COVID-19 cases in nursing homes in Ohio decline

YOUNGSTOWN — The number of coronavirus cases at long-term care facilities is dropping statewide, including in the Mahoning Valley.

According to the most recent data released late Wednesday by the Ohio Department of Health, Mahoning County facilities saw their number of patient cases drop from 169 two weeks ago to 158 last week to 121 this week.

The number of staff cases dropped from 68 two weeks ago to 51 last week and 45 this week.

Trumbull County’s nursing home patient cases went from a single case two weeks ago to eight last week and five this week. Staff cases went from zero two weeks ago to one last week and three this week.

Columbiana County nursing home cases went from two cases two weeks ago to 51 last week to none this week. Staff cases went from four cases two weeks ago to five last week and one this week. Primarily this was because Salem North nursing home had 51 patient cases last week and five staff cases but reports none of either this week.

The number of current cases in such facilities across the state dropped from 1,684 two weeks ago to 1,873 last week to 1,410 this week. The number of staff cases went from 670 two weeks ago to 790 last week to 463 this week.

Local health officials say some of those fluctuations are the result of increased testing being done at various facilities.

Deaths at Mahoning County long-term care facilities still make up 69 percent of all Mahoning County coronavirus deaths, Mahoning County Public Health reported Thursday.

Mahoning County Health Commissioner Ryan Tekac has said the number of deaths at long-term care facilities reported in recent weeks by the Ohio Department of Health doesn’t give an accurate reflection of when the deaths have occurred.

The number of deaths reported for Mahoning County, however, rose to 87 this week, placing it among the top three counties in the state for COVID-19-related deaths at long-term care facilities. The most are in Franklin County (123) and Lucas County (121).

Two Mahoning County nursing homes have seen their number of patient cases fluctuate in recent weeks as a result of mass testing.

Crandall Medical Center in Sebring has 63 current cases this week, two more than last week in the midst of mass testing. It had 53 cases two weeks ago.

Windsor House at Omni Manner in Youngstown, however, has seen its cases drop to zero after conducting mass testing several weeks ago. Its number of patient cases went from 31 three weeks ago to 21 two weeks ago to nine last week and none this week.



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