Record number get COVID-19 vaccine

With those at least 80 years old eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination this week, the state saw a significant increase in the number of people inoculated.

The Ohio Department of Health on Friday reported a record number of 35,046 people getting the first dose of the vaccine between 6 a.m. Thursday and 6 a.m. Friday.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine was offered to Ohioans 80 and older Tuesday, 90,550 first doses of the two-dose vaccine have been given, according to ODH data.

Not all of those vaccines went to those at least 80 years old as people in the 1A group — health care workers and personnel routinely involved with the treatment of COVID-19 patients, emergency medical responders and those living and / or working in congregate settings, such as nursing homes and assisted-living facilities — have been eligible since Dec. 14.

But before the older age group was eligible, 444,524 vaccines were given over 36 days while 90,550 have occurred since Tuesday.

That would indicate that older Ohioans have embraced getting vaccinated from COVID-19.

Gov. Mike DeWine has said fewer than half of the workers at nursing homes agreed to be vaccinated.

The 535,074 total COVID-19 doses given as of early Friday equals 4.58 percent of the state’s total population, according to the ODH.

In Mahoning County, 4.72 percent of the population (10,803 people) had received at least one dose as of Friday.

In Trumbull County, 3.41 percent of the population (6,750 people) and 3.72 percent of Columbiana County’s population (3,795 people) had received at least one dose as of Friday.

The ODH website doesn’t provide information on how many Ohioans have received a second dose, which is given three to four weeks after the first. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed at least 30,910 people in the state as having a second dose.

Starting Monday, those at least 75 years old and people with severe congenital or early-onset medical disorders who also have a developmental or intellectual disability are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

It isn’t known how many doses will be made available next week. The state received 100,000 this week and local health officials have said they expect to get at least the same amount next week.


The state saw its new COVID-19 case numbers below 5,000 for the third time in the past five days.

ODH reported 4,278 new cases Friday. There were 7,271 cases Thursday, 6,378 Wednesday, 4,989 Tuesday and 4,312 Monday.

It was the first time since Nov. 7-11 that the state reported fewer than 5,000 cases three days over a five-day period.

A total of 853,982 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Ohio as of Friday with 720,171 presumed recovered and 10,599 deaths, including 81 newly reported Friday.

None of the new deaths were reported Friday in the Mahoning Valley. It is the first time since Jan. 7 that no new COVID-19 deaths were reported in Mahoning, Trumbull or Columbiana counties.

The ODH listed 17,215 total COVID-19 cases in Mahoning County as of Friday with 14,920 presumed recovered and 337 deaths.

It reported 12,739 total COVID-19 cases in Trumbull County as of Friday with 12,739 presumed recovered and 313 fatalities.

Columbiana County had 7,286 total COVID-19 cases with 6,182 presumed recovered and 124 deaths, according to the ODH. But the county’s health district has reported 127 deaths for the past week.



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