Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Nov. 5-12:


James A. London and Debra A. London to Tyler James Minkewicz, 225 Parkgate Ave., $82,500

Sarah M. Baker to Brad W. Weingart, 3138 Diana Drive, $71,000

Jason and Rachel Pryce to Sarah Rose Wilson, 1984 Innwood Drive, $123,000

John Zajac to DVS Investments 687407 LLC, 3710 New Road, $42,000

Bryan John Granchie to Amy R. Hanna, 4415 N. Warwick St., $114,999

Janet H. Smolko and Carl M. Pasquale, Mildred A. Mamrick, 5805A Herons Blvd., $170,000

Tricia L. Kernan to Lora DiGiacomo, 2287 Breezewood Drive, $41,500

Clifford J. Price and Amanda M. Price to Mark Russo and Gina M. Russo, 5546 London Drive, $112,000

Victor W. Flowers to Andrew L. Nemergut, 5623 Yorktown Lane, $114,000

Victoria L. Anania to Vito Maggio, 559 Wilcox Road, $119,000

Curtis J. Petrey and Jennifer Petrey to Timothy Petzak and Maryann Kirk, 1916 Paisley St., $118,000

Dallas Root to Katherine M. Murdock and Christopher D. Murdock, 5660 Stanford Ave., $125,000

Eugene J. Ohl to Grace A. Walker, 3865 Elmwood Ave., $94,000

J. Monroe Developing Inc. to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Meander Glen Drive, $210,000

Joyce W. Hendrix to Harold A. Boyer, 440 Southward Drive, $26,500

JB Holdings of North Jackson LLC to Vargo Investments LLC, 1400 N Canfield Niles Road, $286,000

Leroy Ramsey to Thompson Enterprises Inc.. 238 S. Meridian Road, $160,000


David N. Schwartz and Susie Schwartz to Paul Daniel Allen, 12691 South Ave., $133,000

Daniel Sneddon to Rex J. and Mackenzie L. Smith, 663 Calla Road, $117,400

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Jeffrey L. Bango and Deborah S. Bango, 9264 Sharrott Road, $280,705


Melvin Sweger and Gloria Sweger to Lorranine K. First, 17757 Leffingwell Road, $130,000

Timothy J. Potokar to Legacy Oaks Farms, LLC, 17370 Berlin Station Road, $134,200

Betty S. Yates to Gregory J. Hill and Martha Silvia Hill, 6153 Weaver Road, 196,000


John C. deBlois and Lynette M. deBlois to Brent C. Clevenger, 11 Newton Ave., $149,900

Michael R. and Amanda Bachinger to Sarah Williams and Timothy Dennison, 151 Oakley Ave., $121,400

4120 Windsor LLC to Bryan Gonzales-Febres and Erica L. Oritz, 4120 Windsor Road, $142,500

Dominic A. Raco Jr. to Breann E. Machingo, 7636 Huntington Drive, $113,000

Sandra Bokros Grossman to Colleen A. Egnacheski, 5834 Lundy Lane, $210,000

Tangier Express Inc. to Leona Dixon, 24 Romaine, $45,000

John F. Schmitt Jr. and Deborah A. Schmitt to Jeffrey J. Sandrock, 7574 Huntington Drive, $172,500

Replogle Enterprises LLC to Frank J. Baran and Jennifer Hanna, 329 Erskine Ave., $72,500

Daniel J. Zarlenga Jr. and Britney Wilkins to Danny Morgan, 7997 Hitchcock Road, $181,000

Robert J. Becker to VT Larney Equity Management, 7462 Glenwood Ave., $46,850

Shadetree Holdings LLC to Channel Crunkleton, 1565 Sequoya Drive, $35,000

Robert A. Pavalko II and Susan M. Pavalko to Arnel O. Cubarrubia, 670 Cathyann Drive, $159,000

1985 LLC to Drew W. Delsignore, 8076 Sigle Lane, $22,000

Nathan A. Demetra to Theresa M. Notareschi, 6965 Tippecanoe Road, $99,000

Royal Realty Inc. to Roosevelt L. Grant, 7610 Huntington Drive, $125,000

Judith Crowley to Norman J. Hageman Jr., 178 Mathews Road, $48,000

Carol Sue Deramus Gillan to Aracely Wright and Terry A. Wright, 40 Romaine Ave., $66,000

Joanna Wanamaker to Daniel P. Milliman and Livana P. Milliman, 458 Jaronte Drive, $132,500

Edith Gorsky to carmine A. Petrillo, 845 Mapleridge Drive, $108,000


Mary R. Tonkinson, trustee to Elvena D. Marshall, 532 Sycamore Drive, $75,000

Shirley Szilagyi to Michael Stepheon Hall and Traci Hall, 533 Blossom Ave., $92,900

Premier Land Management LTD to Joseph Brezinski, 330 Coitsville Road, $58,900


Dalis Y. Gruger, trustee to Ronald J. Richards and Gwendolyn S. Richards, 220 Jefferson Place, $306,000

Lucy L. Pannozzo to Robert W. Cline and Pauline E. Cline, 70 Stratford Green, $112,000

Flicker Development LLC to Stefano G. Cocca, 490 N. Broad St., $190,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to CZ Real Estate Holdings LLC, 300 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $83,000

Canfield Township

The Patricia A. Surridge Family Trust to Jennifer E. Sandrock, 6545 St. Andrews Drive, $171,500

Teresa Sue Perry and Gary Joseph Perry to Angela Lamb, 5305 Shields Road, $186,000

David J. Moss and Heidi N. Moss to Tammy Judy, 322 S. Broad St., $122,000

Loren E. Beck and Delores E. Beck, trustees to Fred R. Fisher Jr. and Teresa K. Fisher, 6824 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $500,000

Anthony Kostoglou to Ayman M. Abuoraq and Maha M. Abuoraq, 6145 St. Andrews Drive, $175,000

Dicioccio Construction LTD to Nicholas A. Vitullo Jr. and Rhonda R. Vitullo, 3950 Mary Way, $56,500

Craig Beach

Patricia Ann Dunbar to JG Real Estate Enterprises, LLC, 10485 Yale Road, $70,500

Donald Carpenter to Joseph A. Wilkes and Denise Wilkes, 1792 Grandview Road, $55,000


Jane M. Buffone to The Daniel R. Holibaugh Trust, 11804 W Western Reserve Road, $156,000


Lakefront Preserve, LLC to Robert M. Seachman and Patricia A. Seachman, Radcliff Pass, $55,000

Heather J. Buckner and Wallace R. Buckner to Kathleen M. Lyda, 320 North Haven, $230,000


Craig L. Myers and Shirley M. Myers to Nathen J. Malmsberry, 13354 S. Pricetown Road, $215,000


Let Me Think LLC to Isaac Leimeister and Sarah K. Leimeister, 140 Chris Ave., $123,500


George Yuhas to Gary C. Staffrey, 1450 N. Salem Warren Road, $100,000

Melanie A. Whistler and Joseph D. Whistler to Terrance L. White, 11712 Blott Road, $176,500

New Middletown

Edward M. Salata et al., to Robert F. Torres, 32 Ward Ave., $89,140

Poland Township

Diane Holtzman et al. to John Dinard, 6695 Clingan Road, $160,000

Michael Jepsen and Jammie L. Jepsen to John T. Stoffick, 67 Marion Drive, $164,000

Raymond F. Maki and Rosemarie Maki to Linda J. Rupert and Brandon W. Rowbotham, 2161 Lyon Blvd., $118,000

Cecilia L. Newman to Nicholas J. Jeswald and Richard J. Sebastian, 7953 Lee Run Road, $105,000


Christopher M. Stamp and Julie A. Stamp to Alfred Thompson, 663 West Ohio Ave., $65,800

Benjoy LLC to Linda D. Carter and Cory A. Greenawalt, 525 W. Tennessee Ave., $45,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Owens and Lisa Owens, 671 W. Ohio Ave., $37,000


Robert W II and Anne C Brown et al. to Brad G. Smith and Brad R. Smith, 14630 Beloit Snodes Road, $63,228

Terrilynn Contrucci to Harry L. Clayton and Michelle M. Clayton, 20101 W. Western Reserve Road, $193,000


Russell E. Ohlin and Joyce E. Ohlin to Thomas Sabel and Patricia Sabel, Tree Line Trail., $33,000

Isaac J. Schuster to B2 Investments LLC, 1175 E. Calla Rd. 224A, $105,000

James C. Demidovich to Stephanie A. Mrozek, 1175 E. Calla Rd., Unit C113, $170,000


Lisa Alexander to The Huntington National Bank, 33 Creed St., $30,680


It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere LLC to Robert B. Reed, 550 Wilkinson Ave., $53,540

Patricia A. Lentz to Joe W. Fulmer to Dorothy A. Fulmer, 1063 Wilshire Drive

Rand D. Fusselman to Jeffrey R. McKinney, 57 S. Hartford Ave., $63,000

Jennifer A. Connell and Robert R. Connell Jr. to Cynthia R. Lupien, 2912 Brunswick Road, $68,400

Daniel R. Roose to TAG Resources, 3355 Ambert Ave., $33,000

Daniel R. Roose to TAG Resources, 25 N. Schenley Ave., $32,000

MLS Partnership LLC to AMAN and RAMAN LLC, 1396 E. Midlothian Blvd., $121,175

William L. Artz and Jennie M. Salinas to Charlotte A. Morris and Brian K. Morris, 26 N. Glenellen Ave., $47,000

Denise Saborse to Saha Lebn Moses, 45 S. Brockway Ave., $31,800

Youngstown Choice Homes III to Beatrice Gwen Lewis, 187 W. Warren Ave., $24,000

Wesley E. Johnson Jr. to Angela D. Thompson, 2919 S. Schenley Ave., $91,900

Brandon Peluso to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 4827 Sheridan Road, $47,400

Richard T. Gum and Margaret A. Gum to First York Financial LLC, 126 N. Maryland Ave., $27,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to Meridian 10 LLC, 966 Cornell Ave., $48,000

Sam T. Fasline Jr. to Darlene L. Mauzy, 2753 Sierra Drive, $58,010

Ronald A. Markowitz Jr. to Nicholas A. Meranto, 3004 Decamp Road, $81,500

Renee Rouser to Marina Bermann and William Lightner, 2806 Rexford Road, $105,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Oct. 29-Nov. 4:


Joyce E. Motter et al., to Krista M. Neff et al., 2220 Elm Trace., $125,000

Krista Kirkpatrick et al., to Alexis M. Benyo et al., 5667 Cider Mill Crossing, $167,000

Minnie M. Scott to John C. Patton, 214 Inglewood Ave., $89,500

Laurie L. Phillips to Jeffrey A. Savinik and Courtney M. Savinik, 1280 Elvira Court, $182,000

The Estate of Daniel R. Bugno to Kathleen Mane Saunders and Angelina Michele Saunders, 4337 Wedgewood Drive, $85,000

Elizabeht L. Harrell to Taylor Rapovy, 750 Regal Drive, $183,900

Shannon L. Gennaro to Kristie L. Rogers, 6760 Winterpark Ave., $188,000

Rachel Lee Wiegreff-Bucci to Linda Messing, 603 S. Racoon Road, $130,000

Joe Koch Construction, Inc. to Jonathan M. Paolucci and Victoria Paolucci, 3524 Starwick Drive, $227,500

Richard T. Curtin Jr. and Kristine L. Curtin to Michael A. Koch, 5856 Yorktown Lane, $155,000

George F. Antonell Jr. to Donald Olenik, 5793 Callaway Circle, $162,500

Divvy Homes Warehouse I LLC to Melissa K. and Scott E. Matheney, 4340 Nottingham Ave., $127,473

Amber L. Fairbanks and Steven J. Humansky to Philip M. Miner, 4211 Stark Drive, $211,000


Angel Lots, LLC to Kathleen S. Lyras et al., 1816 Mallard Lane, $278,750

William R. McAllister and Janis L. McAllister to Ryan Gougler and Jessica Gougler, 11601 Detwiler Road, $317,500


Timothy J. Potokar to Douglas J. Henry and Cheryl L. Henry, Berlin Station Road, $116,541

Daniel J. Lukanec and Joy Ann Lukanec, trustees to Douglas A. Miller, 14625 Ellsworth Road, $26,926


Natalie Jovonovich to Terrance Wole, 863 Cedar Way #806, $92,500

Patricia A. Foxx to Alexandra Olliges, 4115 Lockwood Blvd., $144,000

Bristol Park Land Development LLC to Durkin Homes LLC, Lot #32 Berklee Drive, $38,000

Irene Bosko to Frances R. Dozier, 1797 Basil Ave., $86,000

Kimberly S. Bour Weaver to KWA 2019 LLC, 54 Wildwood Drive, $93,750

Holly B. Holton et al., to William D’Amico, 1253 Redtail Hawk #6, $117,500

NPV Capital LLC to Turnkey Property Assets LLC, 5029 Aravesta Ave., $270,000

Kenneth L. McBride and Alexis L. McBride to J.C. and C.Z.-C., 7888 Walnut St., $258,500

Michael Sweeney and Marnee M. Sweeney to Barbara A.Vronjican, 128 Brookfield Ave., $80,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to NSRE Corp., 8 Montrose Circle, $68,000

Michael A. Yergan to Daniel J. Novotny Jr., 284 Oakley Ave., $90,000

Christopher J. Wagner and Stephanie J. Wagner to Daniel Anthony Antonucci and Victoria Elizabeth Antonucci, 8563 Reserve Court, $277,500

Ronald Comerford and Peggy A. Comerford, 184 Terrance Drive, $69,900

Paul D. and Joyce A. Lettau to Dennis E. Shevel and Louise D. Redmond, 763 Greenfield Drive, $250,000

Kathleen McNally to Paul D. Lettau and Joyce A. Lettau, 842 Trailwood Drive, $149,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to Mohsin Jamil, 192 Sugar Cane Drive, $94,000

Alysa Christiansen to Michael A. Yergan and Kimberly A. Yergan, 67 S. Cadillac Drive, $146,900

Linda M. Yourst and Diane S. Gergerich to Michael B. Cope and Cathleen E. Cope, 6744 Bristlewood Drive, $127,000

Helen V. Mager to HPC Cook Ave LLC, 808 Cook Ave., $75,000

Robert A. Stock and Frederick J. Warnock to Bartholomew K. Vardavas, 246 Oakley Ave., $80,000

Kelly J. Bruner to Ly Thi Nguyen, 6627 Glendale Ave., $113,000

John H. Wire and Carole J. Wire to Alexander Tremble, 127 Caribou Drive, $230,000

Pamela Hites Dorschner to James A. Palmer Jr. and Danielle M. Palmer, 607 Chestnut Lane, $190,000

Estate of Duane A. Duckworth to Home Savings Bank, 104 N. Cadillac Drive, $71,333

Robert J. Lutsky to Mario A. Motha and Patricia E. Parenti, 147 Mayflower Drive, $140,000


Sally Knapick Winsen to Jose R. Rivera, 680 12th St., $74,200

Phillip Brookhouse to Richard A. Grugel, 72 Columbus Ave., $25,000

NPV Capital LLC to Turnkey Property Assets LLC, Lot #6784, $115,000

NPV Capital LLC to Turnkey Property Assets LLC, Lot #6785, $115,000

Mahoning County Sheriff to First National Bank of Pennsylvania, 58 Regent St., $25,200

Mary Ann Evanovich to Steve G. Tsarnas and Nomi Margari, 163 Piccadilly St., $33,000


Sean P. Krompegel and Crystal F. Krompebel to Franquie N. Yazbek and Tyler J. Landis, 110 Queens Lane, $318,250

Bruce S. Velt to Christine Ginnis, 6 Neff Drive, $139,900

Debra L. Roman to Carolyn Jones, 60 Stratford Green, $102,000

Richard G. Zellers, trustee to David Pavkovich and Kara Pavkovich, 111 Alabaster Ave., $290,000

Sohmm LLC to Divya Patel, 485 W. Main St., $195,000

Canfield Township

The Meadows at Logan Farms, Inc. to AKL, LLC, Winners Circle, $35,000

Charles C. Eddy Sr. to Janine Dascenzo, 3615 Mercedes Place #11A, $277,500

Martin E. Glista, trustee to Chester Glista, 8412 N. Palmyra Road, $126,000

Jack Rocco Jackintelle to Samantha M. Marscio, 3876 Indian Run Drive, $123,600

Jeffrey B. Fleck, trustee to Hager & Hocking, LLC, 3894 Indian Run Drive, $456,000

Marilyn M. Schmidt, trustee to Sheila R. Gordon, 90 Village Blvd., $140,000

FRC Consumer Canfield OH LLC to 175 Executive Hours LLC, 601 E. Main St., $4,587,155

William J. Pakula and Eileen T. Pakula to Canfield Auto Repair Service LLC, 4475 Boardman Canfield Road, $525,000


Ryan Long and Ronald G. Long to Wilson and Elydia Martinez, 984 S. Hubbard Road, $26,500

Craig Beach

Robert G. Johnston to George J. Beshara and Robert M. Dohar, 17493 View Point Lane, $50,000


Rose M. Burky to Aaron J. Sotak, 13289 Akron Canfield Road, $70,000


Kenneth A. Smith, executor to Robert C. and Julie C. Crawford, 10412 W. Pine Lane Road, $52,500


James W. Butler Jr. et al., to Nicole R. Rouman et al., 81 Lakeview St., $115,000

Donald E. Porter Jr. to Amazing Grace Land Zion LLC, 1330 NE River Road, $36,000

James S. Paris Jr. and Carrie Paris to Kimberly DeGenova and Mark D. DeGenova, 554 Bayshore Blvd., $239,900

Armando Ocando and Donna M. Ocando to William Ilgenfritz and Julie Straub, 560 Bay Shore Blvd., $450,000

John R. Morello and Lisa L. Morello to Dennis A. Golubic Jr. and Dennis A. Golubic Sr., 17150 Florence Drive, $120,000

New Middletown

Michael C. Biegenwald to Michael Cunningham, 14 Woodland Drive, $105,000

Ryan D. Knight to David W. Kerr and Sharon A. Kerr, 124 Circle View Court, $159,000

Poland Township

Geraldine P. Lewis, trustee to Lucas Gonzalez and Tiffany Gonzalez, 6343 Navajo Place, $182,000

Estate of Ann Esarco to James Motricard, 6495 Lowellville Road, $66,000

John F. and Tammy J. Kosko to Brent A. and John A. Markas, 3469 Partridge Park, $219,900

Luige Bernard Davanzo and Laura Clair Davanzo to Daniel D. Conway, 7393 North Lima Road, $167,500

Daniel D. Conway and Lisa M. Rucci to Amanda Guzzo and Aaron M. Guzzo, 6073 Pawnee Place, $182,000

Estate of Peter J. Sturbi to Lucas and Victoria L. Powell, 5005 Center Road, $138,000

Robert R. Houston and Lorraine Mansour Houston to Rex Fisher, 11 Riverside Drive, $150,000

Roberta A. Larcinese Family Trust to Christopher P. Santangelo to Angela E. Santangelo, 8217 Burgess Lake Drive, $188,000

Julie E. Rinehart to James J. Ciccolelli, 2938 Coblentz Drive, $103,000

Amy P. Friedrich, trustee to Robin J. Uler, 2160 Heritage Trail, $500,000


Ohio Valley Car Wash, LLC to JRB Holdings, LLC, 492 East Ohio Ave., $75,000

Jay C. Oyster to Kenneth Scott Votaw and Bonnie Kay Palmer, 157 W. Nevada Ave., $92,000

Harold D. Davenport to Helen M. Miller, 607 West Texas Ave., $39,600


Deborah Green and Raymond E. Harris to Joseph and Nancy O’Neill, 9711 Deltona Drive, $137,000

John J. Collins Jr. to Abby L. Fuller, 14640 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $132,000

John J. Liga and Jeanne Sue Liga to Timothy Dobbins and Kimberly Rae Dobbins, 11345 Unity Road, $74,500

Gabrielle A. Blatt to Danny Decesare and Annette L. Decesare, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 30, $213,000

Barth & Richardson Management LTD to Dibo Construction LLC, 10387 Carrousel Woods Drive, $32,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Kenneth L. McBride III and Alexis L. McBride, 10387 Carousel Woods Drive, $295,000


Phillip A. Miller to Andrew P. Graham, 30 Katherine St., $75,000

Joann C. Brown to Tera L. Patton, 98 Prospect St., $55,000

Sandra L. Battaglia to David C. Eagleton and Shonna Logan, 287 Overlook Blvd., $55,000

Richard F. Casal to Shelby A. Norris and Nicholas T.L. Griffith, 201 Helena Drive, $79,900


Therese F. Joseph to Commonwealth, Inc., 204 Broadway, $73,000

Estate of John J. Korda to Edwaqrd J. and Ellen C. Christian, 151 N. Hazelwood, $24,500

Richard B. Perrine to Ethel Orange, 149 N. Bon Air Ave., $47,500

Gerald Heinbaugh and JoAnn Heinbaugh to James G. Heinbaugh, 458 Glacerview, $66,400

Theresa E. Jaskowiak to David R. Walsh and Victoria Walsh, 3213 Quentin Drive, $75,000

Mark J. Mikula and Christine Madorno to Warnetta Millhouse, 540 Moherman Ave., $44,000

Robbie J. Tate and Gwenneta L. Russ to Lee Estates, LLC, 775 Alameda Ave., $26,200

Aaron E. Moran to Sarah L. Delong, 2714 Bears Den Rd., $35,000

Rodney Giangiuli to Sheri J. Bodo and Kyle Gray, 1047 Wilshire Drive, $90,000

George S. Yuhas, Gregory S. Young, 2775 S. Meridian Rd., $45,000

Ernest M. Haynes to Merrick Antonio Gordon, 44 Millett, $29,000

Barbara Matherly to LHD Property Group LLC, 1933 Cranbrook Drive, $40,000

Jeffrey S. Gilkerson and Terri A. Gilkerson to Nick D. Fimognari, 2187 Cranbrook Drive, $116,000

Vousita Ohio, LLC to Francis M. Curd II, 129 Schenley Ave., $37,750

James Cantelupe to John Gatte and Penny Gatte, 4304 Rush Blvd., $39,500

West Elks Investments LLC to EROS 74 Investments LLC, 966 Cornell Ave., $32,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Oct. 23-25:


Christian M. and Megan D. Deemer to Monty L. Hunt, 1097 Prince, $73,000

Lucille B. Greenwood to BRC Investment LLC, 3494 Niles Cortland, $140,000


Larry G. and Pamela S. Weber to George M. and Sherry A. Harcarik, Nelson Mosier, $68,000


Linda M. and Michael A. Mazzitelli to Justice N. Soltice and Janicle L. Campbell, 6806 Corey Hunt, $185,000


Alan F. Spencer to Joseph and Michael J. Megyesi, 5096 Alva, $127,900

Donna G. Amidon to Miles A Kimbell Jr., 6263 Oak Hill, $150,000

Verna M. Calvert to Larry W. Calvert, 4505 N. Leavitt, $110,000


Wendy L. and Williard Lee Westfall to Chrstine Long, 224 N. High, $208,018


Ernest D. and Ruth A. Strubhar to Aden J. and Mary Lou Slabaugh, 224 High, $90,000

Darin J. and Dina M. Cook to Middlefield Banking Company, 285 North Third, $30,000


Paul C. Brown Jr. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 4003 Ridge, $54,000


Frank J. and Amy L. Piganelli to Thomas M. Comichisto, Oak Street, $142,500

Arnold B. and Thais E. Davidson to David A. and Nicole Diyorio, 373 Moccasin Trail, $291,220

William C. and Lori L. Cope to VT Larney LTD, 425 Washington, $42,800


Thomas J. Conway to Sheryl Lynn and Ryan T. Baker, 3609 Northwood, $80,000

Richard M. Harr to John E. Sharbon, 3702 Demura, $60,000

Jeffrey A. and Alexa M. Kamovitch to Aaron D. Elder, 295 Fonderlac, $176,000

Justin A. Wood to James R. and Dorothy M. Read, 8317 Venice, $116,000


Hernjovi LLC to William C. Chmelik, 671 Meadowland, $135,000

Gertrude M. Berendt to Paul and Doris Ellis, 517 Ruth, $74,900

Joyce L. Halliday to Veronica R. and Craig Campbell, 115 Clingan, $95,000

Raymond R. Devellin Jr. and Kimberly M. Devellin to Huntinton National Bank Association, 690 Saul, $55,000

Randall and Jacquelyn Westfall to Wells Fargo Bank Na, 326 Princeton, $70,000


Robert W. Cregar to Lawrence R. and Sherry A. Faulk, 5588 Kingwood Lane, $200,000


Jerry Yoder to William M. and Marianne Miller, Brigden, $125,000


Marvin C. McCauley to Huntington National Bank, 5325 Liberty, $40,000

Carrie A. Fetcenko to Kyle O. Noland and Kacey Rasp, 517 Ophelia, $69,900


Robert P. and Mary Lou Stumpf to Janet Shaffer, Youll, $65,200

Charlotte R. Hendershot to Hank Chambers, 414 Ridgeway Place, $67,000

Jeannette M. Butler to Anthony D. Perigo, 46 Victor, $72,000

Roy R. and Lynn E. McCann to James M. Evinsky, 411 Wendell Place, $100,000


Jody L. and Denise R. Palumbo to Cade E. Devoll, 3611 Parkman, $140,000


Argera S. Makroglou and Margaret S. Gesouras to Alexis Givens, 2801 Reeves, $131,000

Thomas A. Opalka to Gloria Stoian, 370 Quarry Lane Unit F, $79,000

Shelly Stewart to Cole M. Gibbs, 1807 Bonnie Brae, $70,695

Huntington National Bank to Tag Resources LLC, 2017 Stewart, $32,000

Valerie Ruggeberg to Travis L. Hall, 830 Oak Knoll, $29,500

Gerber Land Company LLC to Quality Care Construction Inc, Troon Drive, $185,000

Carmen Daniel Montecalvo Jr. to JABA Homes LLC, 2281 Stephens, $28,000

Mark S. Sarisky and Annette Depasqual to Jonathan F. and Crystal Rose, 41 Christian, $119,000

Brian M. and Kristine R. Placer to Trumco Enterprises, Yale, $32,600

Samantha L. and Robert D. Stillwagon Jr. to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 914 Belvedere, $20,000

Kathryn Pratt to M Walker Investments LLC, 546 Hazelwood, $31,000

Robert L. and Barbara E. Pykare to Zachery R. Fortney, 4037 Irishtown Southworth, $97,000

Mark D. Lozzi to Brianna N. Curry and Judy Davis, 684 Melwood, $175,000

Francesca M. Pizzurro to Christine Gardner, 406 Roselawn, $105,000

Lisa M. Carter to M and T Bank, 4020 Leavitt, $40,000


Donald E. Galgozy Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA of Minnesota, 510 Carson Salt Springs, $94,000

Anthony A. and Erin C. Potts to Laura D. Monteneri, 1654 Warner Court, $195,000


Michael A. Cole and Amanda F. Fetty to M Walker Investments LLC, 438 Sodom Hutchings, $62,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Oct 23-28:


Douglas G. Vasko et al., to VT Larney Ltd., 4659 Fitzgerald Ave., $71,401

Robert T. Gorgacz Jr. to Michael Gorgacz Sr., 1871 Birch Trace, $24,832

Elizabeth Vazur to Nathan M. and Shirley Kalinay, 8145 Norquest Blvd., $72,000

Janet L. Hartley and Stephen P. Hartley to Charles J. Wilkinson, 4602 Norquest Blvd., $180,000

James R. Callen and Peggy L. Callen to Leslee A. Green and Michael P. Green, 4575 Aspen Drive, $103,000

Victor M. Dutko Jr. and Carla J. Dutko to Christopher and Linda Snyder, 7010 Ruby Courts, $232,000

Rochelle L. Tatorko to Sandra A. Wilhelm, 285 N. Main St., $45,000

Michelle M. Labozan and Melody Singer to Brian E. Ohle, 89 N. Beverly Ave., $56,000

Michael W. Kelley to Jesse Joseph Saluga and Taylor Michel Jones, 6823 Pineridge Court, $163,000

Ryan Shizzoni to David M. Ulicney and Mandy L. Watsouris, 6037 Herons Cir., $30,614

Dustin R. Heldreth and Alexandria S. Rodemoyer to Alayna Spackman, 1266 Signature Drive, $149,000

Joe Koch Construction, Inc. to Michael T. Owens, 1383 Cross Cove, $208,000

Dennis Smith and Gina M. Smith to Higher Investments Inc., 85 Navarre Ave., $28,000


The George Revocable Trust to Mark A. Frank and Amy R. Frank, 14195 New Buffalo Road, $285,000

Gary L. Hostetler, trustee to Lance and Traci Hostetler, 14241 Country View Cir., $280,000


Frank and Edna Mae Van Pelt, S. Duck Creek Road, $35,000


The Bank of New York Mellon to Jaber Daher Tawf Abunoaj, 83 Meadowbrook Ave., $35,000

Robert A. Stock to Frank E. Ohle and Kimberly J. Ohle, 397 Jaronte Drive, $72,000

Joseph Giuerrieri to Romaine Group LLC, 4981 Hopkins Road, $95,000

Carrie E. Galbreath to Blake A. Vore, 235 Brookfield Ave., $116,000

Christopher Sayler to Quenten Anderson, 124 Homestad Drive, $39,000

Laura Nafz et al., to Robert W. Joshua, 5414 Southern Blvd., $28,325

RPI Investments, OGP to Fluent Holdings LLC, 823 Southwestern Run Unit 1, $275,000

Sara L. Cammarata to Mary J. Cabuno, 157 Argyle Ave. $85,000

Robert J. Merva to Larry Froehlich, 7642 Huntington Drive, $97,500

Lora Wyss to Eric Rayl and Angela Rayl, 8009 Hitchcock Road $205,000

Anthony J. D’Apoplito and Holly Ann D’Apolito to Charles Lewis and Clarissa Lewis, 5234 Glenwood Ave., $89,000

E*Trade Bank to James P. Maurer, 3932 S. Schenley Ave., $50,000

Mark D. and Allison B. Lipinsky to Katie E. Davis, 203 Wolcott Drive, $174,900

Alasdair James and Sandra James to Daniel L. Miller and Kathy L. Miller, 566 Pierce Drive, $98,000

Lena E. Rouse and Phillip Rouse to US Bank N.A., 527 Oakridge Drive, $71,334


Jonathan Rodriguez to Jannelle Eley, 500 Sycamore Drive, $90,000


Joan Sonnett to Miles P. Assion and Angel M. Assion, 430 Shadydale Drive, $349,000

Canfield Township

Christopher C. Reed to Connor D. Sharp and Danielle e. Sharp, 6465 St. Andrews Drive #5, $88,500

Terra J. Fox to Deborah K. Dory, 3813 Mercedes Place, $109,000


Glenn H. Cameron and Sara N. Cameron to Veronna J. Cryan and Steven A. Bryan, 303 North Haven, $278,000


Christopher L. Coy and Ginger Coy to Albert Wilson Jr. and Lynette Wilson, 14729 Smith Goshen Road, $235,000

Assured Properties LLC to Christina Hicks, 16014 South Range Road, $66,500


Estate of Bernise A. Nelson to Timoth Blough and Alycia Blough, 11275 Youngstown Salem Road, $80,000


William Slaven to V3 Group LLC, 400 E. Water St., $25,000


Eugene Alexander Penn and Carol Ann Penn, trustees to Lisa J. Strickland, 803 Grandview Road, $300,000

Poland Township

Frank J. and Anna M. Popovich to Chad R. and Rachel D. Fender, 2439 Shepherds Ridge, $277,000

Judith Shaffer Smith to Paolo Ricottili, 6241 Apache Ln., $90,600

Mary C. Wrenn to Zachary Camardese and Amy Camardese, 8371 Four Seasons Trl., $225,000

Karen N. Wenzel to Bethany R. Gillespie, 12 Ohio Ave., $108,250

Virginia G. Gorski to Theresa Marz-Armile, 6695 Clingen Road, $172,000


Larry and Theresa Fletcher to John Buchanan, 165 Indiana Ave., $30,000


Dennis L. Anderson to Daniel L. Shaver, 20659 Alliance-Sebring Road, $129,000

Sally Sampson, executor to Johathan R. Sweesy Sr., 20229 N. Benton West Road, $75,000


BCS Development LLC to William J. Wiery Jr. and Margaret A. Wiery, trustees, Heron Bay Drive, $140,000

DIBO Construction LLC to Michael Sweeney and Marnee Sweeney, 10391 Carrousel Woods Drive, $275,697

Laura Lynn Brown to Dustin R. Heldreth and Alexandria S. Rodemoyer, 1209 Yenan Road, $135,000


Susan M. Butcherine to Chris Barbato and Michelle Barbato, 785 Poland Ave., $105,000

Joseph Balestra and Joyce Balestra to Zachary D. Balestra, 63 Renee Drive, $31,520

Carl J. Larosa et al., to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 544 Poland Ave., $49,400


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Lee Bekhor, 124 N. Belle Vista Ave., $26,000

Sweetie Investments, LLC to OKS Homes, LLC, 41 S. Osborn Ave., $32,000

Cheryl B. Buxamusa to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 523 Irene Ave., $33,620.

Phil’s Grasshoppers Lawn and Landscaping LLC to AES LLC, 1099 N. Meridian Road, $80,000

HDTP Holdings LCD to VP3225 LLC, 3225 Mahoning Ave., $42,500

Kimberly L. Hildebrand to Timothy B. Humphreys, 2787 Rexford Road, $69,000

Blue Earth Homes, LLC to Steven Tera Investments, LLC, 111 Manchester Ave. $35,000

Home Savings Bank to Julie A. Rubicky, 2463 Chaney Cir., $24,500

Valerie Lynn Davis Weingart to OPM Ohio 21, LLC, 116 Upland Ave., $21,000


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