Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County July 6-9:


Evelyn Kohowski and Michael J. Kohowski to Rosalia Santana and Jaime Henriquez, 5608 Madrid Drive, $147,000

George Brennan to Windyannette Cruz, 3815 Robert Frost Drive, $173,700

Gregory D. Bayne to Matthew T. Skrobut, 61 Country Green Drive, $110,000

Josephine T. Baker to Daniel J. Bokesch, 208 Wilcox Road, $160,000

Larry L. Patterson and Jessica L. Patterson to Dale A. Seginak and Dale A. Seginak Jr., 101 Hickory Lane, $30,000

Erica M. Porch to Jose Ivan Santiago Collazo, 4241 Selkirk Ave., $140,000

Justin Gallagher to Edward Michael Komara Jr. and Rosemary Fellows, 202 Beverly Ave., $136,200

Jeffrey V. Mascarella and Carmen Asencion Mascarella Estevez, 221 Parkgate Ave., $110,000

Western Auto Supply Company to Joan Kubik & Associates LLC, 4805 Mahoning Ave., $125,000

Jon W. Kenney to Keaton Cloyce Vega, 489 Southward Drive, $75,000

Batroun Inc. to LP Youngstown LLC, 4825 Mahoning Ave., $250,000

Nicholas Moliterno to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 5679 Vassar Ave., $130,000

Chelsee M.D. Paumier to Steven J. Border and Megan L. Border, 5589 Tulane Ave., $159,000


Thomas J. Loney and Colleen A. Loney to Aaron J. Sweeney, 1215 Sageberry Drive, $355,000

Christopher M. Michael to Jeffrey Dean Owens Jr. and Stacy Renee Owens, 14800 Columbiana Canfield Road, $267,800

Mala Properties LTD to Mark E. Zidian and Richard R. Fees, Lot 20 Pine Lake, $85,000

Technical Land Consultants to ADZ LLC, 11427 & 11441 Market St., $150,000

Constance Ann and Dennis J. Opritza, trustees to Dominic N. Cicchi, 9264 Sharrott Road, $240,000

Mark L. Waller II and Alicia J. Waller to Nichole M. Carolyne, 12129 South Ave., $170,000


William Scarvel to Anil Surl, 6890 Southern Blvd., $181,500

Thomas D. Jones and Shelly L. Jones to Ryan T. Jones, 942 Pearson Circle, $70,000

Deborah L. Kopanic to Kenneth E. Lasko and Mary Lee Lasko, 7056 West Blvd., Unit 1, $136,500

Joshua Benson and Kimberly A. Benson to Richard Lamping and Wandie Lamping, 247 Waggaman Circle, $165,000

Jason L. Hinsz and Deanna M. Hinsz to Daniel J. Aracich and Deborah S. Aracich, 7451 Sugartree Drive, $169,900

Louis and Judith Farkas to Ali Ghulum, 164 Shadyside Drive, $85,000

Dzu Doan and Rose P. Duong to Jerry E. Rosine and Cindee L. Rosine, 426 Melbourne Ave., $150,000

Mark W. Gromofsky and Alan W. Gromofsky to Ryan S. Mikolaj, 3355 Flora Lane, $107,000

TIALH LLC to Pingree 2000 Real Estate Holdings LLC, 8211 Market St., $715,000

Loretta Bleggi and Stephen R. Fedorisin to Joshua S. Benson and Kimberly A. Benson, 198 Green Bay Drive, $240,000

James E. Crescenzo and Victoria M. Crescenzo to Todd Collins, 139 Sugarcane Drive, $217,000

Edward T. Seeco and Nancy J. Seeco to John Ranieri Jr. and Melissa Lynn Ranieri, 648 Westfield Drive, $335,000

Christopher Spin and Connie Spin to Andrew J. Ward, 47 Wildwood Drive, $129,900

Erin Mellinger to Jami Bonnema, 6727 Lockwood Blvd., $160,000

Tracy Elizabeth Bowser toBarbara Antunez-Jones, 4780 Grover Drive, $115,000

Sandra C. Mashiska to Allison Thurston, 5517 Southern Blvd., $59,000

Selah Homes OH to John and Adrianne Gentry, 1354 Meadowood Circle, $528,920

Bradley W. Blackburn to C&J Real Estate & Construction Inc., 104 Charles Ave., $75,000

Harold and Efi Yiannaki to Kardon Holdings LLC, 5971 Sheridan Road, $205,000

Clifford N. Cobbin and Geraldine L. Cobbin to Clarissa L. Goolsby, 4055 Stratford Road, $70,000

Janine Higgins to Alexandra Miller, 8568 Glenwood Ave., $98,900

Canus Investments Group LLC to Northeast Ohio Management Group LLC, 230 Prestwick, $240,000

Colleen R. Murray to Its Five OClock Somewhere LLC, 6940 Glendale Ave., $70,000

Youngstown Area Jewish Federation to Christina Leigh White and Gentry L. Brabson, 69 Melrose Ave., $88,000

Boyd Property Management LLC to Tamara Miller and Steven Wooten, 442 Orlo Lane, $89,000

Patrick D. Divito and Gisele N. Divito to Harvey O. Studer Jr. and Kelly C. Studer, 7851 Huntington Circle, $285,000

Michael A. Kochalko and Joanne M. Kane to Ma Salud Gray, 6645 Lockwood Blvd., Unit 2, $250,000

Ohio Auto Transport LTD to Nourren Fatima, 438 E. Western Reserve Road, $140,000


Marc Balale to Wesley Evans Jr. and Mikayla Evans, 429 Tenney Ave., $45,000

Josephine Martelli to Nicole Wiecek and Peter Prato, 517 12 th St., $23,000

Soraida Arocho to Nick Anelli and Judy Anelli, 681 Sanderson Ave., $122,000

Wanda L. Cassavettes to Robert L. Martin and Rebecca L. Martin, 501 Blossom Ave., $154,000


Flipped LLC to Fernndo Rocha Rojas, 524 N. Briarcliff Drive, $299,900

William P. Thornton to Sivanand Ramdin and Jessica Thornton, 45 Kirk St., $112,500

Barkett Investments LLC to 13 Lisbon LLC, 13 Lisbon St., $235,000

Patricia D. Patrone to Steven J. Hamilton, 230 N. Hillside Drive, $135,000

Robert W. Cline and Pauline E. Cline to Pauline R. Onderko, 70 Stratford Green, $150,000

Michael J. Catherline to William D. Reese and Joann Reese, 4 Hunters Woods Blvd., $230,000

Danny J. Jenkins and Kimberly M. Jenkins to Chad Blair and Brittany Blair, 41 Hilltop Blvd., $290,000

Eva S. Bevilacqua, trustee to Kimberly Kovacic, 563 Shadydale Drive, $204,000

Canfield Township

Patricia Essad and Sandra Notarione to Michele Kuhar, trustee, 7685 Brixton Crest, $485,000

CTW Development Corporation to Jeffrey J. Forman and Irene M. Forman, 6881 Langston Run, $159,900

Mary Ann Patton to Chidester Street Estates Inc., 6182 Chidester Drive, $180,000

DiCioccio Construction to David and Noella Paul, 4684 One for the Road, $90,000

Nicholas G. Puckett to Diana L. Isaacs and Samuel P. Isaacs, 1630 Gully Top Lane, $570,500

Andrea D. Lane, trustee to Kevin Stefko and Yocelin Stefko, 5245 Revere Run, $675,000


Joel L. Feaster and Theresa K. Feaster to Seth J. Feaster, Salem-Warren Road, $42,540


John D. Shinas and Lea Wiertel to Darryl L. Knight, 943 Lawrence, $100,000

Paulette Jones to Erika Bowser and Jessica Kaminsky, 873 Lawrence, $93,000

Veltri Enterprises Inc to Brimode and Company LLC, 20 Main, $250,000


Eugene Messimer to Justin and Mary Blosser, 11241 S. Salem Warren Road, $165,000

Michael Haehn to John J. Chupa Jr., 9898 Lisbon Road, $350,000


Providence Investment Properties to Whitney S. Valentine, 136 Christian, $150,000

Jeanette M. West to Michael Schultz and Lani LaForge-Cross, 6647 Chestnut Ridge, $361,900

Polly A. Davis to Maria Good, 120 Hillview, $175,000

Amy Samples to George Grillis, 1857 Hubbard Masury, $39,500

Amy Samples to George Grillis, 1861 Hubbard Masury, $35,500

Clifford Hughes to Alan R. Hughes, Orchard, $35,000

Linda Dale Shugarts to Bradley A. Dawson and Tiffany Dawson, 3115 Pothour Wheeler, $235,000

Jermaine L. Phillips and Stephanie D. Phillips to Ashlee L. Fakner and Seth G. Angstrom, 60 Henry, $90,500

Kimberly Marie Novicky and Kevin Paul Dominic to Daniel Joseph Gleydura and Mary J. Gleydura, 473 Grandview, $195,000


Marc Dann to Michelle Wells, 637 Northlawn, $140,000

Jeffrey W. Johnson to Craig L. Baker and Kristin L. Baker, 1164 Academy, $180,000


Tina Lisko to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 254 Watson St., $47,000


Noureen Fatima to Alecia Bivins, 274 2nd St., $179,500

New Middletown

Barbara A. Wittenauer, trustee to David and Erica Porch, 16 Robinwood Drive, $145,000


Roger A. Burns and Pamela K. Burns to Ayla Ahmed Kessler, 5876 Poland Struthers Road, $110,000

Henry M. Pakno Estate to Leah A. Ferraro, 7581 Clovermeade Ave., $149,900

Robert Smith and Shirl Smith to Susland Development LLC, Lot 2 Struthers Road, $33,000


Phillip Partin to Charles W. Campbell and Terri L. Campbell, 680 W. New York Ave., $92,500


Sancap Abrasives Inc. to Troy Butler Jr. and Kathy Butler, Oyster Road, $20,814


Donald L. Watt et al. to Dominic R. Leone III and Frank Patierno, 6 State St., $55,000

Leah A. Ferraro to Kayla Rouzzo, 253 Overlook Blvd., $110,000

Azell Burley to David Pasky, 226 Lowellville Road, $90,000

Jason M. and Tracy McNally to Bryana N. Pecchia and Gabriel A. Mercado, 248 Morrison St., $107,549

Lawrence Felts and Julia Felts to Anthony J. Maffei, 436 7th St., $40,000


Renee L. Rambo and James T. McEwen to Amanda Brown and Mark Brown, 1741 Warner Court, $165,101

Coann K. Osmon to Sandra S. Seib, 1596 Niles Warren River, $200,000


Rose M. Forster to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 219 S. Osborne Ave., $35,000

Mary E. Cogar to W. Courtney Dahler, 3240 Susan Circle, $87,500

Cherie DeFiore to Jo-Ann Anderson, 145 N. Hazelwood Ave., $48,000

Winner Group Holdings LTD to Larry E. Huston II, 34 Fairlawn Ave., $75,000

Vestonia Viddy to Zachary C. Davis, 438 W. Heights Ave., $74,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Stephanie Flores, 910 Lanterman Ave., $90,000

ORL Investments LLC to TAK3–Helena LLC, 4337 Helena Ave., $71,000

Incise Investments LLC to Pre-Meer Property Management LLC, 41 S. Portland Ave., $22,222

Estate of Joan Kitchen to Teeyonna McQueen, 2318 Fifth Ave., $150,000

Estate of Jerry Hryb to James M. Hvizdos, 1615 Midland Ave., $39,052

WMC Ventures LLC to Kendall L. Smith, 1114 Detroit Ave., $35,000

JNA Properties LLC to Jill Alecia Mathis, 111 S. Schenley Ave., $49,900

Janice Torbert to First York Financial LLC, 397 W. Princeton Ave., $27,000

Daniel Rauschenbach to Karen Yu, 526 Lexington Ave., $35,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Princess M. Rivera and William Rodriguez, 1337 Grandview Ave., $38,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded June 14-25:


Robert F. Walker and Amanda G. Walker to Hilda I. Rodriguez and Derek A. Rinard, 4703 Norquest Blvd., $180,000

James Himes II to Anthony J. Steffey, 1282 Woodhurst Drive, $93,000

M. Walker Investments LLC to Keylon R. Huff and Lauren M. Huff, 2314 Penny Lane, $166,000

R&S Land Company LTD to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 31 N. Yorkshire Blvd., $39,900

Jose L. Lopez to Hevynn Carson, 3698 Allendale Ave., $75,000

Michele Baechly to Jessica Rouzzo, 4485 Norquest Blvd., $190,000

Jeffrey A. Harmson and Janice M. Harmon to Broc Webb and Allison Webb, 160 N. Main St., $75,000

Patricia A. Murphy, trustee to GCB Ventures LLC, 120 S. Inglewood Ave., $62,500

Catherine W. Tarr to David Tarr, 3776 Cumberland Circle, $100,000

Joseph E. Koch Jr. to Joseph M. Galioto and Brandy M. Galioto, 1323 Cross Cove, $259,500

Times Square REO LLC to Timothy F. Cooper, 3946 New Road, $90,000

Steven J. Border to Brittney L. Grosch, 274 Marcia Drive, $97,000

Dallas C. Root to James Harry Frantz III and Nikita Ashley Marie Frantz, 2531 Amberly Drive, $123,000

Raymond A. Mashorda to Chick-fil-A Inc., 5627 and 5647 Mahoning Ave., $1,525,000

Jeanmarie DeLisio to Chick-fil-A Inc. 5657 Mahoning Ave, $350,000

Robin L. Buy et al. to Maxwell J. Smith and Kimber R. Smith, 3164 Meanderwood Drive, $174,500


Scott Jeffrey Schermerhorn and Natalie Schermerhorn to Bryan Schiraldi and Sydney McGrath, 770 Oakridge Drive, $180,000

David and Sharen Moser to Larry E. Clark, 5106 Lemoyne Ave., $126,000

Roy Reash and Virginia Reash to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, 5024 Friendship Ave., $44,000

David Moore and Kendal Leigh Moore to Theresa Robin and Courteney Closson, 772 Greenfield Drive, $288,000

Eldon Watson and Cyndi Watson to Nancy Duong and Trinh Hoang Nguyen, 26 Clifton Drive, $133,000

Robert Patton Jr. and Jacqueline A. Patton to Joseph D. Sosna, 4313 South Ave., $95,000

Morrison D’Angelo-Schuller to Gavin Tareshawty, 3981 S. Schenley Ave., $122,000

Joseph C. DiPasqua and Adeline DiPasqua, 6000 Glenridge Road, $192,210

Marj Samsa and Michele L. Crowl to Joseph F. Yurich and Kirsten Thompson, 8487 Ivy Hill Drive, $450,000

Florin and Mariana Dimitriu to Stephanie M. Fields, 8011 Salinas Trail, $140,000

Lori L. Ference and Michelle L. Powell to Sherry Evans, 85 Homestead Drive, $114,000

Michael Pasquale and Emily Pasquale to Gretchen Wiles, 7018 Marinthana Ave., $159,000

Louise A. Hartshorn to Angela Javorsky, 26 Marlingdale Ave., $77,000

Angela Javorsky to Samuel G. and Ashley P. Inskeep, 26 Marlindale Ave., $139,000

Timothy J. Hahn to Paul D. Blackburn, 5614 Southern Blvd., $53,500

Michael A. Sanders to Suzanne Marie Luchison, 205 Shields Road, $55,000

Michelle Ann Metzinger to Gary Dwayne Dey, 7357 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 3, $73,500

Yahya John Golesta and Ghazalen Bigedell-Golestan to Maria Stratis, 863 Cedar Way, $115,000

John L. Toy Jr. to Christopher D’Apolito, 325 Wildwood Drive, $158,000

Kyle S. Kiraly and Patricia J. Kiraly to Michael P. Rehm and Felicia N. Rehm, 209 Mathews Road, $150,000


Paula McLaughlin to Ericka Coriano, 466 Neoka Drive, $123,816

Bryan Paramore and Brenda D. Stevens to Samantha L. Renzenbrink, 421 Eastern, $100,000


Mark Andrew and Christina M. Smith to Sharlynn Fabiilli, 174 Jade Circle, $350,000

Clyde C. Wolfgang to Dominic Fabiilli, 610 Blueberry Hill Drive, $234,500

Gary Lapushansky Jr. and Megan M. Lampushansky to Fred M. Saunders and Wendy M. Saunders, 30 Skyline Ave., $225,000

Andrew C. Kerr and Hayley A. Markham to Alexander G. MacDuff and Carolyn J. MacDuff, 31 Woodland Run, $400,000

Ann Renee Bair to Jennifer A. McHale, 220 Lake Pointe Circle $235,000

Daniel Richard Franklin to Denise E. Kelly, 461 Fairview Ave., $160,000

Canfield Township

CTW Development Corporation to Maria C. Kurelko, 6879 Kyleridge Pointe, $89,000

Dominic F. Fabiilli Jr. and Sharlynn Fabiilli to Rania A. Khatib, 6786 Langston Run, $625,000

Gail L. Owens to Chad M. Cromer and Gregory James Karas Jr., 6781 S. Raccoon Road, $97,500

John Annichenni and Antoinette Annichenni to Gorrell Family Trust, 6609 Covington Cove, $840,000

James M. Houk to Kayla Brahler, 3649 Indian Run Drive, Unit 7, $107,000

Ayrek N. Howard and Delia Howard to Zakai E.Kozberg and Margaret Ewing Carnahan Henderson, 8716 Tippecanoe Road, $326,000

Brandon and Jodie Herndon to Michael K. Lindenberger and Nancy G. Fingerhood, 8744 Tippecanoe Road, $405,749

Adam Hickey to Pamela Arrietta, 4421 Abbey Road, $323,000

DiCioccio Construction LTD to Gary S. Janis and Linda Taylor, 4672 One for the Road, $90,000

Donald Dambrogio Jr., trustee, to Ronald E. Haus and Carole J. Haus, 3900 Mercedes Place, $205,000

Craig Beach

Camille C. Gaia to Curtis and Jamie Rhoads, Jersey St., $63,900


Estate of Mary J. Wagner, to James A. and Rachel Bishop, 12153 N. Palmyra Road, $60,000


William L. Kerrigan and Evelyn R. Kerrigan to Donald R. Arthurs and Dawn M. Arthurs, 322 N. Bayshore Drive, $330,000

Frank J. Kinik Jr. and Catherine A. Kinik to Raymond E. Maginness and LuAnne C. Gaginness, 104 S. Bayshore Drive, $257,000


Robert Colapietro and Kelly A. Colapietro to Amber J. Brown, 1010 Gary, $180,000

The Union National Bank of Youngstown to John A. Christopher III, Market, $25,000

Rachel A. Capito to Joshua Timothy Black, 223 Churchill, $95,000

Karen Colapietro to Robert Colapietro and Kelly Ann Colapietro, 656 Prospect, $75,000


Tarbrooke LLC to Tarry J. and Sharon K. Pidgeon, W. South Range Road, $248,042


Estate of Thomas W. McKinley to Joseph Rosado, 9635 Washingtonville Road, $200,000

Sharon L. Russell to Donald Piszczek Jr. and Cherri Ann Piszczek, 8627 Salem Unity Road, $225,000


Dolores A. Edwards to Primital Properties LLC, 5813 Watson, $65,000

Carl William Gillner to Michael A. Peachock III, 389 Elizabeth, $104,500

Frank Bostardi and Tricia Bostardi to Anthony W. Ross and Danielle R. Ross, 242 Viola, $225,000


Mary Jo Kalasky to Gary E. Slider and Michelle J. Slider, trustees, 637 S. Salem Warren Road, $200,000

Gerard F. Meehan and Julia M. Meehan, 37 Liberty St., $120,000


Jaclyn M. Bollettieri to Christopher Buccilli, 3540 Breeze Knoll, $181,400

Nevada Algo Trading LLC to Frederick Scott Smith, 3020 Northgate, $50,000

Glen E. Adkins Sr. to LMRK Properties LLC, Churchill, $112,200


Mitco Remodeling to Frank Bostardi Jr., 17551 Ellsworth Road, $425,000

Abdalla Shakhatreh to Timothy D. Large and Ida Lynn Large, 17621 Milton Ave., $97,000

New Middletown

Ace Property Management to FIDC 149 LLC, 11045 E. Middletown Road, $500,000

Thomas and Kimberly White to Dawn and Joel Smith, 112 Woodland Drive, $185,000


James A. DeBernardo to Mark Martin and Stephanie Martin, 2780 Alonquin Drive, $200,530

Richard G. Horvath and Sandra M. Horvath to Steven Raseta, 6806 Katahdin Drive, $274,120

Robert C. Rosser and Patricia A. Rosser, Justin T. Chisholm and Lindsey A. Chisholm, 8178 Burgess Lake Drive, $305,000

William Eric Broviak and Deborah Lee Sams to Michelle Ray, 6907 North Lima Road, $250,900

Rosann M. Bezilla to Michael D. Wheatley and Sheryl Lynn Wheatley, 2880 Briarwood Court, $340,000

John P. Palikaras to Brent A. Maimone, 7091 Indian Trail, $250,000


Brian C. Moore to Gregory A. Horner, 145 E. Michigan Ave., $33,000


Delora J. Anthony to Aaron J. Oblisk and Andrea R. Tomsho, 18425 Fifth St., $176,000

Mark J. Slocum to Leisa Doney and Keith R. Doney, 13901 S. Main St., $59,000


William Burns to Benjamin J. and Miranda R. Avnet, 5224 Golden Rye Circle, $39,500

Stephen Ciprich and Cindy B. Ciprich to Susan L. Crowley, 9151 Springfield Road, Unit 1902, $245,000

Randall V. Wolford to Robert F. Johnston Jr. and Chantal D. Johnston, 5589 E. Middletown Road, $125,000


William Paul McLeod et al. to Frank D. McLeod II, 216 W. Hopewell Drive, $63,300

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. to Ethan Mullins, 70 Spring St., $25,000

Devon Donatelli and Blaine Taylor to Brittney Belanger and Seth Stevens, 666 Elm St., $125,000

Shawn Frances Scott to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 194 Renee Drive, $63,100

Geary Macovitz to Tyler C. Blake, 204 Marion Ave., $34,000

Jason A. Carcelli to John P. Millerleile, 28 E. Washington St., $49,000

Judy L. Cook to Allan Cochenour et al., 504 W. Wilson St., $121,000

Phillip P. Nunes to Mayra Angelica Gonzalez Garcia, 429 Creed St., $105,000


Louis A. Morocco Jr. and Carol A. Morocco to JDY Investments Inc, Clearfield, $220,000

Gregory H. Gillis and Patricia M. Gillis to Richard Rulf and Shannon Rulf, 3710 St. Marys Drive, $352,000

Karen A. Hellam-Rossi and Kurt Hellam to Kristopher Davanzo, Youngstown Warren, $120,000


Brad G. Brocker to Triveri Electric LLC, 1530 Poland Ave., $75,000

Phyllis J. Miller to Mary E. Morgan, 1653 Bancroft Ave., $59,900

Estate of Patrick R. Harbison to Jeffrey J. Orchard and Robert C. Donner, 2034 Chestnut Hill Drive, $120,000

Cassandra Lawrence and Leon Elliott to Willie G. Palmer, 212 E. Boston Ave., $29,000

RJA Development LLC to Cheryl Marshall, 3612 Valerie Drive, $38,000

Longino Candelaria to Alexander Alvarez and Janet Alvarez, 235 S. Schenley Ave., $24,000

Gary N. Hurd to Robert Jarrell, 3775 Baymar Drive, $105,000

Bailey L. Williamson to Luis Guillermo Izquierdo Rivera and Daysi Dides Negron, 4400 Euclid, $120,000

Fostering Dreams Inc. to Temple Jesu Cristo Fuenta Vida Etema Inc., 545 Belle Vista Ave., $35,000

Laura Johnson to David Lucas and Anne L. Garwig, 2031 Meadowbrook Ave., $115,000

Estate of David Thomas Penezich to Randy A. Mass, 2166 Cranbrook Drive, $112,000

North West Properties of Youngstown LLC to Ashley Galindo and Francisco Javier Galindo, 4009 Helena Ave., $63,900

Estate of Josephine A. Restuccio to Bonnie L. Bort, 916 S. Belle Vista Ave., $55,000

Ronald McElroy and Linda McElroy to Stefany D. Rivera, 4321 Euclid Blvd., $103,000

Blackstar Stability Distressed Debt Fund LLC to Aubrey C. Greene and Jacqueline S. Davis, 818 Scioto St., $25,000

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. to Merril Blotzer and Charlene Blotzer, 25-27 N. Hartford Ave., $49,917

Marcus D. Patton to The Fikes 2006 Revocable Trust, 1351 Douglas Ave., $54,900

Christina M. Hall to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 2300 Volney Road, $28,000

Pauine M. Hutch to Alexis M. Karelin, 1919 Hayden Ave., $110,000

Patricia Lee O’Rourke and Jennifer Lee Bair to Scott F. Ward and Sean Price, 240 Berkshire Ave., $149,000

Russell W. Martin and Nancy M. Martin to Helene Havel, 1678 Wakefield Ave., $79,500

Brett M. Pitzulo to Its’ Five OClock Somewhere LLC, 1758 Ridgelawn Ave., $65,000


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