Vaccine details for Valley expected in next two days

Local health districts, emergency management agencies and vaccine providers are supposed to announce today or Thursday when and where those at least 80 years old can get COVID-19 vaccines, Gov. Mike DeWine said.

Tracy Styka, a spokeswoman for Mahoning County Public Health District, said: “We will be sending out a press release when we have the information available.”

Officials with the Trumbull County Combined Health District couldn’t be reached Tuesday to comment.

The vaccines are supposed to arrive Jan. 19 or 20.

DeWine wants local announcements today or Thursday to give those eligible in the next phase of the vaccinations enough time to sign up.

“We expect this process to look different depending on the provider,” he said Tuesday. “Some may hold walk-up clinics; others may take appointments. Each provider can decide what they believe works.”

About 420,000 Ohioans are at least 80 years old with about 100,000 first-dose vaccines expected in the state next week, DeWine said.

“We know that going into this, at least at the beginning that there would not be enough vaccines,” he said. “It’s something none of us like, but it’s the world we live in.”

DeWine said he is asking “each vaccine provider to complete their vaccinations within seven days” so the next group can start. Those at least 75 years of age are eligible to get vaccines starting Jan. 25, but those at least 80 years old who haven’t received vaccines still are eligible.


The latest Ohio Department of Health data shows 321,506 total first-dose vaccinations in the state as of 6 a.m. Tuesday, including 17,421 given in the previous 24 hours.

That is 2.75 percent of the state’s total population, according to the ODH.

The state started giving first doses of the vaccine Dec. 14. Two vaccines about four weeks apart are needed.

Those vaccines have gone to health care workers and personnel routinely involved with COVID-19 patients, emergency medical responders and those who live and / or work in congregate settings, such as nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

As of Tuesday, about 85 percent of nursing homes have been visited by pharmacy companies that are offering a first-dose vaccination, DeWine said.

“For now, we have a scarcity,” he said.

DeWine asked hospitals to stop vaccinating their staff at midnight Sunday and move to vaccinating those at least 80 years old if they have unused doses. If the hospitals don’t want to follow that recommendation, DeWine asked them to return the vaccines to the state.

The Mahoning Valley is lagging behind Ohio in first-dose vaccinations.

As of Tuesday, 2.62 percent of the population in Mahoning County (5,988 people), 1.84 percent of Trumbull County’s population (3,633 people) and 2.2 percent of Columbiana County’s population (2,246 people) have been vaccinated.


The ODH reported 792,938 total COVID-19 cases in the state as of Tuesday with 648,724 presumed recovered and 9,802 deaths.

It is an increase of 7,981 cases compared to the daily average of 7,424 cases for the past 21 days.

Also, the 100 additional deaths Tuesday is higher than the daily average of 74 for the past 21 days.

The ODH listed 16,219 total COVID-19 cases Tuesday in Mahoning County with 13,633 presumed recovered and 325 deaths.

The state reported 11,921 total COVID-19 cases Tuesday in Trumbull County with 10,182 presumed recovered and 290 deaths, including two reported Tuesday.

Of the 290 COVID-19 fatalities in Trumbull, 138 of them — almost 48 percent — have been reported since Dec. 1.

The ODH listed 6,780 total cases Tuesday in Columbiana County with 5,674 presumed recovered and 122 deaths.



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