Firefighters in Canfield remove fox from home

Submitted photo Construction crews in Canfield were in for a surprise when they arrived at a house they’re building and found a fox inside the basement. The Cardinal Joint Fire District safely rescued the animal and released it back into the wild.

CANFIELD — When construction crews arrived at a new house in Canfield on Thursday morning, they weren’t expecting a surprise.

In the basement of a house being built on Village Boulevard was a fox.

Capt. Conner O’Halloran of the Cardinal Joint Fire District said the fire department was called after the construction company couldn’t lure the fox out with a ladder or 2-by-4s.

“They called us, and while it’s not something we’ve done before, we’d try to help in the best way we can,” he said.

After some brainstorming, John Molnar, a firefighter with the district, went into the basement with a dog stair from an officer who responded to assist — which ended up working.

When the fox was released, O’Halloran said the animal “ran off into the woods.”

While this was an unusual call, the captain said this isn’t something altogether foreign.

“Sometimes we’ll get a nuisance animal like a bat or a squirrel inside a house,” he said.

O’Halloran said that if people have a wild animal in their house, they can call the fire district, although they may not have a solution right away.

“Sometimes we have to refer to a pest-control agency, but we can always try first,” he said.



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