Girard school district receives grant to assist special-needs students

GIRARD — Jessica Krumpak, Girard City Schools director of special needs, has received more than $103,000 to help students with disabilities and other pupils.

Krumpak is a recipient of an Innovative Strategies for Developing College and Career Readiness for Students with Disabilities grant.

“We want to see more post-secondary employment and schooling for our kids and how to prepare them for it,” said Krumpak. “This is very exciting; we are lucky to have gotten this.”

This grant focuses on improving secondary transition services and post-school outcomes, not only for students with disabilities but for all students.

The grant is for $103,870, over two years, and Krumpak is planning to use the money for assessment kits, professional development and college / career readiness curriculum.

She also hopes to get the parents, especially parents of special needs or disabled students, involved with this process.

Girard has 109 students with special needs in grades 7-12 but Krumpak believes these tools would benefit all students.

The school district is also looking at using the money to help fund a Rise Up program for the students.

“It’s an industry-recognized credential that focuses on hospitality and tourism. It teaches custom services skills, and we’re hoping to incorporate it into our family consumer sciences course,” said high school Principal Sam Caputo.

“Now that we have secured the grant, we are exploring all options that focus on career readiness,” he said.

Krumpak, Caputo and the rest of the Girard grant team will attend a strategic planning meeting in December where they will be notified of when the grant money will be available to them. They will also work to develop strategies for how to use the funding most effectively.



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