Firefighters respond to 2 city crashes

YOUNGSTOWN — Firefighters attended to a head injury in one crash Thursday afternoon and extricated a woman in another crash early Friday.

The first crash was at 5:26 p.m. Thursday at Lucius and South avenues on the South Side and involved two vehicles.

The drivers and passenger were outside of their vehicles when firefighters arrived. Firefighters placed “C collars” on two of the patients and controlled the head bleeding on one patient.

The patients were turned over to ambulance personnel when they arrived. Firefighters also assisted with loading the patients for transport to the hospital.

The vehicles involved were a 2020 Nissan Sentra and a 2009 Ford Focus.

The second crash involved two vehicles at 12:57 a.m. Friday on Himrod Avenue at Wilson Avenue on the East Side.

Firefighters used mechanical tools to extricate a city woman from her 2005 GMC Yukon. Her leg was pinned under the car’s dashboard from the crash, which badly damaged the front of the vehicle.

The estimated damage to the vehicle was $33,000.

While some firefighters worked to free the woman with tools such as spreader and cutter, another firefighter held her from falling out of the vehicle because the driver’s door was damaged and pulled off in the crash.

Eventually firefighters were able to raise the dashboard and remove the woman.

Ambulance personnel then transported her to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for treatment of injuries. A firefighter assisted ambulance personnel with the transport.

Firefighters also cleaned up the roadway of oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze. The vehicle’s battery was thrown from the vehicle in the crash.

The worst of the crash damage to the Yukon was in the front driver’s area, pushing the post in that part of the vehicle back eight inches, pulling off the drivers’ door.

The other vehicle, a 2013 Dodge Charger, was found off the road by a fence. The driver, a city man, had gotten himself out of that vehicle on his own. Firefighters checked that vehicle for other passengers but found none.

An attempt to obtain any information on the crashes from the Youngstown 911 center was unsuccessful.



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