Most long-term care facilities show no new cases

YOUNGSTOWN — Though the number of Mahoning County long-term care facilities with at least one case of the coronavirus continued to climb from 23 to 25 on the most recent list, the number of cases has not grown.

Mahoning County facilities such as nursing homes saw their number of current patient cases drop to 117 this week, the lowest number in four weeks, according to data released late Wednesday.

The number was 169 three weeks ago, 158 two weeks ago and 121 last week.

Two Mahoning County facilities that have done mass testing — Crandall Medical Center in Sebring and Park Vista nursing home in Youngstown — account for 79 of the 117 cases. Fifteen of the 23 facilities have no current patient cases.

The number of staff cases last week was 39. That is a decline over the 68 three weeks ago, 51 two weeks ago and 45 last week.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has ordered that the Ohio National Guard begin assisting Ohio long-term care facilities with testing for staff members this week.

The testing will be prioritized at nursing homes with a COVID-19 “history,” DeWine said. Of the state’s 960 nursing homes, about 200 have had patients and / or staff diagnosed with the virus, he said.

Long-term care facilities such as nursing homes are among the most hard-hit areas of the state for the virus, now accounting for about 70 percent of cases, the Ohio Department of Health revealed recently.

Mahoning County Public Health has been reporting for more than a month the percentage of Mahoning County virus deaths that come from long-term care facilities. The percentage has steadily climbed each week and is now at 72 percent.

Mahoning County had the third-highest number of long-term-care-facility deaths last week at 87 but moved to fourth highest this week with 100.

Franklin County has the highest total at 150, followed by Lucas County (Toledo) at 135 and Summit County at 108.

Overall, 272 COVID-19 fatalities were reported as of Tuesday in the Mahoning Valley: 173 in Mahoning, 47 in Trumbull and 52 in Columbiana counties.

Trumbull County has had 20 deaths involving long-term care facilities, and Columbiana County has had 23.

The Ohman Family Living nursing home in Middlefield continues to have a high number of virus cases — 35 involving patients six involving staff.


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