Canfield crew checks fox after run-in

Submitted photo Firefighters Michael Felcyn, left, and Gio Melia of the Cardinal Joint Fire District check over a fox after the ambulance Felcyn was driving hit the animal Friday night.

CANFIELD — First responders wasted no time checking on a furry friend after a quick incident left the patient briefly disoriented.

Firefighters Michael Felcyn and Gio Melia of the Cardinal Joint Fire District were on their way back from the hospital in Boardman when two baby foxes dashed across the road on state Route 46 near the Canfield Fairgrounds. It was around 10 p.m.

Felcyn was driving Friday night when he had to make a tough decision.

“I had to make a choice to try and dodge them in the oncoming lane or try and straddle them,” he said.

Unfortunately, the ambulance clipped one of the foxes.

Right away, Felcyn stopped the ambulance. The unharmed fox managed to run away.

The fox that was struck was “dazed and confused” so the first responders bundled him up, giving him oxygen.

Before anyone could call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the fox gained his composure and began running around the back of the ambulance.

“We gave him a few minutes … Then we released him,” Felcyn said, adding the little guy took off immediately into the woods.

The fox was scared at first, but was calm throughout his assessment, Felcyn said.


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