman to Yamaya A. Abdullah, 2524 Amberly Drive, $90,000

Kathleen B. Carroll to James R. O’Brien, 3937 Dunbar Ave., $159,777

Justin W. Jernigan and Amanda E. Jernigan to Michael Bryant and Amanda Cannistra, 632 Duke Circle, $145,000

James Kiriazis to Natalie A. Kiriazis, 4223 Woodmere Drive, $86,000

Aaron M. Willard to Robert M. Ettinger and Susan A. Ettinger, 5311 Kirk Road, $235,000

Steven Z. Senich to Thomas Ogle, 3763 Ayrshire Drive, $130,000

Tina Marie Johnson to Sara Beilstein and Daniel Beilstein, 6605 Harvest Ridge Drive, $199,700

Armadillo Development LLC to The Davis Family Heritage LLC, Victoria Road, $55,000

Kelly R. Cavucci to Michael L. Ceci, 125 Fitch Blvd., $130,000

Michael E. and Shirley A. Ianazone to Sandra L. Weffle, 1664 Eastwind Place, $277,000

Mark and Sara Kupelian to Faith Jeanine and William Eric Tanner, 5541 Red Apple Drive, $116,250

Brian T. Phelps to Rita Ann Soos, 53 Kenmar Court, $88,000

Andrew Berg to Ahmed Sutton, 151 S. Edgehill Ave., $100,000

Glenn R. Taylor III to Dylan Andrew Schmitt and Dori M. O’Malley, 4075 Kirk Road, $171,000

Paul J. Polito to Jason Prieto and Christen Prieto, 3661 Monaca Ave., $175,000

B&L Family of Ohio LLC to Tricia Colclough, 1562 Pimlico Drive, $145,000

Mary E. and Kevin J. Schultz to Gary W. Reul, 5675 Colgate Ave., $133,000

Tina Lenkey, trustee, to Houses 4 You LLC, 2300 S. Canfield Niles Road, $91,300

Stephen D. Lewis to Matthew T. Horchler, 5530 Colgate Drive, $131,500

Mary J. Purdy to Rose Freeman, 3682 Brookview Court, $196,600

Charles S. Colbert and Mollie J. Colbert to Sarah Rose Draves, 1951 Birch Trace Drive, $175,000

Diane R. Shryock to Jessica Susan Littleton, 1703 Westhampton Drive, $77,000

Michael T. Ferguson and Merissa A. Ferguson to Latece Wright, 4280 Nottingham Drive, $170,000


Clifford C. and Marjorie S. Mead to Jesse and Kristen M. Bell, 2612 South Range Road, $155,000

Alice R. Kreider and Joseph R. Kreider, trustees, to David Causer and Paula Causer, 425 Spring Acres Lane, $330,000

Jeffrey S. Logan and Sarah G. Logan to Rachel Williams and George Williams, 9655 Cherry Hills Drive, $460,000

Albert P. Pondillo and Cheryl L. Pondillo to Impresa Management LLC, 1485 W. Western Reserve Road, $120,000

Pamela M. Johnston and Benjamin J. Johnston to Carl Forsythe and Alexa Forsythe, 13230 Market St., $400,000


Georgetown Inc. to South Ave. Properties LLC, 5945 South Ave., $181,500

Ronni Renee Barb, trustee, to Ivano Perrotta and Lauren Perrotta, 1459 Tori Pines Court, $405,000

Daniel A. Beilstein and Sara E. Beilstein to Michael A. Frasso and Molly K. Frasso, 1939 Cover Drive, $178,000

Edward Straub and Michele M. Straub to ATS Youngstown Investments LLC, 8100 Southern Blvd., $850,000

Steven J. Bellino and Nicholas Hewko to Brendan P. Leonard, 104 N. Cadillac Drive, $201,500

Nelveton Butler to Gary W. Vann and Moncia R. Hoskins, 7423 Eagle Trace, $459,000

Alejandro Arrendondo III to McKenzie E. Popatak, 6892 Glenwood Ave., $178,500

Joseph S. Bevilacqua and Steve Bevilacqua to Cathy Heaston, 888 Pearson Circle, Unit 1, $85,000

Jason T. Holmes to Jonathon Fedorak, 24 Bob White Court, $123,300

Jacquelyn S. Perez to Munawar Chaudhry, 12 Woodview Ave., $64,575

Mark E. Wadman and Kimberly A. Wadman to Erik M. Peachock, 1313 Valley View Drive, $230,000

Karen Palmer to Faraaz Raffick, 45 Homestead Drive, $155,000

Michael J. Martino to C&J Real Estate and Construction Inc., 37 Sciota Ave., $61,500

RY Passion LLC to Kenneth Pol and Senayda Reyes Charmale, 7382 Oregon Trail, $50,000

Thomas J. Key to Larry Maynard and Cynthia L. Maynard, 818 Trailwood Drive, $205,000

Walter Constant Jr. and Annie M. Constant to Dinesh Acvharya and Parita Adhikari, 7706 Amberwood Trail, $275,000

Miller Real Estate II LTD to Quinten E. Harris, 134 Harrow Lane, $129,900


Susan Fentress to Trey Mathew Medvec, 520 Blossom Ave., $98,500

Olga Bolanos-Roman to Sherry L. Clark and Alicia Clark-Williams, 346 Sixth St., $110,000

City of Campbell Land Reutilization Program to Premier Land Management LTD, 121 Princess St., $28,000


Michael Tabor to Paul Reider Jr. and Jennifer Reider, 35 Timber Run Court, $430,000

Lori L. Funkhouser to Paul Reider Jr. and Jennifer Reider, 35 Timber Run Court, $430,000

M. Barbara Thomas, trustee, to P-G and P Real Estate LLC, 251 Talsman Drive, $165,000

Charmaine Chung to Stefanie J. Kralj, 60 Brookpark Drive, $222,000

Stonebridge Lane Corp. to Dominic Fabilli, Charleston Court, Lot 2897, $48,000

Eric J. Buchmann to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, 40 E. Main St., $77,400

Canfield Township

Mark J. Horvath and Candace M. Horvath to Piyushkumar B. Patel, 1321 Fox Den Trail, $595,000

William M. Oddis and Marlene Oddis to Andrew Jason Lund and Shelbie Ann Lund, 6295 St. Andrews Drive, $230,000

David L. Leetch and Karen A. Leetch to Kevin Griffen and Vicki Lynn Griffen, 3551 Leffingwell Road, $420,000

Joshua Steven McGaffic to Anthony R. Russo, 3710 Villa Rosa Drive, $510,000

DiCioccio Construction to James P. Thornton, 1975 Heather Lane, $100,000

Elias E. Boulos Jr. and Raina M. Nahra Boulos to SLW Development LLC, 885 W. State St., $85,000

David N. Baer and Rochelle Baer to Michael Van Fossan and Patti K. Van Fossan, 4650 Championship Court, Unit 2, $375,000

Naffah Investments LLC to John R. Straub and Ruth E. Straub, trustees, Macy Lanes, Lot 12, $68,000

CTW Development Corp. to Joel Kendall and Lorin Kendall, 6838 Langston Run, $104,900

Laurel E. Jacobs to Douglas J. Kroek, 8419 Gibson Road,$125,000

Robert Cruciger to Lena A. Esmail, 6866 Twin Oaks Court, $310,000

Simon Westbury LLC to Mark A. Smith and Christina M. Smith, Lot 97 Orchard Park Drive, $50,000

Neilan D. Allen to Savannah Heeter, 143 Melrose Ave., $94,000

Craig Beach

Thomas J. Lemon to Belinda J. Meadows, 17489 Lakewood Ave., $89,900

Michele H. Butler to Hattie R. Hudson and Ernest R. Hudson, 18048 Hillcrest Drive, $660,000


Robert C. Householder to Nathan Cain, 8659 Huxley Road, $170,000


Juli A. Hugel and John J. Hugel III to Colton R. Mantz, 1705 Oak, $200,000

Dustin Rivera to Zachary Harlan Wolfe, Joan, $154,900

ALD SR to Sean G. Price and Jane L. Price, 425 Iowa, $37,000

Thomas Blount and Christine Blount to Edward C. Merola, 322 Ohio, $46,900

Hot Wheels 41 LLC to Merissa D. Marhulik, Avon, $75,000

Gail M. Licek to Professional Real Estate Inc, 859 Gary, $65,000

A L D Sr. to Lori L. Funkhouser, 27 Skoplee, $46,500


James A. Herrington to Joseph Little, 15962 Green Beaver Road, $118,000

David A. Frantz to Renee Dutton, 10762 Duck Creek Road, $144,500


Stephen M. Jones and Karen L. Bovard, trustees to Paul C. Nosek and Anna Lisa Nosek, 9555 W. Western Reserve Road, $585,000

Robert K. Hendricks, trustee to Anthony M. and Shannon Pilolli, 13481 Lisbon Road, $395,900

Ivy A. Nezbeth to Christopher W. Evancho and Julie A. Evancho, Lot #4 Beaver Creek Road, $29,900


Michael G. Tobey to David A. Begeot Jr., 3290 Beechwood, $100,000

Karen Gibbs to Jacob Murphy and Nicole Rogenski, Oakmont, $117,500

James R. Watson III and Susan M. Watson to Lihua Enterprises Inc, 5700 Youngstown Hubbard, $396,500

Betty G. Nittoli to Andrew Burke, 629 Saul, $134,200

Gerald F. Parish to Kayla M. Chaney, 396 Westview, $179,500

James Longwell and Amy Longwell to Robert F. Cole and Connie J. Cole, 525 Jackson, $142,000


Greenawalt Family Trust to Richard Dale Greenawalt, 3472 Rosemont Road, $300,000


Thomas J. Ezzo and Tamie L. Ezzo to William J. Malone and Janet Malone, 1126 Willowood, $215,900

Thomas M. Sherych and Valerie C. Guthrie, to Jacob T. Shaffer, 1203 Rose, $133,500

Sandra J. Melnik to Michael G. Gancarcik and Phyllis A. Gancarcik, 100 Squires Court, $195,000


Helen Retort Patterson to Marvin and Pamela Mashburn, 4097 New Castle Road, $45,000

Patrick Collins and Paige M. Collins to Harold B. Lewis and Laura A. Lewis, 48 Westwood St., $180,000


Frederick Rushnok to Brandon Vaynez, 375 Roselawn, $100,000

Igloo Series II REO LLC to SC Park Lane II LLC, 16462 Mahoning Ave., $109,595

William J. Napier to Andrea M. Bucci and Aaron E. Bucci, Mahoning Ave., $109,551

New Middletown

Emily Bullen to Shane M. Simms and Shala Marie Simms, 10532 Struthers Road, $134,000

Lawrence N. Fritz Jr. and Robert J. Gardner Jr. to Jimmie R. Sanders, 108 Robinwood Drive, $225,000


Nicolino M. Wells and Dina M. Wells to Lisa Lombardo and Judy Lombardo, 2622 Algonquin Drive, $255,000

Richard A. Papp, trustee, to John E. Anderson, 1879 Coit Road, $30,000

David J. and Karen A. Fascia to Kenneth J. Greco Sr. and Patricia K. Greco, 48 Fieldstone Drive, $230,000

Reda Management LLC to John J. Berg and Kimberly M. Berg, 6436-6438 Tala Drive, $200,000

Jacqueline M. Boniface, trustee to Michael V. Kunkle and Sophia T. Kunkle, 24 Botsford St., $350,000

Ricottilli Construction to Richard B. and Mary K. Chisholm, Lot 13 Catarina Place, $110,000

Lisa Colabella to Rondo Properties LLC, 5253 Struthers Road, $185,000


Tina A. Mick and Stephen Mick to WIlliam Parkison and Marlene Faye Parkison, 126 E. Michigan Ave., $81,000

Tracy and Richard Brink to Candy I. Gargas, 532 W. Texas Ave., $93,000

Ashley L. Smith to Cody J. Park, 245 E. Michigan Ave., $85,500


Elecia Cutright to Ashley Davis, 13545 Brace Ave., $130,000

Marjorie M. Powell to Jase D. Uyselt, 13558 Caldwell Ave., $130,000


Eugene A. Lucci to Nicholas Krcelic, 9661 Struthers Road, $120,000

Deloris J. Newcomer to Clinton P. Gray, 13885 Beaver Springfield Road, $165,400

Ronald E. Cornwell and Rhonda R. Cornwell to Patrick James McGlone and Monica Lynn McGlone, 10580 Carrousel Woods Drive, $347,500

The Irvin M. Colwell III and Virginia A. Colwell Revocable Trust to Grant W. Williams and Jennifer L. Williams, 13911 Woodworth Road, $150,000


Emma Elisabeth Martini Memmer to N. R. Vazquez Lopez and Erica Vazquez, 144 Morrison St. $59,000

Allan D. and Shirley G. Cochenour to James R. Hartsock, 195 Sexton St., $80,000

Tina R. Stouffer to Michael Bolevich Jr., 58 Walnut St., $52,000

The Estate of Nedra L. Sattler to Allison Brutka, 474 W. Omar St., $112,250


Theresa B. Marrari Goldner to Steven E. Queen Jr., 1551 Prospect, $362,000

EAS Management of the Valley to Terri S. Horn and Sylan D. Wilkerson, Niles, $139,900

David A. Biviano to Rubinic Asset Management Corporation, 1804 North State, $189,000

Mollie B. Keevey to Tracy Guinaugh and Lindsey Guinaugh, Harmon, $76,000


Adrian E. Jones to Fernanco Concepcion, 315 E. Lucius Ave., $21,000

Christopher Bruchs et al. to Darian Roberts and Michael Walter, 2263 Selma Ave., $63,000

Kendall Frohman to Corey Allen Donchess, 2041 Kirk Road, $155,000

Jose A. Robles Rosa to Jose Reyes, 2424 Craiger Ave., $40,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Sashainy E. Delgado Rivas, 1579 Council Rock Ave., $48,000

Justin M. Goist to Gregory M. Baker, 251 Maywood Drive, $61,500

Michael A. Kopper and Marihelen F. Kopper to John Camuso and Mary Camuso, 1265 Cherokee Drive, $105,000

Diane R. Daley and Robert S. Teets to Roger D. Vigus Sr. and Susan A. Vigus, 920 S. Belle Vista Ave., $90,000

Natalie Sepulveda to Yaritza Santiago, 842 Cameron Ave., $44,000

Joseph A. Ligotti to Brian and Maryann Chaney, 1325 Thornhill Road, $27,100

Michael D. Furden to J. Khoury Property LLC, 1727 Mahoning Ave., $58,000

Michael J. Hurtuk and Martha Hurtuk to Jacque R. Zannini, 85 S. Hazelwood Ave., $65,900

Corgate LLC to White Finch LLC, 2846 Mahoning Ave., $1,140,000

Bobbi N. Langham to Russell Eastman and Alison Trebus-Eastman, 3189 Susan Circle, $109,000

Sunshine Buckeyes LLC to AEY Family LLC, 173 Rhoda Ave., $36,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Sept. 7-10:


Cheryl L. Gleydura to 3446 Rebecca Dr. LLC, 1726 Lancaster Drive, $66,000

Michael Vinkler to Zachary J. Patterson and Megan K. Blackburn, 138 Westminster Ave., $121,500

Gerald L. Savo and Dolores J. Savo to Christopher L. Kowalski and Kristine E. Kowalski, 4689 Barrington Drive, $172,000

Patricia Mariani to John and Christine Dobrilovic, 428 S. Edgehill Ave., $37,500

Robert M. and Karen L. Wilson to Richard E. Dulovich, 4282 Maureen Drive, $150,000

Frank Farkas and Jean Farkas to Philip B. Rogers and Rae J. Rogers, 4120 Stark Drive, $370,000

Jessica M. Rackov to McCoy S. Murray and Katelyn Murray, 7024 Berry Blossom Drive, $204,000

KY Investment Properties LLC to Leetonia Capital Holdings LLC, 4213 Burkey Road, $195,000

SLT REI LLC to David M. Rose, 284 Westminster Ave., $129,000

The Yoho Family Trust to Michael and Naoni Ramun, 1625 Lancaster Drive, $153,500

Pamela Jo Giudici et al. to Eben D. Byers Jr., 5490 W. Radio Road, $60,000

Funtilis Property Group LLC to Gabrielle Lavorata, 156 N. Beverly, $95,000


Harold R. Handwork to Amanda Ruozzo, 9893 Woodworth Road, $176,000

Frank M. Rinko Jr. to Charles L. Olinger and Joanne Olinger, 522 E. Calla Road, $265,000

Jason Marchese to Terry L. Kenney and Tammy Jo Kenney, 447 W. Middletown Road, $521,000

Steven A. Blakeman, trustee to Steve and Alice Marie Sdaya, 13884 Jane St., $155,460

Orlando White and Sally White to Jodi Johnston, 4449 W. Middletown Road, $350,000


Patrick Wolfe to Kevin Summerville and Marie Ciapala, 4309 Bedell Road, $39,900


Paul L. Anastos Sr. to Paul Anastos Jr. and Kimbelry Anastos, 8215 Raupp Ave., $139,500

Maria Basilon to Rima Ghaith, 1526 Tamarisk Trail, $200,000

Patricia A. Schultz to Taylor A. and Elvis Mangula, 882 Pearson Circle, Unit 4, $76,000

Christopher J. Pavel to Timothy J. Shaw, 4017 Shelby Road, $105,000

Kenneth L. Dicks to Joseph C. Parker, 5237 Montrose Ave., $89,500

Felix A. Carmello and Joanne C. Carmello to Wynand Nel and Alexandra Nel, 101 Heather Creek Run, $401,000

War Chest Youngstown LLC to Three 18 Ventures LLC, 4807 Southern Blvd., $45,000

Michele A. Cox to Stephanie R. Bass and Hannah E. Bass, 721 Annawan Lane, $128,000

John J. Paloiwitz Jr. and Patricia J. Palowitz to Anthony J. Dibiase-Harris, 159 Afton Ave., $115,000

Ross C. Barton III and James Hughes to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 7433 Ranier Trail, $101,520

Georgina A. Griffith to Aneeka Z. Majeed, 7968 Sigle Lane, $180,000

Ramon Hernandez to Gregory E. McWilliams, 170 Overhill Road, $195,000

Christine Leschinky to Benjamin J. / Eicher and April Nagle, 4103 Hudson Drive, $75,280

The Estate of Nicholas Naumoff to Shadetree Holdings LLC, 6799 Tippecanoe Road, Unit #4, $110,000

Marisa Facchini to Jaron Howell and Marisa Howell, 5861 Rosewood Drive, $467,000

Speedway LLC to Digging Shows LLC, 5110 Youngstown Poland Road, $110,000

Nancy L. Schepka to Jordan R. Varkonda and Lorie Varkonda, 1821 Lealand Ave., $110,000

Estate of Joanne K. Deemer to Steven Davison and Carrie Baker, 6948 Paxton Road, $118,000

Ryan Russo to Brandon R. Johovic, 4073 Baymar Drive, $174, 900

The Sylvester Family Limited Partnership to Jesse J. McClurg and Abby L. Smalley, 802 Glenbrook Road, $235,000

Rick L. Ross et al. to Robert J. Kish, 1216 Redtail Hawk Drive, Unit 6, $128,000


Theresa M. Rosado to Michael L. Biggs Jr., 489 Park Drive, $147,000

Lukas B. Darling et al. to Thomas L. Robb and Lise L. Larsen, 117 Regent St., $39,000

Anibal Medina to Eileen Valentin and Ruperto Valentin, 165 Camvet Drive, $80,000


Ruth B. Campfield, trustee to T. Godoy Cintra, 211 Talsman Drive, Unit 1, $215,000

David Burch and Leona Burch to Lee R. Hughes and Marie L. Hughes, 151 Colonial Drive, 355,000

Canfield Township

Stephen W. Terihay and Suzanne J. Terihay, 7534 Herbert Road, $150,000

Patsy Musolino to Cole D. Pryjma, 3776 Mercedes Place, $155,000


Terry L. Kenney and Tammy Jo Kenney to The Stitle Family Trust, 523 Windjammer Drive, $525,000

Susan E. Bleggi to Frederick J. Graft and Susan E. Graft, 165 Saybrook Blvd., $380,000


Robert F. Charles Jr. and Coleen A. Dannessa to Robert F. Charles Jr., 1074 North, $38,500

Amanda D. Lewis to Stephen R. Horsley and Mary Denise Horsley, 610 Joan, $116,862

Samuel R. Mancino to VT Larney LTD, 1079 North, $55,000


Terry L. Walter et al. to Kirk C. Zimmerman, 11196 W. Pine Lake Road, $125,000


Louis W. McLain to Kondaur Capital LLC, 3119 Youngstown Hubbard, $49,900

Jordan Hillwig to Christopher M. Coonce, 635 Lloyd, $133,000

Joseph A. Perry and Janet L. Perry to Guo Tong Liu and Li Yu Xing, 527 Creekside Drive, $338,000

Russell Scott Greene and Dianne L. W. Greene to Susan M. Thomas and John P. Thomas, 314 Myron, $120,000

Thomas J. Sewickley and Stephanie A. Sewickley to James C. Sofranik, 266 Christian, $137,500

Jason A. Morris to Scott C. Miller, 547 S. Main, $45,000

William L. Mcie to Jessica Ranalli and Joseph Ranalli III, 637 Burdie, $133,000

Mark Kwiecinski and Thomas Kwiecinski to Brian K. Wylie and Teena L. Wylie, 722 Dresden, $72,500


Charles R. Williams and Bianca L. Eaton to Patricia A. Easton, 500 Murray Hill, $169,900

John E. Schuster to Jean Cali, 1720 Churchill, $95,000

Glenn F. Whitaker Sr. and Diane M. Whitaker to M Walker Investments LLC, 4710 Crews Hood, $137,200


Jodi Laveck to WH Land Company LLC, 305 Marshall, $70,000

Joseph J. Guarino III and Joseph J. Guarino to Colby O. Carpenter and Maley A. Worrell, 355 Utah, $184,000


Michel M. Cunningham and Tracy Cunningham to Denise Farrell, Bayview, $26,000

The Beverly Bungard-Smith Revocable Living Trust to Patrick J. O’Keefe, 15852 Creed Road, $168,000

Diane M. Hofus and Matthew C. Hofus to John Dobrilovic, N. Duck Creek Road, $35,000

Kenneth G.. McKenzie and Grace C. McKenzie, 2861 Rochester Drive, $285,000


Elsa Russo to Brandy Jorge, 2234 Shetland, $110,000

Eileen F. Kelty to Danielle Ceplice, 3081 Heatherbrae Drive, $169,000

Maria P. Kassawat to Jason Doctor and Theresa Strines, 8266 Van Drive, $164,000

Markus J. Cruz to Jaswinder Singh and Navneet Kaur, 2912 Spitler Road, $175,000

Bettye E. Pacella to David Tancer and Skye Tancer, Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $42,500

Stoney M. Moore and Christina M. Moore to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 2239 Hamilton Ave., $90,000

Sanford G. Kulkin and Patricia Kulkin to Mary T. Paumier and Gregory J. Paumier


Susan E. Sanor to Kristen Marie Hardy and James William Hardy, 312 Bennington Drive, $335,000


Gregory S. Anderson and Rose M. Anderson to Kenny Mayle, 805 W. California Ave., $25,000

Theresa Tolson to Desmond M. Page, 18461 5th St., $115,000

Michael R. Lawson Sr. and Tracy Lynne Lawson to Anna M. Guthrie, 17051 W. Middletown Road, $130,000


Greenheart Companies LLC to John S. Lenkey and Johnene M. Lenkey, 1805 Western Reserve Road, Unit #88, $280,066

Phyllis A. Leyshon to Waste Management of Ohio Inc., 3593 Columbiana Road, $290,000


Barbara L. Zilkovich to Fred H. Smith and Jerri L. Smith, 603 W. Harvey St., $132,500

Karen Lee Crawford et al. to Charles A. Toth and Dallas A. Bigley, 491 Audrey Lane, $50,000

Benjamin J. Marcum to Courteney J. Metts, 76 Harvey St., $93,000

DSK Properties LLC to MGA Investments LLC, 413 W. Wilson St., $30,000


Elizabeth Campbell to Alyscam LLC, Bellwood, $42,500


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Richard Deley, 1907 Pontview Ave., $29,000

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. to Daniel Norsic, 1640 Canfield Road, $60,000

Victoria Brown to Angel Franklin, 665 N. Schenley Ave., $88,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Felix Jesus Gutierrez Rosado and Sernnie Santana Rivera, 1349 Grandview Ave., $38,000

Estate of Ann Klopta to Robert McGuire, 624 W. Heights Ave., $45,000

Jumaneh M. Ali to Jaber Daher Tawfiq Abu Noaj, 1625 Oak St., $40,000

Robert G. Riley to Frazier Land Co. LLC, 1829 McCollum Road, $90,000

NJL Properties LLC to Alba L. Monroy, 131 N. Belle Vista Ave., $30,000

Mary Politz and Frank S. Politz to John E. Tenezaca and Blanca Rivera, 802 Cambridge Ave., $32,000

Sincere Enterprises LLC to Veronica Vega Torres and Herminio Santiago Perrez, 30 N. Richview Ave., $25,000

Joseph F. Masson Jr. to Michelle Sammartino, 43 S. Richview Ave., $44,000

James C. Beaudis to Cody Anderson, 243 Wychwood Lane, $91,750

Irene Eshenbaugh to Phyllis Santangelo, 3625 Loveland Road, $40,000

Halia Harmouche to David G. Foust et al., 212 E. Auburndale, $24,000

David G. Foust et al., to Family Lease LLC, 212 E. Auburndale, $35,293

Elsa Russo to William S. Dean III, 2730 Julian St., $25,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. Inc. to Haley P. Masters, 2315 Volney Road, $115,000

Michael Olverson to William Rubicky, 3923 Euclid Blvd., $82,500

Donna L. Smolko to First York Financial LLC, 975 E. Boston Ave., $33,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 30-Sept. 3:


Gosney Homes LLC to Bernadett M. Youngs, 244 N. Beverly, $99,000

Gheorghe Viorel Ilcus to Jose Alcides Cruz and Maria Del Pilar Cruz, 3270 S. Canfield-Niles Road, $55,000

William T. Skeliski and Margaret A. Skeliski to Jared H. Gherardi, 79 Aldrich Road, $137,000

Thomas Robert Torno and Kathleen M. Torno to Phillip Jason Piccione and Mary Ellen Piccione, 3451 Orchard Hill Drive, $190,000

Diana L. Kusic et al. to Robert B. and Amy L. Eckert, 4274 Woodleigh Lane, $102,000

M&J Real Estate Inc. to Shannon Renee Whited and Todd Ethan Whited, Meander Glen Drive, $64,000

Charles J. Rusnak and Benjamin C. Rusnak to Heather A. Bowers, 4468 & 4470 Washington Square Drive, $70,000

Denise Grimm to James V. McCartin and Lisa Gavin, 4595 Warwick Drive N, $150,000

Ethan A. Solger and Michelle Solger to Wesley J. Keasler and Tiffany D. Keasler, 6766 Fox Hunt Court, $256,000

Robert T. Suber et al. to Jordan Mohamed and Kasey L. McMurray, 5663 Colgate Drive, $165,000

Shetland Rose Investment LLC to Jessica Hosey, 4150 Woodmere Drive, $75,000

Vincent A. Rago and Sheri L. Rago to Paul Seibert, 206 S. Navarre Ave., $175,000

Kristen N. Brooks to Conrad T. Smith, 3621 Almerinda Drive, $58,010

Armadillo Development LLC to D&E Holdings LLC, Ohltown Road, $65,000

Gary W. Snyder to Rachel Lavender, 4040 Kirk Road, $144,000

Thomas and Krystel Kuhns to Leah and Edward DiFlorio, 6994 Ruby Courts, $360,000

Carl J. Storey Jr. Estate to Augustin James Holman and Shelby List, 321 N. Edgehill Ave., $92,000

Thomas S. Sharfal to Tiffany Lorraine Doefer, 694 Notre Dame Ave., $140,000

Gary S. Janis to Eric Haughey and Kelly Haughey, 3419 Sandalwood Lane, $170,000


Docs Land LLC to Elias H. and Georgienne Douropolous, Lot #2 Lake Front Blvd., $34,900

Cole Kern and Jolene Kern to Joseph DeNiro and Rachel DeNiro, Lot 25 Mystic Rock Road, $37,900

John Lyda to Kevin C. Boardman, 13864 Beaver Springfield Road, $423,500


John Phillip Dean and Sueann M. Dean, 740 Sable Court, $184,900

Michelle Amicone to Aaron J. Merlino and Lauren Merlino, 68 Robin Hood Drive, $220,000

John Schmidt to Paul L. Scott, 1343 Pheasant Court, $192,900

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Brett Marshall, 7128 Marinthana Ave., $170,000

Robert Joseph Comstock III to Brian Yordnoff, 415 Maple Ave., $180,000

John T. Drummond to Liberty V. Dyer, 21 Marlindale Ave., $94,075

Aya Sanyal to Danny E. Chipps, 6747 Bristlewood Drive, $145,000

Robert D. Bearn Jr. to Pheasant Canyon LLC, 24 Arlene Ave., $70,000

Patrick R. DeSimone and Patricia A. DeSimone to Arron J. Closson, 40 Mary Ann Lane, $150,000

Overly Real Estate and Remodeling LLC to Marcus Agee, 4066 Baymar Drive, $195,000

Kathy L. Collins and Megan E. Wade, trustees to Caren M. Fontanarosa, 814 Kentwood Drive, Unit 4, $145,000

David Eck and Barbara Eck to Alan Bowers, 3950 Risher Ave., $60,000

Brent S. Kantaras to Warren Alcock, 111 Sugar Cane Drive, $226,000

Donald E. Hilland to Lindsay E. Simstad, 134 Brainard Drive, $145,000

Anthony L. Catrucco and Bianca Catrucco to William Zuschlag and Megan Zuschlag, 5483 Lemoyne Ave., $179,000

Ping Ho Fu and Yi Tsun Fu to BCP Development LP, 150 Boardman Canfield Road, $545,000

Shannon C. Schobel-Brown to The East Ohio Gas Company, Tippecanoe Road, $200,000

William K. Eckert and April P. Eckert to Collin Main, 4134 Lockwood Blvd., $196,000

Anne Frederick Crawford, trustee to Mark Kellerman, 7432 Oregon Trail, $30,000

David M. Sepe to Kayela M. Gibson and James R. Gibson Jr., 269 S. Cadillac Drive, $155,000

Edith J. Renfrew to Sheetal Raina, 1339 Fox Run Court, Unit Q, $126,500

Gaye M. Choleva to Gregory F. Sawyer and Sharon M. Sawyer, 7398 E. Huntington Drive, Unit B, $199,900

David J. and Anne E. Williams to James M. Terranova, 7727 W. Parkside Drive, $235,000

Susan Fercana to Ghassan Musleh, 5321 Sheridan Road, $88,000

GLG Industries LLC to The CMG Group of Market Street LLC, 8381 Market St., $1,000,000

Nancy Trevena to Armadillo Development LLC, 8041 Aquadale Drive, $145,000

Karen S. Hammond to Hayden C. Martin, 1752 Lynn Mar Ave., $124,000

John J. Greier and Maureen M. Greier to Sam J. Ciminero and Sandra L. Ciminero, 836 Crestview Drive, $301,001

E. Brian Connors, trustee to Italiano Holdings LLC dba Italiano Properties, 761 Glenbrook Road, $141,000

Leslie J. LaRue to Ohio M. Construction Corporation, 1745 Mathews Road, $61,000

Jami Beth Czuba-Akin to Matthew L. Pecchia and Lindsey N. Ignazio, 126 Robin Hood Drive, $175,000

James T. Parker and Nicole M. Parker to Randy L. Skelton and Jessica Skelton, 76 Leighton Ave., $135,000

Marianne R. Kohler to Brianna Doss, 6518 Glenwood Ave., $74,800

Kado Land Company LLC to Montgomery Street Homes LLC, $169,500

Reema Taneja and Rajiv Taneja, trustees to Brandon Parvini, 5880 Cherrywood Drive, $450,000


Donald M. Michaels and Paula Michaels to Giovanni M. Serra and Gianna M. Serra, 473 Porter Ave., $32,000

Kevin J. Baty to James E. Kather, 676 Moore Ave., $110,000

Emanuel P. Ginnis to Ralph James Streb III, 275 Struthers-Liberty Road, $125,000


Abdul Bari Lateef and Kauser Lateef to Michelle L. Sebastiani, 45 Oakmont Court, $940,000

April Hardman to Thomas E. Froelich and Margaret A. Froelich, 53 Lakhani Lane, $350,000

William A. Rankin and Suzanne R. May to John F. and Mary Beth Stride, 595 S. Hillside Drive, $140,000

Kellie M. Wray to DAB Property Group LTD, 315 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $90,200

Brianna L. Pridon and Jason Pridon to Amber Sullivan, 98 Neff Drive, $145,000

Kevin L. Whistler to Ryan C. Capretta, 148 Hood Drive, $160,000

Canfield Township

Aaron J. Stoeber and Dominique K. Stoeber to Vincent M. Overmyer and Jamie N. Overmyer, 7117 Youngstown-Salem Road, $356,000

Brent Campbell and Amy L. Campbell to Jennifer L. Dietz and Gary Kitts, 6060 S. Raccoon Road, $189,500

CTW Development Corp. to Patrick Murphy and Kalie Gargano-Murphy, 9151 Springfield Road, Unit 402, $104,900

Paul A. Reider Jr. and Jennifer W. Reider to Jason E. Stacy and Heidi W. Stacy, 7150 St. Ursula Drive, $485,000

Naffah Investments LLC to Belinda Arnott, Lot 29 Macy Lane, $61,000

CTW Development Corp. to Lucinda P. Carrocce, trustee, 7136 Paddington Rowe, $165,000

CTW Development Corp. to Valerie I. Cardiero, 7625 Brixton Crest, $79,900

Donna L. Capretta to Christina Simon, 4430 St. Angela Place, $362,000

Sheldon Wayne Roberts to John Hughes, 3885 Shields Road, $210,000


Peggy A. Bruceli to Jason and Rebekah Porasky, 11500 Campfire Circle, $350,000

Michael G. Stoffer to Burnell K. Zimmerman, 12360 Diehl Road, $210,000

NJR Holdings LLC to Griswold Group LLC, 9790 W. Akron Canfield Road, $195,000


Edward H. Rice and Mary P. Rice to Nicholas C. Kratsas and Nicholas F. Kratsas, 901 Shannon, $95,000

Vincent Simone to Ashley Davis and Cynthia Davis, 106 Morris, $172,000


Jay L. Stamp et al. to Higher Investments Inc., Lot #1 Lot #2, $240,000

Flintbend Land Holdings LLC to Butech-Lehmann Real Estate LLC, 11000 St. Rt. 62, $450,000


Kenneth M. Morgan to Christopher K. Murphy, 340 Wheeler, $98,900

Karen Mascioli to Anthony C. Datillo, 574 Ruth, $70,000

Janice A. Matthews and Jack I Siverline to Michael E. King and Malissa A. King, 6844 Chestnut Ridge, $82,000

Thomas W. Allen and Nancy L. Allen to Derek T. Hollander and Kristen L. Hollander, 1830 Cherry Lane, $240,000

Norman J. Ziccardi II and Renee R. Trobek to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 38 Walnut, $40,000

Joseph Petrak Jr. and Jayne E. Pavia to Jimmer Holdings LLC, 6041 W. Liberty, $30,000

Derek T. Hollander and Kristen L. Hollander to Jacob M. Goodworth and Briana A. Goodworth, 365 Center, $149,900

Amy S. Reed to Mara J. Fustos and Nicholas J. Fustos, 112 E. Park, $175,000


Vivian Crawford to Mark Gibbs and Karla Gibbs, 1722 N. Salem-Warren Road, $475,000

Lisa R. Silliman to Eric Klingensmith and Janice A. Klingensmith, 2051 S. Bailey Road, $260,000


Toby A. Meloro and Christina M. Meloro to Danielle R. Liggins and Chakieyla Liggins, 1157 Trails Edge, $340,000

Karen Hickok to Kevin Kenyon, 4792 March, $110,000

David A. Cayten to Zachary A. Kollar, 1802 Pleasant Valley, $100,000

James R. Welfle and Sandra L. Welfle to Thomas Anness and Theresa Anness, 274 Potters Circle, $250,000

Elizabeth Ferrell to Garett Szymanski, 579 Santa Monica Circle, $91,500

Paul M. Orend to Liberty Auto Connection No. 1 LLC, 24 Goldie, $90,000

Joseph Sosna to AMA Ohio Home LLC, 1126 Washington, $45,000

Andrew Stewart to Keldon Small and Michelle Cameron, 388 Ventura, $125,000


John B. Mattisi to Rachael Ray Hilderbrand and Dylan Peterson, 22 W. Walnut St., $66,000


Julia G. Burr to Kara Beth Bischoff, 740 Iowa, $155,000


The Bell Family Trust to Chad A. Schultz and Kandi M. Schultz, 2872 Ravenna Drive, $207,500

Robert J. Houck, trustee to Stephen M. Kozma and Angela F. Kozma, Ohio Drive, $105,000

New Middletown

Phillip G. Pachner to Liborio B. Ricottilli Jr., 56 Jeffrey Lane, $99,100


Thomas McCutcheon III to William Howard McCutcheon, 24 Massachusetts Ave., $50,000

Stephen E. Clark and Jodi A. Clark to Richard Olear and Felylou Tampac, 3022 Autumnwood Trail, $325,000

Andre Silvers to Tiffany Jaques, 7501 Lee Run Road, $250,000

Britini M. Maimone and Brad G. Brocker to Deborah A. Wheeler and Donald Wheeler, 2943 Highland Ave., $182,500

Patricia A. DeRosa to Michelle Sturgiss and Timothy Sturgiss, 2344 Bedford Road, $80,000

C M Kaz and Company Inc. to Fine Tune Fitness LLC, 8231 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $290,000

Mary Grace Aurandt and Robert Aurandt to Ruth Beatty Kaseta, 2332 Clyde Sr., $75,000

Lisa A. Antonas to Anthony R. Horvath, 2989 Howell Drive, $180,000

2150 Dayton LLC to Michael Lee Donahue and Brianna Leigh Donahue, 5162 Center Road, $115,000

Robert C. and Carin Barnhart to Mark J. and Barbara Barnhart, 6162 Circle Drive, $140,000

Phyllis A. Forris to PLR Properties LLC, 8082 N. Lima Road, $115,000

Field Acres Property Group LLC to Ayla Ahmed Kessler, 7329 N. Lima Road, $135,000


Shane Daniel Bradt to Virginia R. Wolf and Ernee L. Wolf, 265 W. Ohio Ave., $158,500

Darryl J. Wilson Jr. to Kris Lehmann, 825 W. Oregon Ave., $166,000

Edwin E. Winters and Mary K. Winters to Meghan E. Schoelles, 376 W. Indiana Ave., $97,000

Timothy R. and Brenda K. Bailey to Stephen G. Mick and Tina A. Mick, 155 W. Vermont Ave., $90,000

Mary Ellen Clark to monica Jane Baddeley, 376 E. Oregon Ave., $56,000


M. Diane Horn to Mark A. Herold and Sheila A. Herold, 20761 Courtney Road, $139,900

David K. Coffman to Kenneth c. O’Brock, Martin Road, $187,500

John Nicoara and Leah Nicoara to Mark W. Burcaw and Nancy A. Burcaw, 18700 Beverly Ave., $63,000


Shawn Smith to Clark Street Investments LLC, 208 Sexton St., $45,000

Michael A. Miller to Richard Leonelli, 462 Sexton St., $75,000

Patricia Scavnicky to Karl R. Hartzell, 876 5th St., $139,000

Halstead Family Trust to JMMK Holdings LLC, 456 Creed St., $60,000

Carlo C. Rubino to Joann Pangio, 443 7th St., $24,500

LCT Solutions LLC to Heather M. Cozak, 6 E. Parkcliff Ave., $77,500

Adamczak Group LTD to Neta S. Warders, 286 Poland Ave., $95,000


William R. Dray and Linda S. Dray to Yogeshkumar Patel, 2174 Oakwood, $292,500

Eleanor M. Nippert to Christopher W. Ault and Heather L. Ault, 3861 Kelley, $55,000

Levi Clemens and Samantha Clemens to Brandon Koenig, 1767 County Line Road, $178,000


TimeKap Inc. to Shillelagn Properties LLC, Belmont and Granada, $100,000

Sharon L. Cox to JAD Rentals of Youngstown LLC, 324 N. Fruit St., $41,000

Estate of Raymond Earl Coppersmith to Edgar J. Coppersmith and Esmeralda Mimenez, 2332 Shawnee Trail, $116,000

Margaret Elizabeth Cruz to Nanette Donithan, 966 Lanterman Ave., $69,000

Marilynne P. Houy to Judy A. Franklin, 4134 Rush Blvd., $89,900

ACCLL Estates LLC to Michael Sullivan, 3613 Kiowa Road, $164,900

Nancy Nerti to William S. Hutchings and Karen Hutchings, trustees, 2571 Mt. Vernon Ave., $41,000

RNEP LLC to SLSJJ LLC, 2126 E. Midlothian Blvd., $34,000

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Nicholas A. Dierkes and Joseph S. Dillon, 173 Clarencedale Ave., $43,100

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Segundo Victor Pelaez and Dolores Pelaez, 219 S. Osborne Ave., $59,000

Safe Real Estate LLC to A&M Society Inc., 127 S. Maryland Ave., $68,000

Judy L. Repp to Benjamin James Heestand, 591 Birch Hill Drive, $125,000

Brian Landgraver to Crystal Haywood, 539 Ashley Ave., $66,400

John M. Jr. and Joyce E. Kovach to Zachary William Johnson and Cynthia Johnson, 3435 Hopkins Road, $88,900

Armadillo Development LLC to Nancy L. Trevena, 2325 Old Furnace Road, $175,000

Tracey R. and Lisa L. Bowler to Chemille Murphy, 3402 Susan Circle, $130,000

Tina Hunter to Takari Y. Person Sr., 425 Fairgreen Ave., $47,000

Kenneth J. Spencer Jr. to Robert R. Brophy, 2560 Bears Den Road, $132,500

Judy L. Repp to Angela Cool, 813 S. Belle Vista Ave., $48,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 23-27:


Smasher Investments LLC to Hubbard Realty Business Inc., 701 N. Canfield Niles Road, $670,000

Daniel Predrag Boyadich to Jasmine M. Suzelis, 4509 Burkey Road, $94,900

Eric M. Lissimore and Yolanda Lewis to Joseph Adam Dixon and Nikole Dawn Dixon, 3108 Meanderwood Drive, $200,000

John J. Kopsic III Trust to Brenden S. Sheridan, 5654 Callaway Circle, $115,000

Carolina Figley to Joseph DiLisio and Cayla Dietz, 319 Rosemont Ave., $73,000

Joyce L. Pishkur to Donald A. Rohrbaugh and Kimberly R. Rohrbaugh, 5540 London Drive, $129,900

Robert D. Beach Jr. to Ronald H. Allenburg and Theresa R. Allenburg, 5965 Herons Blvd. Unit 19, $255,000

Lisa M. Hlinka to Jeffrey Peisto, 5614 Callaway Circle, $125,000

Michael J. Hudak and Robert J. Hudak to William L. Hart and Pamela Hart, 5563 Cider Mill Crossing, $189,900

Patrick J. McGlone to Angela E. Lubonovich, 3912 Artmar Drive, $166,016

James D. Chismark II to Union Home Mortgage Corp., 3832 Robert Frost Drive, $147,901

James A. Viglio Jr. and Diane C. Viglio to Nicholas J. Hamrock, 4791 Pine Trace, $131,000

James R. Jr. and Kayela Gibson to Brandon E. Keys, 87 Idlewood Road, $87,500

The Estate of Kristopher A. King to Russell G. Houser, 5623 Callaway Circle, $127,000

Jennifer L. Callen-Naviglio to Joseph Loins, 165 N. Roanoke Ave., $79,900


Denise M. Carradine to Tony D. Johnson and Tracey L. Johnson, 1281 Sharrott Run Place, $325,000

Walter David Hartsock to Patrick Rovnak Jr. and Taylor Lynn Siefke, 4561 South Range Road, $160,000

Donald K. Rosensteel Revocable Living Trust to Michael T. Horne and Amy J. Horne, 14480 Beaver Springfield Road, $300,000


Patrick Wolfe to Gerald Chapman and Stacy Chapman, 4449 Bedell Road, $59,000

Eric Varns and Tiffany Morehead to James McFeely and Darlene K. McFeely, 14983 Berlin Station Road, $265,000


Frank Davidson to Kenneth J. Garling and Jennifer Barrett, 150 Robin Hood Way, $295,000

Susanne M. and Paul A. Milley to Jacob Medvec, 744 Canterberry Lane, $140,000

Richard Alan Buxman and Jocelyn Louise Buxman to Kyle R. Buxman and Kaitlyn E. Buxman, 7574 Yellow Creek Drive, $125,000

Daniel R. Greene and Candace S. Green to Joseph J. Uscianowski, 132 Meadowbrook Ave., $112,200

Anthony G. Horvath and Christine Horvath to Fred Green, 1260 Boardman-Canfield Road, $200,000

Kimberly A. Trupe and Cynthia J. Smith to Edward Frame, 5261 Old Oxford Lane, $180,000

Michael G. and Amanda L. Cummings to Melanie Cummings, 147 Harrow Lane, $115,000

Chelsea C. Longway to Michael Cummings and Amanda Cummings, 325 Ewing Road, $172,500

John Kolcun to Richard J. Stiles Holdings LLC, 3917 Shelby Road, $60,000

Contour Properties LLC to Michael Loy and Liliana Loy, 5024 Firnley Ave., $135,000

Adam Charles Taylor and Angela Marie Taylor to Eric Albino and Karianne Albino, 273 Griswold Drive, $190,000

Thomas H. Nord to Janet L. Bannon, 24 Maple Drive, $105,000

26K LLC to Kayla Doss, 407 Old Shay Lane, $68,000

Ernest A. Perrin III to Samuel M. Orr, 1008 Old Harbour Place, $240,000

Ryan and Talia Anderson to Jason Hooks, 7125 Claybourne Ave., $127,000

Jessica L. Martin to Stacy Varga, 4104 Arden Blvd., $141,000

Candida DiMatteo to Ryan Biak Mawi and Sui Nuam Par, 72 Terrace Drive, $112,500


Holly M. Aeppli to Arthur J. Cioffi III, 717 Penhale Ave., $50,000

Michelle R. Rodriguez to Juanito Perez, 311 Park Drive, $89,000

Thomas J. Sores to Michael Claytor and Samantha Claytor, 560 Moore Drive, $110,600

Melissa Lias to Angel Rivera Serrano and Damaris Rivera, 96 Fatima Drive, $60,000


Ikremah A. Omran and Ami Omran to Albert Sheynkman and Angie Sheynkman, 110 Montgomery Drive, $425,000

W.C. Holdings LLC to Mauro Garcia and Monandra Garcia, 251 Bradford Drive, $270,000

Kelly A. Filisky and Jak M. Filisky to Thomas J. Herman and Ann Less, 45 Court St., $113,000

Michelle L. Sebastiani to John M. and Susan C. Pezzana, 301 Timber Run Drive, $485,000

Canfield Township

DiCioccio Construction to Robert F. Zwicker, 3902 Mary Way, $110,000

Charles J. Boris and Billie Jo Boris to Devin C. Deckant II and Alycia M. Deckant, 4557 Mellinger Road, $268,000

Tanoukhi Real Estate Investment LLC to John Elliott and Susan Elliott, 4150 Timberland Trail #2, $187,500

Timothy R. Franklin and Scott W. Franklin to Daniel R. Franklin and Debra L. Franklin, 6006 Calico Lane, $175,000

Lucan J. and Melissa A. Christy to Deborah Anne Reed, 4301 Canfield Road, $173,000

Craig Beach

Sandra L. Wrightsman to Rachel A. Huffman, 7696 Tallmadge Road, $60,000

Michaelanne Day to Gary E. SLider and Michelle J. Slider, trustees, 17720 Redwood Road, $100,000


The Steiskal Family Trust to David W. and Susan H. Francis, 4639 S. Bailey Road, $324,500


Joann Johntony to Amy Keller and Christopher E. Keller, 973 Shannon, $125,000

Kelly N. Baco to Jennifer N. Baer, 605 Washington, $85,000

James S. Jones Jr. to Caleb Daum and Sarah Daum, 717 Churchill, $50,000


Hollie Marie Steiner and Todd Steiner to David M. Sepe and Courtnie Sepe, 9431 W. Western Reserve Road, $205,000

Elias and Georgienne Douropoulos to Andrew and Danielle Zunic, Lot #2 Washingtonville Road, $36,000

Douglas R. Knopp and Jerrel L. Johnson to John Crogan, W. Pine Lake Road, $70,000


Taylor F. Doss to John Clipse and Kelly Jo Clipse, 3410 Bell Wick, $121,500

Bruce A. Wylie to Richard J. Toy Sr. and Gail L. Toy, 153 S. Main, $25,000

Harry Hull to Home with Trees Surrounding the Huge Front, 3184 Seifert Lewis, $68,600


Joseph Calinger III to VT Larney LTD, 541 Liberty, $85,000

James P. Marco and Carly A. Burgdorf to Marie A. Lee and Samantha J. Lee, 536 Murray Hill, $150,000

Lionel J. Trebilcock to Tyler A. Wallace, 2200 Pleasant Valley, $150,000

Joseph B. Sudrovic to Steven M. Rock and Michelle L. Rock, 985 Royal Arms, $385,000


Robert C. Little and Darla M. Little to Robert Gatta and Rebecca Gatta, McDonald, $24,000

Courtney Skiba to Robert John Reizian, 948 Florida, $144,200

Melissa A. Crown to Dominic Chambers, 407 Pennsylvania, $112,500

Jason A. Dray to Diane M. Gibbons, 411 Pennsylvania, $85,900


The Estate of William Mele to Wavecrest Comfort Living LLC, 179 Wavecrest Ave., $876,190

The Spencer-Pola Family Trust to The Kyla Rashelle Wells and Donadl Gene Wells Living Trust, Ellsworth Road, $114,800

New Middletown

Jeremiah Hill to Danielle Guzzo, 10700 Main St., $125,000


Jeswald Land Co. LTD to Robert M. and Karen L. Wilson, 6695 Clingan Road #9, $225,000

Bradley L. Wallen to Daniel T. Bobic and Daniel T. Bobic and Rachel E. Bobic, 7209 Yellow Creek Drive, $360,000

Salina M. Morgan to Ayla Ahmed Kessler, 2306 Renwick Drive, $125,000

Premier Development LTD to Clyde Thomas and Denise DeFabio, 7106 Virginia Place, $55,000

Susan L. Crowley to Matthew J. White, 28 Riverside Drive, $300,000

Stephen Crea and Audrey J. Crea to Cynthia Jo Scali, 2985 Palisade Drive, $180,000

Mary F. Allen to David DePanicis and Savannah Florkowski, 2302 Lyon Blvd., $165,000


Michael R. Green and Sherie M. Green to Brock Anthony Wickersham, 196 W. Indiana Ave., $138,000

Larry V. Welling and Kathy Welling to Gregory L. and Marie A. Smith, 119 W. Georgia Ave., $40,000

Heritage Oaks Banquet Center LTD to Tonya Dean and Scott A. Dean, 230 S. 12th St., $260,000


Richard Heiser to Elite One Properties LLC, 11590 Oyster Road, $181,500

Sancap Abrasives Inc. to Kenneth C. O’Brock, Martin Road, $162,931


Daniel Michale Pitzo to KLIZ Properties LLC, E. Calla Road, $25,000

DaieRae Diversifie3d LLC to Centofanti Concrete and Excavating Inc., W. Calla Road, $40,000

BCS Development LLC to John A. Scott, Lot 23 Heron Bay Drive, $115,000

Phillip J. Zwingler and Jana L. Zwingler to Steve Lyras and Maria Lyras, Lot 3 E. Middletown Road, $30,000

Phillip J. Zwingler and Jana L. Zwingler to George Chammas et al., Lot 1 E. Middletown Road, $55,000


John E. Turco and Georgia Ann Turco to Thomas D. Murphy and Phyllis D. Murphy, 237 Clingan Road, $195,000

Cynthia M. Reihms to Cynthia Ann Martin, 145 Renee Drive, $83,000


Michael L. Sauner II and Amanda L. Pallante to Bao Nguyen and Phuong Nguyen, 1741 Shannon Circle, $155,000

Charles E. Casey to Charles E. Casey Jr., 3395 Lakeside, $110,000

Joseph M. Zeolla and Cindy A. Zeolla to Alex Dickson, 2687 Morris Lane, $125,000

Batia E. Baji to Zachary J. Aldridge, 2249 Crestmont, $400,000


JSR Property Management LLC to Tulp II LLC, Norwood Ave. et al., $350,000

Joseph J. Vari II and Janet L. Vari, trustees to Rent Me LLC, 288 Potomac Ave., $24,900

Sondra J. Perkins to Kimberly Davis, 1940 Manhattan Ave., $53,000

Daniel J. Ardale to Daren P. Mrenak Sr. and Mary Ann Mrenak, 1629 Lynn Ave., $100,000

Melinda M. Ellis to Karen Yu, 21 N. Hartford Ave., $30,000

Soverign Grace Chapel Inc. to Encounter 1078 International, 2012 Mahoning Ave., $175,000

Sarah M. Laite to Munawar H. Chaudhry, 120 Wychwood Lane, $32,000

Barry R. Silver and Karen Silver to Brick Print LLC, 27 Federal Plaza W, $460,000

Melanie A. Cummings to Jaron William Degroot, 3416 Loveland Road, $51,000

Janice I. Lydic to Kerri M. Newman, 1570 Lynn Ave., $100,000

Nechelle Spann to Louis Slepski, 1559 Wakefield Ave., $25,100

Edward Manuel Kershaw to G3 Property Management LLC, 2707 Oakwood Ave., $91,000

Frank M. Mihalik to Ciara Ware, 458 N. Brockway Ave., $95,000

Milton G. Lenhart and Nancy E. Lenhart to Angel L. Vega, 468 Madera Ave., $92,000

Estate of Stephanie J. Tarajcak to Dylan Mellinger, 1654 Wakefield Ave., $54,970

Dayne E. Sammartino and Constance J. Sammartino to Ehsaly Properties LLC, 155 W. Indianola Ave., $319,000

Edward Manuel Kershaw to G3 Property Management LLC, 2707 Oakwood Ave., $91,000

Jannie L. Tagger to Chiara and Rydell Duke, 342 Mistletoe Ave., $47,000

Ma Salud Gray to Jerick Evan Oates and Brittany Paige Oates, 1953 S. Meridian Road, $120,000

H. Howard Pincham to KJS Land LLC, 810 Mahoning Ave., $50,000

Mark E. Kelso to Casey Allan Wiltshire, 1245 S. Meridian Road, $89,000

SemGen Holdings LLC to The Entrust Group Inc., 142 Lilburne Drive, $57,500

Robert H. Allen and Cindy S. Allen to Frank Karcher, 3335 Decamp Road, $115,000

Ronald C. Potraffke and Yvonne M. Griffith to Premier Real Estate Management, 3708 Sunset Blvd., $24,100

Memich LLC to Gordon Anthony Layne, 332 Greenwood St., $24,000

Elsie Kun to Robert Jarrell, 101 Manchester Ave., $42,000

Robert and Leslie Prosser to Christine Day, 2512 Nadyne Drive, $84,000

Robert J. DelSignore to Melea Bonilla, 1642 Everett Ave., $79,170

SemGen Holdings LLC to Raymond Lynsky and Chelsea Lynsky, 701 Samuel Ave., $57,000

Maria A. Lee to Frederick Shimer, 2104 Connecticut Ave., $42,000

Robert M. Clyde to Scott W. Stackhouse, 912 Upton Road, $45,000


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