Struthers forbids on-street parking for RVs, boats

STRUTHERS — It’s time to find space in the driveway for the boat or RV.

Struthers City Council has unanimously approved a resolution prohibiting such vehicles to be parked on city streets. Council also is looking at new rules for any front-yard playground equipment and front-yard gardens that residents might have.

“With our streets being so narrow, it’s hard to park a boat or any kind of larger vehicle on the streets and still get through,” Mayor Catherine Cercone Miller said, adding that clogged roads make it difficult for street sweepers, emergency personnel, garbage trucks and snowplows to navigate.

Miller explained the new resolution came in response to a person living in an RV parked on a city street.

“We didn’t have an ordinance” for that situation, Miller said.

Councilwoman Lori Greenwood, who brought the resolution to council, said she had received several complaints about the RV.

“That was my first step, kind of looking into that camper in the street all the time,” she said.

The RV owner was not parked near or affiliated with any houses, Greenwood said.

In addition to narrow roads, Greenwood said safety of youths in the neighborhood, whether just living nearby or a young driver trying to navigate the road around an RV, were among the reasons she spearheaded the legislation.

People can park on the street to load their RV or boat, but just not for an extended time, Greenwood said. The new rule also does not limit people from parking their RV or boat in their driveway.

Boats haven’t been an issue so far, but the resolution’s language is more proactive, Miller said.

In the event a resident temporarily will be parking an RV or boat in a Struthers road, they are encouraged to contact the city to let officials know.

Council will amend the resolution at its next meeting to reflect a penalty, as the language approved at last week’s meeting did not specify one. It would be a parking violation and minimal fee, John Zomoida, law director, said.

City council also discussed playground equipment and gardens in front yards.

Trampolines and other play equipment can be easily moved, whereas a garden may not be, Miller said.

Council members talked more in-depth, however, about gardens in front yards.

“We all realized we need to tighten up the language,” Miller said.

The discussion will continue during a committee meeting, Miller said, which will occur Wednesday.



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