Woman charged after child fired gun in Boardman store

BOARDMAN — A woman whose gun was accidentally fired inside a Boardman business on Saturday now faces a charge by police.

Amanda Karr, 31, of Youngstown, is charged with child endangering after police say her 7-year-old son fired a gun inside Sam’s Club just before 11 a.m. The incident occurred in the checkout area.

Karr does have a concealed-carry permit. The discharged gun is a Ruger EC9S 9mm.

Her son went into her purse when she turned her back, Karr told police.

The child managed to deactivate the safety feature on the gun.

There were no injuries.

The report states that one employee reported a sharp pain in her thigh, but no laceration.

Police located fragments of the spent bullet and plastic pieces that appeared to be from a shopping cart.

Police said the boy suffered from tinnitus.

Karr is scheduled for a court appearance in Boardman at 9 a.m. Nov. 3 for arraignment, court documents show.



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