Man reports shots fired at his vehicle

YOUNGSTOWN — Police spoke with a person of interest in a 4:11 p.m. Sunday report of gunfire on Newbern Circle on the city’s South Side.

A city man, 41, reported he was driving on Vernon Avenue behind a white four-door car with temporary tags when it slowed to a stop in the middle of the road.

The victim tried to drive around the car and rolled down his window to let the other driver “know what he was doing,” the victim said.

But as he rolled down his window, he saw a gun come out of the other car’s window. The victim put his car in reverse and left. The other car left the area on Vernon.

The victim then headed toward home until he saw the same male who’d had the gun, standing outside of the car on Newbern Circle.

That person again pointed a handgun at the victim. The victim then heard gunfire behind him, but there was no damage to his vehicle.

Other people on Newbern also reported seeing the vehicle and hearing gunfire, and police recovered five bullet shell casings.

After being advised of the location where the white vehicle may have gone, police located a similar vehicle driven by a man, 22, and made a traffic stop on Midlothian Boulevard. No charges were filed.


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