District looks to help student

AUSTINTOWN — Austintown schools Superintendent David Cappuzzello said he knows the importance of helping children rather than immediately finding means of discipline.

He said the case of a 12-year-old Austintown Middle School student who posted pictures online with a BB gun and made threats, as it turns out, is one of these instances.

A police report explains the boy sent a Google slide on his school-issued Chromebook, depicting himself holding guns and threatening to shoot people. The guns were BB guns, police found after investigating.

Cappuzzello also noted the typical disciplinary action taken in a case like this is a referral for expulsion, but he wants to get the the root of the issue and help this student.

“I want to help in any way I can,” Cappuzzello said.

He also said this case is trickier because, according to Cappuzzello and the police report, the student has issues at home, among other situations.

The police report states the student made threats that turned out to be “just ramblings, he said.”


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