Property transfers for Feb. 1-5

Property transfers recorded Feb. 1-5:


Kara Conricote to Thomas Zeno Foley Jr., 551 Forest Hill Drive, $88,500

Dennis R. Olson to Andrew Wilson and Brooke Carroll, 4219 Westmont Drive, $84,500

Victoria Industrial Properties Inc. to Armadillo Development LLC, Victoria Road,


Marian M. Garrity, trustee, to Barbara Jean Loitwood, trustee, North Turner Road $60,000

Matthew and Krista Moore to Dennis R. Olson, 153

Marcia Drive,


Kenner S. Russo and Carol J. Russo to KWA 2021 LLC, 4535 Plumbrook Drive, $72,000

Robin M. Durda and Linda L. Pallotta to Jay E. Byles and Shelly M. Byles, 154 S. Inglewood Ave., $118,347

Estate of George F. Kashimer to SLT REI LLC, 284 Westminster Ave., $25,000

Robert A. Raymond to Raymond J. Conti and Kelly Anne Conti, 2900 Whispering Pines Drive, $885,000


Kirk T. Kasten and Emily Kasten to Marissa L. Phipps and Brandon R. Hunkus,

17047 Mock Road, $245,000

Essent Solutions LLC to Scott Morgan, 4901 Weaver Road, $326,900


Robert C. Franczkowski and Diane M. Franczkowski, trustees to Haley L.

Maynard and Parker J. Stuckman, 840 Pearson Circle, $89,900

Michael A. Angelo and Beth Ellen Angelo to Travis McAdoo, 2016 Mathews Road, $155,000

Marisa Volpini, trustee to Tatyann Gillett, 945 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 3, $72,000

The Beshara Co. Inc. to C3 McClurg Property LLC, 702 McClurg Road,


TJA Developments LLC to Commerce Exchange Company LLC, 695 Boardman Canfield Road, $400,000

Barbara A. Anderson to Beth A. Duzzny, 110 Rockdale Ave., $95,900

Farhan Choudhry to Kara Pixley, 4649 Yarmouth Lane, $100,000

Steve Fakner Jr. and Patricia Fakner to John J. Chupa Jr., 5021 Forest Park Place, $59,500


HFP Holdings LLC to Francisco Correa Ortiz and Carla M. Rosario Lebron, 480 Devitt Ave., $74,900


David A. Hoffman and Heidi A. Hoffman to Tara Leigh Evans, 185 Queens Lane, $472,500

Rodney A. Franklin and Lori A. Franklin to Guy Franklin and Kathy S. Franklin, 50 Fairgrounds Blvd., $150,000

Nadine C. Bruce Revocable Trust to Susan E. Scheetz, 130 Talsman Drive, Unit 2, $215,000

Canfield Township

Eugene R. White and Juanita Snyder to Amanda N. Budd and Robert J. Comstock III, 8295 Caymen Bluff, $310,000

Larry R. Dezer to Benjamin R. Kline and Sarah L. Kline, 4775 S. Raccoon Road, $97,500

CTW Development Corp. to James E. Donnelly and Susan M. Donnelyy, trustees, 7605 Brixton Crest,


Steve Delucia and Elizabeth F. Delucia to Patrick M. Howlett and Stacy E. Howlett, 7185 Paddington Rowe, $1,200,000


Melissa A. Sunderman to Eric and Nikita Mastrianno, 10469 Berlin Station Road, $177,500


Harbinger International Inc. to Rubinic Asset Management Corporation, 30 W. Liberty, $60,000

513 Girard OH LLC to 501 Churchill Holdings LLC, 501 Churchill Road,


Nick Ben to Jeffrey S. Koning, 982 Lawrence, $84,900

James D. Hughes and Arlene S. Hughes to Copper River Trading LLC, 136 Townsend, $31,129

Michelle H. Battee to Donte L. Williams and Candace E. Williams, 34 Shawnee, $331,000

Leanne R. Lee to Keith R. Stephens, 1102 Washington Ave., $72,900

Dean Weitzman to Kaylyn N. Beiling, Norwood, $73,000

Up North Fortunes LLC to Anthony Parish, 128 Hazel, $65,000


Paul J. Mahar and Kathleen M. Mahar, trustees to Tarry J. Pidgeon and Sharon K. Pidgeon, S. Salem Warren Road, $369,805

John J. Annichenni Sr. and Antoinette Annichenni to Lawrence M. Lynn and Aby E. Chismar, 5396 W. South Range Road, $200,000

Kevin Frank Kay to Kathryn Barnes, 820 W. Main St., $78,000


Kathryn Garzan and Cheryl L. Lambert to Janice E. Paglialonga and John N. Savasta, 3433 Beachwood, $55,000

Curtis Crump to Amanda M. Verterano, 434 Simler, $110,000

Zahren LLC an Ohio Limited Liability Company to Michael G. Ahern, 2559 Seifert Lewis, $65,000

MFG Land Co LLC to john C. Rodomsky Jr., Seacrest Lane, $48,000

Meander Homes Construction Inc. to Frederick C. DeMartinis, 830

Elaine Court,


Thomas Albani Jr. to Steven A. Rotunno and Nomiki Rotunno, 3470 Maple Ridge, $307,000


Melvin T. Clawson and Robbin E. Clawson to Brett Anthony Siglow and Ashley Siglow, 10088 New Road,



Li Wei Shi to Frank Venzeio and Jacquelyn Venzeio, 379 Goldie Road, $37,000


Village of Lowellville, to Mark Rosa, 704 Cooper St., $21,250


Pamela Sturbi and Karen Campana, co-executors to Adam Kopacz, Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $50,000

Marilyn J. Kobus to Benjamin L. Fleet and Sarah Fleet, 27 Centennial Drive, $210,000

Jeffrey N. Vrabel Sr. and Mary A. Vrabel to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, dba Christiana Trust, 573 N. Main St., $106,667

Patricia W. Marino to Anne Marian, 2498 Spitler Road, $100,000

Samuel R. Day to Rachel Renee Day, 7525 North Lima Road, $63,500

Veronica Pitzulo to Crystal M. Surmanian, 4671 New Castle Road, $205,000


Shirley Etto and Richard Etto to Kathryn Rising and Raymond Rising, 587 Georgia Ave., $89,500

Kenneth A. Williamson to Anthony J. Mari, 335 S. Johnson Road, $85,000

David Parry to Kayla Pennington and Mary Kay Stevens, 236 E. Wisconsin Ave. $150,000


Christine Morrison to Evan Oates, 14212 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $41,370

Janlyn Development Company LTD to Villas at Sunset Cove Condominium Association, Springfield Road, $75,000


Rentas, Inc. to Evelyn Clark and Donna Baker, 53 Spring St., $45,000

William P. Martin to Equity & Help Inc., trustee, 435 Maplewood Ave., $21,900

Andrew J. Lockshaw III and David A. Lockshaw to Manor 296 LLC, 296 E. Manor Ave., $105,000

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Robert Woolley, 158 Helena Drive, $118,000

Patricia Nerone to Matthew T. Semach, 640 Edison Ave., $70,000

Edward Manuel Kershaw to Eldon Martin and Roberta Martin, 2345 Crescent Drive, $50,000


Latell Brothers Inc to Ridgewood Property Real Estate LLC, 3674 Main, $2,400,000


Garrett May and Janice May to Kawsar Ahamed, 1707 Ohio Ave., $40,500

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Victoria V. Angel, 822 Glacier Heights Road, $138,000

AG-EIP 1500 GeoffreyTrail LLC, to HMS Mfg. Co., 1500 Geoffrey Trail, $15,800,000

James J. Cantelupe to Duane R. Culler, 4137 Rush Blvd., $74,000

LHD Property Group LLC to Anthony Paul Marchionda, 2902 Eldora Drive, $77,500

NEO Group 1 LLC to Wealth Funded LLC, 717 & 719 Steel St., $25,000

Bernard Pritchard to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 244 Outlook Ave., $20,667

Loretta D. Riebe to Edward E. Smith Jr. and Darla R. Smith, 2680 DeCamp Road, $68,500

YLP LLC to HJHomes LLC, 230 Lora Ave., $525,000

John Dillion Johns to Ijaz Khan and Sayra Khan, 91 Lemans, $27,500

Ruby G. Wine to Stephen Douglas and Pamela Douglas, 424 N. Richview Ave., $37,000

Gary M. Crim Inc. to Andrew L. McFadden and Carmen McFadden, 1646 Ohio Ave., $27,500


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