Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Sept. 8-11:


David Heffner to Georgette C. Spelich, 11 Jamestown Court, $184,900

Justin Salata to Eric Milburn Rouse, 42 S. Four Mile Run Road, $137,500

James N. Boggs III to Terry D. Crosby, 3442 Plumbrook Drive, $115,000

Raymond J. Calzo to D&S Enterprises LLC, 1065 Ohltown Road, $39,000

David P. Wyant and Lynn M. Wyant to Darla A. Tomovich, 5647 Callaway Circle, $87,500

Derek Lehocky to Brianna Eileen Gallaugher, 151 Parkgate Ave., $85,000

Joe Koch Realty LLC to Tammi Ronci, 4916 Signature Drive, $195,000

Richard A. Daff et al. to Carl V. Smith and Merri-Lynn R. Smith, 5410 Baker St., $134,900

Andrea Theresa Martz to John J. Hanlon and Christine D. Hanlon, 2096 S. Turner Road, $125,000

Harry L. Colin to Jaime Henriquez and Rosalia Santana, 1898 Paisley St., $118,000

Geraldine Beal, trustee, to Robert A. Satterlee and Lisa M. Satterlee, 699 Notre Dame Ave., $30,000

Susan Davis et al. to Dylan Seybert, 3995 Kirk Road, $103,000

Steven Robertson to Justin N. Salata, 120 Idlewood Road, $30,000

Marissa A. Rivera to Andrew Daff, 116 Dehoff Drive, $81,650

Jena Swesey and Michael Swesey to Taylor K. Davis, 4585 Alderwood Drive, $130,000


Mala Properties Ltd. to Michael C. Yurchison and Deborah A. Lee Yurchison, Lot 7, Pine Lake, $60,000

Joseph D. Pipino to Candace D. Colla et al., 9760 Abbington Drive, $372,000

Sharrott Land Holdings LLC to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Cedars Place, $35,000


Roger J. Brownlee to Janet Louise Kurm, 165 Harrow Lane, $125,000

Kayla S. Paolucci to Jamie L. Pascarella, 8358 Hitchcock Road, $235,000

Carmen Laboy and Darlene Yurich to Erica Roskos, 2069 Holbrooke Road, $60,500

Stephen Page to Zachary A. Campbell, 4555 Grover Drive, $93,500

Josephine Constantinovich to Shawn D. Golden, 6480 Mill Creek Blvd., $179,051

Mark J. Sahli and Alissa M. Sahli to Roseanne Hoffman, 7737 Silver Fox Drive, $231,000

Laurie J. Trotter to Marilyn D. Coney, 6516 Applewood Blvd., $170,000

Martin M. Altman and Sharon H. Altman, trustee, to Elizabeth Warrick, 4395 Devonshire Drive, $130,000

Chunman Zhang to Robert Z. Myers, 845 Afton Ave., $91,500

Adam and Carrie Miller to Candace Gaetano, 8460 Crystal Drive, $175,000

Frank G. Martin to LP Property LLC, 32 Gertrude Ave., $42,950

Ilesh R. Amina and Meeta I. Amin to Keera Corporation, 7109 Market St., $373,000

Joseph R. D’Amico to Robert F. Cunningham and Deborah Cunningham, 429 Orlo Lake, $117,500

NBHN LLC to JeanJim LLC, 8388 Tod Ave., $797,600

Michael C. Linderman and Kathryn R. Linderman to Robert J. Crosby and Nicole J. Crosby, 4162 Shelby Road, $120,000

Michael L. Sharpe and Zoanne E. Sharpe to Cody R. Wohlgemuth, 1609 Mathews Road, $132,000

Bruce Marshall and Patricia Marshall to GFH LLC, 60 Washington Blvd., $221,000


Lori A. Duraney, successor trustee, to Jeffrey P. Duraney, 506 Blossom Ave., $96,040

Michail Marthas and Maria Valanta Marthas to Yvonne Hernandez, $161,000


John A. Vagas and Janet L. Vagaz to Yogesh K. Uppal and Bharati Nair Uppal, 240 Russo Ave., $332,000

Frank J. Fabian and Gwen L. Fabian, 71 Preserve Blvd., $262,000

Keith Edward Moyer and Mary Rachel Moyer to Nicholas T. Amato, 268 Colonial Drive, $300,000

Patrick J. Sculli and Ahdley E. Kanotz to Kent B. Barnes Jr. and Camille A. Wagner Barnes, 28 Morningview Circle, $260,000

Joseph and Nicole Alexander to Patrick J. Sculli and Ashley E. Kanotz, 41 Woodland Run, $329,000

Canfield Township

Jessica A. Thompson to Charles J. Aracish and Mary A. Aracich, 6520 St. Andrews Drive, $122,000

Kathleen Cain, trustee, to Jeffrey Naumoff and Lindsey Naumoff, 3925 Mary Way, $340,000

Jon Robert Ulicney and Sandra Jean Ulicney to Jacob M. Wagner, 5972 Calico Lane, $157,000

Michael L. Fitch to Richard J. Hellman Jr., 4115 Canfield Road, $175,000

John M. Luklan to Cathryn Greenwald, trustee, 6345 Catawba Drive, $193,000

John Daniel Naughton and JoAnn Naughton to Paul Williams and Janet Williams, 3900 Mercedes Place, Unit 3, $282,000


Mary Jane Jones to Michael J. Gettan and Krista Gettan, 7797 S. Duck Creek Road, $229,900

Benjamin R. Kline and Sarah L. Schrum to Jonathan Michael Brodzinski, 10244 Leffingwell Road, $299,900


Ethan D. Witmer and Michael S. Witmer to Marisa Nicole Minerl 414 Cambridge Glen, $175,000


Martin J. OConnell and Janet L. OConnell to VT Larney, 317 Kline, $45,000

Sue Ann Cerny and John S. Dodson to John S. Dodson, St.Clair, $60,000

Paul Varanelli and Naomi Jones to George D. Brown and Edith M. Brown, 995 Villa Place, $130,000


Robert V. Jaskowak Jr. and Peggy C. Jaskowak to Ryan Ferry, 5510 W. South Range Road, $268,000


Gary Stefanick and Cheryl S. Stefanick to Dustin T. Richards and Taylor M. Richards, 1945 Richardson, $185,000

Michael J. Hacker to John W. Bush III, 1990 Drummons, $105,000

Randy John Velez and Anne Michelle Velez to Matthew Z. Hamilton, 64 Parish, $138,000


Shea J. Sudimak and Amy M. Pittman-Sudimak to Daniel S. Rila and Janice L. Orr-Rila, 11530 Silica Road, $328,000

The Huntington National Bank to Jeffrey Teeters and Kelly Teeters, 12261 Gladstone Road, $30,000


Andrew J. Feil to Michael A. Stanley, 3535 Staunton Drive, $116,000

Raymond Verdecchia and Kristofer Capapas to Durst Holdings LLC, 4365 Shady, $73,000

Lisa D. Bardol to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 4727 Fifth, $34,000

H.D. Davis Associates Inc to TPJK Holdings LLCm 125 Churchill, $200,000

Douglas M. Turner and Carmine Amabile to Matthew P. Reeder and Linda M. Reeder, Logan Way, $309,000

Shirley A. Kutevac to Brittany A. Kay and Nicholas A. Flebotte, 1359 Virginia Trail, $260,000

Matthew L. Weymer and Laura B. Weymer to Zachery A. Rounds and Jenna Rounds, 442 Colonial, $114,500

William E. Swanson and Kelly A. Swanson to Joshua S. Bacsi, 4532 East, $94,400


Joseph John Dugan and Leah Dugan to Lawrence LaCivita and Kristen L. Davis, 501 Marshall, $210,000

Heidi Bregar to VT Larney LTD, 931 Ohio, $36,600


Tracy L. Symons and Chad Symons to Jeffrey Johnson and Shelley Johnson, 2924 Alexander St., $278,000


Dibo Construction LLC to Leilanie Perez Ramirez and Jesus M. Burgos, 3308 Chestnut Hill, $480,000

James L. Polito to Angelica M. Polito, 2856 Heatherbrae Drive, $130,000

Valentine Kovacs to John A. Gibson, 2413 W. Manor Ave., $70,000

James T. Rutana to John Neher and Carly C.Neher, 2195 W. Manor Ave., $112,500

Joseph A. Mike III to Green Meadow Properties LLC, 7285 Forest Hill Ave., $123,000

Kelly V. Burke to Joseph F. Burke Jr., 7499 Forest Hill Ave., $159,050

Edward Gerak to Adam and Jenna Aebischer, 6527 North Carolina Drive, $255,650

Joseph M. Magielski, trustee to Vance Huber, 8775 Woodland Road, $105,000

Diana L. Pridon to Derrick Acord and Kimberly Seidita, 2328 Parkway Drive, $107,000

Anne Fredrick Crawford, successor trustee to William L. Brenner, 6564 Pacifica Drive, $235,000


Destiny Rose Kinsley to Rocking Horse Rentals LTd., 335 W. Indiana Ave., $28,000

Shane Daniel Bradt to Ashley M. Baddeley, 415 S. 15th St., $117,000


BCS Development LLC to Cynthia L. Dota, trustee, Lot 28 Heron Bay Drive, $90,000

Joe Koch Construction, Inc. to Thomas J. Savaet and Linda K. Savaet, 2450 E. Middletown Road, $263,146

Mark A. Griffin and Rita L. Griffin to William Burns, 5224 Golden Rye Circle, $34,000


Dennis Flesher to Stacy R. VanPelt, 189 Center St., $98,000

Alyscam LLC to Stephen Kostik and Adrienne Kostik, 27 Renee Drive, $101,000

Allison Renee Sandusky to Danny J. Aldish II and Dallas Bigley, 550 7th St., $27,000

Diana L. Haldie to Stephen J. Kemmerer, 151 E. Omar Ave., $79,900

Timothy Vulcan to Henry Keener, 112 Park Way St., $35,000

Tuan Le Le to Vancestone Hall and Valerie Hall, 133 Park Way, $53,000


William M. Shanabarger to 1617 Warren Ave. LLC, 1617 Warren, $280,000


Robert J. Pilolli to William M. Joseph, 144 Broadway Ave., $50,000

Sharyn E. Moreland to Alexis L. Smith, 901 S. Belle Vista Ave., $64,900

Angelo M. DePalmo to Patricia A. Gordon, 455 Moherman Ave., $47,000

Judy A. Gries to Richard Yovichin III, 3548 Arden Blvd., $85,000

Kassandra McCray Andrews to Shayne O’Brien, 130 Roslyn Drive, $24,000

Kassandra McCray Andrews to Shayne O’Brien, 127 Roslyn Drive, $24,000

Eros 74 Investments to Giulianna 3 Inc., 119 E. Earl Ave., $39,000

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to ACW Estates LLC, 2547 Tampa Ave., $27,000

Village Piggy Bank LLC to He’e Nalu LLC, 425 N. Osborn Ave., $47,900

Michael Finney to Nate Harper and Jaime Harper, 3386 Kingstown Lane, $150,000

Gina Watson to Baily Boyz Lawn Care LLC, 2574 Mt. Vernon Ave., $22,500

Michael E. and Mary Edith Fawcett to Jill Brothers, trustee, 565 Madera Ave., $78,000

Deborah L. Keller and Thomas G. Keller to Stella E. DiMatteo, 1944 Brownlee Ave., $55,000

Youngstown Central Area Community Improvement Corp. to Youngstown State University Foundation, YCL No. 61757, $129,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug. 31- Sept. 4:


Susan A. Burns to Kevin Ziegler and Katelyn Ziegler, 4725 Warwick South, $145,000

Francine R. Thompson and Mark A. Novotny to Austin C. Brooks, 4126 Woodmere Drive, $42,000

Jessica N. Stacy to David L. Ruggles, 5042 Winthrop Drive, $99,900

Larry J. Gessner and Renee R. Gessner to Orlosky Properties LLC, 290 S. Canfield Niles Road, $360,000

Eric Klingensmith to Stephanie L. Brooke et al., 438 Westgate Blvd., $103,000

Karen K. Leach to Kenneth E. Russell, 4355 Burkey Road, $59,900

Russell P. Davis to Joseph Charles Rolla III and Jessica Nicole Rolla, 6598 Harvest Ridge Drive, $178,000

Steven A. Prestridge and Hillary Prestridge to Joshua L. Rivers, 3995 Nottingham Ave., $130,000

Kristen Marie Bernat to Harold L. Carroll and Julie D. Carroll, 1858 Woodgate St., $152,500

Charles M. Teenier II and Heather L. Teenier to Alexis N. Smothers, $112,000

Ging-Yen Bien and Victoria L. Hunt to Joshua M. Dahmen, 3895 Dunbar Ave., $116,000

William Scott Pollock and Karen E. Stanton to Lawrence F. Serb and Kristen M. Hodges, 3757 Bryant Drive, $130,000

Indianola Avenue LLC to Matthew Jonathan Bezzaro, 4553 Sheffield Drive, $177,000

Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust Company to Amanda J. Yeager and Thomas R. Hassay II, 292 Paris Drive, $98,500

Paul G. Kinnick to Tammy M. Sevisky, 4613 Barrington Drive, $119,300

Dustin M. Barrett and Kristin N. Barrett to Christopher T. Dillon and Zoe T. Dillon, 2028 Fox Chase, $196,750

Cheryl L. Krajcirik to Jessica A. Latham and Alec C. Santamas, 3464 Maple Spring Drive, $129,999


Edward A. and Gina M. Biondillo to Nicholas Eugene Toy Sr. and Erika Kathleen Toy, 1879 Mallard Lane, $260,0000

Zachary Davis and Amanda Davis to Steven M. Dray and Jamie Dray, 14227 Market St., $275,000

Todd Worsencroft to Real Living Ministries, 11331 South Ave., $450,000

CNN LLC to Timothy Tuite, 1727 W. Western Reserve Road, $232,000

Angel Lots LLC to Greenheart Companies LLC, Lot 42 Mallard Landing, $46,000

Greenheart Companies LLC to Steven M. Savich and Amy M. Savich, 1901 Mallard Landing, $345,495

Gina Agresta Richardson and Cristine E. Agresta to Conscious3 Investments LLC, Cherry Hills Drive, $26,500

Robert Miller and Christine Miller to Nathan Teeters and Christina Teeters, 2921 W. Calla Road, $234,900

Gayle L. Herron, trustee to Bradley and Annie Creatore, Blosser Road, $23,000

Avellino Inc. to Edward T. Neiheisel and Joann R. Neiheisel, 170 Via Napoli St., $250,000


MS Squared Capital LLC to Sahara Monique Dixon, 439 Tenney Ave., $36,000

Luis A. Bonilla and Maria Diaz to Alexander Rivera Candelario and Aileen Colon Gonzalez, 506 Whipple Ave., $118,000

Elaine C. Moskosky to Renee Habart, 856 Almasy Drive, $146,000


Kyle David Dean and Kelli Dean to Zackery Martin, 796 Golfview Ave., $134,900

Jonathan T. Monlini to Daniel P. Bullard and Kristina Spangler, 685 Oakridge Drive, $195,000

First Nat’l Bank of Pennsylvania to Sarich & Associates LLC, 7025 Market St., $105,000

Margaret A. Ross too Raymond Cerni, 4552 Montrose Ave., $76,000

Bruce A. Kinney and Karen P. Kinney to Joseph Anthony Safarek and Dana Marie Safarek, 8557 Reserve Court, $329,400

GLG #3 LLC to Michael A. Trolio, 5073 Tam-O-Shanter Drive, $84,000

Sara M. Hoovler to Ashley Tuohy and John Tuohy, 5528 Lockwood Blvd., $180,000

Michael P. Zembower to Francis M. Curd II, 141 Aylesboro Ave., $84,000

William Pike III and Nicole Y. Pike to Tia P. Taylor, 670 Moyer Ave., $123,5000

Steve M. and Amy M. Savich to Kelley E. and Christopher A. Howard, 4505 Tippecanoe Road, $210,000

Samina Hassan and Syed Haroon to Dennis A. Golubic Jr., 749 Squirrel Hill Drive, $180,000

Hot House Properties LLC to Daniel List, 20 Clifton Drive, $68,000

Frank J. Kovalchik and Nancy L. Kovalchik to Thomas Paul Lewis, 330 Wildwood Drive, $83,000

Christopher M. Durner, trustee to Guiliano Antonio Romeo and Ashely Elisco, 7375 Eisenhower Drive, $70,000

Peter Schadel to James Ramunno and Karen M. Ramunno, 7900 Walnut St., $182,500

Charles J. Aracich and Mary A. Aracich to Barbara Ann Boughner and Richard E. Boughner, 5683 Anthos Court, $159,900

Kimberly S. Wolf to Ray A. Dunmire, 275 Afton Ave., $60,000

Estate of Patricia C. Gent to James A. and Carol M. Linden, 181 Runnemede Drive, $124,900

CTW Development Corp. to 717 Saddlebrook Drive LLC, Lot 161 Saddlebrook Drive, $53,000

John R. Demart and Paula S. Demart, 747 Oakridge Drive, $168,000


Joseph Thomas and Megan Thomas to Lisa Marie Centofanti Gates and Stephen C. Gates, 450 Millbrook St., $285,500

Daniel S. Rila and Janice L. Orr-Rila, 431 Chatsworth Lane, $325,000

Lewis M. Spirtos to Joseph Cilone and Kay Cilone, 188 Talsman Drive, $230,000

Canfield Township

Cooper T. Tyo to Mary K. Gordon and David R. Gordon Sr., 4849 My Way, $400,000

Charles D. and Patricia M. Violi to Brandon and Jodie Herndon, 8744 Tippecanoe Road, $351,500

Stephen N. Crowe and Melissa A. Crowe to Joseph E. Santon, 5486 Woodland Place, $327,000

CTW Development Corp. to Bruce E. Peterson, 7446 Drury Lane, $72,800

Ryan M. Catlin and Tiffani L. Catlin to Anthony J. Nappo, 6140 Deer Spring Run, $365,000

Margaret A. Froelich, trustee to Jason A. Paris, trustee, 7743 Spring Lake Lane, $625,000


George A. Cintron to Kandee L. McGowan, 275 Coitsville Hubbard Road, $73,800

Craig Beach

Michelle L. Helmick to Ryan Allen and Shandra Allen, 17662 Idylwild Ave., $64,000


Lakefront Preserve LLC to Jordan A. and Kathryn J. Haybarger, Danbury Way, $70,000

Lakefront Preserve LLC to Mark C. Biroschak and Teresa A. Loney, Danbury Way, $70,000


Nicholas Maiorana to Jenna M. Lacells and Nathan Dukes, 932 Highland, $93,000

Emmor F. Snyder to Samuel A. Durig, 111 Harry, $58,500

Tricia A. Terlesky and Tod J. Terlesky to VT Larney LTD, 246 Churchill, $47,500

Veronica L. Macek Deppe and Frank J. Macek to Mark J. Matzye and Deanna L. Matzye, 1745 Oak, $210,000

Theresa Arthur to Mark J. Arthur, 139 Olive, $41,000

MWD Asset Servicing LLC to Nicole S. Keck, 53 Townsend, $60,000


James R. and Sherry A. Stoffer to Jennifer Renee Delp, 11399 state Route 534, $105,000


Anita Biastro to Julie M. Lengyel, 6152 Chestnut Ridge Road, $190,000

Nathan Wilson and Danielle Wilson to Marie C. Mansfield, 511 Erie, $167,500

Holly M. Gibas to Sarah L. Amos and Russell Johnson II, 311 Elmwood, $93,000

Robert A. Johnson to Kyle David Haynes, 5935 Mount Everett, $125,000

Dustin T. Richards and Taylor M. Richards to James Lee Bullen and Marisa Lynn Bullen, 2142 Ruth, $125,000

Mark Cianciolo to Robert O’Hara and Mary Jane O’Hara, 326 Myron, $157,000


Melissa Binder Drawdy to Jaime O. Merced, 386 Goldie, $92,000

Melinda M. Einzig to Francisco Henriquez, 985 Colonial, $40,000

John R. and John R. Pompeii Jr. to Liberty Group III LLC, ARMS, $360,000

Thomas L. Williams to Stephen C. Sierra, 671 Goist, $50,000

Laura J. Sewickley to Carolyn Faucette, 3590 Ohio, $147,000

Paul Varanelli and Naomi Jones to Derek S. Riley and Audry Marie Riley, 443 Goldie, $70,000


David Ragozine and Laura Ragozine to Gary A. Pugh, 242 Ohio, $26,000

Frederick S. Gault to Raymond Daugherty and Diana Daugherty, Iowa, $112,000

Richard P. Vukovic and Lydia S. Vukovic to Brian Melik and Stephanie Melik, 740 Connecticut, $170,000

Anthony M. Parise and Sandra L. Parise to Dustin Rivera, 465 Nebraska, $100,000


Michael S. Shaw et al. to ALex J. Koteles, Sylvandale Drive, $50,000

Sandra K. Baclawski, trustee to John J. Johnson, Grove Ave., $22,500

Dean R. and Terry J. Stevens to Robert H. Smith, 2268 S. Newton Falls Road, $355,000

John J. Hanlon and Christine D. Hanlon to Dustin Barrett and Kristin Barrett, 14620 Robinson Road, $330,612

Scott A. Cantania and Michele A. Catania to Anthony A. Martin and Marijo C. Martin, 167 Forest Court, $525,000


Jennifer E. Hill to Paul R. Stark, 1475 N. Salem Warren Road, $75,691

Charles L. Poremba to Alaina Elizabeth Burnett, 10533 Gladstone Road, $99,900


Michael A. Trolio to Donald Seely and Barbara Seely, 5645 Clingan Road, $172,500

Stelianos N. Frangopoulos to Alen Paul Silverrstieen and Raebeca R. Stien, 3973 Via Siena, $460,000

John R. Hazen to Stacey Hazen, 2636 Saginaw Drive, $160,000

Kirsti Warner and Sherri Duby to Jeffrey R. and Sara S. Purser, trustees, 7223 Clovermeade Ave., $80,000

Brandt A.Payne and Dawn A. Payne to Austen Bujnoch and Erin Bujnoch, 6301 Diana Drive, $172,500

Agnes L. Ginnetti, trustee to Thomas R. Cole and Rebecca S. Cole, $164,000

Sharon J. Rich et al to J&R Buy Homes LLC, 5860 Poland Struthers Road, $36,500

Michael S. and Lindsey R. Rubesa to Richard C. Baird and Jascelynn M. Romeo, 107 Nesbitt St., $75,000

Taam Properties LLC to Michael S. and Lindsey R. Rubesa, 7184 Oak St., $205,000

UDE of Timber Ridge Clingan LP to Troy M. Bury and Angela M. Battaglia, Clingan Trails Blvd., $52,200

Eric I. Engelhard to John S. Evan and Nurit Evan, 3569 Dobbins Road, $260,000


John L. Tuel to Robert M. Uebinger, 144 E. Kentucky Ave., $95,500

Robert N. Abney to Troy L. Richards and Rebecca E. Richards, 696 14th St., $99,000

Karen L. Twaddle, trustee to Tara Lynn Wandel, 926 S. 12th St., $87,000


Jeffrey A. Dale and Emily C. Dale to Gregory A. Miller and Allison M. Phillips, 21922 N. Benton Road, $266,000


Kathleen M. Gerard LLC to Jacob D.J. Withers and Sarah A. Withers, $50,000

William T. Playforth Jr. and Kathy E. Playforth to Karen L. Tesyk, 1175 E. Calla Road, $135,000

Robert F. Johnston and Chantal Hohnston to Luke J. Liguore and Rachel C. Liguore, 10407 Unity Road, $178,000

Donald L. Yoho III to Amanda L. Ruozzo, 13626 Woodworth Road, $115,000

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Donald M. Wharry, 11099 Unity Road, $45,000


Craigo Enterprises LLC to Norman Thomas Taylor, 409 Geneva Ave., $72,500

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Matthew Beard, 389 W. Wilson St., $36,040

Bradley M. Likens and Dianah K. Cunningham to Angela D. Davis, 225 Iroquois St., $60,000

PSO to Mahmoud Kassem, Center Street, $80,000

Corey A. Keller to Tyler Kern and Makayla McCormick, 490 Spring St., $110,000

Ralph T. Clinkscale Sr. and Katharyn A. Clinkscale to Krystal R. Bates, 120 Bridge St., $41,613

Dominique Ruggiero and Carrie Such to Sean M. Finn, 99 Iroquois St., $878,000


MTF Property LLC to Mariano Kongo and Christine Longo, 1419 Ohltown Girard, $45,000

Priscilla Sue Baker to Dennis Detweiler and Jane Detweiler, 960 Webb, $165,000

Patricia J. Altomare to Norma J. McElhaney, 1489 Payne, $72,000


Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to David Davida Leeanne Davis, 340 Chicago Ave., $25,000

Andrew S. Mitchell and Gretchen E. Mitchell to Terrance L. Dial, 2235 Thurber Lane, $68,310

Nailed It Properties LLC to Jessica J. Chaney, 2661 Rexford Road, $118,000

Robert P. Toman to BND OH Investments Inc., 126 & 126 1/2 Matta Ave., $28,000

Gearnar Properties Inc. to Vasland LLC, Lawrence St., $36,000

Clare A. Farrow to NLC Realty LLC, 1932 Pointview Ave., $25,000

Kaly Xiomary Velazquez Santiago to AKM Mazibur Rahman and Nasrin Rahman, 2931 Idlewood Ave., $25,000

Estate of Tammy M. Kern to A&M Properties Group LLC, 1955 Highlawn Ave., $42,500

Richard I. Kountz to Richard Thomas Jr. and Sherri Thomas, 3448 Risher Ave., $82,000

706 E. LaClede Avenue LLC to Wayne Lewis, 706 E. LaClede Ave., $28,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Aug 24-28:


Joan Frklech and Richard A. Pavliga to Carolyn J. Artle, 4600 Alderwood Drive, $91,200

Ann Schaner to Cynthia K. Martin, 2818 Penny Lane, $105,000

Daniel F. Clements and Kevin G. Clements to Renee Blank and James P. Blank, 5143 Sterling St., $85,500

Sheila M. Johnston to Emily E. Pupino and Alex J. Kalamets, 3050 Evelyn Road, $119,000

Richard T. Sopko to Amy J. Sopko, 3826 Frederick St., $88,000

Gordon L. Johnson and Thelma G. Johnson to Stanley C. Kalvaitis, 731 Regal Drive, $163,000

Veryl D. Kifer to Patrick J. Detoro and Linda J. Detoro, 1428 Victory Hill Lane, $242,000

Katina M. Hetrick to Krystal M. Kester, 61 Kenmar Court, $48,000

Matthew S. Burkey to John Carroll, 3804 New Road, $118,000

Gregory F. Butch to NY Realty of Youngstown LLC, 4365 Burkey Road, $25,000

MIGR Properties LLC to Tristan Lynn Golubic and Greg Samsa, 4359 Timberbrook Drive, $177,000

Edward M. Kalaher to Annaliese M. Radcliff, 1632 W. Hampton Drive, $78,000

Steven Cooper to Marc P. Miles, 5346 S. Saratoga Ave., $272,000

Kenneth P. and N. C. Moore to Anthony B. and Elizabeth M. Morucci, 5741 Yorktown Lane, $120,000

Dairl E. Reese and Carol A. Smith to Corey McRae, 2730 Bainbridge St., $23,038

Tod J. Terlesky and Tricia A. Terlesky to Zachary A. Cady and Jasmine R. Cady, 5654 Norquest Blvd., $80,400

Lori A. Papa to Sarah Colleen Lett, 3343 Bent Willow Lane, $87,400


Tony E. Kleem to Donald Kocisko, 9525 Woodworth Road, $400,000


Brian Wade Srock and Robin A. Anderson to Douglas A. Miller and Mary J. Miller, 15081 Ellsworth Road, $135,177


Phyllis A. Berandino to HPF Holdings LLC, 424 Old Shay Lane, $80,000

Frank Garcia to Johathan Hung and Meghan K. Kennedy, 7018 Glenwood Ave., $85,000

J. Polansky Properties LLC to Gregory W. McFall, 1342 Meadowood Circle, $450,000

Kathleen A. Harris to Mandi Bidelman, 153 Melbourne Ave., $86,000

Rebecca J. McConnell to Delores Smith, 73 Melrose Ave., $80,000

Michael A. Davanzo Jr. to Gerald E. Ludt Jr., 117 Mayflower Drive, $155,000

Lawrence Androsek and Jean E. Androsek to Michael L. Ayala, 6157 Northlawn Ave., $87,000

Michael C. Lias to Matthew Dean Mastell Sr. and Roxy Mary Mastell, 839 Edenridge Drive, $131,500

Anthony D. Sotlar to Joseph Daniel Ward, 470 Melbourne Ave., $137,300

Charles V.H. Rudge Jr. and Diane Carol Rudge to Robert McAfee and Nora Kollinger, 4131 Lockwood Blvd., $155,000

Jean M. Allen to Matthew Beard, 7369 Westview Drive, $66,000

Sandra J. Hayes to Desmond L. Gray, 259 Erskine Drive, $100,000

Flipped LLC to Walter A. Goclano and Diane F. Goclano, 4791 Lockwood Blvd., $185,500

Thomas J. Levering and David Mancini to Romaine Group LLC, 5318 Southern Blvd., $75,000

Dan A. Oltean to Christopher Hill and Bridgett Hill, 527 Trotwood Drive, $259,000

Daniel W. Steffel to Brown I. Saddi, 5326 Old Oxford Lane, $155,000

RRI LLC to Speedway LLC, 720 Boardman Canfield Road, $1,470,000

Mary Alice Layton to Brian Power, 53 Indianola Road, $66,500

Gary Grope and Colleen Grope to Beth E. Smith-Zych, 124 Shorehaven Drive, $164,900

James V. Ferrante to Donald Jones, 8100 Tippecanoe Road, $160,500

CTW Development Corp. to Nazih P. Banna, Saddlebrook Drive, $46,000

Barbara Walko to Angela M. Zelasko, 830 Southwestern Run, Unit 87, $157,500

Richard A. Chifalo and Gayle L. Chifalo to Mark S. Tomko and Kathryn Tomko, 1310 Mere Court, $200,000

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee, to AlysCam LLC, 1735 Matthews Road, $51,400

Kevin A. and Katelyn N. Ziegler to Garrett Chetock, 3920 Baymar Drive, $99,000

Martha Wuchnic to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, 808 Ewing Road, $79,501

Mahoning Valley Home Improvement Corp. Entity to Sydnie Catherine Tackett et al., 15 Homestead Drive, $85,000

Melanie Arnio and Andrew Arnio, 7470 Sugartree Drive, $170,000


Jason Krasinski and Melanie Krasinski to Clarence W. Clanagan, 98 Buell Ave., $45,000


Ryan S. Crowell to Gina Marie Buonpane, 62 Court St., $143,000

Shirley A. Schmidt to Christina Dascenzo and James Dascenzo, 10 Montgomery Drive, $190,000

Nicholas El Chammas and Yagob H. Shaer to Maggys Properties LLC, 583 E. Main St., $500,000

Thomas A. Fusco to Eve M. Christopher, 127 Talsman Drive, $185,000

Canfield Township

Robert McCracken and Mary Beth Houser to Susan C. Berny, 3665 Mercedes Place, $313,000

Norma McCarthy to Thomas Balogh, 4074 St. Andrew Court No. 3, $89,000

DiCioccio Construction Ltd. to Martin F. Kane, Mary Way, $60,000

Fitzgerald Realty LLC to Harvest Development LLC, 5711 Shields Road, $530,000

David L. O’Neil and Kathleen V. O’Neil to Brenna M. Weaver, 3797 Mercedes Place, $127,000

The Cynthia L. Dota Revocable Trust to Kim R. Zavoral, 4183 Timberland Trail, $370,500

Wen H. Tseng and Lee H. Tseng to Stefano G. Cocca and Theresa M. Cocca, 6836 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $558,000

Anthony R. Vross et al. to Tina M. Swarm and David A. Hunsbarger, 3890 Alvacardo St., $240,000

Craig Beach

Michael FS Baranski and Allison C. Baranski to 62 Tuning LLC, 1653 Grandview Road, $162,400


Mark A. Bush to Mark E. Sarver and Diane Sarver, 403 Windjammer Drive, $163,000


D A F Corp to Berk Realty LLC, 430 State, $285,000

Pamela J. Paul to Kenneth R. Kelley and Victoria J. Kelley, 443 Taylor, $35,000

NG 2018 LP to JM Cardoso LLC, 713 State, $2,360,000

Anthony J. Spagnoletta to Heaven Clark, 520 Lawrence, $65,000


Timothy D. and Margaret R. Nedzelski to Jeffrey Webb and Amie Schumacher, South Pricetown Road, $73,500


Anthony M. May to Shawn Hanselman, 364 Wheeler, $86,300

Paul Pero and Barbara Pero to Valerie Gilbert, Elmwood, $92,750

Samantha Thompson to Marvin Jay Miller and Martha Miller, 3569 Creed, $230,000


TJSK Holdings LLC to Anthony Stavropulos, North Warren Salem Road, $70,000


Freda A. Phillips to Aaron McVay, 9 Wildfern, $131,500

Eve M. Christopher to Darryle Thompson and Curtistine Thompson, 1066 Academy, $139,900

Timothy D. Slocum to Chad Froelich and Karyn M. Froelich, 1153 Willowood, $125,000

Stephen J. Brincko and Patricia M. brincko to Jared Shane Elliss and Allyson Elliss, 930 Mansell, $185,000

3523 Belmont LLC to Youngstown Dev II LLC, 3523 Belmont, $750,000

Brian Gonda to Ian Jacob Wade, 3535 Cardinal, $113,000

HUBUS 1 LLC to Theresa D. Carter Mata, 3106 Goleta, $113,000

Gertrude Greco to Kyle J. Baytosh and Abby L. Stanovcak, 1613 Hazelwood, $55,000

John D. Miles to Marin E. Cisine, Tibbetts Wick, $922,000


ABS Land Holding LLC to Rare Holdings LLC, 2271 E. Western Reserve Road, $295,000

Bruce Constantine and Nancy Constantine, trustees to Mark D’Apolito and Julie D’Apolito, S. East River Road, $50,000

New Middletown

Joann Chakos to James H. Untch, 18 Hedgerow Place, $162,900


Doris Jane Hutch and Thomas E. Hutch, trustees to Alex James Simon Jr., 16 Windmere Place, $650,000

Aram Enterprises Inc. to John Smrek and Cheryl Salser, 3350 E. Western Reserve Road, $279,100

Old Stone Tavern Holding LLC to Deborah M. Lester, 6133 Struthers Road, $128,900

Patricia A. Stanton and Blaise K. Stanton to Oxeye Holding LLC, trustee, 113 Diana Drive, $127,000

Larry A. Woods to Andrew M. Popovich and Sandra A. Popovich, 3447 Swallow Hollow Drive, $34,000

James Deluca to Michael G. Peteria Lancia, 3319 Hummingbird Hill Drive, $271,000

Lucile L. Ellis to Jeffrey T. Lukas, 7182 N. Lima Road, $154,500

Robert M. Doepker to Mario D. Rochin and Linda C. Rochin, 8495 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $157,000

Julie Ann Rizer to Gina Marie Mordocco, 7210 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $122,000


Christine J. Koneval, trustee to Nicole Ann Wilps and Brandon Lee Drouhard, 19920 West Middletown Road, $255,000


Bruner Land Company, Inc. to Rhonda R. Snair, 5583 Columbiana Road, $36,900


James R. Lanzo et al., to Olson Rental LLC, 163 W. Omar Ave., $60,000

James A. Fisher Jr. to Ducheine Derosler and Marie Rode Derosier, 22 E. Oakland Blvd., $69,900

Jennifer Leigh Martin to William Edward and Diana Maria Opritza, 571 Idora Lane, $32,000

James M. Opritza et al., to William Edward and Diana Maria Opritza, 571 Idora Lane, $32,000

Premier Real Estate Management to Michael E. Reese, 64 West Lewis St., $95,000

Michael Rogenski and Tammy Rogenski by PPO to U.S. Bank N.A., indenture trustee, 16 Parkway Drive, $38,000

Dominic Leone III to Jeffrey Stauffer, 82 Spring St., $44,000


Phillip J. Janecko to Richard B. Oblinsky and Kimberly A. Oblinsky, 3472 Niles Carver, $145,000

Gerald E. Blair and Sara D. Blair to Zachary Cupples, 1730 Warner Court, $119,000

Barbara E. Moransky and Patsy L. Harlovic to William J. Ploskodniak and Sharon A. Ploskodniak, Ohltown McDonald, $27,000


PMG Extending LLC to InFrasys Inc., 601 Jones St., $250,000

Diane M. Bevan to Naser K. Musleh and Sheila M. Dixon Musleh, 648 W. Heights Ave., $50,600

The Bank of New York mellon to Ciara Bibiana Cristo, 1103 Inverness Ave., $26,572

Anthony Palladini and Connie F. Palladini to Eva E. Cakir, 3931 Rush Blvd., $77,000

David J. Stoffel and Mary P. Stoffel to Jordan Dubose, 4225 Rush Blvd., $89,900

Joann Chakos and Gino Pannunzio to RB&G Properties Ohio LP, 1626 Medford Ave., $30,000

Rachel Parent to Daniel Phelan, 1111 Bryson St., $40,000

Michael D. Zenn and Rebecca A. Zenn toSharon Wilson, 1509 Thalia Ave., $52,500

Anthony M. Barone to Marla Leonelli and Ryan M. Pavelko, 1840 Chapel Hill Drive, $124,900

Rocco R. Page to Beverly Ann Bowman, 1979 Meadowbrook Ave., $22,000


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