For the record – Liberty


What: Township trustee meeting Tuesday

Present: Arnie Clebone, Greg Cizmar and Devon Stanley


• Appointed Greg Cizmar as chairman and Arnie Clebone as vice chairman;

• Set meeting times at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, beginning March 16. The February meeting will be Feb. 10 as the third Monday is Presidents’ Day. The board also will have weekly meetings 7:30 a.m. every Thursday;

• Retained Cherry Poteet as the township law director;

• Renewed trustees’ and the fiscal officer’s membership in the Ohio Township Association. They also will attend the OTA annual winter conference in Columbus on Feb. 6;

• Appointed Alan Friedkin to a five-year term on the Liberty Township Zoning Commission;

• Kept health insurance premium co-payments for nonbargaining unit employees Martha Weirick, Teena Wylie, Keith Siefert and James Rodway at 12 percent of the monthly premium cost of their enrollment in the Township Health Insurance Benefit Program;

• Requested advances on real estate property taxes, personal property taxes and estate taxes from the Trumbull County auditor;

• Authorized the expenditure of township general funds for public community functions and nonprofit organizations, in an amount not to exceed $200 per event;

• Approved to sell unneeded, unfit for use or obsolete property by internet auction;

• Offered no objection to a new liquor permit for Klafters Inc., which is doing business as Smoker Friendly No. 2, 3814 Belmont Ave.;

• Authorized the fiscal officer to transfer police funds each month immediately upon receipt. These are funds received as reimbursement for police overtime, plus 50 percent of the remaining money received from the traffic camera program;

• Announced the township will offer free tax preparation on Wednesday mornings from Feb. 5 through April 15. These are by appointment only.

For the record – Liberty


What: Board of Education organizational meeting Jan. 13

Present: Calvin Jones, Chris Brookbank, Scott Davis, Diana DeVito and David Malone

Board members:

• Elected Calvin Jones as president and Chris Brookbank as vice president;

• Established regular board meetings for 2020 at 5:30 p.m. the fourth Monday of each month;

• Established salaries of board members at $85 per meeting, with a maximum of 24 meetings;

• Renewed the board members’ liability insurance and faithful performance bonds;

• Authorized the following firms as attorneys for the Liberty Local School District when needed: Henderson, Covington, Messenger, Newman and Thomas, LPA; Peters Kalail and Markakis Co. LPA; and Walter Haverfield LLP;

• Authorized the treasurer to request the Trumbull County auditor to advance taxes from the proceeds of the tax levies to meet current expenses, as needed;

• Authorized the treasurer to invest interim funds not needed to meet current expenditures at the most productive interest rate.