Motel continues improvements

BOARDMAN — A local lodging business continues to make repairs mandated by the Boardman Township Fire Department.

Fire Chief Mark Pitzer said that the Wagon Wheel on Market Street has seen some of the improvements outlined in a settlement from 2019.

“The Wagon Wheel has come into compliance with the agreed settlement,” Pitzer confirmed.

Work recently completed includes roofing “that was required to be replaced” last August, he said.

Now, owners are required to finish the next phase of the replacement by August of this year, which includes the northern section of the roof.

Ownership of the motel declined Tuesday to comment.

In October 2019, the motel reopened after if was closed for several months after a fire department inspection.

It was discovered that owners made repairs that prevented water from leaking into electrical components.

Action filed in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court in October 2020 sought to enforce a previous temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.

During the initial inspection in 2019, it was found that the roof was “heavily damaged from repeated exposure” to the weather, court documents state.

Once the roof is completed, interior ceiling work as well as repairing walls will need to be addressed, the documents state.

Phase One as outlined in court documents included repairing the roof flashing on the eastern roof, down to the occupant rooms. The damaged roof deck on the east canopy also needed repaired, and any temporary tarps and plastic patching had to be removed and replaced with permanent patches. This work was completed in October 2019.

In Phase Two, the south wing of the roofing needs to be stripped to the wood frame and replaced. Then, a call to an architect for inspection must be made, and a new, code-compliant roof must be installed. Phase Three, which the court document says must be completed by this August, states that the east wing of the roof must be removed, an architect must be called to inspect, and a new roof must be replaced.

Phase Four includes roof work on the north wing of the building by Aug. 1, 2022.


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