Man carries table on bike, arrested

YOUNGSTOWN — Casey L. Partee, 24 of Glenwood Avenue was arrested on a warrant Tuesday after police said they saw him riding a bicycle down the street while carrying a coffee table.

An officer spotted him at 10:25 p.m. riding a bicycle on Hillman Street near West Warren Avenue with a “coffee-type table strapped to the handle bars of the bicycle.”

The officer said that “due to the hour of the night, familiarity with the area” and recent break-ins in that area, “along with the possibility the table was stolen,” the officer activated lights and siren.

The male did not immediately stop, so the officer rolled down his window and ordered him to stop, which he did.

Partee said he got the table from the trash a few streets away.

When asked if he had any weapons on him, Partee said he had a box cutter. The officer commanded him at gunpoint to put his hands in the air. Other officers arrived, and Partee was handcuffed.

He then volunteered, “All I have is an Air Soft in my pocket,” he said, referring to a type of BB gun. Officers recovered a realistic looking “BB-type gun.”

Partee had a warrant out of Campbell and was taken to a location to meet up with Campbell police to transfer custody. No charge was filed in relation to the furniture.


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