Sebring sinks funds into sanitation

Mahoning commissioners provide CARES Act dollars

Sebring students will use the Quad-Sink for convenient hand-washing during high-traffic times in the McKinley Junior / Senior High School cafeteria.

SEBRING — Sebring Local Schools has installed a hand-washing station called the Quad-Sink, provided by federal CARES Act funding through the Mahoning County Commissioners’ office.

The district will use the station in the McKinley Junior-Senior High cafeteria during lunch times and at public events, including football games.

The hand-washing station provides separated sinks allowing four individuals to wash their hands at the same time without having to stand so closely to others without barriers.

“The addition of the Quad-Sink to our school and events will allow for increased personal sanitation while providing the social distancing needed to remain safe,” said Toni Viscounte, schools superintendent.

Sebring is one of 23 area schools receiving Quad-Sinks produced by Personal Protected through the Mahoning County Board of Commissioners 2020 Federal CARES Act funding.

“It’s making hand-washing safe and convenient by putting it right in the path of where the crowds are,” explained Jeff Swartz, president of Personal Protected.

Personal Protected began as a way to make hand-washing accessible to large groups of people when COVID-19 impacted festivals and fairs. The New Middletown-based concession manufacturing company, Hitch Hiker, switched gears from concession trailer manufacturing and began Personal Protected.

Bringing 52 years of design and manufacturing experience to the new challenge, the company created a design patent with social separation barriers. Quad-Sinks have been installed across the Mahoning Valley, including on the Youngstown State University campus.

The Quad-Sink can accommodate more than 700 hand washes in an hour, and 6,000 hand washes before needing restocked. The sinks are designed with low volume touchless faucets, touchless soap dispensers, and touchless paper towel dispensers for safer, no-contact hand-washing.


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