Cases skyrocket above 21-day average in Ohio

COVID-19 data reported by the Ohio Department of Health shows new cases are more than double the 21-day average.

Statewide, new cases in Ohio jumped to 744 cases. The ODH states the 21-day average is 352. The total cases sit at 1,118,513 and the new death total sits at 20,449, a 12-case increase since the most recent reporting.

The ODH usually provides death information on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Since last week, the state has added 3,678 cases and 38 deaths.

Locally, Mahoning County, Trumbull County and Columbiana County tallied 31 new cases and only two additional deaths. In Mahoning County, 15 new cases have been reported and no new deaths have been added, bringing the total to 22,636. Since last week, the county added 166 cases.

In Trumbull County, nine new cases were added, bringing the total number of cases to 16,722. The county added two deaths and the total now sits at 489. Since last week, the county tacked on 93 new cases.

Columbiana County saw an additional seven cases reported by the ODH, bringing the total number of cases to 9,159. The county had no new deaths reported and the total remains at 236. Similar to neighboring Trumbull County, Columbiana County added 93 cases since last week.

For the vaccination effort, inoculations have increased but remain below the 50 percent threshold. Since yesterday, only 0.06 percent of Ohioans received the vaccine in the last 24 hours. A total of 6,871 new Ohioans got the vaccine — 2,876 more than yesterday’s reporting. The ODH reported a total of 5,673,641 Ohio residents got the vaccine.

Locally, 101 new vaccinations have been reported in Mahoning County. The total percentage of those vaccinated is 47.12 percent and the county has 107,751 residents vaccinated.

In Trumbull County, 102 new vaccinations were tallied, bringing the total number of vaccinated residents to 88,705 — or 44.81 percent.

In Columbiana County, 33 new vaccinations have been administered, bringing the total vaccinated residents to 38,624 and the percentage to 37.91 percent.

COVID-19 by the numbers

The number of cases, changes in cases and deaths in counties in the region and statewide as of Tuesday:

County Cases Change since Change since Deaths

yesterday last week

Trumbull 16,722 +9 +93 489

Mahoning 22,636 +15 +166 612

Columbiana 9,159 +7 +93 236

Ohio 1,118,513 +744 +3,678 20,449

SOURCE: Ohio Department of Health


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