Praise event prepares for rally

WARREN — Trumbull County Men of Faith members are preparing for this fall’s Men’s Rally in the Valley with praise-and- worship events throughout the summer.

The group gathered recently on Courthouse Square in Warren, where area men shared their stories of finding God. About 100 people attended the event with the theme, “No Excuses. He is Risen.”

Keno Hills, a former National Football League player and staff member of the Warren Family Mission, was among those who shared his story. Hills said it is important to live a life with emphasis on Jesus Christ.

“What is real and important in your life is the love you have for Christ and others. You need Christ in your life. The only way you have the love in you is through Christ,” he said.

Hills said many people are able to turn their lives around away from drugs and other issues through their faith.

Jeff Cline of the Trumbull County Men of Faith said as everyone faces challenging times with the coronavirus pandemic and the race relations that are struggling nationwide, it is even more important for men to come together.

“As Christians, we have a new heart that Christ gave us. Christians have no excuse but to share love with others regardless of who they are, what color, what nationality and where they are from. There are others who have not seen the light, but we have seen the light. So, let us bring the love like Keno has brought the love to Warren, Ohio. It is now a better place with Keno Hills here,” Cline said.

He said Hills and others at the Warren Family Mission prepare 400 meals per day for local residents who are homebound beacuse of their age or the coronavirus.

Bing Newton, one of the organizers of the planned Men’s Rally in the Valley set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 10 at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, said smaller rallies will be held through the summer. That gathering will include men from different walks of life sharing their stories and more than 50 different ministries from across the Valley, he said.

“Find your purpose in life and do good. It is for the Lord. It is our purpose to glorify him,” Cline said.

Fred Schrock, a Vietnam veteran who attended the rally, said, “All who came here today and gathered will realize this is not an end but a beginning. We are reminded in so many ways through God’s word truth is spoken. We have identity with God, and united together we are brothers and sisters.”

Attendee Larry Cline said a house at 453 E. Market St., Warren, was donated for worship and a coffee shop gathering place. The location is cleaned out but electricians, plumbers, heating and air conditioning workers, and landscapers are needed to help at the site.


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