Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 16-20:


Blaise Marlandra to Ohio Construction Corp., 354 Dehoff Drive, $28,500

Gregory A. Brinko to Richard L. Forney and Leisa Backherms Forney, 6786 Finland Road, $245,000

Richard Laboy and Irene M. Laboy to Michael R. Heberbrand and Jenna R. Hebebrand, 4221 Claridge Drive, $215,000

SGCA Properties lLC to Kevin Tyalor and Marcellena Ceja, 234 Carnegie Ave., $88,000

Anthony Plevniak and Linda K. Cappella to Don Infante and NormaJean Infante, 3405 Black Oak Lane, $139,900

Gregory Alan Barber and Patricia Ann Barber to Frank Scisinger, 159 Fair Meadow Drive, $140,000

Christopher R. Cole to Frank J. Santolla Jr., 5141 Kirk Road, $30,000

Michael R. Hebebrand to Karen Ann Masluk, 1447 Bexley Drive, $130,000

EAS Management of the Valley LLC to Brandon James Stine and Jasmine N.Stine, 4115 Burkey Road, $135,000

Karen Lee Verba and Linda H. Reel, 3829 Chaucer Lane, $85,000

Joseph Dixon and Nikole Dixon to David Mazza and Kara A. Rankin, 5309 Oakcrest Drive, $165,000

Ronald and Barbra A. Clever to Sasha Holdings LLC, 3838 Robert Frost Drive, $86,500

Daniel N. Black and Camille A. Wade to Fred Miscimarra, 5348 W. Rockwell Road, $61,000

Michael Saadeh to Belinda Jo Bogden, 325 Dehoff Ave., $143,000

Aaron J. Valentine to Kayla Lynn Miller and Scott C. Mazon, 159 Westminster Ave., $100,000

Bernard L. Edenfield to Bradley Richards and Jo Ann Richards, 281 Benton St., $206,000


11018 Sharrott Road LTD to Ronald W. Fleming Jr. and Dawn M. Wade-Fleming, Lot 32 Sageberry Drive, $35,000


Avone Developers LLC to John G. Missos and Paulette M. Missos, 8090 Sigle Lane, $275,000

John Tatar to 7105 MA Trust, 7105 Marinthana Ave., $81,800

Connie L. Curto Trust to George P. Dunlap V, 22 Newton Ave., $170,000

Robert W. Baghurst Sr. to James R. and Debra R. Phillips, 5920 Lightner Place, $109,000

Abel G. Waithaka and Priscilla N. Gitmu to Jeffrey W. Gilger Jr., 4535 Grover Drive, $120,000

Michael P. Smith to Monica A. Smith, 7116 Claybourne Ave., $85,470

Sean P. Sullivan to Jessica N. and Mark E. Eddy, 135 Homestead Drive, $75,000

John Sulik and Rosemary Suli, to Jason Sulik, 5003 Hopkins Road, $235,000

Lee Prosenjak to Reliable Housing LTD, 7123/7127 Glendale Ave., $280,000

Jacqueline Treharne to Richard T. Moore, 117 Shadyside Drive, $89,000

Kenneth M. Masny and Barbara Masny to Kristen Verina and Andrew Peters, 64 Terrace Drive, $106,000

Karen A. Leetch to Shari L. Caggiano, 829 Pearson Circle #2, $59,000

Rico DeVincentis to Garfield K. James and Verilyn E. Hinds-James, 163 Carter Circle, $177,500

Paul B. and Sonja A. Temelkoff to Cathy C. Heaston, 7398 Eisenhower Drive, $88,000

Joseph S. Gonda to Bryan Davido and Marilou Davido, 7727B Crimson Trail, $190,000

Hamid Nawaz and Janet Potts to Peter Burzi, 7387 Oregon Trail, $65,000

Carol A. Bennett to Ehsaly Properties LLC, 159 Harrow Lane, $90,000

Kelly R. Bucci and Dan T. Bucci to New Element Transport Services LLC, 351 Erskine Ave., $54,225

Matthew P. Gaeta and Frankie Gaeta to AlysCam LLC, 4704 Euclid Blvd., $67,941

Alexander K. Riddle and Lilian E. Riddle to Raheem Silva, 185 Beechwood Drive, $90,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to Maximillian J. Arnett, 4603 Yarmouth Lane, $72,500

Gary E. Fitzgerald et al. to Jason Fitzgerald and Lindsey Fitzgerald, 20 Melrose Ave., $47,100

Kimberly R. Wetzl to Hakem Al Mhairat, 142 Rockdale Ave., $68,000

Scott L. Bumpus to Gator 1 Investments LLC, 27 Wilda Ave., $50,000

Robert M. Anness and Karen R. Anness to Katie Beish, 533 Oakridge Drive, $199,900

The Charles N. Bradshaw and Jean E. Bradshaw Family Revocable Trust to Shane David Varner and Lisa Larocca, 267 Aylesboro Drive, $130,000

Richard E. Hutton and Carol Ann Hutton to Michelle A. Rucci, 76 Clifton Drive, $79,900

Kirsten R. Thompson to Joseph M. Santisi and Maura R. Santisi, 854 Stuart Ave., $273,000


American Legion, Roosevelt Post 560 to Cristianos Unidos Church, 103 12th St., $37,500

Anargiros E. Elenis to Joshua A. Song and Keirsten L. Lawrence, 563 Edward Lane, $148,000

Ronald R. Tusinac and Nancy J. Tusinac to Latisha Weaver and Trinell Bennett, 572 Blossom Ave., $100,000


Arlene J. Pavlechko to Brandon C. Hull and Katie L. Hull, 560 W. Regency Circle, $234,500

Lynne E. Dutton to Gary H. Griswold, 3629 Tyler Drive, $217,500

Craig R. Diehl and Nancy A. Diehl to Julie A. Blakeman and Daniel P. Blakeman, 50 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $225,000

John M. Pezzana and Susan C. Pezzana to Ronald P. Musilli and Sharon Musilli, 121 Sandstone Lane, $350,000

540 E. Main Street LLC to Elizabeth A. Zinni, 540 E. Main St., $395,000

Canfield Township

Anthony G. Stephenson and Catherine K. Stephenson to Edwina C. Perez and Jonathan T. Mazei, 7790 Exeter Court, $660,000

Lynne E. Dutton to Gary H. Griswold, 3629 Tyler Drive, $217,500

Donnelly Revocable Trust to Gary B. and Jennifer A. Coleman, 6816 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $643,250

Giuseppe Sorice to Bryan Mark Boye and Lindsey Burns, 1725 Gully Top Lane, $735,000

Mary Beth Deluco to TXYZ Realty, 4046 St. Andrews Court #3, $133,800

Gabriel D. Rizer and Amy L. Rizer to Zev Randy Maycon and Angela M. Maycon, 6601 Covington, $595,000

CTW Development Corp. to Robert E. Bovara and Joyce A. Bovara, 6872 Kyleridge Pointe, $86,000

Maranda Joy Cincotta and Thomas Austin Cinco6tta to Cerissa Ann Noble, 1025 Fox Den Trail, $286,250

Craig Beach

Matthew R. Bunch and Alexandra C. Kovacich to Aaron Michael Busch, 17647 Beach Lane, $150,000


KPD Properties LLC to Justin J. Garder, 12601 W. Akron Canfield Road, $50,000


Suzanne Hughes et al. to Dennis Straub et al., 133 Village Court, $175,000


Karen R. Karniewicz to VT Larney LTD, Howard, $121,000

Belair Real Estate to Bloom Land Company LLC, State, $160,000

Memich LLC to MSA Properties LLC, 21 Amhurst, $37,500

Syro Steel Co to 1170 State Road LLC, 1620 State, $400,000


Brock Wickersham to Alicia Hill and Jerry Austin III, 13811 S. Pricetown Road, $132,500

Mark A. and Carolyn Tucker to Patrick Shoemaker Jr., 16034 St. Rt. 62, $152,000


Marsha S. Cozzo to Jason A. Harsanye and Laurie E. Harsanye, 10088 W. Western Reserve Road, $432,500


Eagle Land Group LLC to Ray Morris Agency LLC, 973 W. Liberty St. $280,000

Christopher M. Coonce and Jessica A. Coonce to Amber Tingler and Jason Tingler, 609 Windemere, $175,000

Frank J. Marafiote and Maribeth Marafiote to Ivan J. Jones and Samantha J. Jones, 642 Moore, $125,000

Amanda Verterano to Zachary D. Barnhart, 434 Simler, $134,500


Dennis P. Orr and Lucille P. Orr to Michael Stoffer and Debortah Stoffer, 280 Fawn Meadow, $373,585

James M. Terranova to Shawn Ryan Wissinger Sr. and Lori Wissinger, 2363 Rosemont Road, $260,500


U.S. Bank National Association to VT Larney LTD, 106 Mill Run, $110,000

Raymond L. Buhala to Jeffrey Kirk Jr. and Jaclyn Kirk, 395 Aurora, $93,500

Rebecca A. Barnhouse to Colleen F. Cochran Commisso and Dino D. Commisso, 625 Northlawn, $160,000

William H. Greenway to J. North LLC, 462 Arbor Circle, $87,000

Douglas E. Nasci to Vernon Mills and Ajaya Mills, 5590 Kingwood Lane, $297,220

Bruner Land Company Inc to Jonas R. Hershberger and Betty Y. Hershberger, 5151 Belmont Ave., $304,000

Patricia V. Eliser and Megan E. Eliser to John Johnson and Kellie Johnson, 3899 Fifth, $295,000

Neil H. Appell and Lisa A. Appell to Rachel J. Appell, 610 Ventura, $102,000

Derek S. Riley and Audrey Marie Riley to Kenneth J. Griffin, 443 Goldie, $185,000

Jordan Anthony Sullivan and Brittney Rose Sullivan to John D. Thomas and Katrina R. Clinkscale, 2021 Crestwood, $269,900

Alla Verkhlin to Kevin D. Strickland, 4778 Logan Arms, $172,000

Jeanne A. Moran to Corbin Trickett and Jessica A. Majernik, 4785 Logan Arms, $195,000


Megan L. Greene to William P. Goodwin, 429 Pennsylvania, $135,000

Joshua M. Kellar and Jessica L. Kellar to VT Larney LTD, 1124 Logan, $70,000


Anthony F. Frattaroli and Margaret Ann Frattaroli to Debra A. Hallas, $52,000

Charles L. Booth and Lynn E. Jacobs to Dennis K. Blaylock II and Emily R. Blaylock, Robinson Road, $50,000

Damon J. Parmenter to Nicholas E. Ogurchak, 18050 Oak Ave., $50,000

Judeh Holdings lLC to Aaron R. Tangeman, Lot 121 S. East River Road, $400,000

Michelle L. James to Benjamin Prestegaard and Stacey Prestegaard, 2781 S. Mahoning Portage County Line Road, $1,000,000

New Middletown

Terrence J. Martzial Jr. to Thomas Carroll and Pamela Carroll, 10362 Main St., $41,000

William J. Jubus to Julie Vivo, Lot 110 E. Middletown Road, $35,000


Clinton A. Craig and Michelle L. Craig to Deepa Tiwari and Chhatra Tiwari, 7614 Struthers Road, $347,500

Mark L. and Barbara A. Oles to Jennifer M. and Jeffrey S. Padgett, 6638 Katahdin Drive, $225,000

Samuel J. Ferreri and Susan H. Ferreri to Daniel S. Ferreri, 105 Cover Drive, $98,000

William B. Mangano Irrevocable Trust to William R. Snyder and Lisa A. Snyder, 8143 Bendemeer Drive, $285,000

John Arfaras to Kenneht E. Ekis and Paula J. Ekis, 7007 Clingan Road, Unit 14, $261,375

Herbert H. Rabatin to Eric Boyles and Kristie Tincher, 2612 Algonquin Drive, $222,000

William Bartell and Mary Bartell to Susan A. Traikoff, 5645 Clingan Road, Unit 3A, $209,000

Jeffrey R. Purser and Sarah S. Purser, trustees to Jenny L. Hanyo, 7223 Clovermeade Ave., $215,000


507 S. 15th LLC to Taylor P. Wehr, 507 S. 15th St., $133,500

PHH Mortgage Corporation to RNSK Holdings LLC, 156 E. Oregon Ave., $36,800


David Coffman to Kenneth P. King and Nicholas P. King, 9645 Martin Road, $40,000

Kay N. Amon to Ronald D. Bryant and Debra L. Bryant, 20741 Oak St., $41,868

Sancap Abrasives Inc. to Jeffery M. Worley and Tricia A. Worley, Oyster Road, $98,848

Sancap Abrasives Inc. to Ronald C. Geiselman and Doris J. Geiselman, Oyster Road, $38,504

Sancap Abrasives Inc. to Kenneth C. O’Brock, Martin Road, $225,396


Kevin T. Brooke and Tara A. Brooke to Barry Nerone II and Jody Nerone, Springfield Road, $105,000


William Thomas Hardy and Janice Eline Cadice, 468 Lincoln Ave., $49,000

Joseph M. White to Christopher D. Stahlman, 187 Helena Drive, $95,900

Mary Kropinak to Mary B. Dripps, 160 State St., $69,000

Kenneth W. Collins III to AlysCam LLC, 645 Elm St., $63,000

Doreen A. Constantino to Amanda M. Verterano, 279 W. Hopewell Drive, $165,000

Kathy A. Hamilla to Dallas Bigley, 65 Grimm Heights, $50,000

Mario Pecchia and Shannon Pecchia to Jean Marie Reed, 439 Sexton St., $105,000

Kenneth A. Hickman III to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 1034 5th St., $112,000

Carol Quattro et al. to Paolo and Lori A. Ricottilli, 40 Grimm Heights Ave., $70,000

Mario M. Pecchia and Shannon M. Pecchia to Robert D. Garrett Jr., 724 J8th St., $67,500


David A. Biviano et al to LLG Properties LLC, Youngstown Warren, $785,000

Nathan Lee Nalbach to Robert Mesol, 3188 Roselawn, $220,000

Pauline P. Sharlock and John J. Sharlock to Paul Albrecht, Youngstown, $51,000

Cynthia Keeling to Robert J. Oliver, 3644 Ashland, $182, 500

Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Nathan J. Gallo, 2767 W. Liberty, $108,000

James Edward Postlethwait to David A. Ritchie and Alayna M. O’Rourke, 3859 Williams, $174,550


Jeffrey Piesto to Richard Reid and Vada Reid, 2616 Oregon Ave., $57,500

Toppy Investments LLC to TML Investments Group LLC, 41 Whitman Lane, $21,000

Kristen N. Verina and Andrew Peters to Carly A. Sarno and Edward A. Sarno, 2133 Coleman Drive, $150,000

Tag Resources LLC to DMC Research LLC, 144 Hollywood Ave., $43,000

Laura Mogg to Brandy D. Rhoe, 3628 Dover Road, $95,000

NRZ REP Inventory LLC to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 2655 McFarland Ave., $30,000

Cindy Hunt et al. to Tracy Bowser, 1046 Genesee Drive, $80,000

Brandon . Behnke to Ora L. Thornton, 115 S. Bon Air Ave., $63,000

Jonathan A. Bentley to Dawn L. Woodberry, 3768 Castle Court, $206,000

Rule 72 LLC to Stefani M. Hake, 3016 Burbank Ave., $81,000

Katrina Haas to Daniel D. Lucas, 1303 Humbolt Ave., $35,000

North West Properties of Youngstown LLC to Carmen L. Ortiz, 2506 S. Schenley Ave., $132,500

William P. Levonyak to Danielle Voitus, 1929 Lynn Ave., $150,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Kirstin A. Curtis and Ryan Curtis, trustees, 1103 Detroit Ave., $54,000

Louis Wiesen and Denise Harvey to Kyle Cunningham, 1641 Medford Ave., $47,000

Jonathan D. Kraynek and Roberta A. Kraynek to Shayne A. Wertz and Madison R. Kryanek, 841 Glacier Heights Road, $120,000

Amar Dasari to Sheila Jones, 1790 Lakeside Road, $156,000

Linda Roth to Excelsis Property Group LTD, 143 Halls Heights Ave., $21,900

Christopher Roman and Justin T. Heubel to AlysCam LLC, 3239 Sheridan Road, $52,500

Tri-state Laboratories Inc. to Mercy Health Youngstown LLC, 2013 Belmont Ave., $850,000

Kyle Gray and Sheri J. Bodo to Alexander K. and Lilian E.B. Riddle, 1047 Wilshire Drive, $140,000

RBJ InvestSolutions LLC to The Entrust Group Inc., 721 Winona Drive, $42,500

The Estate of Mary Rose Hrynda to Duc Tan Le and Hue Kim Tran, 35 N. Glenellen Ave., $35,000

Joyce M. Restaino and Janet M. Barger to Mia Anna Bell, 1649 Everett Ave., $74,000

Property Development Holdings lLC to Samueal Garcia and Eileen Sanchez, 1711 Ohio Ave., $35,000

Jesse R. Bella and Kristen M. Bell to Helena Haschenburger-Dunn, Ashley Ave., $95,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 9-13:


Meander Homes Construction Inc. to Alyson Lynn Morgan, 125 Fitch Blvd., $229,000

M&J Real Estate Inc. to Conscious3 Investments LLC, Victory Hill Lane, $37,000

Karen Hansell and Earl Holmes, trustees to Michael Ceci, $4206 Selkirk Ave., $65,000

Michelle L. Guisler to John Sicarello and Margaret Sicarello, 1798 S. Meridian Road, $122,500

Sierra and Brad Weingart to Vincent A. Pizzuto, 3138 Diana Drive, $105,000

Cheryl Paulette to Gary L. and Cathy A. Evans, 221 N. Beverly Ave., $115,000

Lawrence and Cindi Premec to Christopher J. Pavel and Patricia A. Garcar, 4204 Burgett Road, $290,800

Katherine B. Shaffer to Skymount Solutions LLC, 5727 Colgate Ave., $80,000

Diane Limpach to Thomas and Jacqueline Winant, 5219 Nashua Drive, $226,000

Mark Franziskakis to Nicole A. Pugliese, 144 Georgetown Place, $182,500

Donald L. Agler to Benjamin M. and Danielle S. Asher, 187 S. Navarre Ave., $150,000

Michaelangelo’s LLC to Bagheri Enterprices LLC, 4410-4412 and 4420-4422 Washington Square, $222,500

Ronald G. George and Mitchell K. Prozy to Zachary Cossack, 3835 Monaca Ave., $139,000


Anthony Cicchi and Renae Cicchi to Orlando White and Sally White, 4199 W. Middletown Road, $270,000


Celia A. Murray to Eric Varns and Tiffany Marchand, 14983 Berlin Station Road, $300,000


RYM Realty II LLC to Wolyson LLC, 2033 Wolyson Circle, B1, $45,000

Bionco LLC to Alyscam LLC, 5120 Allan Drive, $105,000

Kris Whitmore and Debra J. Whitmore, 4941 Grover Drive, $145,000

Mary Ann Tavolario to Samuel J. Severt and Meredith A. Severt, 4255 Stratford Road, $275,000

Nancy L. Soyars to John A. Farris Jr., 7335 West Blvd., $116,000

Carol Fraser and Donald Karas to John Ferguson and Kimberly Ferguson, 1782 Palo Verde Drive, $98,000

John G. Missos and Paulette Missos to Benjamin Jibotian, 1933 Wendy Lane, $190,000

Edward C. Reichert and Debora A. Woytek to Amber Reid and Doris Lynn, 170 Redwood Trail, $108,000

Jason L. Prieto to Steven Kausits, 7349 Eisenhower Drive #5, $72,000

June N. Belfast to Mohammad Salman, 499 Maple Ave., $65,000

James Nessie to Ishmael Brown and Jalae Brown, 134 Beachwood Drive, $85,000

Dany Bassil to Richard E. Rogers Jr. and Stephanie C. Rogers, 6188 Pierce Drive, $139,000

Kimberly A. Melvint to Leah Alexis Ladd and Jeremy Michael Ladd, 911 Moyer Ave., $62,000

MIchael L. Carlozzi to Joseph W. and Miranda Rae Warchol, 810 Southwestern Run Unit 13, $103,000

Richard M. Vince to Linlin Pang and Kayu Li, 03 Cook Ave., $70,000

Margaret L. Slovan to Launa K. Mrozek, 841 Larkridge Ave., $135,000

Robert R. and Romaine K. Whippo to Alexander J. and Anne D. Herdman, 632 Squirrel Hill Drive, $231,000

Michael R. Tapp and Tifany A. Tapp to Mark Kellerman, 156 Alburn Drive, $88,000

Jonathan M. Austin to Ron Cerritelli, 183 Clifton Drive, $80,000

James I. Nalipa and Karen Y. Nalipa to George William Klein III, 7716 Paulin Drive, $295,000

Joanne Duvall to Geraldine Sandman, 39 Wildwood Drive, $132,000


Charles W. Butch to David L. Olson, 613 Matawan Ave., $160,000

Hodl Realty LLC to Angel Ocasio Cuevas, 166 Tremble Ave., $27,000

Margaret I. Munyasya to Tammie Taylor and Michael J. Neubauer, 628 Hyatt Ave., $56,900

Miguel A. Figueroa to Katherine Bauer, 329 Porter Ave., $82,000

Tangela A. Wiley, guardian of Wanda Mack, to Michael A. Iamurri, 18 Homestead Place, $137,000

Genaro Zayes to Shane C. Eash, 198 Struthers Liberty Road, $137,500


Richard Davis, Ashley Plum et al. to Brittany Leigh Schoefeld and Steven Donald Schoenfeld, 535 S. Hillside Drive, $250,000

Joel and Lorin Kendall to Neale H. and Amanda J. Booth, 77 Jade Circle, $366,130

Jack N. Andrews, trustee to Frank J. Ambrosia, 182 Talsman Drive, Unit A, $220,000

Nelda P. Rotunno, trustee to Kathy L. Collins and Megan E. Wade, trustees, 60 Montgomery Drive, Unit F-2, $250,000

Michael A. Noble and Cerissa A. Noble to Jerica Vazquez and Susana Vazquez, 220 Russo Ave., $439,000

Canfield Township

Brittany Schoenfeld to Misty McGarry, 3817 Mercedes Place, $155,000

Kevin F. and Yocelin A. Stefko to Nader G. and Ayam Atway, 8022 Grayson Drive, $577,000


Esther M. Harris to Robert C. Tyger, 4928 Villa Maria Road, $150,000

Craig Beach

David Olson to Zoe Brust, 1865 Triumph Ave., $169,900

Theresa C. Starner and David S. Starner to Patrick Lewis, 17633 Beach Lane, $138,000

Patrick M. Nelson to Gideon Pointe Inc., 17484 Olive Ave., $29,500


James McFeely and Darlene McFeely to Ryan V. Story and Mary Jenking Story, 5995 Duck Creek Road, $391,200

Frank B. Shoemaker Jr. and Karen S. Shoemaker to Bruce Hostetter, 12359 Leffingwell Road, $276,000

Keffler Bridge Company to Rt 224 Commercial Recreational Storagte LLC, 9740 W. Akron-Canfield Road, $377,500


James E. Duncan and Denise M. Duncan to Jennifer Ann Scott, 267 N. Bayshore Drive, Unit 4, $125,000

Lakefront Preserve LLC to Mark G. Nemenz, 867 Danbury Way, $75,000

Lakefront Preserve LLC to James R. Boughton and Sharon L. Boughton, Danbury Way, $230,000


Ronald G. Urioste to Olin Willoughby, 510 Prospect, $76,000

Pamela Jean Moritz to DBC Properties Group LLC, 101 Elruth, $300,000

Mary Ellen Brockman and Matthew Repasky to Robin M. Sims, 829 Woodlawn, $100,000


Edward A. Berry to Charles A. and Sarah E. Piper, 8321 West Road, $130,000

Benjoy LLC to Vicki Lynn Martin, 150 E. Main St., $58,000


Clark James Thompson to Benjamin J. Washington and Charity L. Washington, Alice, $124,448

William L. Boyce and Patricia A. Boyce to Larry E. Waldron and Christie L. Waldron, 3225 Laurel Park, $283,500

Howard R. Quartini and Dyanne L. Quartini to George A. Edenfield and Pamela Edenfield, 281 Jean, $275,000

Ethan James Ramirez to Ashley E. McKelvey, 757 Taylor, $135,000


David A. Goldberg and Wendy M. Goldberg to VT Larney LTD, 4881 Sampson, $62,000

Denise Yavorsky and James Yavorsky to Jason E. Sharpe and Kate M. Taylor, 660 Esme, $210,000

Brian Hoff to Michael Jackson, 1035 Shannon, $160,400

Samuel Wayne Cannell to Amber Lynn Hunt, 4786 Michigan Blvd., $219,900

Michael J. Janovich and Nicole M. Janovich to Danya Bunsie and Lashwanda Bunsie, 955 Adrian Circle, $159,900

Andrea Lattimore to US Bank National Trust Association, 496 Catherine, $56,000


Larry and Haley Macovitz to Bryan J. and Leah C. Meehan, 215 W. Wood St., $52,000


McDonald Industrial Development to CMBM Realty LLC, McDonald, $875,000

Jason A. Banko and Nicole R. Shindledecker to Jacob Tyler Olson and Augusta E. Olson, 901 Ravine, $375,000


John A. Utz to KVK Inc., 2608-2592 Grandview Road, $200,000

New Middletown

Francis G. Curran to Larry Thomas Harwell III and Kaitlin J. Harwell, 93 Woodland Drive, $145,000


William A. Delorenzo, trustee, to Marco W. Delorenzo, 2402 Renwick Drive, $125,000

Michael S. Janis to Lucas Grim and Paige Grim, 8456 Hilltop Drive, $227,000

Carol Monnig to Dale R. Gottberg and Bernadette Gottberg, 5217 Youngstown-Poland Road, $170,000

The Estate of Virginia Demyan to Ronald C. Anzevino and Michele Anzevino, 2191 Knollwood Ave., $185,000

Bernadette F. Kovach to William R. and Jeris Mangano, 7007 Clingan Road, Unit 94, $260,000

Randy G. Dodds and Lynn Hawkins to Frederick A. Marchese and Dru D. Marchese, 7512 Elmland Ave., $145,000

Luella C. Bukovinsky to Maria G. Donatelli, 24 Greystone Drive, $200,000

Barbara A. Eggleston to Brandon Doran, 6610 Katahdin Drive, $190,000

The Estate of Victor J. Pappas to Rory J. Vandenberg, 2387 W. Manor Ave., $125,000


Casey J. Fish to Pauli Real Estate LLC, 205 W. Ohio Ave., $96,000

Big House Investors LLC to Tyleigh Akcurat Inman, 125 E. Maryland Ave., $30,000


Homes 4U Tri County to Mark A. Stillion, 13957 S. Main St., $120,000


Robert T. Mentzer Trust to Thomas R. Newman, 14102 Youngtown Pittsburgh Road, $35,200

Lynda Shandor to Gwendolyn M. Jacobs, 13942 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $89,500


Robert A. Davanzo to Toni Carbon, 628 Sexton St., $52,000

James J. Loboy and Debra L. Loboy to TFB Properties LLC, 540-542 Sixth St., $70,000

DJM Rentals LLC Pangea Property Management LLC, 483 4th St., $40,000

Ronald Anzevino and Michelle Anzevino to Danyelle Italiano and Thomas Edward Italiano Jr., 473 Wilson St., $139,000

Franco Betancourt to AQH LLC, 21 Frank Ave., $21,320


Diana Francis to Philip Barrios, 3062 Trumbull, $20,000

Philip Barrios to Philip Barrios, 3062 Trumbull, $20,000


Dallas C. Root Sr. to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 466 N. Bon Air Ave., $39,000

NEO Group 1 LLC to Eros 74 Investments, 114 Halleck St., $28,000

Garrett K. May and Janice E. May to Chantry Properties LLC, 1701-1703 Ohio Ave., $64,000

Memich LLC to Andre Muller, 2629 Cooper St., $28,000

Cindy Lou and Clifford Rexroad to Jordan Stephen Peterson and Ann Wallace, 1579 Thalia Ave., $68,000

Loretta Peters, trustee to Kristy A. Killin, 2060 Thurber Lane, $75,000

Sun Beach 1012 Inc. to Safe Real Estate LLC, 127 S. Maryland Ave., $48,150

John M. Hutchinson and Paula R. Hutchinson to Jairus Ford, 3285 Bears Den Road, $200,000

Rose Maria Montano Cordero to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 915 High St., $93,000

Susan Kurtiak to C&J Real Estate and Construction Inc., 2712 Kirk Road, $67,100

John P. Miller and Nicholas Virgalitto to Rachel Mitchell and Precious M. Mitchell, 3620 Cascade Drive, $84,900

Graigh L. Snovak to Christina Fredericks, 2435 Shirley Road, $52,000

Otter Holdings LLP to Andrew Longo Rentals LLC, 1543 Medford Ave., $35,916

5 Degrees Rentals to L&M Holdings LLC, 312 Potomac Ave., $32,500

Mattie and L.M. Colvin, trustees to Darrell Frazier Jr., 2064 E. High Ave., $30,000

Michele L. Bell to Louis A. Daigneau, 460 Wilkinson Ave., $82,000

Joann Cercone to Maryann Stevens et al., 1139 Sharlene Drive, $130,000

Charles Seckler to Charline M. Santiago and Wanda I. Guzman, 3324 Winston Ave., $187,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Carlena N. Ramey, 3783 Choice Court, $49,950

Lee Bekhor to Cassandra D. Poole and Anthony E. Poole, 830 Roxbury Ave., $55,000

Ingrid M. Gorman, trustee, to Terry L. Berry, 158 S. Maryland Ave., $85,000

Lauyren K. Dewindt to Jay Sharp Johns and Diane McKendry Salka, 66 Lucy St., $67,500

Christopher J. Novicky to Chet Pidgeon, 416 Manchester Ave. $57,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 2-6:


Bonnie L. Minitti to John E. Guthrie, 2444 Canfield Niles Road, $100,000

Cindy Lee Wentz to Helen Northcott et al., 4302 Timberbrook Drive, $165,000

Mary R. Colucci to Edmon E. Godwin and Kristen Renee Godwin, 5617 London Drive, $167,500

Eric B. Ackerman to Norma Iris Rodriguez, 4355 Pembrook Road, $137,000

Victor Bartholomy to Amanda Wallace and Greg V. Ravotti, 4256 Belle Ave., $59,900

John Prodesky to Carley Jordan, 127 S. Raccoon Road, $110,000

Marye Kay Erickson to Ronda L. Walters, 2133 Woodgate St., $220,000

Susan A. Goodman to Kathy L. Swift, 5362 W. Webb Road, $160,000

Robert William Joshua to Mark Kellerman, 1707 Laurie Drive, $77,000

Bonnie Sloss Popowicz to Anthony McGee, 1055 Yolanda Drive, $178,500

Michael Palmer and Christine M. Palmer to Zachary Boyd, 282 N. Beverly Ave., $93,500

Patricia I. Murphy to Prajwol Raj Thakur, 4688 New Road, $69,000

Josephine A. Penalosa and Rizolino M. Penalosa, 4452 New Road, $90,000


Angel Lots LLC to James and Nancy Zarlenga, 1916 Mallard Landing, $52,000

Peter and Michelle M. Colettis to Mark and Barbara Oles, 1048 Harbour Lights Blvd., $280,000

Michale W. Creatore, trustee to Richard W. Curry and Sandra L. Curry, trustees, 1046 Harbour Lights Blvd., $279,900

Angel Lots to Greenheart Companies, 1932 Mallard Landing, $62,500

Greenheart Companies to Robert L. and Terri A. Zabel, 1932 Mallard Landing, $440,795

Michelle M. Sammartino to Joshua Gorman, 11120 Bassinger Road, $290,000


Bryan Benyo to Zachary Charles Leasure and Sarah Nora Leasure, Weaver Road, $41,000


James D. Horvath II to Joshua J. Fithion, 615 Afton Ave., $92,000

Ronald J. and Breanda Lee Holt to Lincoln N. and Lauren M. Williams, 1744 Nova Lane, $145,000

Alan Cuevas and Sara Cuevas to Kimberly A. Nanosky and Ronald J. Nanosky, 80 Woodview Ave., $105,000

John C. Cox to Austin T. Shade, 53 Beechwood Drive, $93,000

Joseph Romanko and Janet Davis to Anthony Paolone, 4627 Waseka Lane, $103,500

Kathryn Shaffer to Robert J. Wright and Sallie Wright, 897 Auburn Hills Drive #1, $95,000

Timothy J. Welsh to Francis M. Curd II, 165 Aylesboro Ave., $90,000

Steve Kunkle to Collin P. Dales, 815 Mathews Road, $180,000

John P. Walsh Jr. and Gail K. Walsh to Brian P. Spielvogel and Donna M. Chandler, 7539 Jaguar Drive, $170,000

Seth McMillan to Judity D. Castalano, 7027 Amherst Ave., $121,700

Jonathon Edward Fauvie to Osvaldo Gonzalez, 8012 Paulin Drive, $275,000

Richard Michael Midlick to Michael T. Hawkins, 4650 Rush Circle, $154,000

Michele Huda to Wessam Nayef Zarour, 1847 Wingate Road, $79,000

Patricia J. Wallace to Alan V. Wackowski and Barbara J. Wackowski, 7603 Brandt Place, $230,000

D.P. & T.L. Construction Inc. to Luke A. and Maria Bucholtz, 28 Romaine Ave., $95,000

Anthony and Linda Congemi to Leanna Sullivan, 524 Berklee Drive, $355,000

CPJF Properties LLC to Mohammed E. Salman, 7368 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 3, $63,500

Ramon T. Mendoza and Laura R. Williams to Steven Coonce, 116 S. Cadillac Drive, $165,000

Pina Carissimi and Cleto E. Pellegrini, trustee to Robert D. Goodrich, 1862 Oles Ave., $90,000

Konstantine Kissner to Marc Leffler, 135 Carter Circle, $164,500

Pauline R. Onderko to Morgan M. Wransky and Nickolas J. Wilson, 175 Green Bay Drive, $169,000


The Estate of George F. Kashimer to Lee Huntley., 735 Porter Ave., $42,500


Neale H. Booth and Amanda J. Booth to Michael J. Lopez and Yana A. Radchenko, 324 Neff Drive, $290,000

Cynthia L. Bennett to Hometown Produce LTD, 470 W. Main St., $625,000

Don A. Snavely and Lynn H. Snavely to Ryan Miely, 240 Neff Drive, $150,500

Canfield Township

Nader G. Atway and Ayam Atway to Robert D. Swedinovich, 2125 Redwood Place, $390,000

Don C. Perkins to Heidi C. Williams and Joseph D. Williams, 4153 Canfield Rd., $240,000

Jared and Janine Turocy to Jeffrey and Eneen M. Ondash, 4433 Mellinger Road, $215,000

Ben J. Tiratto to Marc Balale, 4046 St. Andrews Court #2, $132,500


Gordon W. Davis and Wilma Yelixa Davis to ENandi LLC, 5575 Oak St., $180,000


Gary W. Keslar and Nancy R. Keslar to Patrick M. Diana and Serita D. Diana, 11188 Ellsworth Road, $215,000


Roger L. Phillips to James A. Herrington and Lisa A. Herrington, 14840 S. Pricetown Road, $50,000


Katherine M. Oesch to Kevin Brogan and Melissa Ann Brogan, 9825 Salem-Warren Road, $539,000

Dale L. and Jane E. Morckel to Brandon M. and Angela D. Sheldon, 7700 W. Middletown Road, $375,000

Joshua Gorman to Eric J.Hively, 9600 Knauf Road, $215,800


Gary W. Cullen to Chasidy L. Ballack and William H. Ballack, 3357 Franklin, $58,500

Anthony Edward Sahli Jr. to Linda R. Kusnir, 115 Corll, $167,500

Frank Bostardi to Lisa L. Klug, 223 Viola, $185,000

Brendon J. Mirizio and Stephanie R. Mirizio to Donald W. Schultz and Jessica K. Lane, Viola, $213,500

Kim D. Miller to Aaron M. Meardith and Ashlee M. Meardith, 7724 Chestnut Ridge, $236,000


Karla J. Gibbs to Jason Hall and Katie Hall, 2255 N. Duck Creek Road, $550,000


William J. Rudge to Shannon McGinnis, 4829 Logan Arms, $197,000


Stephen J. Carchedi to Sean Henderson, 46 W. Walnut St., $121,600


Mary A. Rock to Jacob Alan Wilcox, 710 Oregon, $90,000


Anthony Jansen Paumier to Hutton ST 17 LLC, 8980 Salem-Unity Road, $550,000


Carol A. Brill to Frank and Annette Divito, 2924 Saginaw Drive, $135,000

John Sweetko and Annette Sweetko to Munawar H. Chaudry, 15 Massachusetts Ave., $45,000

Thomas Churilla and Halina Churilla to Nathan O. Smith and Emily E. Smith, 6748 Pacifica Drive, $405,000

Joseph M. and Leida Ann Shuluga to Nicholas R. and Ashley N. Shuluga, 2748 S. Hubbard Road, $195,000

Dennis T. Mikkelsen to Ayla Kessler, 96 Venloe Ave., $142,850


Donald J. Nezbeth to Lyle D. Weatherspoon, 876 S. 15th St., $200,200


Wilmington Trust, N.A., trustee to Douglas E. Baxter, 9122 Bandy Road, $45,000

James L. Dye to Spray Heads LLC, 20570 Alliance-Sebring Road, $200,000


Philrose Lane LLC to Candie B. Proffit, 50 Philrose Ave., $140,000

Launa K. Mrozek to master Realty LLC, 9388 & 9364 Unity Road, $340,000

Barth and Richardson Management LTD to Dibo Construction LLC, 4500 Sandy Court, $23,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Carl P. Furano and Sandra L. Furano, 4500 Sandy Court, $289,000

Joseph M. and Jocelyn Reed Cilone to Michael A. Drozda, 1175 E. Calla Road, $160,000

Christophe Fedor to Takron Holdings LLC, 9247 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $56,100


George A. Weaver and Renee E. Weaver to James Baluck, 141 Overlook Blvd., $102,500

Robert K. Collingwood to Justin Thrush, 515 5th St., $22,080

Larry V. Guillard to Mattye M. Marker, 595 Elm St., $48,000

Joseph and Nancy Ann Hritz to Christopher A. Cunningham, 26 Iroquois St., $125,000

JMMK Holdings LLC to Anthony Lariccia, 368 Edison Ave., $125,000

Victor J. Boerio IV to John W. Isaac II and Stephanie Lyn Isaac, 360 Creed St., $58,500

Joann Pangio to Sean P. Sullivan and Timothy M. Springer, 549 5th St., $67,500

Colleen Carlson and James D. Carlson to Jessica Jones and Jarvis Jones, 480 7th St., 40,000

Kwikbit to 330 Properties, 110 and 110 1/2 Elm St., $70,000

Mark W. Bowles to Premier Real Estate Management, 106 Creed St., $37,400

Michael S. Patrick to Dominic Muto III, 255 Helena Drive, $98,500


Wayne Ensor to Jesse F. Rivera and Consolacion A. Rivera, Watson Marshall, $25,000

Vergil L. Easterling to Newrez LLC, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, 2235 Garfield, $47,244


William C. Diehl III and Virginia F. Diehl to Cortney L. Barnett, 1815 Ridgelawn Ave., $114,000

Michael S. Matasy to Seth Bowles and Scott Bowles, 3405-3407 Oakwood Ave., $100,000

Lynley Pavkovich to Vanessa M. Slappy and Jaric Slappy, 3449 Risher Road, $107,500

Richard L. Mansfield and Beverly J. Mansfield to 2216 Coral Sea Drive LLC, 2216 Coral Sea Drive, $149,900

Francisco O. Henriquez to Rigoberto Morales Carrillo, 2426 Wilcox St., $24,000

America’s Best Home and Services LLC to Brandon Bishop, 103 Matta Ave., $30,000

Brian Graygo and Christine Graygo to July C. Brune, 1935 Bancroft Ave., $35,000

Mark V. Dixon and Kerri A. Dixon to Corinne Dixon, 1721 Wellington Ave., $32,000

David R. Barwick to Armadillo Development LLC, 3014 Decamp Road, $72,500

Robin Rochelle Hunter to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 914 Woodford Ave., $42,000

John R. Biros to Pedro Antonio Mazariego and Carolina Umanade Mazareigo, 3020 Jean St., $26,000

Kimberly R. Priester to Mary M.

Anderson, 2240 Ridgelawn Ave., $67,777

Lawrence A. LaCivita and Kevin L. LaCivita to Pedro Antonio Mazariego and Carolina Umanade Mazareigo, 921 E. Indianola Ave., $26,000

Borgman Family Trust to Charles R. Phillips and Richard S. Rounds, 44 Vermont Ave., $40,000

Angelo P. Gomex to Thomas Gregory Jr. and Danielle R. Gregory, 3303 Decamp Road, $70,000

Carolyn O’Neil to Argelio Santos and Erohilda Vargas, 59 Elliot Lane, $45,000

Joshua S. Peyer and Jennifer M. Peyer to Colleen O’Neil, 1589 Cascade Road, $100,000

Celeta Capital LLC to Family Lease LLC, 530 W. Midlothian Blvd., $41,461

Becky Ann Christopher to Nick Richardson, 142 Upland Ave., $72,000

Youngstown Lookout LLC to Tenn Men LLC, 273 Outlook Ave., $60,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded July 26-30:


Shirley P. Larson to Christine Leah Taylor, 4279 Lake Road, $99,500

David W. Shroades to Christopher D. Scheetz and Stacy Scheetz, 4142 Timberbrook Drive, $174,000

Larry L. Patterson and Jessica L. Patterson to Dale A. Seginak Sr. and Dale A. Seginak Jr., 101 Hickory Lane, $30,000

Mark A. and Chantal Cornman to Sasha Roman, 1966 Elm Trace St., $187,000

Mark K. and Donna L. Williams to Vincent Eldon and Elisabeth Anne Tyler, 678 Wilcox Road, $360,000

Joseph Matasy, trustee, to Dillon Michale Dean, 5912 Callaway Circle, $105,000

Ana Maria Becerra Lopez and Carolina Lopez to Brad Baker and Raquelle Rosalez, 3682 Allendale Ave., $99,395

Alan A. and Helen J. Anderson to Christine Larson, 218 Wilcox Road, $185,000

LHS Partners LLC to Derek Stephenson and Karla Stephenson, 4618 Warwick South Drive, $95,000

Edward Pruett and James Pruett to Trisha J. Nord, 5952 Callaway Circle, $112,000

John P. Castronova and Kelly A. Castronova to Joseph E. Lewis and Melisa Lewis, 2851 Spring Meadow Circle, $233,100

James E. Brassfield to Georgina A. Griffith, 2826 Spring Meadow Circle, $220,000

Ronald A. Suchora to Jera D. Daye, 128 S. Yorkshire Blvd., $90,000

Michael L. Gray to Brian Conzett, 3654 Ferdinand Road, $134,900

Nancy J. Rine to Diana M. Huffman, 175 Idlewood Road, $92,000

James P. Glenellen and Jenna R. Gelenellen to Katherine Mirto, 6945 Slippery Rock Drive, $208,000

James D. Kurcsak and Kelsy Kurcsak to James Patrick Glenellen, 1801 S. Canfield-Niles Road, $300,000

David C. Rice to Jose Alberto Cruz et al., 2290 S Meridian Road, $137,000

Edmon E. Godwin and Kristen Renee Godwin to Jennifer E. Hughes and Michael A. Hughes, 132 Howard Ave., $135,000

Frank Scisinger to Michael T. Vodhanel, 259-261 Third St., $130,000

Brian W. Griffin to Christopher Bobo, 6685 Silica Road, $156,000

Michale V. Matasi to Melisa M. Bounds, 2244 Sprucewood Court, $155,000

John L. Coriston to George Sunderland, 5148 Willow Crest Drive, $140,000


Constantin Marioni to Ahsley and Daniel Rubosky, 3045 Paradise Ave., $195,000

Charles A. Piper and Sarah Piper to Evelin M. Mitchell, 2417 W. South Range Road, $35,000

Conscious3 Investments LLC to Christine A. Steinhaus and Eric Curry, Cherry Hills Drive, $37,444

James P. DeMichele to John Tokich, 695 E. Western Reserve Road, $112,000

Samuel and Diana Isaacs to Justin Scarsella, Blosser Road, Lot 4, $40,000


Mary E. Wagner et al. to Kenna M. Sivestri and Christian Silvestri, 320 Brookfield Ave., $145,000

Karen M. Mason to Jaimeela Lynn Montgomery, 182 Melrose Ave., $88,500

Donna M. Chandler to Mariann L. Sallee, 940 Afton Ave., $134,900

Kim Elaine Habuda-Green et al. to James Bernard Habuda, 779 Truesdale Road, $75,000

Lee Ann Ruby and Sue Ellen Thomas to Brock Joseph Kurty, 827 Ewing Road, $150,000

Teresa M. Tirabassi to Daniel C. and Patricia A. Ambrosini, 4439 Lockwood Blvd., $100,000

Warner D. Bacak and Mary C. Bacak Revocable Living Trust to Joseph D’Amico and Cynthia D’Amico, 612 Pierce Drive, $117,000

Carol A. Hasen to Diane S. Jones, 7038 Southern Blvd., $79,000

Scott Mozingo to Golden Rooster Properties, 6036 Tam-O-Shanter Drive, $88,000

Joseph S. Matasek and Diane E. Matasek to Richard Slaven Jr., 5065 Simon Road, $160,000

Patricia L. Butto et al. to Carolyn Cappabianca, 181 Wolcott Drive, $175,000

Carmen and Anne Marie Carcelli to Patricia Schultz, 882 Pearson Circle, $63,000

James P. Huston to Mohamed Azam and Patricia Azam, 7709 Silver Fox Drive, $209,000

Michael J. and Pamela D. Caron to Farhan Q. Choudhry, 5041 Forest Park Place, $115,100

Jean Backman to Laura Ward and Michael J. King, 7175-7077 Paxton Road, $139,500

Courtney E. Grumley to Edward R. Gorman and Patricia L. Gorman, 6960 Ron Park Place, $223,000

Joyce D. Mitchell to Johnny J. Torres, 1900 Brandon Ave., $140,000

Anthony D. D’Apolito to Ensley A. Williamson, 7869 Hitchcock Road, $100,000

Haystacus 4 LLC to Insouciant LLC, 4800 Market St., $255,000

Haystacus 4 LLC to AL3Z LLC, 4495 Market St., $255,000

Doris p. Hyde to Roasa M. Montano Cordero, 7411 Westview Drive, $80,000

Contour Properties LLC to Masol Young III and Bessie Young, 755 Truesdale Road, $229,000

Ashely D. Bonk to Darrin E. Johnson, 222 Shields Road, $114,500

Melissa L. and Larry Koch to Aiden Michael Grimaldi, 130 Shadyside Drive, $89,900

John R. Ranieri and Melissa L. Ranieri to Kongxi Huang, 7502 Jaguar Drive, $198,000

G&G Property Investments LLC to Timothy L. Kollman, 4546 Grover Drive, $87,000

Michael A. Drozda to Jonathan J. Demart, 621 Angiline Drive, $281,600

James C. and Constance Lemmon to Craig Bowman and Karla Bowman, 7458 Westview Drive, $90,000

Sara R. Miller and Richard Miller to Christy Huggins, 813 Cedar Way, $231,000

Carl P. and Sandy L. Furano to Michael Paul Hirtz, 5220 Cranberry Lane, $265,000


Agesilaos Frangos and Maria Mavroudis Frangos to Chistina M. Esparra, 402 Pin Oak Place, $203,205

Roberta L. Demarco to Mark E. McKinnon and Danielle McKinnon, 235 Struthers-Liberty Road, $49,000

Vasco Rodrigues to Mallory L. Goldner, 396 Porter Ave., $125,900


Lucinda P. Carrocce to David Bulkley, 100 Queens Lane, $400,000

Mark C. McDuff and Elizabeth McDuff to Ronald P. Nelson, 44 Cherry Hill Court, $592,00

Estate of Dorothy J. Musgrove to Bryce D. McKenzie and Andrea M. Mick, 126 Garwood, $160,000

Meenal Malviya and Navneet Kumar to Michael N. Bane and Constance Bane, 21 Jade Circle, $344,900

John M. French II and Jacquelyn A. French to Joshua R. Greenawalt and Erin Greenawalt, 330 Russo Ave., $575,000

Canfield Township

Peter G. James, trustee, et al., to Daniel Rooney and Stephanie Cerrone, 8340 W. Western Reserve Road, $630,000

Nicholas M. Magill to Zachary Bowers and Savannah Bowers, 3500 W. Western Reserve Road, $170,000

Warren R. and Gloria E. Alcock to Richard and Dana M. Faire, 3699 Sperone Court, $373,000

Xiaolin He to Roberto Ortiz and Sarah Ortiz, 5325 Cloister Drive, $440,000


James Sabatini and Judith A. Sabatini to Elyar Talibov, 233 S. Bayshore Drive, $305,000


RTM Development LLC to Deanna P. Schuyler, 15 Navajo, $195,545

Eleanor L. Standohar to Zachary Hall and Kailey Coughlin, 423 Highland, $148,500

Christopher A. DaMico to Anthony J. Weibel, Heather, $138,944


Phillip J. and Theresa E. Truitt to Todd Hogan, 7684 W. Calla Road, $186,000


Jay Taylor Beadle to Jennifer M. Poling, Spring, $92,000

Ronda Lee Walters to Christopher L. Le Compte and Deborah J. Shaw, 116 Forest Hill, $325,000

Rebecca A. Wakefield and Michael E. Wakefield to Cynthia A. Kohn, 123 Caroline, $85,000


The Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation to Armadillo Development LLC, Mahoning Ave., $46,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Thousand Keys Acquisitions 2c LLC, 9080 New Road, $41,100


Donald A. Bryson and Marianne E. Bryson to Kerri J. Ague and Rocco S. Ague, 5880 Sampson, $143,000

Liberty Auto Connection LLC to Thomas Hankey, 3201 Goleta, $114,000

Bruce E. Rinda and Betty A. Rinda to Michael A. Sherro, 4105 Parkwood, $55,900

Gene A. Butcher and Suzanne Butcher to Charjuana L. Eubanks, 11 Norwick, $175,000

Rheuban C. Jones and Merrel D. Jones to Christopher L. Ayres and Andrea D. Ayres, 496 Montrose, $185,000

Dillon J. McCormick to Elizabeth G. Rusnak, 551 Liberty, $110,000

S&J Hannah Properties LLC to Robert Kelly and Crystal Amber Crites, 1005 Keefer, $129,900


Ralph E. McCarty to Jacqueline Treharne, 248 Pennsylvania, $112,500

Erin Smith to Golden Rule Homes LLC, 304 Hayes, $51,000


Carl H. Kandel et al. to Charles A. Heid, Maplewood Drive, $92,500

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Richard L. Keck, Mahoning Ave., $41,000


Michael Fox and Kristin Fox to Kevin L. Myers and Stacey M. Myers, Walnut Grove Circle, $34,000

Carl and Kathryn DeChellis to Matthew and Jessica Reed, 21 Ida Drive, $195,000

Ruthi Dolovy to John G. Sulik and Rosemary Sulik 32 Greystone Drive, Unit A, $222,050

Christy Huggins to William R. Britton II and Jennifer A. Britton, 115 Diana Drive, $258,000

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Austin Siwula, 552 Judith Lane, $125,000

Angela Melchionne to Sally Jo Gross, 6819 Pacifica Drive, $400,000

RJA Land and Lumber Management Company LTD to James J. Simon and Cathy Simon, 2249 Heritage Trail, $80,000

Linda J. Renfrew and Robert L. Bovard to Patricia A. Krake, 2474 Lyon Blvd., $155,100


Cathy Lynn Seacrist to Mark R. Bara and Michele S. Bara, 152 W. Wisconsin Ave., $150,000

Kaitlyn D. Waugh and Cory R. Waugh to Kylee Elizabeth Rae Mullan, 325 E. Ohio Ave., $42,000

Jerry J. Davis and Paula E. Sadler to ML Property Management LLC, 305 E. Ohio Ave., $37,000


Mark R. and Michele S. Bara to Zachary J. Mills, 18265 Pine Lake Road, $245,000

Wimsatt Family LLC to Lisa Krepps, 22797 Lake Park Road, $30,000

Edward A. Ulrich and Vanessa K. Ulrich to Shawn D. Flickinger, 20470 Best Road, $150,000


Wendy B. Billock and David J. Billock to U.S. Bank N.A., 49 Philrose Lane, $146,667

BCS Development LLC to Donald H. Snyder and Sheryl M. Snyder, trustees, Lot 22 Heron Bay Drive, $140,000


Nancy A. Riccelli and Melanie J. Riccelli to Jason Alan Mitulinski, 929 Garfield St., $115,900

James Slavic Jr. et al. to Albert Vash III, 569 W. Harvey St., $90,000


Joe Koch Construction Inc to Joseph A. Patrone and Annette M. Patrone, 2711 Aspen Drive, $260,000

James Sabatine to Mahoning Valley Enterprises II LLC, Main, $107,500


Ignacio Rodriguez to Malik Clay and Ryan McGee, 141 Wesley Ave., $33,800

Milagros V. Figueroa to Jeffrey Mohn and Peggy A. McDonald, 3025 Kiwatha Road, $115,900

Rita M. Kline to NY Realty of Youngstown LLC, 430 N. Bon Air Ave., $25,000

Eric D. Clutter and Susan M. Clutter to Lee Robert Campbell, 425 Dunlap Ave., $38,000

Estate of Daniel A. Rauzan to Dale Zegarell, 4015 Rush Blvd., $70,000

Robert Goske, et al., to Smith & Freeman Property Group LLC, 559 Wilbur Ave., $26,000

Marcella Bedenik to Joey Risner and Nicole Marie Risner, 3299 Wendover Circle, $130,000

George B. and Faye Briel to Youngstown Cityscape Inc., 23 S. Belle Vista Ave., $145,000

Estate of Henry Elmo Miller Jr. to Gregory E. Miller and Ryan T. Miller, 1406 Cascade Drive, $165,000

Paul Seciliot and Katherine Seciliot to Renee Gaines and Ira A. Gaines, 26 Pinehurst Ave., $105,000

Adler and Eagle LLC to 833 Ohio Ave Partners LLC, 833 Ohio Ave., $285,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to ELIOM LLC, 229 E. Avondale Ave., $51,000

Joni D. Wilflin to James A. Nicioccio, 2658 Sierra Drive, $100,000

Tommie Williams to Lloyd Pringle and Karen Pringle, 920 Scioto St., $46,500

Jessica J. Chaney to Matti Shahaden, 2661 Rexford Road, $135,000

Kally Frangopoulas to Valentini Properties LLC, 654 W Heights Ave., $40,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to Delli Fiori and Co. Inc., 36 W. Avondale Ave., $42,000

Amaury Cruz-Serrano to Branimir Hrvoje Beric, 53 N. Brockway Ave., $29,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Erika Fernandez and Michael Atsebi, 3758 Choice Court, $42,000

John R. Matthews to Matt O’Mansky, 63 Whitman Lane, $27,500

Timothy O’Malley to First York Financial LLC, 51 W. Heights Ave., $32,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded July 19-23:


Connie J. Walters to Daniel Thompson and Gail Thompson, 5632 Callaway Circle, $115,000

Allmar Properties LLC to Mystery Machine LLC, 5208 Mahoning Ave., $700,000

Dorothy A. Schultz, trustee to Sandra L. Limbeck, 486 Westgate Blvd., $99,000

Derek E. Backherms Jacquelyn Nicole McCauley, 282 N. Main St., $109,000

Aaron M. Miller and Stephanie M. Miller to Joann Douglas and Jason R. Carmody, 4149 Claridge Drive, $169,000

Lawrence R. Kurtz and Kelley I. Kurtz to Sean M. Giblin and Kathleen M. Giblin, 3751 Robert Frost Drive, $142,800

Robert C. Truitt to Samuel J. Simonson and Cynthia V. Sadosky, 4494 Viall Rd., $103,000

Donald S. Showman and Sybil F. Showman to Whittney Paige Levings and Tammy Levings, 3345 Briarwood Lane, $163,500

Robert Schnellbach III to Gregory J. Levandowski, 96 Viall Road, $180,000

Dianne Williams to Robert A. Williams III, 4616 Crabwood Drive, $100,000

Adam Divelbiss to Isabella Greathouse, 382 Rosemont Ave., $55,000

Marybrook Meadows Development LTD to Anthony Vross Jr., 603 S. Raccoon Road, Unit 13, $217,900

Marcella J. Galitsky to James R. and Cynthia I. Meloy, 4562 Sheffield Drive, $164,000

Garrett D. Kennedy to Albert Lattanzio, 256 S. Beverly Ave., $158,000

WLG Residential Properties LLC to Gail J. Grimm, 3325 Briarwood Lane, $135,000

Marc E. Minto and Judith A. Minto to Anne Gallos, 4632 E. Webb Road, $185,000

Michael A. Pecchia andKaren S. Pecchia to Dylan and Chelsee Paumier, 7843 Huntington Circle, $255,000

Steven J. Bellino and Julinna Bellino to Tracy L. Hernandez, 994 Collins Ave., $109,500

John P. and Mary J. Hake to Christopher Hake, 768 Ohltown Road, $160,000

Joseph E. Lewis and Melisa Klemann to Lonnie R. Clayton II and Heather Clayton, 4675 New Road, $165,000

David J. Kohler and Amy J. Nolan to Apryl L. Donaldson, 2419 Karen Court, $140,000


Docs Land LLC to Robert Miller, Lot #4 Drake View Court, $32,000

Arlene Mae Crouse to Stephen and Erin Lippert, 1411 W. South Range Road, $80,500

Stephen A. Heban and Teri Lyn Heban to Empire Property Management LLC, 3244 Lynn Road, $600,000


Vince K. Butler and Rochelle L. Butler to Courtnie Clasrk, 180 Terrace Drive, $104,000

David Granitto to Arlene Lois Granitto, 1260 Boardman Canfield Rd., Unit 18, $86,517

Alca LLC to Imperium Real Estate LLC, 5020 Forest Park Drive, $235,000

JB Capital Properties to Denis Cavendish Jr., 4038 Sunset Blvd., $185,000

Jeffrey Thomas and Wendy M. Thomas to Jeffery Alan Kiley and Elizabeth Anne Kiley, 845 Ewing Road, $192,000

Ashley Rubosky to Rima Abdulmajid, 6921 Tippecanoe Road, $145,000

Ionadat LLC to William Gary Hackathorn and Jane Hackathorn, 5312 South Ave., $48,600

William Gary Hackathorn and Jane Hackathorn to Mihail Aghenie, 5312 South Ave., $135,000

Nicholas L. Mott to Vincent Patella, 935 Donmar Lane, $75,000

Sam Serrino and Gertrude Serrino to Anthony J. Velez Sr., 43 Erskine Ave., $70,000

Michael F. Orosz Jr. to Victoria Lehman, 739 Glen Park Road, $169,000

Gregory P. Thomas to Joshua McDade and Abby McDade, 7435 Hitchcock Road, $188,500

Laura A. Lewis trustee to Wei Hu and Linlin Liu, 818 Park Harbour Drive, $400,000

James R. and Nancy S. Gianotti to Nicole Parker, 430 Garden Valley Drive, $180,000

The IRA Club FBO Tushar Mali 401k 4000019 to Antwan Pierce and Alisha Pierce, 70 Rockdale Ave., $52,000

Elynor Ann Pershing to Richard Erboe, 3937 Shelby Road, $88,000

Buthaina Suleiman to Alan Modarelli and Kristen Garver, 60 Lake Shore Drive, $175,000

Linda Hyand to James Restifo and Cathy Restifo, 6260 Appleridge Drive, $162,500


Anthony Ricchiuti et al. to Steven E. Limitone and Elayne M. Metido, 642 Robinson Road, $159,515

Martin J. Mistovich and Diane R. Mistovich to Sonia I. Laboy, 255 Park Drive, $133,900


Karl J. Balasz II to Madhavi Shah and Tushar Shah, 42 Indian Lake Blvd., $173,000

Abdul Bari Lateef and Kauser Lateef to Carsonie Properties LLC, 476 Main St., $185,500

Eric S. and Kristin E. Caruso to Danny and Kimberly M. Jenkins, 605 Blueberry Hill Drive, $275,000

Canfield Township

Joseph J. Farris and Alyssa A. Farris to Mark J. Horvath and Candace M. Horvath, 4363 Sugarbush Drive, $843,000

CTW Development Corporation to Ryan C. Ward and Jennifer D. Ward, 6856 Langston Run, $94,900

Kristine E. Pavlich to Tyler Lewis, 3616 Mercedes Place, $149,900

Christopher C. Chuirazzi trustee to M. Walker Investments LLC, 4453 Canfield Road, $65,000

Carl D. Hall et al. to Daniel E. Csontos and Teresa M. Csontos, 6859 Fairground Blvd., $496,400

Joseph D. Janik and Annette B. Janik to J. Stevens et al., 4164 Nicolina Way, $345,000

Joseph M Crum to Gregory P. Thomas, 4694 Pin Oak Lane, $360,000

Monique E. and Daniel Marks to Mandeep Singh, 3895 Indian Run Drive #4, $74,500

Matthew P. Cardello and Beth A. Cardello to Matthew J. Antunez and Melissa L. Antunez, 4335 S. Turner Road, $505,000

CTW Development Corp. to William A. Amero and Maddalena Amero, 6880 Langston Run, $84,900


Lon M. Levin and Diana E. Levin to Cora Fisher, 911 Washington, $95,317

Sean K. Simon and Ashley E. Simon to Brian T. Jackson and Aaliyah Chilton, 253 Kline, $121,000

Stephen G. Zubyk and Mary M. Adams to Michael D, Evans, $93,800

John Thomas Marsh to Amber Mazurkiewica, 256 Hazel, $69,000


Geoffrey E. and Gloria J. Marlo to Justin Richard Huffman, 13351 Benton Road, $134,500

Vincent and Alexa Barbone to David Scarry, 9061 S. Salem Warren Road, $165,000

Rob L. Hoover and Paul Utterback to Deborah M. Nezbeth, 13096 S. Pricetown Road, $63,700

James McFeely and Darlene K. McFeely to Keith L. Book and Terri L. Book, 13674 W. Calla Road, $139,00


Raymond N. Kleinhans to Mark C. Owen, 10905 E. Jefferson Court, $349,900

Lois M. Davis to Darin R. Stratton and Shanesta L. Stratton, 8931 W. South Range Road, $150,000


Himes Land Co. LLC to Samantha M. Motter, 222 Jackson, $90,000

Joseph W. Grzelak Jr. to Andrew Miller, 329 E. Park, $130,000

Melissa Liste to Nicole Pope, 3206 Bell Wick, $83,500

Hometown Services LLC to James C. Phibbs and Heather S. Phibbls, 913 E. Liberty, $40,000


Jesse F. Hodge Jr. and Debra E. Hodge to Cecelia Michell Pappas, 3081 S. Lipkey Road, $202,000


Suzanne L. Roscoe and Robert A. Maier to VT Larney LTD, 343 Beverly Hills, $115,000

Kerri J. Ague and Rocco S. Ague to Maggie Teresa Carkhuff, Keefer, $110,000

United Presbyterian Church to Word Music Ministries LLC, Tanglewood, $40,000

Robert Carder and Daniel R. Carder to Easyway LLC, 3102 Hadley, $40,000

Gregory Shirey to James Flynn Jr., 1580 Tibbetts Wick, $132,900

Jet Black Capital LLC to Charles William Denison III, Belmont, $28,000


Jennifer L. Dietz to Trenton Ball, 214 Adams, $159,000

Eugene J. Szegedi and Linda N. Szegedi to Diana E. Levin and Lon M. Levin, 328 Ohio, $135,000

SINN LLC to Shad Ryan McBride, 244 Pennsylvania, $115,000


Brian M. Stoneburner and Sheila L. Stoneburner to Adam Sean Hammonds and Kimberly A. Hammonds, 2122 S. Pricetown Road, $205,000

Stephanie A. Sicafuse and Peter D. Sicafuse trustees to Jo Ann Sicafuse, 842 Harbor Ave., $200,000

Patricia L. Wining to Dustin M. Barrett and Kristin N. Barrett, S. Newton Falls Road, $50,000

David J. Pico and Margaret E. Pico to Anita M. Schmitt and Jerry W. Schmitt, Lot 21 S. River Road SE, $31,000

David J. Pico and Margaret E. Pico to Anita M. Schmitt and Jerry W. Schmitt, Lot 22 S. River Road SE, $31,000


James C. Cook and Cindy M. Cook to John Bayuk and Brittany Bayuk, 4313 Shallow Creek Drive, $344,900

Donald L. Brett and Saundra L. Brett to Kenneth T. Wire Sr., 21 Hamilton Ave., $201,000

Judith A. Cafaro to Mikayla R. Morrow, 7158 Forest Hill Ave., $195,000

John C. Leek to Stacie L. Hall, 8750 Chesterton Drive, $217,000

Ryan C. Ray to Andrew V. and Christina A. Kuchmaner, 8203 Valiant Drive, $330,000


Mitchell S. McGuire to Madonna Nakoneczny, 336 E. Oregon Ave., $83,000

All You Need Storage LLC to Brett Ward, 315 W. Oregon Ave., $62,500


Matteson Family Trust to Green Harvest Rail Line LLC, 23220 Chagrin Blvd., $350,000

Edward Sakely, trustee to Tyler G. Dugan, 356 Poland Ave., $40,000

Christopher M. Sakmar to Heather Clark, 746 Fifth St., $55,000

Nathan L. Moore and Susan R. Moore to Justin D. Yeager and Kayla M. Weaver, 367 Creed St., $149,000


Glenn M. Prox and Carrie L. Prox to Jeffrey A. London and Cathleen V. London, 1351 Heaton Boulevard, $35,000

Patricia Finelli to Gregory G. Suslovic and Barbara A. Suslovic, 1921 Cloverbrook, $161,500

Karen M. Hartman and William J. Hartman to Cain G. Walters, 3666 Oakview, $104,000


JHW Amalgamated Investments LLC to Willems Properties LLC, 2752 Zedaker St., $32,500

3P Investments LLC to First York Financial LLC, 1657 Pointview Ave., $24,000

JoAnn C. Stolar to Kathleen Pogorily and Vladmir Pogorily, 246 Hollywood Ave., $85,000

Sabatine BK Development LLC to Kidz Kare Kaztle, 1216 Ameritch Blvd., $363,500

Marjorie A. Schmidt and Janice L. Crish to Donald T. Black, 3205 S. Meridian Rd., $117,500

Carlos E. Rivera Jr. to Gabriel B. Darby, 924 Pasadena Ave., $25,000

Carmen T. Rodriguez to SenGen Holdings LLC, 41 Clinton St., $23,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to JMMS Inc., 833 E. Florida Ave., $48,000

Rosann Rubosky and Kenneth Smrecansky to Svetlana Rella, 2500 Arrowae Drive, $92,500

Ryan Killany et al. to NY Realty of Youngstown LLC, 418 N. Bon Air Ave., $30,000

105-107 Hilton Avenue Trust to Sean P. Ridlon, 105 Hilton Ave., $56,100

744 Miller LTD to Calvin M. Harrison III and Latosha M. Harrison, 744 Miller St., $39,000

Monroe Hamrick and Joann Hamrick to Mahoning Valley Homes LLC, 54 S. Hartford Ave., $48,510

Mayurachat Rogers to Aden Mufleh, 614 E. Dewey Ave., $25,000

Laura J. and Randal E. Anzevino to Katherine L. and William T. Wilson Jr., 1744 E. Midlothian, $44,000

William S. Hutchings to INPA LLC, 39 Matta Ave., $24,000

Chane V. George and Emily George to Michael Schotten and Maria Schotten, 2218 Kirk Road, $112,000

Brian J. Walsh and Daniel Williams Sr., 849 Upton Road, $202,000

Kelly Pulice and Joseph Rushwin to Danyel Mary Minotti, 160 Weston Ave., $85,000


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