Youngstown teachers visit kids

YOUNGSTOWN — As Kirkmere Elementary School teacher Arianne Axiotis approached student Shannon Adams in Adams’ driveway Monday afternoon, Axiotis said, “I’d like to hug you.”

The coronavirus prevented her from doing that, but Axiotis and fellow third-grade teacher Lisa Matthews didn’t let the virus stop them from making personal visits Monday to all of their students.

It was the first weekday after classes ended for the year on Friday.

Shannon and her mother, Michelle, were ready when Axiotis and Matthews arrived. They had drawn messages on the driveway saying, “We (heart) our Kirkmere teachers,” “You are amazing” and “Thank you.” And they had prepared gifts for Axiotis and Matthews.

The teachers had brought gifts of their own — a sandwich and treats from the Mocha House Cafe and Eatery.

Shannon was all smiles during the visit.

Axiotis said the end of school is when teachers usually have a party with their students, but because school has been taught remotely since mid-March due to the virus, no party was possible.

“My family owns the Mocha House, so the Mocha House donated the food, and we provided a little treat for them,” Axiotis said.

“We were so sad that we did not get to end this year the way we usually do: having an end-of-the-year fun day at the park, a party on the last day of school and even saying, ‘Have a great summer and we will see you soon,’ to all of our students,” Matthews said.

“We thought this would be a nice way to send off our third-graders into the fourth grade,” Axiotis said. “I want my students to know that I love and care about them. I wish them a great summer and to stay healthy and safe.”

“She loves her teachers, and she loves her school,” Michelle Adams said of Shannon. “It was tough. There was no closure to the end of the school year.”



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