Valley COVID-19 cases slow down in September

The number of newly reported COVID-19 cases in Ohio has come down in the past week with September on pace to be the third-highest month for virus cases in the state.

As of Monday, 22,008 COVID-19 cases were reported for the first 21 days of September. That’s an average of 1,048 cases a day. The average was 1,095 cases a week ago.

If the current average remains, the state will finish September with 31,440 cases.

That would be less than the 31,998 cases reported in August, but September would have a higher daily average than the month prior. August averaged 1,032 cases a day, but has one more day than September.

In terms of total COVID-19 cases, September is on pace to be the second straight month with reduced cases after July’s peak of 39,730 total COVID-19 cases for a daily average of 1,270.

April had 15,828 reported cases for an average of 528 per day. May listed 17,486 reported cases for a daily average of 564, and June had 16,276 new cases for a daily average of 542.

The first reported COVID-19 case in Ohio was March 9. March posted 2,199 reported cases. The state averaged 96 cases a day for that month starting March 9.

Oftentimes, reported COVID-19 cases and deaths lag behind actual ones, sometimes by several weeks.

Ohio reported 856 new cases Monday. It’s the third straight day with reported cases under 1,000 as 762 were reported Sunday and 951 Saturday.

Gov. Mike DeWine has said reported cases are usually lower on weekends and at the beginning of the week because data from counties is often slow to come in during that time.

The state reported 145,165 total COVID-19 cases through Monday with 123,423 presumed recovered and 4,623 deaths from the virus, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Mahoning County listed 3,003 total cases Monday with 2,606 presumed recovered and 279 deaths. It has the ninth-most cases and fifth-most deaths among the state’s 88 counties.

Trumbull County reported 1,853 total cases Monday with 1,637 presumed recovered and 131 deaths. It has the 18th-most cases and ninth-most deaths in the state.

Columbiana County had 1,931 total COVID-19 cases Monday with 1,773 presumed recovered and 81 deaths, including one additional fatality Monday. Columbiana has the 16th-most cases and 11th-most deaths in the state.

Also Monday, Youngstown State University reported that a student living on campus has COVID-19. It’s the first time YSU listed an on-campus student as having the virus. The university also listed two off-campus students and one employee as having COVID-19 on Monday.

YSU has reported COVID-19 cases weekly since Aug. 1. There has been no more than five cases in a week reported by YSU among its students and staff.



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