Local artist honors Canfield police

This drawing was donated by artist Ron Moore to the Canfield Police Department on Wednesday to honor the department and all it does for the community. Moore said every year he chooses a community to honor. Submitted photo

CANFIELD — Austintown artist Ron Moore unveiled his latest work, which was inspired by and dedicated to the Canfield Police Department, at Wednesday’s council meeting.

“I’ve committed myself to dedicating a special piece of artwork to a different local police department every year,” Moore said. “This was Canfield’s year and my way of thanking the officers for their unwavering dedication to protecting the citizens and visitors of Canfield.”

Moore, who has Parkinson’s disease, continues to create art with the help of a special treatment.

Over recent years, Moore has dedicated art pieces to various police departments. About three years ago, he did one for the Austintown Police Department. The pieces are not offered for sale and while the large framed piece is donated to the department, smaller copies of it are printed and given to the officers and dispatchers. Moore said this way, they can view it at home and always remember they are appreciated.

The way Moore decides which department will get the art is simply by lottery. He puts the police departments in a hat and draws a name. He then does the drawing for that department.

“These pieces are not for purchase,” Moore said. “They’re gifts to our heroes to remind them they are appreciated and loved. If I was to sell mass amounts of prints, as I usually do, the print each officer received wouldn’t be as special.”

Police Chief Chuck Colucci said he really appreciates the effort Moore put forth to recognize his officers and dispatchers. He gladly accepted the prints to be handed out.

Moore added the large piece is framed in gold for a reason.

“Gold is for the quality of service that comes from the Canfield Police Department,” he said.


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