Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses granted in Mahoning County Oct. 5-9:

Robin Leigh Stowe, 44, Austintown, and Paulette McKay, 63, Austintown

Amy Elaine Ritchie, 21, Youngstown, and Andrew Robert Chorba, 27, Youngstown

Joseph David Rouzzo, 30, Mineral Ridge, and Amberlee Anne Smith, 29, Mineral Ridge

Louis Elias Alexander, 29, North Jackson, and Jacylin Louise Gorcheff, 28, North Jackson

Dustin Andrew Donahue, 31, Boca Raton, Fla., and Breanna Collins Beardsley, 25, Boca Raton, Fla.

Christopher M. Huber, 37, Lake Milton, and Jenna M. Smith, 35, Lake Milton

Thomas James Bakalar, 30, Youngstown, and Porsha Marie Barkay, 28, Youngstown

Christopher John Berardi, 39, Struthers, and Michele Marie Schaeken, 38, Newbury, Ontario

Kurt Arthur Snyder, 58, Boardman, and Melissa Anne Lehman, 53, Cleveland

Desiree Nicole Rager, 35, Struthers, and David Henry Mecklenburg, 37, Struthers

Jorge Rodriguez Luciano, 48, Youngstown, and Zoraida Deliz Ortiz Rivera, 47, Youngstown

William V. Palma, 43, Youngstown, and Samantha J. Petrosky, 27, Youngstown

Adam C. Mishler, 35, Canfield, and Emily Rose Emerine, 29, Canfield

Lydia Elaine Meissner, 25, Youngstown, and David John Lengyel Jr., 41, Youngstown

Michael James Block, 29, Austintown, and Elena Marie Rapone, 26, Austintown

Sean Jacob Collins, 31, Boardman, and Kaitlynn Victoria Smith, 27, Boardman

Pamela Hamilton, 64, Boardman, and Bryon Mathew Boyersmith, 51, Boardman

Brittany James Miles Shea, 30, Youngstown, and Thomas Phillip Scala, 31, Youngstown

David Robert Reinhart, 40, Canfield, and Mara Mclandrich Frisco, 39, Canfield

Devin Michael Smith, 27, Poland, and Caryn Margaret Nicole Laxton, 25, Poland

David James Stevens, 41, Canfield, and Mary Jo Elizabeth Arditi, 32, Youngstown

William G. Mack, 50, Beloit, and Kristin Renay Lattimer, 48, Beloit

Nicholas Miller, 41, Canfield, and Ashlea Brooke Pollock, 39, Canfield

Anna Victoria Fahringer, 22, Youngstown, and John E. Craig, 24, Youngstown

Eric Adam Benson, 28, Pulaski, Pa., and Alisha Nicole Foster, 32, Pulaski, Pa.

Brian Paul Helbley, 29, Youngstown, and Dominique Sophia Ruggiero, 28, Youngstown

Mia Dolores Schindell, 35, Youngstown, and Nicholas Lee Culver, 29, Youngstown

Anthony Kelly, 56, Campbell, and Mary Lynn Janek, 57, Campbell

Jared F. Noble, 35, St. Charles, Mo., and Jennifer R. Passewitz, 31, St. Charles, Mo.

Marriage licenses granted in Mahoning County Oct. 13-16:

Thomas Lawrence Hall Jr., 31, Decatur, Ga., and Jade Jo-Ann Clark, 31, Decatur, Ga.

Colleen Lynn Kennehan, 27, Guyton, Ga., and Amanda Ashley Johnson, 28, Guyton, Ga.

David Eugene Shipley, 25, Struthers, and Katelyn Anne Kessing, 26, Alliance

Raun Vincent Brooks, 39, Austintown, and Jessica Gabrielle Turkovic, 30, Austintown

Sarah Anne Lesko, 35, Sebring, and Daniel Jason Holt, 44, Alliance

Amanda Marie Moran, 29, Youngstown, and Harrison Lee Fluck, 30, Coopersburg, Pa.

Robert M. Perine, 52, Youngstown, and Jennifer B. Boutcher, 41, Greenville, Pa.

Ryan Jared Thompson, 28, North Jackson, and Sarah Noel Hernan, 26, North Jackson

Samantha Ashley Nonno, 26, Canfield, and Guy James Fabrizio III, 29, Canfield

Thomas James Semanchik, 30, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Stephanie Paige Gruber, 28, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Victoria Lynn Salvino, 24, Lake Milton, and Nicholas Andrew Tomaino, 33, Lake Milton

Jamie Nicole Giambattista, 24, Canfield, and Brendan Michael Hardie, 25, Boardman

Jeffrey Randolph Clyburn Jr., 29, Austintown, and Natalie Roman, 31, Austintown

Katherine Elizabeth Prior, 30, Astoria, N.Y., and Ryan Patrick Carew, 31, Astoria, N.Y.

Robert Michael Brooks, 72, Boardman, and Michelina Louise Patrizia Moretti, 52, Boardman

Katie Jane Miller, 35, Canfield, and Roger Dale Grimm Jr., 33, Canfield

Thomas H. McConnell, 55, Youngstown, and LuAnne M. Groves, 50, Youngstown

Robert R. McGuire Jr., 36, Youngstown, and Helen I. Hammond, 43, Youngstown

George Gabor Heredy, 64, Poland, and Suzanne St. Clair D’Entremont, 64, Poland

Krystal Marie Naples, 35, Poland, and Ryan Alan Nohe, 39, Poland

Bradley Robert Milne, 26, Youngstown, and Bree Elizabeth Helminiak, 25, Austintown

John David Melvin, 57, Youngstown, and Belinda Kay Wile, 52, Youngstown

Jhveeti R. Street, 35, Warren, and Takeila A. McElroy, 35, Campbell


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