City man arrested following traffic stop

AUSTINTOWN — A Youngstown man was arrested Sunday after officers found a gun in the vehicle after a traffic stop.

Derrick Jones, 35, of 511 Mistletoe Ave., is accused of having weapons under disability, improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, using a weapon while intoxicated and operating a vehicle intoxicated.

Just after midnight, Austintown police found a gray Oldsmobile in the side lot of 3896 Mahoning Ave. The report states police found Jones sitting in the car with his legs on the pavement.

Officers noticed Jones’ speech was slurred, his eyes glossy and concluded he was under the influence. While Jones was searching for his identification, police noticed a firearm on the passenger seat.

Jones was then placed in a police cruiser. On the way to Austintown Police Department, the report states Jones told police he wanted them to shoot him and that “it’s going to get real if he gets inside (the department) and (police) were going to have to kill him.” At the station the report states Jones became hostile, making field tests difficult, so they were not conducted.

He was taken to the Mahoning County jail, but was released later that day. An acquaintance posted bond but he was sent to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for evaluation.


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