Food chain

Young brothers learn the ropes of raising livestock

BERLIN CENTER — The Young brothers understand what is involved in being part of the food chain.

Both Jackson Young, 12, and Bennett Young, 10, sons of Jason and Amanda Young of Berlin Center, are busy working on several animal projects they hope to sell at this year’s Canfield Fair.

Both attend Western Reserve Schools where Jackson is in sixth grade and Bennett in fourth. Both also play baseball, football, and basketball at school and are members of the Mahoning County Barnstormers 4-H Club.

Jackson said he joined the club because it looked like fun at the fair and it was something new and challenging.

“I wanted to join because my big brother was in it,” Bennett said. “Also, I was very excited to work with the animals.”

For this year’s project, both have chosen market hog, chicken, duck and turkey projects. While Bennett will be in his second year, Jackson has some experience under his belt.

“I began selling animals for 4-H in 2017. My turkey was crowned Grand Champion in 2018,” Jackson said.

When asked how tough it is to raise an animal from a baby, realizing that someday it will be sold for food, Jackson explained what raising 4-H market animals is like and what he is getting out of it.

“It teaches us that animals have and serve a purpose,” Jackson said. “That with proper care and love, your animal can grow healthy and fulfill that purpose. It can be sad after making that connection, sending it away, but you can know that you’ve done everything you can for that animal while it was with us.”

Both brothers understand the responsibility part and how they take up to three hours every day for keeping water clean, ensuring the proper amount of food, and cleaning the pens to ensure good health.

“I enjoy the chance to interact with the animals,” Jackson said. “I learned a lot about responsibility taking care of my animals.”

Bennett said, “I like how 4-H teaches you the right way to handle and treat your animals.”

All of Jackson and Bennett’s animals will be ready come fair time, and as of this month, the Junior Fair will go on in one form or another.



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