Dogs put down after jumping off city bridge

YOUNGSTOWN — Two dogs were euthanized after jumping off a bridge Monday morning in Youngstown, according to rescue agencies.

A veterinarian’s examination of the dogs, a male and female Shepherd mix, showed extensive traumatic internal injuries and broken bones, according to Dianne Fry, Mahoning County dog warden.

The Mill Creek MetroParks Police Department responded to a call for the Youngstown Police Department after YPD received a call from a man who alerted he saw the two dogs jump off the Mahoning Avenue bridge in Youngstown. The man said he was on his way to work.

Investigators and responders said they are thankful that someone saw the situation.

The dogs could have jumped due to oncoming traffic. “It could have been anything,” Fry said.

Trees along the bridge could have blocked the dogs’ view, leading them to think the ground wasn’t as far as it was, according to a Facebook post on the dog warden’s page.

Reportedly, the dogs were seen throughout the park recently, Fry said. The canine pair were said to have been on their own for a while, the Facebook post said.

Friends of Fido covered the dogs’ medical needs, Fry said.

“Thank God for Friends of Fido,” she said of the nonprofit, which works with rescue dogs to find homes and veterinarian care. “They go above and beyond for us,” Fry said.

When people don’t want their dogs anymore, “the worst scenario is leaving them go out in the public,” Fry said.

Instead, people ought to consider surrendering their dogs to the county dog warden, a rescue or responsibly rehoming them, she said. Otherwise, the outcome mirrors Monday’s tragedy, Fry said.

More information regarding the situation was not available Monday.

For information on the Mahoning County Dog Warden, visit www.mahon ingcountyoh.gov and search for the dog warden.

Information on Friends of Fido can be found at friend soffideomahoning.org.


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