Police find two weapons in car

YOUNGSTOWN — Brian Rose, 18, of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was arraigned Friday in Youngstown Municipal Court on improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, after a late Thursday traffic stop on Mahoning Avenue.

Police stopped Rose at 11:39 p.m. after seeing him driving fast on Mahoning near North Hazelwood and swerving back and forth. The license plates also belonged to another vehicle, police said.

Rose told an officer he had bought the car recently and not had changed the registration.

When he was instructed to get out of the vehicle, an officer saw a handgun inside the driver’s door with the handle up readily available for use. There was ammunition in the gun and other ammunition in the center console.

A pink AR-15-type rifle also was found behind the passenger seat, which was occupied by a female who was released to her mother. Rose was taken to jail.

Rose also was arraigned on several misdemeanor traffic charges.


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