Tiny officers walk the beat to make Struthers safer

Staff photo / Ashley Fox Teyton Timmons, 5, left, and Lennox Page, 3, patrol the streets in Struthers on Friday, keeping the city safe from doughnut thieves. The duo began wearing their gear and started their work last week.

STRUTHERS — Two young men walked the streets of Struthers on Friday, keeping their eyes open for any criminal activity.

Officer Teyton Timmons, 5, and his partner Lennox Page, 3, were on the third day of their job, patroling on foot.

“It’s Day 3 … with a whistle,” said Tiffany Crane, Lennox’s mom, laughing while supervising the rookies.

The outfits came from Amazon, and have been worn with honor since Wednesday, she said.

As cars drove by on Fifth Street, the two little officers waved to everyone.

Decked out with handcuffs, hats, badges, a walkie-talkie and that whistle, responsibilities are being taken seriously.

These two officers are watching out for thieves who like to steal sweet treats, Lennox said.

“Officers keep people safe,” he said, from “bad guys that steal doughnuts.”

“And they drive police cars,” Teyton added.

Crane said the boys, her son and godson, want to be officers when they grow up.

The inspiration came from Capt. D.J. Aldish of the Struthers Police Department.

Crane said one day last year, Teyton and Lennox met Aldish, who told the boys that officers keep people safe.

“So, they became obsessed,” she said.

The gesture of a law enforcement officer making an impact on kids at such a young age is appreciated, said police Chief Tim Roddy.

Hometown heroes are also the biggest source of inspiration to youngsters, as kids are able to interact with them daily.

“It just shows the power of someone in your community that doesn’t have to be a cartoon figure or sports figure or someone on TV,” Roddy said.

Further impacting their decisions, Crane said, is a Netflix cartoon called “Morphle,” a show about a little girl named Mila who turns playtime into adventures with her pet Morphle, who transforms into different characters in her imagination.

One episode in particular is the favorite of the boys, where Morphle “morphs” into a police car because bandits are stealing things around a city.



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