Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Jan. 15-21:


Mary Lou Laird to Trevor J. Dunn, 4267 Nottingham Ave., $97,000

Ackworth Enterprises LLC to FAZ Properties LLC, 4478 / 4480 Washington Square Drive, $95,000

Ackworth Enterprises LLC to FAZ Properties LLC, 4488 / 4490 Washington Square Drive, $95,000

Velma J. Glista to It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere LLC, 5193 Pinecrest Ave., $60,000

William C. and Wendy M. Fooks to Robert K. and Debra A. Trittschuh, 4250 Wedgewood Drive, $98,000

139 Javit Associates LLC to Garv Holdings, LLC, 139 Javit Court, $2,150,000

Donnell C. Green Jr. to NY Realty of Youngstown LLC, $89,000


R. Scott Bean, trustee, to Western Reserve Flag and Sports LTD, 493 E. Western Reserve Road, $70,000

Angelo N. Missos and Lisa A. Missos to John J. Bates and Anna H. Grzebienia, 500 Thornberry Trail, $403,000


Roger Kale to Absolute Protection Division LLC, 6595 S. Pricetown Road, $61,590


Diane M. Byrne to Mary B. Hall, 716 Annawan Lane, $77,000

August J. Seckler to Richard Huff, 823 / 825 Mathews Road, $78,000

Richard C. Harpman and Veronica H. Harpman to Barnstormer Properties LLC, 819 Southwestern Run #2, $160,000

Estate of Margaret Hartman to Christine Vath, 736 Mapleridge, $68,000

Christopher J. and Melinda A. Connely et al. to Frank and Annette DiVito, $60,000

Sherry Myers-Maty to JKV Investors LLC, 92 Willow Drive, $59,900

Lawrence A. Brown to Danielle Fox, 7382 Sierra Madre Trail, $54,000

Vincent J. Valerio and Meghan A. Valerio to Kevin A. Johnson and Hillary Minton, 871 Glenbrook Road, $194,000

Joshua Bodnar to Lisa Marie Ricciardi, 16 Gillian Lane, $127,500

William E. Bowers and Cayla A. Bowers to Jon D. FInch and Diane L. Finch, 875 Terraview Drive, $177,500

Isaac K. Adu-Poku to Robert James Ragan, 900 Pearson Circle, $48,000

Rikki L. Batson to Emily Cunningham, 63 Woodrow Ave., $74,900

Robert C. Segall, trustee, to Jennifer and Joseph R. Young, 4458 Devonshire Drive, $76,000

Richard J. and Joan Franczkowski to The Most Rev. George V. Murry, SJ, Bishop, 7345 Westview Drive, $81,250

Dan DiDomenico to Monya Robinson, 855 Glenbrook Drive, $162,500


John Zestany and Robert Zestany to Hassan A. Hasan, 626 Porter Ave., $34,100


David D. Everett and Jennifer M. Everett to Melinda Lazazzera, 18 Morningview Circle, $269,000

Ronald J. and Gwen S. Richards to Robin Reph, 559 Hickory Hollow Drive, $245,000

Ronald Latone to Marely P. Oles, 3895 #8 Indian Run Drive, $60,000

David T. Stalnaker and Diana L. Wise to Kathy J. Osborne, 6D Hunters Woods Blvd., $83,200

Alfred Mare to Northeastern Engineering and Contracting LLC, 135 Queens Lane, $247,000

John E. and Melane M. Opre to Trinh T.. Huynh, 62 Edwards Ave., $119,775

Canfield Township

Peter Alexoff, trustee to Ronald A. D’Alesandro and Marisa D’Alesandro, trustees, 6808 Twin Oaks Court, $234,000


ATFH Real Property LLC to Robert E. Belcher, 10808 Akron Canfield Road, $156,000

Carol L. Avery to Wilmington Savings Fund, 8961 S. Salem Warren Road, $126,000


Bonnie K. Paterson to Scott R. Seeley, 12011 S. Pricetown Road, $79,900


Patrick Raymond and Jennifer Ann Huly et al. to Alan D. and Bonny J. Hemphill, 2081 S. Bailey Road, $206,000


Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Krisa April Guinter, 14335 N. Palmyra Road, $76,277

New Middletown

Richard F. Sari to Matthew A. and Lauren M. Ausmann, 6840 Fairway Drive, $245,000

Randy L. Combs to Daniel and Destiny Bussey, 10678 Main St., $90,000

Gary Snyder to Tori L. and Robert G. Horvath, 40 Circle View Drive, $139,000


Jennie C. DeLio to LoanDepotCom, 2361 Renwick Drive, $64,000

William S. Kessler to James Waschak, 7007 Clingan Road, $235,000


Mark W. and Joanne J. Patton to Jon M. and Amanda Mines, N. Benton West Road, $99,900


Hampton Ridge Development Company LTD to Greenheart Companies LLC and John V. McCarthy, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, $36,000

Rita V. Sparks to Valerie J. English and Brian E. Duffy, 14201 Beaver Springfield Road, $209,000


Charlotte A. Martin to Bank of New York Mellon, 27 Renee Drive, $34,000


Charles T. Adams and Patricia R. Adams to Rajah Abdullah, 1602 Chatanooga Ave., $52,000

Tommy and Terri Riley to Carol Zaba and Geoffrey Phaneuf, 233 E. Avondale Ave.,$25,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Joel A. Sylvester and Stephanie J. Sylvester, 347 Mistletoe Ave., $40,000

Robert M. Oage to Jack Rabbit LLC, 24 Fifth Ave., $50,000

Robert Youngken to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 127 S. Maryland Ave., $22,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Jan. 2-7:


Planet Home Lending LLC to V.T. Larney Ltd., 4629 Burkey Road, $60,800

Ann E. Saadeh to Vickie L. Spencer, 3781 Cumberland Circle, $85,900

Tarah R. Lattanzio to Myron C. Kelly Jr., 4005 Kirk Road, $96,500

Paul A. Spagnola to John W. and Rachel Frickett, 5109 W. Elmwood Ave., $72,900

Konstantinos and Rita K. Markakis to Pragi One LLC, 1255 S. Raccoon Road, $200,000

Theresa A. Olverson to Midfirst Bank, 1853 Brockton Drive, $114,000

James A. Barnhart to Diane C. Noble, 144 Idlewood Road, $65,000

Frank B. Scisinger to Michael T. Vodhanel, 355 Rosemont Ave., $75,000

Brian Craciun and Thomas Craciun to Brian P. Barnes, 113 N. Turner Road, $52,000

Barry R. Claycomb Sr. to V.T. Larney Ltd., 236 N. Beverly Ave. $32,000


Kara Taggart to Patricia Broderick, 601 W. Western Reserve Road, Unit 103, $100,000

Pine Lake Development LLC to Mala Properties Limited, Market Street, $25,000

Abdul Bari Lateef and Kauser Lateef to Mala Properties Ltd., 1043 Harbour Lights Blvd., $800,000


Anthony D. and Helen M. Miletta to Zachary Zeh, 15885 Akron Canfield Road, $70,000


HVS Investments LC to Phillip Larmon, 5105 Market St., $50,000

Patricia J. Broderick to Paul and Karen W. Velez, 4057 Baymar Drive, $120,000

Michael C. Bruno Sr. to Peggy S. McIntyre, 7068 West Blvd. No. 1, $122,000

Terence L. Dutton and Denise Dutton to Joseph J. Nagle, 4543 Euclid Blvd., $89,900

Corey Scott and Karen Lynn Evans to NICANTHONY LLC, 141 Homestead Drive, $72,000

Zachary Lamping to Paul and Karen Velez, 152 Terrace Drive, $72,000

Frances Dwyer to Adrian P. and Kelly A. Labra, 270 Forest Park Drive, $67,500

Stoneybrook Properties LLC to Tina M. Sawtelle, 7420 Huntington Drive D, $119,000

Jaabes 6 Inc. to Steven L. Firmstone and Pamela J. Firmstone, 164 Griswold Drive, $205,000

Mario A. Motha to Julie N. Austalosh and Thomas F. Harrison, 35 Midwood Circle, $119,900

J&R Buy Homes LLC to Martin and Louisa Berger, 889 Edenridge Drive, $125,000

Tammy K. Bellato and Daniel L. Bruno to Robert J. O’Hare II, 264 Brookfield Ave., $103,000

Spirongo Lordstown LLC to Robert Pezel, 100 Stoney Creek Drive, $96,000

Jayne Farragher to Zachary and Eliana Schonberger, 5602 Southern Blvd., $76,300


Anthony Colello III et al. to Jazzmine Guzman and Joshua Harsch, 281 Coitsville Road, $74,000

Canfield Township

DiCioccio Construction to Melissa R. Best, 3986 Mary Way, $56,500


Robert Castle to James Maurer, 8711 S. Salem Warren Road, $85,000

Stephen and Robin Reph to Joseph A. Kuhns, 5751 Duck Creek Road, $370,000

J. Frank Candle to Jason Matthew Elliott, 10876 W. Western Reserve Road, $77,000


Martin J. White to Matthew Packo, 3934 Rosemont Road, $390,000


Bruce E. and Karen Curall to Christy Huggins, 115 Diana Drive, $174,000

Chad R. Fender and Rachel D. Shurilla to Louise B. and Charles E. Reichman, 7278 Forest Hill Ave., $155,000

Barbara F. Higgins, trustee to Frank and Maria Constantino, 67 Greystone Drive, $184,600

Adam D. and Jenna M. Aebischer to Kyle Vaclav and Heather Nicole Lee, 209 Nesbitt St., $162,000

Avalon Trails Ltd. to Cardinal Lots LLC, 2670 Center Road, $85,000

Edward and Linda Shannon to Adam Rudolph and Erin Shannon, 216 Edna St., $215,000


Mitchell S. McGuire to Joohn R. and Kathryn J. Emery, 575 W. Tennessee Ave., $126,900


Julius P. Heil, trustee, to Angela M. and Phillip W. Neely Sr., 14740 Beloit Snodes Road, $195,000


Russell May and Amy May to Jared Mott and Christina Mott, 1901 Paulin Road, $315,000


Charles Cartwright to Patrick G. Mountford, 2301 Bellfield Ave., $38,000

Michael D. Wheatley to M&M Development Holdings LLC, 1117-1125 Salt Springs Road, $45,000

Jeffrey A. and Barbara J. Slimick to Tina Hunter, 425 Fairgreen Ave., $23,000

Harry L. Johnson to Al-Aziz M. Sa’di, 615-617 Tod Lane, $76,900

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Dec. 18-24:


All Star Mgmt Inc. to Superior Hospitality LLC, 5425 Clarkins Drive, $2,750,000

Estate of Elise Herman to John and Christine Dobrilovic, 4246 Central Ave., $54,000

William K. and Roxann Pounds to CMJ Holdings LLC, 256 S. Edgehill Ave., $31,500

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Dean Woodruff, 4677 Kirk Road, $214,900

Jason V. Lorch to Kevin M. Burd, 4526 Burkey Road, $90,000

James and Sherry McKnight to Robert E. Del Vecchio, 5605 Tarrytown Road, $142,000

Deanna E. Eggleston to VT Larney LTD, 4494 Burkey Road, $60,000

Shadetree Holdings LLC to Douglas Dvorak and Carole Dvorak, 44 Evans Ave., $141,000


Quality House Renovation LLC to Rachel N. Kelly, 135 W. Calla Road, $136,000


Tiffany W. Shirilla to Tina Marie Scarpaci and Bruce Allen Scarpaci, 1173 Red Tail Hawk Unit 6, $101,500

Michelle French to Pamela L. Calautti, 7007 Marinthana Ave., $48,000

Paula Hummer to NPV Capitaql LLC, 918 Pearson Circle, $41,500

David H. Culp to Richard Horvath Jr. and Theresa Horvath, 8304 Hitchcock Road, $125,000

Douglas R. Hall to Wayne Anderson and Cynthia L. Anderson, 5178 Sheridan Road, $55,000

Steven A. Neubauer to David White, 835 Pearson Circle No. 3, $74,000

John R. Stanko to David Moore and Kendal Leigh Moore, 772 Greenfield Drive, $239,000

Kelly A. Jadue to Joseph R. Burrows and Alicia J. Burrows, 796 Kiwana Drive, $152,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Farhan Choudhry, 4649 Yarmouth Lane, $52,000

Shaun McHattie to Premier Real Estate Management LLC, 8598 Market St., $390,000

Jean M. Battisti, trustee to Judith A. Nappy, 826 Woodfield Court, $162,000

William D. O’Neill, etal to Ali Omran, 1889 Wingate Road, $60,000

Phyllis Murphy and Thomas D. Murphy to Grant S. Mitchell, 1523 Country Club Ave., $79,000

Norma J. Alexander, trustee to Keith A. Hall and Diane E. Hall, 1388 St. Albans Ave., $260,000


Martha J. Tisler to Brooklyn A. Goins Logan, 263 Park Drive, $62,000

Clarisa Diaz to Andres G. Romero, 459 Blossom Ave., $83,400

Dolores Lysowski to Angelica R. Phelps, 839 Carlton Drive, $78,000


David H. Olson and Katie Lynn Olson to Kayti A. Miller and Jonathan W. Miller, 554 Barbcliff Lane, $250,000

Christine M. Wray to Linda Bundi, 220 Saybrook Drive, $270,000

Katherine A. Stoneburner to Janet M. Luce, 504 Shadydale Drive, $160,000

Matthew D. Packo to Christine A. Kovach, 85 Willow Bend Drive, $295,000

Holly J. Buente to Rhonda Kempe, 182 Talsman Drive, $160,000

Leesa R. Prachick and Charles E. Prachick Jr. to Robert W. and Mildred M. Demes, 221 Fairground Blvd., $126,000

Stephen P. Marshall Dr. and Clarice Marshall to Cameron J. Clingan and Samantha M. Clingan, 141 Chapel Lane, $185,000

Canfield Township

Amy E. Reed to Michael R. and Kelly A. Notar, 3620 Fairway Drive, $275,000


Barry Collins and Michelle Collins to Michael Samonas, 5880 Elias Lloyd Road, $354,000


Stephanie Rae Derose to Mark R. Kenney and Heidi Kenney, 221 N. Bayshore Drive, $128,000


Brinley A. Bauman to Michael R. Pfaff and Megan L. McIlvaine, 14140 S. Pricetown Road, $135,000


Bruner Land Company Inc. to Wesley S. O’Conner and Erica M. Moore, Gladstone Road, $36,000

Joseph Zayas and Dilaida Zayas to US Bank N.A., trustee, 13055 N. Palmyra Road, $170,000


Lisa and Chris Modelski to James J. Clinton, 206 Washington St., $61,150


Zachary David Steele to Constance A. Saylor, 2751 NE River Road, $168,400

Janet L. Orock to Michael E. Reinhart and Kathy L. Reinhart, 15650 Ellsworth Road, $207,900


Judy L. Sabula to Robert L. Kurtz Jr., 5386 Fifth St., $40,000

Gerald James Wittenauer to Tye Rone Tyson, 35 Botsford St., $225,000

Richard A. Davanzo and Brenda L. Davanzo to Luige B. Davanzo and Laura Clair Davanzo, $254,000

Judith A. Nappy to Amy E. Reed, 6374 Diana Drive, $180,500

Slepski Family Rev. Liv. Trust to Dennis T. Mikkelsen, 2418 Parkway Drive, $88, 517.90


Estate of Sandra S. Kepner to Ronald A. and Kerry L. Ellsworth, 705 W. Ohio Ave., $35,000


Lindsay A. Nutt and John R. Nutt to Andrew W. Miller, 14706 Ellett Road, $128,000

Diane K. Kaurich-Birr and Drista Marie Crump to Bruce and Maryann Whitcher, 19773 W. Middletown Road, $30,000


Lonie Wolfe to Allta Alliance LLC, 251-253 Maplewood Ave., $26,000

ASM Properties LLC to Jairus Baker, 3939-3943 Fourth St., $32,000

ASM Properties LLC to PVN Properties LLC, 3932-3936 Riley Ave., $90,000

William J. Grischow and Melissa Grischow to David John Rapone and Angela M. Rapone, 376 Edison Ave., $128,500

Sandra L. Bindas and David J. Bindas to CK Real Estate LLC, 3963-3967 Riley Ave., $40,000


Vestonia M. Viddy to Marcus A. Baker, 875 E. Avondale Ave., $30,000

190 Lowell Ave LLC to ZayDay Holdings LLC, 190 Lowell Ave., $23,000

Tom Francis to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, 101 N. Portland Ave., $24,000

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to JSN Ohio 8 LLC, 101 N. Portland Ave., $36,000

Fred Alexander to Sim-Cox Property Mgmt, 158 S. Osborn Ave., $44,000

Michael L. Klein to Family Lease LLC, 3416 Lenox Ave., $27,000

Charles R. Wagner and Lily M. Wagner to Alexandria Baty and Jason Baty, 1350 N. Hazelwood Ave., $58,000

Jeffrey J. and Jennifer C. Jones to Barry Brink Jr., 1141 Shawnee Trail, $128,000

Valley Investment Group LLC to Stephen Patrick Bray, 56 Wesley Ave., $32,000

Fred J. Jordan II and Flo Etta Jordan to Robin Finger, 4037 Rush Blvd., $79,000


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