Clerk and suspect exchange gunfire

YOUNGSTOWN — An employee of Check-N-Go Mini Mart, 1739 Wilson Ave., fired a gun at an armed man trying to rob the store at 11:30 p.m. Saturday, causing the robber to fire back and then flee. No one was hit by the gunfire.

The owner said the man entered the store and walked down an aisle, asking the owner several questions about food. When the armed man got to the register, he asked for cigars. When the owner turned to get them, the suspect pulled a gun and demanded money. The owner opened the register and handed the man cash, then ducked behind the counter and pulled his own handgun and pointed it at the man, who was near the entrance to the store.

The robber noticed the gun and fired at the owner, who responded by also firing his gun. The man fled on foot toward Wilson Avenue, still firing. The suspect is in his early 20s, thin and about 6 feet tall, wearing an Ohio Bobcats sweat shirt, the owner said. He got away with about $500.


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