Lisbon resident hatches idea for chickens in village

LISBON — Village council is being asked to change the law so people in town can raise chickens in their yards.

Phillip Campbell participated in last week’s virtual council meeting via Zoom and told them he was preparing a petition to submit asking council to consider changing the village ordinance that prohibits chickens in town.

Campbell said the time might be right to consider doing this because of the growing popularity of urban organic farming, including raising chickens for the eggs. He said younger people in particular find this appealing.

“This would open the door to more people who want to move to Lisbon,” he said.

Campbell is originally from East Palestine but lived in New York state until moving to Lisbon, where he is opening The Hive in the town square next to Fox’s Pizza. The Hive produces honey mead, or honey wine, for carryout and on-site consumption.

While in New York, Campbell lived in a community that allowed people to raise a small number of chickens and said he never found it to be problem or nuisance.

Councilwoman Dawn Thomas said they would have to take his request under advisement and research the law before discussing it informally among themselves before making a decision.



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